Draft Links: Oppenheimer, Mocks, Chats, Etc.

The almost average Nick Swisher
The Yankee Clippings: 6/6/2011
See you in about eight years, Gerrit. (Flickr user boomer-44 via Creative Commons license)

The draft begins at 7pm ET tonight and can be seen on MLB Network, and of course I’ll be liveblogging the whole shabang right here. The top three picks are pretty much settled: UCLA RHP Gerrit Cole will go first overall to the Pirates, Rice 3B Anthony Rendon will go second to the Mariners, and UCLA RHP Trevor Bauer will go third to the Diamondbacks. That could still change, but it seems unlikely. I’m not 100% certain, but I do believe Cole and Bauer will be the first pair of teammates to both go in the top three picks of the same draft in history. Rice RHPs Phil Humber and Jeff Niemann went third and fourth overall in 2004, respectively, so Cole and Bauer would replace them as the highest drafted teammates. At least I think they will, like I said I’m not certain.

Anyway, with a few hours to go, here’s some miscellaneous draft links to keep you occupied. All of our draft content here can be found right here

Oppenheimer On The 51st Pick

“It’s a lot harder,” said amateur scouting director Damon Oppenheimer to George King when asked about not picking until 50 other players are already off the board. “When you pick higher, you can center in on a guys and get multiple looks. Now, with all the supplemental picks, you don’t have a clue what [other teams] will do … We will try to find the best available guy we can. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school or college.”

Final Mock Drafts

Both Jim Callis and Keith Law posted their (presumably) final mock drafts earlier today and revised them this afternoon. Callis’ list of picks is free but the analysis is behind the pay wall. KLaw’s mock is behind the iron curtain of Insider, but MLBTR provided a nice little recap. Kevin Goldstein’s mock draft is behind the Baseball Prospectus subscriber wall, though I can tell you that he has the Yankees taking high school outfielder Williams Jerez with that 51st overall pick. I wrote about him here, though I wouldn’t be completely in love with that pick. That’s not to say it would be bad, Jerez’s talent is worthy of that draft spot, he’s just a little too raw for my liking.

Draft Chats

In his marathon chat this morning, Frankie Piliere reiterated the Yankees’ interest in four high school players: RHP Dillon Howard, SS Brandon Martin, 3B/OF Tyler Goeddel, and LHP Jake Cave. We’ve heard that before. He adds that they’ll probably take high school OF Josh Bell if he’s still available, unless they truly believe he won’t sign. Law, meanwhile, said he believes that Goeddel will be off the board before the Yankees’ pick in his chat this afternoon. That would bum me out, I’m a fan of the kid. Barring something completely unexpected, the Yankees are very likely to take a prep player with that 51st overall pick. I approve.

Draft Things To Know

I enjoyed this post from David Cone favorite Jeff Sullivan, which breaks down some of things you should know heading into the draft if you’ve never been here before. I have one thing to add: “A ‘projectable’ player is tall and skinny.” That last part is important. If a player is tall and has already filled out, then he has “a good body.” This is of paramount importance, I assure you.

The almost average Nick Swisher
The Yankee Clippings: 6/6/2011
  • AndrewYF

    Philip Humber. I know to simply reach the majors is a major success, but one would expect a bit more out of the 3rd overall pick.

  • pat

    Doesn’t Jerez have questions about his age? Or is that all BS?

  • YanksFan in MA

    1978 Bob Horner and Hubie Brooks from Arizona State went #1 and #3 respectively. Saw it somewhere this morning, Wikipedia confirms.

  • Mani

    I hope and pray that Josh Bell falls to the yanks..would’ve been a better chance if we hadn’t signed soriano (sorry to beat a dead horse).

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Many horses are beat here everyday. I kill plenty myself.

      • Mr. Ed


  • EndlessmikeJr

    Even if the yankees had there first round pick it wouldn’t be a sure thing prospect. The yankees need to focus on the international prospects. Monetero,Banuelos, Sanchez are our best prospects and have high ceilings and all are from other countries. Look at Brackman and Hughes.

    Sure things in the draft get picked up before they even head to the yankees. Look at last year the yankees had a first and second round draft pick and they screwed it up by taking 2 overdrafted Shortstops.Wait till July when the yankees can get the best player in Venezulea.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      And if the CBA changes it we should enjoy overpaying free agents for eternity.

    • Clay Bellinger

      1) International prospects are no sure thing either.
      2) How do you know they “screwed up” on last years draft already?
      3) Why is Hughes in the same sentence as Brackman? Before the dead arm, he was a productive major league pitcher and at one point he probably had a higher ceiling than Montero, Banuelos, or Sanchez.

      • Ted Nelson

        Good points, especially #2.

        Also the commenter misses Betances in his analysis of Yankees’ prospects.

  • Mani

    It’s not just that they don’t have a first round pick..their main competition combined pick 14 times before the yanks do..also in a stacked draft class..I understand it’s not a guarantee but I’d take my chances with that pick..if we had signed an impact player I wouldn’t care as much..but a reliever? And a guy they signed just for the sake of signing somebody..(again I apologize..just a little emotional because I love the draft)

  • EndlessmikeJr

    Clay Bellinger:

    1)Look at the yankees top five prospects.Some of the top international prospects can come to the yankees for just money.Look at a Gerrit Cole who has great stuff and has a better shot then the yankees 51st pick to make the majors and you would pick Gerrit Cole over Cito Culver or who ever the Yankees draft this year. People like Rendon cannot come to the yankees because the pirates are allowed to pick first.In the international market the yankees can get the best player out there.

    2)They could have done better last year.

    3)Hughes has done nothing since 2008 besides a good relief spot(except in the postseason) and a half a good season last year. Verlander was picked first in 2004 ahead of Hughes and that shows why the Yankees never get a great prospect in the MLB draft they pick so low in the draft to get great picks.


    • Ted Nelson

      1) You’re not totally wrong, but it’s a matter of degree. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. They need to and do concentrate on both.
      You’re also missing Betances, Slade, Murphy, Romine, and even Brackman as top Yankees prospects. 3 of Mike’s top 6 and 5 of his top 8 were drafted: http://riveraveblues.com/2011/06/2011-pre-draft-top-30-prospects-49519/

      2) You can’t judge a draft based on a few months of low-minors results. It takes years to know whether or not they could have done better. Culver and Gumbs are both teenagers who haven’t even played this season.

      3) Again, a matter of degree. Not picking high hurts relative to picking high.
      Hughes has done well for his age. Comparing him to the best pitcher in his draft class is not worth much.

  • shamcork

    what are the chances of matt purke being around when the yankees pick at 51?

  • reed

    i want us to take mike fullmer with first pick.. i like fullmer’s body and mechanics(or Clayton holmes if he’s available, i need to see video on him but i like what i have heard about him from the auburn coach. coach says he has advanced feel for offspeed pitches ,is a physical pitcher who has potential to be dominant throws ball relatively hard). with the first pick. Adam conley with second pick. 3rd pick kyle hald old dominion has nasty split finger change up, 4th pick mike wright east carolina good pick at this spot,matt crouse fifth pick (could devlop into a decent pitcher good pick for this round. 6th pick max povse greenhope high school very tall unusual but good mechanics has potential to develop into a good starter.

  • nycsportzfan

    Heres to hoping Brickhouse is there at 51 and we get em, and get em signed…

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    The draft is crazy. Stras? He won’t pitch this year will he? Pujols drafted WHERE???

    This is so anticlimactic for me–all the hype, they get drafted, then we have to wait to see if the kid thinks he can survive a few years of college ball to make an extra million or two on the draft, then see if he can slog through the minors to make it to the show…just to get his arm blown out or turn into the next Arod.


  • reed

    as far as international free agents luis tavarez is the next great latin pitcher ala felix hernandez. hope the yankees can sign him. knowing our luck with felix it may not happen. does anybody know who has the best chance to sign him.