ESPN on the Yankees’ draft philosophy


Jason Churchill took a look at each club’s draft philosophy yesterday (AL, NL), though you need an Insider subscription to read the whole thing. “Aside from last year, when prep shortstop Cito Culver and outfielder Angelo Gumbs were the club’s first two picks, the Yankees have generally gone the route of the college player under [Damon] Oppenheimer,” wrote Churchill. “Even with their first pick coming way down at No. 51, they could get a shot at a top-20 player who falls due to signability/perceived bonus demands. A college pitcher that could move fairly quickly could be the answer, and right down the alley for Oppenheimer. Perhaps left-hander Andrew Chafin from Kent State or Coastal Carolina right-hander Anthony Meo is a fit.”

I wrote about Chafin here, and Meo is a big arm strength guy who is likely to wind up in the bullpen if he doesn’t figure out some consistent secondary pitches. Those two are just speculation though. Anyway, Oppenheimer loves his college pitchers just like he loves high school position players, and there’s no reason to expect them to go a different route this year. The lone high school pitcher the Yankees have drafted high under Oppenheimer is Gerrit Cole, who was a pretty special case. The highest drafted college hitters were third rounders Brett Gardner (2005), David Adams (2008), and Rob Segedin (2010).

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  1. S says:

    Hughes was a hs school arm

  2. pat says:

    Before Cito and Gumbs it was Slade and JR, before that it was Cole. It’s not until you go back to 2007 that they took a college player in the first.

  3. Big Juan says:

    At the end of the bit about the Yankees, he says:

    The Yankees, however, could see the value in the upside of a prep player, as many of their college endeavors haven’t panned out of late, including Joba Chamberlain.

    Seems a bit narrow-minded to say that Joba hasn’t panned out. Yes, most of us saw him as an ace. But the Yankees had other plans and he’s become an integral part of one of, if not the best, bullpens in baseball. I see that as panning out on at least some level.

  4. Gonzo says:

    I am definitely interested in what happens.

  5. DI says:

    Williams Jerez is still most likely imo unless a high priced guy falls.

  6. Reggie C. says:

    College arms who don’t know where the ball is going aren’t ideal picks at 51 but if there aren’t any big upside HS hitters in the mix …

    I have no expectations. Again, maybe we luck out and one of the Tylers are there at 51.

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