Montero in tonight’s Triple-A lineup

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Game 64: Goodbye, Cleveland!

Via Donnie Collins, Jesus Montero is in tonight’s starting lineup for Triple-A Scranton. Chances are we’ll never know the real reason why he rode the pine the last two days, but at least he’s back in there today. He’s priority number one as far as the farm system goes, Montero simply has to play every single  day if he’s healthy.

New design added to the RAB Shop
Game 64: Goodbye, Cleveland!
  • LA

    I thought the real reason was an eye infection?

    • X-62

      A minor league reporter for NY refuted that I believe.

  • IB6 UB9

    They are showcasing him for a Reyes trade!

    • JobaWockeeZ

      That would be a horrific trade.

      • magrone


      • Steve in PDX

        Not saying I would do it, but horrific? A top-3 SS in the prime of his career, you have to at least consider it. Yea it’s a lot of money, but it’s also a known quantity.

        • YankeesJunkie

          The idea itself is not terrible. The consquence of what happens to Jeter just would be terrible for the clubhouse and the amount of pressure on Reyes would be tremendous. I don’t many of the stat fans would care as much, but MSN would have a field day.

          • JMK

            Plus, he’s an FA in a few months and will demand a monstrous contract. Having just given up the best-hitting prospect in the minors, he’d have a huge advantage in negotiations over the Yanks. I love Reyes but not for the type of money he’d demand.

          • Jackson

            Reyes is injury prone.

        • Ted Nelson

          Calling him a top 3 SS is generous. You’re not trading for his 2011 to date production, but his here on out production.

          • Urban

            It’s not crazy. In fact, put him in the A.L. and he’s instantly the top SS, and by a light year. Very weak position right now. If I’m an AL GM, I’d be looking at Reyes as a way to instantly make my team stronger compared to the competition.

          • Steve in PDX

            Behind Hanley and Tulo, who would you rather have? Yes 2011 is a great year for him, but he hasn’t exactly been a schmuck over his whole career.

        • Urban

          Horrific is a strong word considering what Reyes can deliver at SS. Trading Montero though for what would amount to a rental, and the problem is would cause with Jeter and his contract means it’s not going to happen.

          Oh, yeah. The Mets will not want to see Reyes playing for the Yankees, and the Yankees would not want to watch Montero becoming s stud in NY wearing a Mets uniform.

          Won’t happen.

      • King George

        I hope you’re joking…

  • X-62

    With Martin being scratched because of his back once more I bet a DL stint will happen and Montero will be up.

  • Kevin

    Ship this man up to New York now! Martin looks like a wounded gazelle out there The time is now.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      “like a wounded gazelle”

      Hubie Brown is that you :)

  • sean

    martin not in lineup tonight..maybe dl and jesus gets called up..i hope

  • sean

    this would be the perfect time for jesus to come up…cervelli sucks and martin is hurt alot

  • Montero21

    Jesus is coming……

  • Montero21

    Montero just CRUSHED a 3 run Jimmy Jack to RF !!! Call him up NOW!!