Game 60: Just win


(Photo Credit: Flickr user Jay?? via Creative Commons license)

The Yankees can’t keep losing to the Red Sox, not if they plan on making some noise this season. CC Sabathia is on the mound, David Robertson and Mariano Rivera are rested … no excuses tonight. Show up and do this thing. Here’s the lineup…

Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Jorge Posada, DH
Brett Gardner, LF
Frankie Cervelli, C

CC Sabathia, SP

The game will start in a delay because it’s raining, but they’re expected to get this one in. Tonight’s game can be seen on My9 locally or MLB Network nationally. Enjoy, if you can.

Good News, For Once: Russell Martin had an MRI on his back, and it came back clean. He’s just day-to-day for the time being … Pedro Feliciano has starting throwing, but there’s still no timetable for his return.

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  1. dkidd says:

    win it for joba

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    The Yankees can’t keep losing to the Red Sox, not if they plan on making some noise this season

    I hope your flame suit is on.

  3. JobaWockeeZ says:

    CC HAS to plunk someone here so the benches will be warned. Beckett will bitch like a fucking 3 year old girl and he can’t injure someone unless he wants to be suspended.

  4. dkidd says:

    tonight feels like a brawl waiting to happen

  5. Rainbow Connection says:

    Hoping for a rainout…for the rest of the season.

  6. Andy says:

    No way this game gets played tonight. Will be raining for at least the next two hours.

  7. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Who’s the bigger diuchebag? Beckett, youk, papi, papelbon, varitek or pedroia?

  8. It’s a rain delay, and the game likely won’t start for a while, so let’s talk about stuff! I was born in the mid 90s, thus I haven’t seen many movies that are true classics. Anybody have a movie they recommend seeing?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I’m going to be a dick and not help you. Thus I will recommend Star Wars.

    • first time lawng time says:

      Forrest Gump

    • Jerome S. says:

      I’m your age, but Citizen Kane is the greatest film I’ve ever seen. Made in 1941.

    • CC's third leg says:

      Law abiding citizen

    • Phife Dawg says:

      Deer Hunter

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      A Clockwork Orange. You can tell your friends about how your parents let you watch an X rated movie.

    • I made a “Personal 100-ish Favorite Movies List” a year or so ago. Here you go.

      2001: A Space Odyssey
      48 HRS.
      A Beautiful Mind
      A Clear and Present Danger
      A Clockwork Orange
      A Few Good Men
      A Fish Called Wanda
      A Serious Man
      American Beauty
      American History X
      Animal House
      Apocalypse Now
      Austin Powers
      Back to the Future
      Beverly Hills Cop
      Blazing Saddles
      Boogie Nights
      Boyz N The Hood
      Catch Me If You Can
      Coming to America
      Defending Your Life
      Do The Right Thing
      Donnie Brasco
      Dr. Strangelove
      Duck Soup
      Enter the Dragon
      Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
      Fight Club
      Forrest Gump
      Full Metal Jacket
      Gangs of New York
      Glengarry Glen Ross
      Good Night and Good Luck
      Harlem Nights
      History of the World, Pt. 1
      Hotel Rwanda
      Il Postino
      Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
      Inglorious Basterds
      Jackie Brown
      Kill Bill
      King of New York
      L.A. Confidential
      Life is Beautiful
      Lost in Translation
      Malcolm X
      Michael Clayton
      Monty Python & the Holy Grail
      New Jack City
      Night Falls on Manhattan
      No Country for Old Men
      Office Space
      Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
      Pulp Fiction
      Raiders of the Lost Ark
      Rain Man
      Reservoir Dogs
      Roger and Me
      Saving Private Ryan
      Schindler’s List
      School Daze
      Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones
      Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith
      Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope
      Star Wars Ep. V: The Empire Strikes Back
      Stir Crazy
      Taxi Driver
      Team America: World Police
      Thank You For Smoking
      The 40 Year Old Virgin
      The Bourne Identity
      The Dark Knight
      The Departed
      The Godfather
      The Godfather Part II
      The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
      The Hudsucker Proxy
      The Hunt for Red October
      The Hustler
      The Jerk
      The Matrix
      The Natural
      The Princess Bride
      The Shawshank Redemption
      The Sixth Sense
      The Sting
      The Usual Suspects
      There Will Be Blood
      There’s Something About Mary
      This is Spinal Tap
      Trading Places
      Training Day
      Up in the Air
      Waiting for Guffman
      Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
      Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    • bobtaco says:

      You should check here, lots of classic and cult films:


    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      Criterion Collection. The End.

    • Pat D says:

      You really can’t go wrong by starting with things the like AFI 100 Movies…100 Years lists. The IMDB Top 250 is another good starting point, since that will also include foreign movies.

      These are the movies that I personally rated 10 out of 10 (some repeats from tsjc’s above list):
      12 Angry Men
      2001: A Space Odyssey
      A Clockwork Orange
      All About Eve
      Apocalypse Now
      Barry Lyndon
      Batman Begins
      Blade Runner
      Blazing Saddles
      Bringing Up Baby
      Citizen Kane
      Close Encounters of the Third Kind
      Dances With Wolves
      Das Boot
      Doctor Zhivago
      Double Indemnity
      Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
      Duck Soup
      High Noon
      Hotel Rwanda
      It’s a Wonderful Life
      L.A. Confidential
      Lawrence of Arabia
      Midnight Cowboy
      Miller’s Crossing
      Minority Report
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      No Country for Old Men
      North by Northwest
      On the Waterfront
      Once Upon a Time in the West
      One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
      Paths of Glory
      Pulp Fiction
      Raging Bull
      Rear Window
      Saving Private Ryan
      Schindler’s List
      Singin’ in the Rain
      Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
      Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
      Sunset Boulevard
      Taxi Driver
      The African Queen
      The Apartment
      The Best Years of Our Lives
      The Big Sleep
      The Bridge on the River Kwai
      The Dark Knight
      The Day the Earth Stood Still
      The Godfather
      The Godfather Part II
      The Gold Rush
      The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
      The Grand Illusion
      The Grapes of Wrath
      The Great Dictator
      The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
      The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
      The Maltese Falcon
      The Manchurian Candidate
      The Night of the Hunter
      The Philadelphia Story
      The Pianist
      The Prestige
      The Searchers
      The Seven Samurai
      The Silence of the Lambs
      The Third Man
      The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
      The Usual Suspects
      There Will Be Blood
      To Kill a Mockingbird
      Touch of Evil
      Toy Story 2

      • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

        Bleh. Barry Lyndon.

      • first time lawng time says:

        LoTR were good. Loved Ratatoullie. Still haven’t gotten around to seeing Wall-E.

        Basically, any movie by Pixar is good, regardless of age. I personally enjoyed Ratatoullie.

        • Pat D says:

          I love Pixar, and that’s why I’m a tad disappointed that they’re doing Cars 2 this year, since that is by far my least favorite of their movies. I’m also not sure where they can go with a Monsters, Inc. prequel, as much as I like that movie.

          I just don’t see how they top the run of Ratatouille/WALL-E/Up/Toy Story 3.

    • IRF says:

      Some filmmakers, organized by personal enjoyment

      1)Woody Allen-preferably pre 1985
      2)Coen Bros-In the words of Billy Bob Thornton, “The Coen Bros don’t suck
      3)Ingmar Bergman-Seventh Seal or Wild Strawberries are the best
      4)Martin Scorcesse
      5)Pedro Almovdar
      6)Sidney Lumet- Dog Day Afternoon is a must
      7)Guillermo Del Toro
      8)Maysles Bros
      9) PT Anderson
      10)David Lynch

      • dkidd says:

        (very) personal top 10, in no particular order except for #1:

        apocalypse now
        to live and die in l.a.
        midnight express
        rumble fish
        blue velvet
        fanny and alexander
        pather panchali
        chungking express
        taxi driver

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      Vampires Suck. It’s funny on its own, but if you’ve seen Twilight (which it’s a spoof of) it’s freaking hilarious. I laughed til I cried.

  9. Meat Loaf says:

    Justin Maxwell is also done for the season. He actually looked like he could be a decent option off the bench…

  10. Jose the Satirist says:

    Just got in. So did I miss anything big today? From the radio I was only able to figure out that the Yankees are doomed to a decade of mediocrity.

  11. duzzi says:

    Youkilis is the worst cuz he kills us in clutch spots n complains about every call papelboner cuz he’s just a giant dooshbag ortiz cuz he kills us n never gets any bad press even tho he’s just as guilty as arod or bonds with roids becketts this low cuz until this year we usually rock him pedroia then varitek since he sucks too much now to impact but he’s my personal least fav due to his pussy fighting with his mask on n hockey style captain patch

  12. first time lawng time says:

    I have a feeling CC will hit someone today.

    • The BIG 3 says:

      It would not be in CC’s best interest to headhunt a team which will be in the bidding for his services in 5 months.

        • The BIG 3 says:

          Because you believe 1) CC is not going to opt out 2) Is definitely going westerly 3) will make a fine introduction with hitting Papi (the local folk hero) in the noggin.

          • No, because I believe
            1.) CC is opting out and resigning here for more cash
            2.) If he does go to Boston instead, they wouldn’t care about some fairly meaningless June 2011 game where he hit some Red Sox, even if doing so started a brawl
            3.) CC wouldn’t let the potential of Boston not bidding on his services months from now impact how he pitches or whom he hits tonight anyway

            • The BIG 3 says:

              Absolutely disagree with number 3, he would. Well, at least that’s the impression he’s given me from watching his interviews.

              If Lackey and Matsuzaka are gone, which may well be, NY resigning CC, easily, will not happen.

              Given what’s transpired over the past year, it is almost likely that the Red Sox are willing to spend more than the org George left.

                • (Less snarky version:)

                  A.) What from CC’s interviews would lead you to believe that he would decide to hit a batter or not hit a batter in a single game based on potential future contractual negotiations? That’s asinine. I’m going to need some evidence to believe in that shit. That’s just a crazy theory that doesn’t pass the sniff test. He’s hitting a batter, not having taking John Henry’s mother out for a lovely seafood dinner and then never calling her again.

                  B.) I don’t doubt that Boston would bid on CC’s services if they get the chance to, but Lackey and Matsuzaka can’t just be “gone”. Their contracts are on the books. Boston is stuck with them just like we’re stuck with AJ.

                  C.) Boston attempting to spend heavily on CC does not preclude the Yankees from spending even more heavily on CC. This club still has the unspent 125M Cliff Lee money burning a hole in its pocket.

                  • The BIG 3 says:

                    A) The impression I get from his interviews is, he’s very interested in getting paid.

                    B) Given Lackey’s acquisition and Epstein’s understanding of the game, I’d say he’d canoe down hell’s straits to acquire a reliable starter. He gave up a lot for what he must have known what questionable, imagine what he’d offer to a starter who wasn’t?

                    C) They dicked around with Lee. May do the same again. Be aware, different org now that George is gone.

                    • A) And hitting a batter in a June game isn’t going to preclude him from getting paid. That’s ridiculous.

                      B) The problem is, he won’t have the BUDGET to add CC while still paying Beckett, Lackey, Matsuzaka, Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Pedroia, Lester, and possibly Ortiz and Papelbon. He’ll want CC and Lucchino will say “Your credit card is maxed out”.

                      C) This post-George org signed CC, Tex, Burnett, Mo, Jeter, Soriano, and added the salaries of Swisher and Granderson. Calm down.

                    • The BIG 3 says:

                      What I meant with my stupid a) response is that my impression of CC is that of a business man. As such, his motivation for hitting the best batter, folk hero on a team that will probably be bidding on his services will most likely not exist. That said, I dount he would even consider doing so anyway.

                      If the Lackey signing didn’t tell you enough, Epstein is apparently hell-bent on acquiring reliable starters. He also re-signed beckett when he sucked, as well.

                      I think this guy likes starters.

                    • CP says:

                      How did they dick around with Lee? They offered a ton or prospects to trade for him, and then offered him the most money in free agency.

                    • The BIG 3 says:

                      If they committed to Lee as they did CC, he’d be pitching here.

                    • They did commit to Lee as they did to CC.

                      Lee just said “No”. In a blindsided kind of way.

                    • The BIG 3 says:


                      A team with these resources will, if they’re so inclined, acquire anyone. I don’t care where Lee’s preference was. Not unlike the CC signing, money buys these dudes. Always has and always will.

                      So no, the issue isn’t; they didn’t sign Lee because some team outbid them. The issue actually is, what made Cash believe he wasn’t worth it (which may or may not be true, but given this rotation, was worth the risk anyway).

                    • Lee negotiated publicly with New York and Texas. New York had the leading offer. Philly jumped in with a comparable offer and Lee was sold on the team’s future. He took Philly’s offer and didn’t give Cashman the chance to counteroffer.

                      Cash was blindsided.

                      Lee and CC handled their free agency derbies differently. It is what it is.

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      By ‘someone’ do you mean a buffet?

  13. The BIG 3 says:

    What baseball is about. Awesome matchup tonight. I hope the weather doesn’t ruin it.

  14. CC's third leg says:

    I’m gonna masturbate then watch some south park

  15. Andy says:

    What’s the latest they’ll start this game? Looks like rain all the way back to the PA/NJ border that has to clear through.

  16. mike c says:

    I like that feliciano started to throw today… he’d be a huge addition come october along with soriano, hughes & chavez

  17. first time lawng time says:

    You know what would be a cool addition to the site? Is iif on the side bar you had something that said something like the results of their last game, w/l pitchers and then their next game (who against, probable starters)

    Just a suggestion.

  18. CMP says:

    The only thing that could make me happy today is if a bolt of lightning takes out the entire Red Sox team.

  19. Meat Loaf says:

    A-Gon on YES pregame: “I thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ”

    My mother: “Oh, I see why the Red Sox got him. He’s a douche bag.”

    I love my mother.

    • Jose the Satirist says:

      I’m confused as to how that makes him a douchebag.

      • Pat D says:

        Athletes that constantly praise Jesus as the reason for their success are a bit annoying and tiresome.

        After all, if He’s the reason for a player’s success, isn’t He also then responsible for the player’s failures? And if so, why doesn’t the player ever throw Jesus under the bus?

        “Jesus made me take that third strike.”

        “Jesus made me fumble the ball.”

        “Jesus made me miss that shot.”

        • Jetrer says:

          Mo does it all the time. I do not find Mo at all tiresome.

        • David says:

          Doesn’t work like that. I went through a religious phase long ago, while working an A.A. program. the praying to something/something and believing gave me more courage and peace of mind to tackle problems, do better at work, etc

          I now regard it as stricktly a hypnotic function.

          -Born again aetheist

        • Jose the Satirist says:

          I’m not religious, but I don’t think anyone who is religious is a douchebag if they make a non-offensive statement about a belief system that is important to them.

        • TheLastClown says:

          Listen to any Mariano interview anytime.

          If the praise in God is disingenuous, which may be often, the comments seems to me annoying & tiresome.

          If they’re sincere, the athlete’s fame & fortune being tempered by humility comes off to me quite refreshing.

        • Ubu says:

          Wow. The idiocy never fails to shock me.

          Hey, Pat D… As a Catholic Christian- and I give praise for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every night and morning. And I’m 100% proud of doing that in both public & private settings because it defines who I am. And plenty of genuine alike Christians like Adrian are similar because nothing drives them more than their faith in Christ.

          Okay, so please don’t try to comprehend the perspective of a Christian individual because you don’t when it comes to such ridiculous questions like why don’t you blame Jesus. And anyone who thinks that makes him a douchebag is a bigoted bastard.

          Also, here’s a little bit of theology for ya Pat D, real Christians understand you don’t blame God for your mistakes and sins. He’s God and I’m sinner. When I do wrong it’s my fault and when I triumph it is because Jesus Christ has given me the power to do so.

          Pretty simple concept to understand, don’t have to repent and sign up to my local Church bulletin, but please don’t belittle or ridicule my faith.

          • Ubu says:

            And God bless Mariano- an even bigger hero for me to see such proud Catholic give thanks where it belongs.

            And I wonder how that makes you non-believing Yankee fans, like Pat D & David, feel? Can you comprehend without showing disrespect & patronage?

            • David says:

              Utu, I don’t think I said anything disrespectful or patronizinng, and when you say “God bless…” I appreciate the thought and feeling behind the statement.

              If the topic is really something you want to discuss though, I’d rather give you my email. Much as I’m irritated, annoyed and frstrated with the team, I’m here as a Yankee fan.

          • Pat D says:

            I was raised Catholic, I was an altar server for 6 years, I spent 2 years at a Catholic university.

            So I understand exactly what your beliefs are. I just happen to no longer share them. So please stop ridiculing me and belittling me and calling me names because I don’t share your beliefs.

            Sorry if I offended you, but my belief is that religion in any form is a backwards-looking system and prevents us from making progress as a species because we spend too much time caring about things that happened thousands of years ago.

            And if you’d read very carefully, you’d see that I never called anyone a douchebag. I just said I find Christian athletes tiresome and annoying.

            Let’s consider this something that will go nowhere and get us both angry and just call a truce, OK?

          • V says:

            Cool story bro.

            I’m a non-practicing Discordian, beeyotch.

          • first time lawng time says:

            Before things start to get out of hand (like Rose with that petition$, let me just say this:

            We all have different beliefs, and we should respect that and not criticize someone for his or her beliefs.

            Now, the point of Meat Loaf was (probably) that Agon is a dbag, so that’s why they signed him. Not that people who thank Jesus are dbags.

            Now, I believe that Pat D was merely stating his opinion that it bothers him when athletes thank God for success, but neglect to blame Him for failures.

            Should we shun him for that? No.

            Should we shun Meat Loaf’s mother? No.

            Everyone has different beliefs and opinions, so let’s just respect eachother and leave it at that.

            I think we can all agree that Agon is a douchebag.

            Also, this is a baseball thread, so let’s try to not let things escelate.

        • Pat D says:

          I’ll just add that this comment is largely paraphrasing a joke George Carlin used to tell.

      • first time lawng time says:

        I think the point was more that he’s douchebag, so the RS signed him. Not why he is a dbag.

    • Foghorn Leghorn says:


    • Meat Loaf says:

      Wow that really got out of hand, fast.

      I’m not against religion – that being said, when you’re on national TV and you thank your successes to Jesus Christ instead of your family, friends, teammates – to my family, it’s a little rude. I’m of the belief that you should keep your religious beliefs to yourself, because everyone has the right to their own beliefs, and by doing things like A-Gon did, you’re only going to make yourself stand out like a sore thumb.

      Also, A-Gon is a douche bag.

      • I’m not against religion – that being said, when you’re on national TV and you thank your successes to Jesus Christ instead of your family, friends, teammates – to my family, it’s a little rude.

        Nah, not really. If he was demanding that you ALSO share his religious beliefs, like Chad Curtis, then yeah, THAT’S rude.

        Just expressing his own personal gratitude to the deity he believes in, though, that shouldn’t be thought of as rude, IMO.

        I mean, the guy loves his god. Let him do so. Saying so shouldn’t be something we take offense to.

        Also, saying “I want to thank my lord and savior” doesn’t mean he’s not also thankful for his friends, family, teammates. It’s not fair to ascribe that to those statements.

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      Mo says the same ignorant bullshit.

  20. Ivan says:

    I don’t Know about you guys but..I cant wait to see Game 5 of the NBA finals. Mainly because I want to see another LeBron meltdown.

  21. Pat D says:

    Any update on first pitch time yet?

  22. Monteroisdinero says:

    No mention of Pride of the Yankees on the movie list?

    Automatic-no matter how bad of a movie.

  23. Andy says:

    It’s going to rain for at least another hour. This f-ing blows. Feel like we needed a win tonight. Think they’ll start past 9?

  24. Xstar7 says:

    With the rain delay and all, I thought I’d share this awesome video I came across the other day.


    Wouldn’t it be great if that actually happened?

    • Gonzo says:

      Time does funny things with a player’s legacy. Sometimes players get get forgotten about (George Mikan or Tris Speaker). Sometimes a player’s legacy is blown out of proportion (Jack Morris).

      I don’t know, but I think Jordan’s legacy has taken a little heat recently. 10 years ago, it was considered idiocy to think anyone but Jordan was the best ever. Now, it’s normal for someone to routinely say Lebron, Kobe, maybe Durant could be the best after all is said and done. I think it’s silly talk, but I am not a basketball head either.

      • I was thinking about this earlier today. Here’s my ranking, by tiers (players are not in order inside the tier)

        TIER ONE:

        TIER TWO:
        Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell, Kareem, Duncan, Shaq, Oscar Robertson

        TIER THREE:
        Baylor, West, Maravich, Cousy, David Robinson, Olajuwon, Ewing, Karl Malone, Moses Malone, Kobe, Erving, Barkley, Pettit, Garnett, Mikan, Isiah, Nowitski, Stockton

        Kobe can move from 3 to 2. Ditto Nowitski. LeBron is probably worthy of 3 already and can easily move to 2.

        (All this is off the top of my head.)

      • Xstar7 says:

        It’s because people want someone who can fill Michael Jordan’s shoes and because of the fascination of comparing players from different eras. The player who has come the closest to MJ is Kobe Bryant. But his legacy will always be smeared by the rape trial (I’m a huge Kobe fan by the way.) There is never going to be another Michael Jordan though. Just like there will never be another Babe Ruth, or Wayne Gretzky, or Pele.

        • Jerome S. says:

          I hate to be the nerd, but isn’t it just statistical likelihood that there will be another Ruth/Gretzky/Pele? Not soon necessarily, but eventually there just has to be another.

          • Foghorn Leghorn says:

            Bryce Harper is the next Babe Ruth

          • Xstar7 says:

            Babe Ruth is unparalleled because not only was he the greatest hitter of all time, he wasn’t a bad pitcher either. In 1,221 and a third innings pitched he went 94-48 with a 2.28 ERA. And I don’t know much about hockey, but I believe Wayne Gretzky has more than twice as many career goals as the next closest closest player.

  25. A-Rod's Used Syringe says:

    I am so sick of being embarrassed at home by the red sux! Now joba’s gone for the rest of the season and the one game we finally have a chance at winning is delayed by rain and possibly even rained out altogether?!? Can this fucking day get any worse?

  26. CP says:

    If Joba has a torn ligament (and probably has for some time) and can still pitch effectively, then what’s the need for TJ surgery?

  27. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    Volstad no hitter through 5.

    I know it’s early but no Yanks makes me bored.

  28. Brian says:

    F*ck Boston

  29. Guns of the Navarone says:

    I don’t even want this game to happen. Not that I’m not confident in CC… but bring the Sox back into town when they hopefully have some more injuries and/or aren’t playing as well.

    It’s a two hour rain delay. Call it.

  30. Carl says:

    Vinny just tweeted this from the Stadium. Might not be a good sign. http://twitter.com/#!/baldvinn.....7741778944

    Forecast as of late isn’t encouraging either. http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/36410:20

  31. V says:

    So, finally joined this web-site thing recently, some of you might have heard of it. It’s called ‘twitter’?

  32. A-Rod's Wingman says:

    Two things:

    When the fuck is the game starting?

    Also since were not doing anything, now’s as good a time as any to discuss the future of the team. Right now I don’t think they stand much of a chance. Freddy Garcia, congrats…did a yeoman’s work. He provided two months of good pitching. If when he was first signed you were told that he’d provide ten starts and overall above average pitching you’d be ecstatic. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop on him for quite sometime, The team desperately needs another starter, and not a back end type…at the very least a “two starter” type.

    I’m tempted to pack it in since the team’s getting nothing from shortstop and DH, the bullpen is basically Mo, Robertson, and crap, the rotation is CC/Colon and crap. So, you can see why some people are down on the team. I think they should definitely acquire Beltran and K-Rod, add another good reliever to the pen and have Beltran DH and play 60 or so games in the OF as a platoon or a day off for the regulars. Since the Mets basically had to let Ray Finkle put his entire fist inside of them in the sale I’m pretty sure they’d be down to cut 20ish million for David Phelps and Brandon Laird or something. I realize it’s not a starter, but you win games by outscoring your opponents. To do this, you can either limit the runs they score or just simply score more runs. It sounds like they’ll have to do the later.

    Crazy trade proposal: Montero/Banuelos for Clayton Kershaw. Your thoughts?

  33. Joel says:

    I’d do that trade in a NY minute. The Dodgers, however…

    • Yeah, that. LA would need MUCH more than even two top-ten bluechippers (neither of which is even a guaranteed bonafide major leaguer yet) to give up Kershaw.

      Dude is only 23.


      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        I keep forgetting he’s only 23 and has three years left after this one. That being said, I wouldn’t consider getting Jesus Montero and Manny Banuelos giving up on Clayton Kershaw. Assuming Hughes was healthy would it be giving up on him to trade him and prospects for Hanley Ramirez?

        • Montero and Banuelos: Not Hanley Ramirez
          Hughes: Not Kershaw

          Horrible analogy.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            Wasn’t trying to compare Hughes to Kershaw or Montero/Manny to Hanley. Just that I don’t think it’s giving up on a vet if you trade him for two top ten prospects, nor do I think it’s giving up on a young player with lots of potential and upside for a good major league player in his prime. BTW, Hanley still has a 70 OPS+? WTF????

            • Banuelos’s ceiling is Kershaw, though, but that’s not his floor. Far from it. You’re taking on a ton of risk in trading one legit 23-year old super-ace for one really good potential ace and one really good potential elite bat. Neither of whom have ever had a day in the bigs yet.

              Kershaw’s already great, and he’s super young. The upside of Banuelos and Montero (which is huge, btw) isn’t worth the risk that neither of them become Kershaw-great (which is very real as well) or that both of them together don’t equal Kershaw’s singular greatness (also a real possibility).

              You don’t trade Kershaw for Banuelos and Montero. You trade Kershaw for Cano, Banuelos, Brackman, and Bryan Mitchell.

  34. A-Rod's Wingman says:


    Sometimes, I think about packing it in on humanity.

    • Pat D says:

      As someone who goes back and forth on that very issue, let me just warn you that it’s more depressing to give up on people.

      • A-Rod's Wingman says:

        A seven year old already has a gift certificate for fake tits.


    • Xstar7 says:

      You know what’s sad? That article has almost 3,000 likes on Facebook.

    • first time lawng time says:

      That is so sad an pathetic. That little girl is going o grow up spoiled and uncomfortable with her own appearance.

      Geez. When I was 7, I played with Barbues; I didn’t try to look like one!

      And all those expensive gifts she got? Way too over the top IMO.

      Seriously, that’s bad parenting. You shouldn’t spend thy much on a kids birthdy gifts.
      She’s turning seven? Get her some dolls, make her a cake, and give her a nice little party with her friends. Not plastic surgery and a swarvoski crystal watch. Bad mother.

      I may be young, but times sure have changed since I was little.

  35. Cy Pettitte says:

    ugh just call it, don’t start this game at like 10pm or later, I’ll be up watching until 2am

  36. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Oh, TSJC…as a non-South Park watcher the website: Southparkstudios.com has all the episodes on there for free. The new season has a waiting period for the new season episodes that aren’t current. It’s ran by the creators so it’s all on the up and up, I think like two or three minutes of commercials per episode.

  37. Ivan says:

    Dirk is really entering my list of greatest shooters I’ve ever saw in my lifetime.

    Speaking of which, the best shooters I have ever saw since watching the NBA:
    (In no order)
    Reggie Miller
    Steve Kerr
    Jeff Hornacek
    Ray Allen
    Dirk NoWitski

  38. Meat Loaf says:

    Tarp’s coming off the field.

  39. Cy Pettitte says:

    10pm start? nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    If I’m staying up for this CC better throw a CGSO

    • Foghorn Leghorn says:

      hell, i’d be happy if he just got ellsbury out in the first…

      my standards are now lower than whale turds

  40. CMP says:

    Lets go Mavericks.

    I sure hope LBJ plays like a bitch down the stretch again like he has for the first 4 games.

    Better than MJ my ass.

  41. MikeD says:

    Baseball at 10:00 pm? Are the Yankees back out west again?

  42. Cy Pettitte says:

    10:30pm start time fuuuuuuuuuuck that.

  43. CMP says:

    I’d be happy with a rainout tonight so the Yankees can lick their wounds and regroup.

  44. Karl Krawfid says:

    10:30 start time? Not watching this.

  45. Hmmm says:

    Line on CC tn: 6 2/3.. 5 hits 1 ER 6 K. boom

  46. Esteban says:

    To add to the movie suggestions, the Brazilian movies City of God, City of Men, and Elite Squad (Tropas de Elite) are all excellent movies. Elite Squad 2 is supposedly going to be released in the US and I can’t fucking wait to see it.

  47. V says:

    Are they playing this game JUST to give Jeter the chance at 3000-at-home?

  48. first time lawng time says:

    Lol is anyone going to stay at the stadium and watch this? What do you even do during a three hour rain delay?

  49. Cuso says:

    I thought we were done with the West Coast swing?

  50. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Google is giving me a screwed up 404 error but can anyone find me a video of the Ortiz douchebag bat flip? I changed the channel due to that shitty game.

  51. JimAbbottFan says:

    To kill some time, I decided to watch Game 4 of the 2009 World Series. I still get goosebumps watching that ninth inning. I had forgotten that Damon almost struck out on a foul tip, but Ruiz couldn’t get the glove low enough. I also forgot that Posada tried to fruitlessly turn a single into a double to end the inning.

    Looking back, Game 4 was definitely pivotal. Had they lost, and series eventually gone to Game 7, it definitely could’ve been Lee vs. CC, which can go either way. Yeah, fallacy of predetermined outcomes and such, but still interesting to think about.

    • Xstar7 says:

      I remember getting so pissed at Feliz’s game tying homer in that game. But then Johnny worked some magic, practiced some smart base running, the double by A-Rod then the single by Posada and BOOM, 3-1 series lead.

      • Foghorn Leghorn says:

        johnny’s baserunning was an all time great play…i remember screaming at the TV when he took off only to erupt in joyous celebration when he arrived safely at third.


    • Guest says:

      I remember watching Coke warm up while the Yanks were hitting and thinking that if the game was tied in the bottom of the ninth, we were going to lose. And thinking that if we lost that game, then it was Lee in game five. So we were going to be down 3-2. Not pretty.

      And then…Damon/A-rod game through big time.

  52. Cy Pettitte says:

    holy shit just looked at Trenton’s box score

    Dellin: 6IP 3H 0ER 1BB 8SO

    monster night

  53. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Yanks need to treat beckett like a cheap hooker tonight…jump on him quick and pound his ass.

  54. aRX says:

    I hope the AL doesn’t still have a curfew…

  55. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Isn’t it ironic that Jeter is in that commercial about being the “best”?

  56. Esteban says:

    Wow, the stadium is still packed. A little surprised, but it is Yankees Red Sox.

  57. Mickey Scheister says:

    So the belt buckle is a “high” pitch?!

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      I know, right? That pitch should’ve been a strike, so then istead of striking out, he gets a 2-strike hit. SMH.

  58. Pat D says:

    I wonder if O’Neill has ordered breakfast yet.

  59. Cy Pettitte says:

    Curtis couldn’t get that? wtf.

  60. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    geesh…ellsbury has started off each game with a hit…he’s on my list

  61. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Tomorrow’s headline: “Pedroia’s leg falls off; Dustin says he’ll play through it, ‘grit it out.’”

  62. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Not even CC can get this little bitch Ellsbury out. Fuck that guy.

  63. Mickey Scheister says:

    This makes ya miss Martin framing those outside pitches.

  64. Cy Pettitte says:

    Cervelli…..just don’t even throw

  65. Esteban says:

    Oh Cervelli, if you can’t get to your feet, maybe don’t throw it?

  66. JobaWockeeZ says:


  67. Pat D says:

    Why the fuck did he even fucking do that?

  68. Guy Montag says:

    Isn’t Girardi a catcher? Can’t he see how awful Cervelli is?

  69. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    (insert Cervelli hate comment here)

  70. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Cervelli. Sheesh.

  71. MannyGeee says:

    thanks Frankie. he’s the gift that keeps on giving

  72. Jetrer says:

    Glad to see Cervelli is up to his usual suckitude

  73. Mickey Scheister says:


  74. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Come on Cervelli why don’t you fistpump? I’m sure you planned that out.

  75. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    CC K’s AGon and Youk. Lovin it.

  76. aRX says:

    Finally we get out of the 1st. As for Cervelli…get well soon, Russel.

  77. Fritz says:

    I would rather have Posada catching then idiot Cervelli! Bring up Montero and send Cerveli to catch Igawa!!!

  78. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    alrighty…let’s get these bats going quick. Beckett is a prick.

  79. Pat D says:

    If I was in an elevator with Hitler, Bin Laden and Cervelli, and I had a gun with two bullets, I’d shoot Cervelli twice!

  80. IRF says:

    Cervelli throws a nasty 2 seamer

    New 8th inning guy?

  81. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Got 20 bucks Teix gets hit.

  82. Cy Pettitte says:


  83. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Just kidding.

  84. jay h says:

    what a shock

  85. aRX says:

    Deep breath…trying to control murderous thoughts….

  86. Guy Montag says:

    CC needs to drill Ortiz next inning. Enough of this shit!

  87. Pat D says:

    OK, if CC doesn’t plunk Ortiz first fucking pitch, I might destroy my laptop.

  88. Esteban says:

    Is it possible for CC to throw a “wild” pitch into the Sox dugout and hit Beckett?

  89. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Great. Now CC probably gets in trouble if he hits somebody. Doucheface.

  90. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If Josh Beckett gets hit by a lightning bolt I would probably not care.

  91. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Passes out bayonets

  92. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    We honestly don’t have an excuse not to hit a Red Sock now.

  93. Slappy White says:

    NOW CC better drill that fat ass

  94. Foghorn Leghorn says:


  95. FIPster Doofus says:

    There will be blood.

  96. Guest says:

    Have both sides been warned?

  97. JobaWockeeZ says:


  98. MannyGeee says:

    SEE YA

  99. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Granderslump: Over.

  100. THAT’S how you retaliate.

  101. Meat Loaf says:

    Fuck you Beckett.

  102. Pat D says:

    I still say plunk Ortiz’s fat ass, HR or not.

  103. Cy Pettitte says:

    Curtis for president.

  104. Guy Montag says:

    She’s gone! We finally get on the board first! Now drill Ortiz in the back!

  105. Jetrer says:

    Yeah … Fuck you Beckett

  106. Esteban says:

    SLUMP THIS says Granderson. Best retaliation right there motherfucker.

  107. IRF says:

    Fuck you Beckett

  108. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Curtis should’ve flipped his bat.

  109. BigTimeBartolo says:

    I love Grandy, in a very sexual way

  110. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    fuck you josh beckett!

  111. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I really missed #toomanyhomers!

  112. aRX says:

    OMG, a lead!!!!!

  113. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    that’s better than hitting anyone…

  114. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Living well is the best revenge.

  115. Mickey Scheister says:

    Take that, take that, take that…Curtis is GRANDER…son!

  116. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Absolutely. You still plunk Ortiz right in his fucking belly next inning.

  117. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Is it wrong of me that I want Josh Beckett to get hit by a liner?

  118. Jose the Satirist says:

    Boston pitchers have hit Yankee batters 8 times now this season. Yankee pitchers have hit Boston batters 4 times this season.

  119. Jimmy McNulty says:


  120. Mister Delaware says:

    Beckett getting rocked.

  121. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Ooooo this could turn into a fun night.

  122. Mickey Scheister says:

    Purpose or not…Red Sox 3, Yankees 0. This series. I hope CC’s last pitch of the game is a 9th inning wrist shot on Gonzales or Papi.

  123. Mike Axisa says:

    Juuuuust missed Alex. Good swing.

  124. MannyGeee says:

    wow. thought A Rod had that one.

  125. Cuso says:

    Moyer on BB2N actually said it looked like Beckett actually threw at Jeter.

    Berthiaume immediately goes aghast “No way! WHY would he do that? It obviously got away from him.”

  126. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Fuck Beckett’s stupid ass soul patch…

  127. Kostas says:

    I want Papi drilled and I want Youklis drilled. I want to see both of them on the ground in pain like Buster Posey…This is becoming fucking horseshit that the Yankees take this hippie peace and love approach. Drill them and drill them NOW!

  128. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Oh shit, in related news…Anthony Rizzo made his major league debut today.

  129. Cuso says:

    CC is gonna plunk Ortiz to lead off the 2nd. And it wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t plunk Jeter.

    Book it.

  130. Jerome S. says:

    I’m not watching the game… can I get filled on why Beckett’s a prick now(besides the obvious)?

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      He hit Jeter with a pitch near the head (I think it got his shoulder or upper arm).

    • Esteban says:

      He only knows how to be a prick. Anything he does is by definition, douchey. And he hit Jeter.

    • TheLastClown says:

      Just imagine that you were watching the game. All will become clear.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      Beaned Jeter.

    • Guns of the Navarone says:

      I totally believe it was intentional too. That’s just like Josh Beckett. He knows what’s being said. That’s his way of saying “fuck you.” First batter of the ballgame. It’s always a ‘who’s nuts are bigger’ contest with him.

      And he may not want to get into that contest with big CC.

  131. Pat D says:

    Please drill him.

  132. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Is there a rule that David Ortiz cannot get hit by a Yankee pitcher?

    • Mister Delaware says:

      Once. Over 750 PAs against NY in the regular and postseason and he’s been hit once. Jeff Nelson. Jeff Nelson was a hard ass.

  133. bonestock94 says:

    Just got home. Jeter got hit!??!?!?!?

    Anything else of note?

  134. IRF says:

    CC is so smart. Completely in Ortiz’s head right there

  135. Cy Pettitte says:

    Fuck you Ortiz, you sit your fat ass down

  136. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I’ll take that over a HBP

  137. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Let’s not hit him right away. Make him sweat for a whole game and keep bailing on inside breaking balls. That was too funny.

  138. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    Jed Lowrie…he’s on my list also. fucking nerd

  139. the tenth inning stretch says:

    I kinda wish Pedroia was playing, CC could hit him right in his sore knee.

  140. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    I honestly can not believe how brash Papi is acting. After being named as a roider and having two very subpar starts the last two seasons you’d think he’d have a clue. They need to check his piss.

    • TheLastClown says:

      I’m pretty sure they do. Along with all the other MLB players.

      • Rainbow Connection says:

        According to the commenters at RAB, they don’t check Papi or Bautista.

      • MikeD says:

        Every player is checked, although it is generally acknowledged that with just a little proper care, a roidster can pass the tests and not get caught. Players who get caught are minor leaguers who may not have access to the proper expertise, or Major Leaguers who get careless, such as Manny Ramirez.

        This is not to say that I believe Bautista or Ortiz are roiding, but I also don’t buy in the other excuse that since players are being tested and not failiing, therefore they are clean.

        I think PEDs are down from the peak a few years back, but they are still part of the game, and will remains so forever moving forward. The idea of an end date for the “steroid era” is nonsense.

  141. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Rex Brothers got his first K tonight? Shit I remember when I wanted the Yankees to draft him.

  142. Jose the Satirist says:

    Who brought a whistle to Yankee Stadium?

  143. IRF says:

    Over/Under 130 pitches for CC tonight?

  144. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Please score 20 runs here so CC can do his thing.

  145. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    If I had twins I’d name one “In Play, Run(s)” and the other “In Play, Out(s)”

  146. Pat D says:

    I can’t believe MetroPCS is getting away with these ads.

    Of course, they need to step up and take T-Mobile’s place next year.

  147. Pat D says:

    None of those poll choices make sense except for Munson/Fisk. I mean, Joe D liked to disparage Teddy Ballgame, but I never sensed there was hate like there was between Munson and Fisk.

  148. JobaWockeeZ says:

    River Papelbon as a rivalry is like the US being a rival of the Costa Rica.

  149. Kostas says:

    Joelsherman1 Joel Sherman
    Since joining #Redsox in ’03, Ortiz has never been hit by #Yankees P. In same time span, Jeter has been 18 times by #Redsox

    Just to emphasize what a major douche bag Beckett and the Sox are.

  150. JobaWockeeZ says:

    But if you want a good rivalry Graig Nettles vs any Red Sox player is a good one. Nettles is a straight up BAMF.

  151. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Wow, rain check…awesome. Also, didn’t know Posada’s OBP was over .300 already.

    • MikeD says:

      Since May 1, Posada has approximately a .260 BA and a .375 OBP (give or take one or two points.) The OBP is impressive. Unfortunately, his SLG is also about .370. He’s better than he was earlier this year, but still not classic Jorge, but he’s also not an automatic out at the plate.

  152. Esteban says:

    That’s awesome. Yankees giving free tickets to everyone with tickets to tonight’s game.

  153. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Question: what was the longest AB hitting streak?

  154. MikeD says:

    Rivera-Pabelbon rivalry?

    This is not a rivalry, just like fire doesn’t have a rivalry with kindling,lawnmowers don’t have a rivalry with grass…

    I’ve vote Munson-Fisk, but it’s possible the DiMaggio-Williams one was bigger, but way to far in the past for me to know.

    • Esteban says:

      Pat Kelly- Luis Rivera.

    • Diamond Dan says:

      I don’t think closers can really have a true personal rivalry because they hardly ever face each other and the rarely even appear in the same game.

      In all fairness to Papelbon — and it’s always tough to live up to the standards set by the best closer of all-time, he DID come into this season with a better ERA+ over the course of his relatively short career than Rivera has, and Rivera is the all-time leader in that category, with Papelbon not having enough innings to qualify.

      • MikeD says:

        I’m not sure why the need to say “in fairness” to Papelbon, since he wasn’t attacked in any way. It’s just silly to compare him on the level of Rivera, since Rivera’s greatness is based on continued greatness over a long period of time. Papelbon has five seasons as a closer entering 2011.

        Also, he’s posted an ERA+ of 112 last year, and is at 93 this year, and his career ERA+ is ten points lower than Rivera’s, who is now in his 17th season. There is no comparison.

        Yet I’ll leave it up to you to explain what you were shooting for with your note.

        • Diamond Dan says:

          I just thought there was an implication that there was no way to compare Rivera and Papelbon, and while it’s obvious that what Rivera has done over his career is far more impressive, if we look at a statistical comparison of the first 6 seasons of Papelbon’s career vs. Rivera’s entire career we see that they are in fact quite comparable. This doesn’t mean that Papelbon’s career will ever come close to Rivera’s, just that he had a good start (and now appears to be fading quickly). Even though there seems to be a hot new closer in baseball every season, very few had 5 seasons to start a career as good as Papelbon’s.

        • Diamond Dan says:

          I should clarify that when I say “Rivera’s entire career”, I’m only talking about averages, and not counting stats. Obviously Rivera is going to dominate counting stats over Papelbon or just about any other closer in history.

  155. V says:

    Bullshit call.

  156. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Don’t complain Gardner. Seriously just stop.

  157. Pat D says:

    Damn, Beckett’s foot was just there.

  158. Kostas says:

    What the hell has happened to Gardner? Didn’t everyone refer to him as Gritty? Two fat asses have out ran him to first base; he failed to score on a wild pitch; and we already know he is afraid to steal bases. Perhaps he thinks he is playing for the Georgia Peaches.

    • Esteban says:

      Don’t you mean Rockford Peaches?

      • Pat D says:

        What were the other teams in that movie?

        • Esteban says:

          Racine Belles, Kenosha Comets, and South Bend Blue Sox

          according to Wikipedia.

          • Pat D says:

            Now is that according to the actual league or the movie?

            • Esteban says:

              Movie, here are the real teams from the AAGPBL:

              Kenosha Comets (1943–1951)
              Racine Belles (1943–1950)
              Rockford Peaches (1943–1954)
              South Bend Blue Sox (1943–1954)
              Milwaukee Chicks (1944)
              Minneapolis Millerettes (1944)
              Fort Wayne Daisies (1945–1954)
              Grand Rapids Chicks (1945–1954)
              Muskegon Lassies (1946–1949)
              Kalamazoo Lassies (1950–1954)
              Peoria Redwings (1946–1951)
              Chicago Colleens (1948)
              Springfield Sallies (1948)
              Battle Creek Belles (1951–1952)
              Muskegon Belles (1953)

      • Mister Delaware says:

        Georgia Peaches. You might have noted the recent tension between he and Granderson.

      • Kostas says:

        Damn.. Your correct. Thank you for catching the error

  159. V says:

    Wow, I just started following PeteAbe on twitter this evening. D00d has become a total douchebag.

  160. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow no more complaining about Robbie’s D

  161. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Wow, amazing play by Cano

  162. Diamond Dan says:

    Before that Gardner groundout they were just discussing the Red Sox outfielders and how they went from poor outfielders like Canseco in the 1990′s to better outfielders like Damon. Canseco only played 14 games in the outfield in his Red Sox career, and Damon had a -4.3 defensive WAR in his 4 seasons with the Sox.

  163. V says:

    How often do batters get a strike called for bunting at a pitch?

  164. Erica says:

    I swear, every time the home plate ump grunts for a strike, he sounds like the T-Rex from “Jurassic Park” roaring, and it’s throwing me off.

  165. V says:

    That was a total bullshit at bat by the umpires.

  166. Cy Pettitte says:

    anyone see that guy fist pumping behind Teix on the GIDP? lmao.

  167. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Cervelli, just no.

  168. V says:

    Cervelli… fucking dumbass.

  169. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Cervelli with the leadoff bunt? WHY?

  170. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Shake my head.

  171. Stratman9652 says:

    So much fail for one player.

  172. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    What is this, the bunt convention?

  173. Cy Pettitte says:


  174. Kevin G. says:

    Alright, can you gys help me out with a fantasy trade?

    I get Corey Patterson (or Gardner if I want him) and Jason Marquis

    I give up Anibal Sanchez.

    I have strong pitching but I have a weak outfield (all I have is Rasmus, Beltran, and Joyce for 5 slots).

    Should I do it?

  175. V says:

    What is with these bunts and showing bunts???!

  176. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Cervelli is the most worthless piece of shit. Thanks for the 1 pitch pop-up bunt, now get the fuck off this team

  177. Crime Dog says:

    I went to the game today. They made no announcement at the stadium about the delay between 8-9:15. I have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow, so I decided to leave the game. They were free tickets from a buddy, but still a shame I had to waste good seats like that. I’m surprised they didn’t provide one update for over an hour. That’s how it goes I guess.

  178. JobaWockeeZ says:


  179. Cy Pettitte says:

    Can they call that a hit?

  180. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:


  181. Mike Axisa says:

    Please call that a hit.

  182. Mister Delaware says:

    I swear, Mike Cameron gets the shittiest calls against him of any player I’ve ever watched.

  183. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Thanks blue, we’ll take that.

  184. Ray the Anti-Handle says:

    Hahaha, hilarious. Get them robot umps ready.

  185. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Lolz. I’ll take the cheapie

  186. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Hopefully this is the inning where Beckett gets super-pissed and starts walking guys and giving up XBHs. He is prone to innings like that when his emotions take over.

  187. V says:

    Double steal time.

  188. Esteban says:

    Robot umps please. That call was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  189. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    drive the ball here, tex!

  190. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    drive the ball here, Arod!

  191. Carl says:


  192. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Beckett’s losing it.

  193. Cy Pettitte says:


  194. Pat D says:


  195. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I fucking hate Josh Beckett.

  196. Mister Delaware says:

    I don’t believe any of these were intentional. I don’t believe I care at this point.

  197. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    you have got to be kidding me…

  198. Guy Montag says:

    How long are the Yankees going to sit here and do nothing while the Sox try to injure our guys?

  199. Mickey Scheister says:

    WTF? I thought they warned already?!?

  200. the tenth inning stretch says:

    On a lighter note, that hit A-Rod, the catcher, AND the ump.

  201. Pat D says:

    Thanks, Robbie.

    CC has to plunk someone now.

  202. V says:

    4 to 0. This isn’t about macho-man bullshit, this is about protecting your players.

    Sometimes I wish we had TLR as our manager. He would make sure an opposing team felt it.

  203. Carl says:

    Show some patience Robbie, will ya!

  204. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I missed it. Where did ARod get hit?

  205. Guns of the Navarone says:

    My dislike for Cano is growing. He’s reverted back to some bad habits and what really grinds my gears is that he doesn’t seem to recognize that he needs to make adjustments.

  206. Stratman9652 says:

    I’m not sure whats worse, your crappiest player popping up a first pitch bunt or your 2010 MVP candidate popping up the first pitch with the bases loaded.

  207. Guy Montag says:

    And we’ve got the guy on the ropes, he’s hit one man and walked another so Cano trots up there and swings at the first pitch? When is Girardi going to bench him to teach him a lesson?

  208. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yeah let’s show Beckett that he can do what he wants.

  209. Mickey Scheister says:

    Giardi…”…see what happens.”, I like, Ortiz please.

  210. Cy Pettitte says:

    Posada: “I know that feel, Bro.”


  211. Pat D says:


    Now just get the DP.

  212. the tenth inning stretch says:


  213. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Bad time to do it!

  214. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I love CC.

  215. Orlando says:

    about fucking time!!!!

  216. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I dont know if you should hit him NOW…

  217. Mister Delaware says:

    I wish that had hit him in the dick.

  218. bonestock94 says:

    Hahahaha, so fun

  219. Ryan says:


  220. Erica says:

    THANK YOU CC!!!!!!

  221. Carl says:

    Took until tonight to do it.

  222. Orlando says:

    next time hit him in the balls!

  223. Cuso says:

    And Ortiz gets plunk with less than 2 outs. There you go.

  224. V says:

    Awesome inning for CC.

  225. Pat D says:

    Thank you for being you, CC.

  226. Carl says:

    [Loud clapping]

  227. Cy Pettitte says:

    extra big FU as CC escapes w/o giving up runs, like a boss.

  228. David N says:

    Trust CC to do what needs to be done. That just made my night noticeably better.

  229. Mister Delaware says:

    That’s some bad ass work. Hit the guy who earned getting hit to put two on with only one out and then get out of it. Love me some Sabathia.

  230. Jose the Satirist says:

    Missed Papi getting hit. Was there a warning? He should’ve plunked Youk, his reactions are always hilarious.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Of course there’s a warning Beckett isn’t on the mound. Smh.

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      Yeah, immediate warning. Would’ve been fun watching Youk get halfway to the mound, realize that CC is enormous, and then play it off like it ain’t no thang.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        I think Papi getting hit was influenced by the bat flip. But I’d love to see CC plunk Youk.

  231. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    CC is a beast. A BEAST.

  232. Esteban says:

    Scared to death scared to shoot. Lebron James is a Shook One

  233. Wally Matthews is an embarrassment to journalism.

  234. ChrisR says:

    How much Yankees were hit tonight?

  235. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Not dead yet.

  236. Mickey Scheister says:

    HIP HIP…my man! 6-9!

  237. hogsmog says:

    A hit for Posada?? COME ON MENDOZA LINE.

  238. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Can Brett get any worse?

  239. Mister Delaware says:

    Tremendous work by the Sox broadcast team tonight. New bar.

    Quiz: Who is the only player to have exactly 3,000 career hits?

    Remy: “So whoever it is just got 3,000 and wrapped it up, huh?”

    Orsillo: “Sort of.”

  240. MikeD says:

    Yeah, Michael, some guys throw harder, but it’s not like he’s a soft tosser. He hits 96 reguarly, and he’s doing it from the left side.

  241. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I never noticed good Cano vs bad Cano last year on defense but he’s making it awfully obvious now.

  242. Esteban says:

    Cano with the nice D tonight.

  243. Carl says:

    This time, no base for Ellsbury.

  244. Guns of the Navarone says:

    More runs plz. Don’t let up.

  245. Esteban says:

    Are they gonna eject that guy for getting that ball? Knowing the Yankees, they would.

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      I believe going over the fence onto the field area is actually grounds for immediate arrest. They don’t play around with that stuff. I sat next to The Black at the old stadium once, and chatted up the cop who was stationed out there, and he said he’d actually have to arrest me just for going out there for a HR ball.

  246. Cy Pettitte says:

    eject that mother fucker

  247. Pat D says:

    Throw him out, dammit.

  248. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    EJECT BECKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLEAR THE BENCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Carl says:

    That’s 3 hit basemen now. Typical Beckett against Yankee bats.

  250. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    again…when is the last time beckett plunked 3 and lester hit two in the same series…I bet never

  251. JobaWockeeZ says:

    What the fuck is the point of a warning?. Oh wait only for CC right? Intent or no intent the rulebook does state this clearly no?

  252. Mariano's Pimp Hand says:

    The Phillies just had to bat the pitcher with the bases loaded in the 10th. He was the last pitcher in the pen, 8th of the game.

  253. TheLastClown says:

    Beckett clearly went after Grandy’s home run foot on that one, and wasn’t ejected.

  254. Esteban says:

    That wasn’t on purpose, but god do I hate Beckett.

  255. Cy Pettitte says:

    how did Grandy get thrown out by Tek? ugh.

  256. Guns of the Navarone says:

    That’s so sad.

  257. Esteban says:

    Getting thrown out by Varitek is pretty terrible.

  258. Yankee Bigot says:

    Getting thrown out by Cervelli would be terrible

  259. Guns of the Navarone says:

    This game is still too close for my liking. Not gonna hold the Red Sox down forever.

  260. DH says:

    Martin, Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, and Granderson have all been hit this series. Seriously?

  261. Cy Pettitte says:

    Gonzo looks so bad against CC

  262. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Good job, AGon, you got the ball in play.

  263. Guy Montag says:

    Well with that quick inning hopefully CC can guide us at least through 7 to get to Robertson. Hopefully the offense can put up another run or two.

  264. Brendan says:

    Wow. How odd. The Texas Rangers the defending AL Champions and one of baseballs best offensive teams fired their hitting coach the other day based on something other than stats. what a freaking concept.

    commence ripping defending the honor of your Demi-God K-Long………

  265. MikeD says:

    Can we clone CC four times, and then declare the “new” CC’s as rookies making league minimum? I mean, we have stem cells being injected. Let’s more to cloning.

  266. Mickey Scheister says:

    A-Rod nearly gets plunked.

  267. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’d IBB Posada right now. Gardner and Cervelli? Lol.

  268. Brendan says:

    My whole family is getting woken up if Posada gets a knock here

  269. Cy Pettitte says:

    time for Jorge to conquer the Mendoza line

  270. Mickey Scheister says:

    Jorge will pass the Mendoza line…now!

  271. Mister Delaware says:

    I just got really mad there.

  272. Pat D says:

    Not like he’d have beaten that out.

  273. That is inexcusable, you are being payed to play baseball so run out a damn ground ball.

  274. Mickey Scheister says:

    The look on Becketts face, dude is a prick.

  275. Cy Pettitte says:

    why no shift for Ortiz?

  276. Pat D says:

    Why was Cone there? Is he calling on MLBN or something?

  277. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow fucking fail.

  278. the tenth inning stretch says:


  279. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Jesus Christ Swish.

  280. Pat says:

    What the fuck was that Swisher?

  281. Pat D says:

    Oh, flipping fucking Christmas.

    Of all the weird fucking caroms…

  282. Esteban says:

    Well that sucked.

  283. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Ortiz should NEVER score from 1st on a base hit

  284. Mike Axisa says:

    Jesus Christ Swish.

  285. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Lolz Crawford.

  286. Hummingbird S. says:

    O fails with RISP and the D falls apart while playing like little leaguers… hmmm I think I’ve seen this movie before.

  287. Lmao everyone is tripping Swish Papi now Crawford

  288. Guy Montag says:

    And Dickerson should have been in this ballgame. Swisher adds no offensive advantage and he’s been a liability in RF all season. Get rid of him and Cervelli and we immediately improve our defense.

  289. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow. be a real fan an pick up the ball moron.

  290. the tenth inning stretch says:


  291. bonestock94 says:

    Fuuuuuu, way to squander a good start with idiocy

  292. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If anyone would like to start hitting again that would be great. You can score without going for the home run by the way.

  293. Orlando says:

    CC deserves a better fate…..shame!

  294. JohnnyC says:

    We waited 3 and a half hours for this? Oh goodness.

  295. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Wasting opportunities all night again with RISP. Watch Varitek get a big base hit here.

  296. Hummingbird S. says:

    apparently they CAN keep losing to the Red Sox

  297. JohnnyC says:

    CC calling his own game?

  298. Pat D says:

    This is what I get for opening my mouth.

  299. Orlando says:

    Thanks Bogar!!! Swish’s throw was offline

  300. Orlando says:


  301. inpinstripes says:

    Squeeze coming…

  302. JohnnyC says:

    You can’t hide a bad fielder. The ball finds them. Or eludes them.

  303. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow. game over.

  304. the tenth inning stretch says:


  305. Esteban says:

    Ugh I did a facepalm.

  306. JobaWockeeZ says:

    That’s a sweep. Goodnight all.

  307. Hummingbird S. says:

    making scrubs look good, that’s the Yankees way

  308. Mickey Scheister says:


  309. Carl says:

    Oh For Fuck’s Sake!

  310. Mike Axisa says:

    Well at least they can say they had the lead at one point.

  311. Guy Montag says:

    And they just lost another one. I’ve turned this shit off. This team always melts when it counts and can’t beat the one team they need to.

  312. JohnnyC says:

    CC really picking up his fielders like an ace.

  313. CMP says:

    The only way this series could get any worse would be if the Yankees come back to take the lead and Mariano blows it in the 9th.

  314. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Wow, it really didn’t look like Gardner was getting to that.

  315. Jetrer says:

    CC needed to finish the job. Swisher’s play hurt, but damn. He stepped up for six innings and then fell apart. The ace needs to do better.

  316. Cy Pettitte says:

    I give up.

  317. Esteban says:

    This is the inning from hell. FUCK.

  318. teddy says:

    cc imploded like a little bitch

  319. Klemy says:

    Jesus. Fuck. I’m going to bed. Hopefully this is a bad dream.

  320. Pat D says:

    Just saw the posts about the NESN trivia question. Orsillo is not a good announcer. He’s almost as big a homer as Harrelson. Remy usually doesn’t bother me, but I really can’t believe they were both that collectively stupid, because I usually don’t hear shit that bad.

    In other news, I’m going to bed. Need to be up in about 6 hours. If I miss a comeback, eh, that’s the price I’ll pay.

  321. DobbsRob says:

    Swisher didn’t help, but CC has been bad this inning, with the only out coming on the great running play by Gardner. Odd to lose his command like that late in the game.

  322. Guns of the Navarone says:

    That’s no ace. Sorry. Awful pitching.

  323. FIPster Doofus says:

    What a disgrace.

  324. Guy Montag says:

    Difference in the ballgame is their ace got the job done, ours didn’t. A true ace holds down the opposition and WINS! You do NOT give up hits to Cameron, Varitek, Ellsbury. That’s just awful pitching and all had 2 strikes.

  325. Jeter doesn’t even dive for balls anymore. He barely even lunges. How I miss Kay saying past a diving Jeter because it actually sounded like he tried.

  326. Matt says:

    Bad pitch sequences, bad results. What do you expect when your backup catcher is one of the worst players in all of baseball?

    Don’t give me the nonsense that CC calls his own game. The catcher still puts down the first sign and puts the thought into the pitcher’s mind.

    Look at the at bats, and it’s obvious that CC is getting beaten by predictable pitches in counts in which he is really not on the ropes.

    Cameron at bat, you can’t just lay a fastball in there on 3-2. A base is open and Varitek is on deck, you have to throw him a changeup down and away.

    Ellsbury at bat, you blew an inside fastball by him on 0-1. You showed him the slider away and he was opening up, you doubled up on it and he showed he could wait back on it and poked it foul the other way. That’s when any intelligent catcher would call for another one up and in under the hands to blow him away. Is that what was called? No, a 3rd slider in a row, and he put the bat on the ball.

    When you throw the pitch that hitters are looking for with runners on base, you’re going to give up hard hit balls and runs. It’s really not complicated, assuming your catcher has a brain and can make adjustments.

    • Matt says:

      By contrast, look at how Beckett has attacked the Yankees.

      Every time he gets to a count like 2-0, he throws a changeup and the hitters flail helplessly because they refuse to adjust and keep sitting fastball. He doesn’t just lay it in there, he uses his offspeed pitches to keep hitters off balance.

      Then when he throws the fastball, the hitters are inbetween and unsure of what’s coming and they don’t hit it with authority.


      No brains behind the plate, same thing with both pitchers on the mound.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Sometimes the Yankees display very little baseball intelligence — at bat, in the field, and on the mound. It’s not just “fundamentals” — it’s an awareness of where you are in a particular situation. Ultimately, it’s on Girardi. Can you really tell me the Yankees were prepared to play the Red Sox? The comedy of errors in dealing with Ortiz is the tip of the iceberg. But how in the heck do you make Varitek a viable offensive player?

  327. David N says:

    Ugh. I really hope the bats can pick CC up.

  328. girardi blows says:

    Girardi just blew this game. He just sat there and watched sabathia throw the game away. Terrible pitching, but even worse managing.

  329. CMP says:

    After this series, it’s painfully obvious that Cashman and the Yankees have some work to do before they’re at the same level as the Red Sox.

    • Matt says:

      Except the Red Sox can’t do this to anybody BUT the Yankees.

      The Red Sox will be up 2 games on the Yankees if they win this, but if they went 4-5 in these 9 games instead of 1-8, the Yankees would actually be ahead by 4 games.

      The Red Sox are really not a dominant team. The Yankees just don’t grind out the at bats and finish these guys off with tack on runs.

  330. JohnnyC says:

    This is a very flawed team that plays really small in big situations.

  331. Yankee Bigot says:


  332. Kevin G. says:

    Can we just keep hitting their batters until all of our pitchers are thrown out and we forfeit? It would make this game feel a lot better.

  333. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking pathetic.

  334. Rob says:

    no need to get upset, the red sox are just a better team than us right now, hopefully the yanks can get them in the second half

  335. Jetrer says:

    just fucking unbelievable … way to fucking step up … every fucking Yankee should be fucking ashamed

  336. bonestock94 says:

    Oh crap, break out the broom. I’m calling it a night, hopefully this is the lowest point of the season.

  337. Mike Axisa says:

    Better this than thinking they would have been able to come back in a one run game or some shit.

  338. David N says:

    Wrong night for both CC and D-Rob to choke.

  339. Brendan says:

    That inning by the sox is why Long should be gone. Professional hitters that wear an ace out with good at bats and just try to hit the ball up the middle and get knocks. Not the beer league softball shit we are subjected to

  340. Esteban says:

    WOW. Ok. Hast manana RAB

  341. Ryan says:

    This team is fucking embarrassing.

  342. the tenth inning stretch says:

    CC wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of people are making him sound. If Swisher fields that ball, it’s only a single and we’re set up to get a DP. He made a bad pitch to Cameron, true, but then he gets that ground ball to second that was hit very softly and just found a hole. Yeah, he gave up some runs, but facing a lineup like the Sox, it’s not realistic to expect the dude to throw a shutout. He got a little unlucky and made a couple bad pitches.

    • JohnnyC says:

      No excuses. You’re better than that. They’re losing on merit.

    • Skye says:

      I agree. Girardi left him in for too long. He should have taken him out when scrubs like Varitek were hitting him at 12:30am. I know he’s one of our only reliable pitchers these days and the bullpen is thin, but leaving him in at that point wasn’t a good move.

      Oh well, this team always finds a way to lose to America’s Underdogs so I’m sure if it wasn’t a CC meltdown it would’ve been something else.

  343. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    Fucking Choke Choke Sabathia tonight. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.

  344. Matt says:

    It really looks like the Red Sox are stealing signs right now.

    It’s entirely on the Yankees if they let it happen, but look at the pitches they are hitting.

    Pitches on the corners behind in counts, and they are crushing them like they knew what was coming. Not just the pitch type, but the location as well.

  345. Greg says:

    I’ve been checking in on this game and it was 2-0 and now its 7-2. WHat the fuck happened? CC’s our fucking ace!

    • David N says:

      I’ve been checking in on this game and it was 2-0 and now its 7-2. WHat the fuck happened?

      Boston is getting the important hits, the breaks, all the stuff that winning teams do. The Yankees offense is impotent, CC couldn’t finish what he started, D-Rob sucked tonight, etc.

      That’ll do it. Second sweep in a row looks to be coming up. Sucks majorly.

  346. Karl Krawfid says:

    3 hits damn

  347. CMP says:

    Girardi and Rothchild are lucky that the Steinbrenner boys have more restraint than their father because in the old days, one of their asses would be put out on the street.

  348. Orlando says:

    what is it with all the weak hacks?

  349. King George says:

    Again, this is an average baseball team in the Bronx. Let’s get used to it. Our expectations are clearly too high. 5 run innings to a huge rival is a choke. Well done, guys.

    • Greg says:

      That is something that I have been preaching. Lets try and rebuild and transition for the future. This is not a championship ball club. This needs to be taken into consideration.

      • CMP says:

        This is looking more and more like a transition year with every passing day.

        Talk about totally undoing a 6-3 west coast trip in the blink of an eye.

    • David N says:

      It’s not an average team, it’s a good team. Probably good enough to make the playoffs. But if this is how they come out in big games, does anyone really think they can go anywhere?

      • King George says:

        Wow, that’s kind of funny David. Because 97% of people on this board would be inclined to disagree with you.

  350. Yankee Bigot says:

    Can I vote for next weeks fan confidence poll yet???

    A big fucking 1 is my vote.

  351. Rockstar4Life says:

    Beckett has been clowning the Yankees all season. I miss the days when they use to dominate him.

  352. Mickey Scheister says:

    Jeter! Comeback time!!

  353. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    Where are you fucking eternal optimists to soothe me over back to back home sweeps at the hands of the Red Sox?? Where are your fucking happy thoughts on how we’ve allowed that shit before and turned it around, because I really need to hear that shit right now.

    • Yankee Bigot says:

      Don’t worry, we’ll trade for an ace(King Felix) by the deadline and everything will go our way……….

    • NBarnes says:

      Here’s one from a Sox fan;

      2005. F@#$ing 2005. F!#%ing Aaron Small and his goddamn contract with Satan. You f@#%ing Yankees are harder to kill than a f#!$ing vampire. JUST STAY DEAD THIS TIME!


      Feel better now?

  354. Skye says:

    This is the most embarrassing baseball I’ve seen the Yankees play in a while. And yes, I watched the whole series!

    • Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

      I’ve watched every game this season (I work at home) and I gotta say this is the worst I’ve seen.

      • Skye says:

        haha I’ve watched all year too, but this series has been awful all around. They were already in the hole four runs a half hour into the game yesterday, yet this one felt/looked/was worse. Glad they save their worst baseball for home games against the Red Sox. :(

  355. CMP says:

    At least the Heat lost tonight.

  356. Guy Montag says:

    I think we’re cooked. Our ace can’t win. We can’t beat our biggest rival. It’s in our heads and these are games at home that we’re losing. When we go to Fenway later in the season it’ll be even worse. AJ, Nova, and Garcia won’t cut it. Beckett and Lester > CC and Colon. Their lineup knows how to get hits with RISP and their bullpen is much deeper. We’re done without some significant help in trades.

    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      Fortunately, we’ve added some new trade chips in Jeff Marquez and Kanekoa Texiera!


  357. Gonzo says:

    Well at least Mo has a lower ERA than Becket now.

  358. MikeD says:

    Geez, I have a power outage for what seemed like all of five minutes, and when I’m back up and running, the Yankees are down 7-2 after leading 2-0. I wonder what happened, yet don’t even want a recap!

  359. Rockstar4Life says:

    Hilarious that 3 of Beckett’s 5 wins are against the Yankees. Talk about ownage.

  360. InningsLimit says:

    This team stinks. Bad baseball all the way around. Bad at bats. weak hacks. they don’t grind out pitchers like they used to. 6-9 in the Lineup and Jeter are worthless. 2345 are all streaky hitters this year. It’s all or nothing. Watch, they’ll still lead the league in runs this year with a bunch of 12 run games vs baltimore. Against good teams and good pitching, they don’t grind at bats. 6-9 are basically automatic outs. And basically so is Jeter.

  361. special kid says:

    cashman failed

  362. Karl Krawfid says:

    The Red Sox are 28-25 against not the Yankees this year. Soon to be 8-1 against the Yanks.


    • the tenth inning stretch says:

      They literally have us to thank for their first-place standing.

    • Rockstar4Life says:

      Don’t forget they are also 6-2 against the Angels, their other doormat.

      14-3 against the door mats, 23-23 against the rest of the league.

  363. Rockstar4Life says:

    Dave Magadan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kevin Long.

  364. MikeD says:

    Hmmm, when did HBO start running soft porn? Clearly I’m looking to be distracted.

  365. CMP says:

    Mike, may I suggest for the recap that you just post a picture of some vomit floating in a toilet. No words needed.

  366. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    And where are all you nay-say bashers??? In bed early tonight?? No time to come and give your arguments on how early it is and how it doesn’t matter that we get swept in back to back home series by the Sox because it’s not September… because the month makes a difference.

  367. MT says:

    Costas sais on MLB Network that Red Sox have never won six straight at Yankee Stadium in their long history – I did not catch whether that is just at the start of the season or at any time during season – did anybody hear which one?

    • Yankee Bigot says:

      Who fucking cares? They’ll probably come in and sweep us again whenever the hell that is. Piece of shit team……

      • MT says:

        Well, I guess I care.

        Cone just said since 1919 but then also said first time since 1912 we lost two consecutive three game sweeps at home.

        In any case, only reason that I like to know is that Yankee fams (like me) were great about throwing around 1918! in Red Sox faces all those years (of course, for the more important World Series) – now they can say same thing about us now (admittedly much less important regular season games but still pretty incredible).

        Given some pretty bad Yankee teams in the 60s and early 70s I am surprised none of those teams ever di that

  368. InningsLimit says:

    I love how the Yankees brass tries to “protect” our young pitching by giving arbitrary innings limits, where evidence in the past only suggests it might help prevent injury. They refer to these innings limits and rules like they are absolute law – and their two big pitching prospects of the last decade are both on the DL long term. You don’t see that with Lester and Bucholz who the Sox actually let throw 120 pitches if need be. It’s fitting that Joba is on DL now, this week, during sox series. Shows what a joke our front office is. No clue how to identify/develop young players. They should trade Betances, Banuelos, Romine, Montero, Sanchez – all of them, because they’ll fuck them up somehow. At least get something out of it in return.

  369. Ryan says:

    Look, I’m as pissed as everyone here. The Yankees have played like complete shit this series. But it is still early, this is not an “average” team, and they’re going to improve the pitching. We were 0-8 against them in 2009…

    • InningsLimit says:

      Yeah, they’re gonna improve their pitching. Maybe they’ll get Brett Myers. Then the rest of the AL better look out. Might as well book the yanks a first class ticket to the world series once they improve their pitching…you know because there is so much pitching available out there on the market.

    • Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

      Thinking they’ll repeat the kind of turnaround they had in 2009 is a major gap in your logic.

    • Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

      You might as well say that it’s no big deal when teams go down 3-0 in an LCS, because, y’know, the Red Sox in ’04 turned that around.

    • Ryan says:

      Sorry for watching baseball because I hope and think my team will win. What an asshole I am.

  370. China Joe says:

    Here’s hoping they don’t panic and make some insane lopsided trade for some second-tier starter.

    • Yankee Bigot says:

      Don’t get your hopes up. There won’t be any front line starters available. Just Edwin Jackson types…..worthless.

  371. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    Let’s go NFL negotiations!!! I need football to distract me from the utter failure that is the Yankees, 2011 edition.

  372. David N says:

    Time to watch the legendary Matt Albers send the Yankees meekly into the night. I really hope I’m wrong.

  373. King George says:

    One last thing…to all you morons who, deep down, REALLLLLLLY feel that this team is going to win the World Series, you’re either really fucking misinformed or seriously think with your heart instead of your head. If you put Jose Reyes AND Beltran on this team, it wouldn’t help. Let’s face it…the rotation is garbage, the Yankees’ ace belly flops after 6 innings, and they can’t hit water if they fell into a pool. We will all be VERY, VERY, VERY privileged as fans if they can even smell the playoffs. You know it’s true now. So, let’s stop all this playoff talk right now. It’s impractical and irresponsible given the current status of the team.

  374. Yankee Bigot says:

    I feel sorry for all the fans who stayed thru the delay to watch this disaster unfold. Time for me to jump off the bandwagon like so many others. So much for seeing another ring anytime soon.

  375. Cuso says:

    The writing is on the wall.

    CC is gonna opt out….


    • Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

      Not doomed as in we won’t resign him, but the amount we’ll have to give him to stick with this sinking ship will be staggering for years.

    • Jetrer says:

      he will opt out. and then he will resign with the Yankees

    • Yankee Bigot says:

      Not doomed. We’ll get 2 high draft picks. Don’t worry the 3 B’s will all come up and be our saviors and Jesus almighty will start his Piazzaesque career.

  376. InningsLimit says:

    At least someone finally hit Ortiz. It kills me that none of these pitchers pound the inside against him. They throw inside once, then come back by throwing stuff over the fat of the plate. The man is back on the juice, you can’t let him be comfortable at the plate with cock-high fastballs one after another.

  377. InningsLimit says:

    And someone please get Jeter out of the top of the lineup! He went from a 335 hitter with a 400 obp to the biggest rally killer in the MLB. Drop him. He has no power and no speed. IF he ain’t hitting for average and getting on base, what the hell is he doing up there. This isn’t a month long slump, it’s been like this for a year and a half. Is that not enough to drop him. And I don’t wanna hear “oh Jeter has done so much for this organization.” He has. That’s great. He’s not the same player anymore. Yogi Berra did a lot for this organization, does that mean he’d get to bat third if he came back tomorrow?

    • mike c says:

      wow what a genius idea, how about we make the guy batting .258 hit leadoff, or how about the guy hitting .222? only stupid people think that jeter is the reason why this team is losing these games right now

      • InningsLimit says:

        So you’re saying the genius idea is to keep Jeter batting leadoff, getting those extra at bats every game? Who said anything about the guy hitting .222 batting leadoff. Who is the guy batting .222 that you thought I said should be batting leadoff? And who were your english teachers from grades 1-12 growing up? They should be embarrassed, as should you. I can’t comprehend 90% of your post. The part I do comprehend, about blaming Jeter for this team losing, is wrong. I’m not blaming Jeter alone. He is a big problem though.

  378. Guns of the Navarone says:

    Game 60: Just Bend Over And Take It The Hard Way.

  379. Bill R says:


  380. nooooo not another double play! says:

    maybe the yankees should ask the white sox how it’s done

  381. Jeff Karstens, Male Model says:

    Worst since 1912, better be some goddamn changes. Tomorrow. Fucking pathetic Yankee team.

  382. Cuso says:

    i’m literally just staying awake for the postgame.

    i’m curious to hear what ANYONE has to say

  383. Yankee Bigot says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it that I’m not the only one venting here. It’s quite comical reading everyone’s comments.

    Boston fucking owns us now and the way they’re constructed they’ll own us for a while more. They are younger and more talented top to bottom. As much as I fucking hate Boston I have to admit they are a talented team.

    We have the 3 worst contracts in all of baseball by the way. Something that’ll cripple us for at least 2 more years.

    • Jetrer says:

      3 worst? Jeter, ARod, and who is the third?

    • mike c says:

      the 3 worst contracts? you do realize the yankees have unlimited money… they eat shit contracts for breakfast and don’t think twice about it

      • Yankee Bigot says:

        Yes I do. And that’s the problem. We have a $210 million payroll but we still suck. What’s next? A $250 million payroll and two 40 year olds in the infield with no rings to show for it.

  384. NHYankeesFan says:

    We should all remember that even though it looks horrible right now. The Yankees are 1 game out of first place. Thats with Nova and Freddie in the rotation right now. The Yankees will make a trade for a good starter, even though i have no idea who it will be at this point, and Phil Hughes and Soriano are still out. Its just a tough point in the season at this point

  385. Cuso says:

    I wonder how long it will be before we hear about the proverbial “closed-door” meeting that generally mean absolutely nothing.

  386. Cuso says:

    Close enough is NEVANEVANEVA!! close enough.

    i hate those fucking commercials

  387. King George says:

    If you guys had to guess, how do the Yankees fare over the next 9 or so games?

    A) 9-0
    B) 8-1
    C) 7-2
    D) 6-3
    E) 5-4
    F) 4-5

    I say F. Makes sense.

  388. nooooo not another double play! says:

    Beckett hits 2 batters C.C. retaliates and hits ortiz. Beckett hits Granderson and the red sox get the last laugh by scoring 8 runs in the last 3 innings… talk about being their bitch this year so far

  389. Ryan says:

    It’s too bad MLB moved to that 60 game season. Terrible way to close out the year. Clearly we’re out of the playoffs.

  390. InningsLimit says:

    Only hope is to trade for Felix Hernandez. That ain’t happening though. Seattle isn’t gonna do that. Still, the Yanks should offer to literally give the Mariners every single player in their farm system that they want, just to see if anything can be done. I know he’s the face of the franchise, but every player has a threshold whereby they can be traded. You wouldn’t refuse to trade Hernandez for Lester, Buchholz, youkilis, Pedroia and gonzales for instance, as ridiculous as that is. Obviously the Yanks don’t have a group of five players that caliber that they can trade, but they should offer anything and everything the mariners would want for Felix. Hopefully they are already trying that. Because as I said earlier, it’s not like the yanks would know what to do with their prospects once they get to the majors. They aren’t exactly the epitomy of an organization that knows how to grow and develop its young talent.

    • King George says:

      They aren’t exactly the epitomy of an organization that knows how to grow and develop its young talent.

      Exception to that statement: Mariano, Jeter, Gardner, Posada, Pettitte, Cano.

    • Yankee Bigot says:

      Our only hope is that this team grows a fucking pair of big & ugly hairy balls. I’m talking Brian Wilson hairy and Youkilis ugly………

  391. InningsLimit says:

    Can’t really use Mariano, Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, those guys were young quite some time ago, under different front office management. As for the other two examples, Cano is one young player in the last decade. I wouldn’t exactly point to Brett Gardner as an example of the Yanks growing young talent. He’s a 9-hitter who’s only in the league because he’s fast. It’s not like the Yanks developed his speed. And to boot, he’s like a groundhog afraid of his shadow on the basepaths. Not good at stealing bases. Doesn’t get good reads and never goes. There’s a reason Ricky Henderson stole so many bases, and it wasn’t just his speed.

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