Montero not in Triple-A lineup (again)


Update (6:27pm): Via Erik Boland, Montero is out of the lineup because of the eye infection according to Brian Cashman. I can buy that, I had an eye infection about a year ago and that thing lingered like crazy. Still seems weird that they wouldn’t just come out and say that in the first place.

Original Post (4:22pm): Jesus Montero was again not in the lineup for Triple-A Scranton today, apparently because of a “manager’s decision.” He sat yesterday and it was described as a routine day off. I’m not quite sure a Triple-A manager has the authority to sit an organization’s top prospect for two straight days after he just missed four with an eye infection (he did start on Friday), so I think something’s up. Maybe it’s a discipline thing (he did pinch-hit yesterday), maybe he’s being traded, maybe he was still being considered for a call-up in case Russell Martin suffered a setback during this afternoon’s game. I really don’t know, but this is … weird.

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  1. dela g says:

    he’s going to be called up to see jeter hit is 3000th hit

  2. CRotondi says:

    Very weird. I’m praying that he’s not getting traded.

  3. jerrynyg says:

    I’ll be bummed if he is getting traded. Can I get a refund on my Jesus is Coming t-shirt if that is the case?

  4. Michael Kay's Head says:

    An ominous sign. I’m definitely leaning towards the trade explanation. If the Yanks didn’t bring him up before why would they now?

  5. first time lawng time says:

    Please dont get traded!!!

    Hopeully he’s getting called up.

  6. Steve S. says:

    All of that is plausible, but maybe the eye still isn’t 100%. He played one game, realized he couldn’t pick up the pitches and the manager gave him a few more days.

  7. KOFH says:

    Traded. For Cervelli.

  8. RubaDoob says:

    maybe its a “nearly traded” to light a hot streak ala last year??

  9. AndrewYF says:

    I bet they release him and try to sign him to a minor league deal.

  10. Del Prete says:

    If it’s a trade then it’s completely under the radar

  11. Steve S. says:

    The Giants and Pirates both need a Catcher badly. Who would you deal him for straight up on either team?

    Bumgarner? Sanchez? Morton?

  12. GT Yankee says:

    Is Bumgarner really worth it? I know he is very young, but he’s not exactly mowing ‘em down in the NL West either?

    I’m thinking more along the lines of Liriano, although considering what he did today that might be less of a possibility

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      I wouldn’t trade Montero for Liriano.

      • Steve S. says:

        I wouldn’t trade any of my top 5 for Liriano. I only trade guys I won’t beat myself up over if/when he gets shoulder surgery.

        • FIPster Doofus says:


          Checks against Liriano:

          -Injury prone
          -Doesn’t eat innings
          -Terrible this year
          -Not under team control for much longer

          No way should he bring back an elite prospect(s).

    • Kosmo says:

      Bumgarner has pitched extremely well with little run support .I think Zito is expected back soon .Bumgarner or Sanchez if one wants to play around with this , could be possibilities.
      Liriano also could be a consideration.
      Washington`s Clippard ,Zimmerman or Ramos.
      Matt Garza ?

      I hope it´s only Montero getting an extra days rest.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      No to Bumgardner, but yes to Liriano? Bumgardner is 21 with a 2.7 FIP and 3.23 ERA this season, and he’s not “mowing ‘em down?” He’s worth 2.1 fWAR this season. Liriano is 27 with a 4.4 FIP and 4.67 ERA… 0.5 fWAR on the season.

  13. Karim Garcia says:

    I’ll shoot myself in the foot if this involves Carlos Zambrano

  14. GT Yankee says:

    I would do it for Kershaw in a minute or Johnson for that matter, but not Bumgarner….too much of a dice roll with how he looks now

    With that said I don’t think Kershaw will be available and the Marlins have said up and down that Johnson isn’t either

    To me taking Bumgarner is akin to giving up on this season with your best trade chip….we need someone who is young and controlled, but that can also offer help now.

    • Matt Montero says:

      If it was somehow for Kershaw, it would be Montero ++++. Like Montero, Betances/Banuelos, Nova/Noesi, and another good prospect or two

      • Operation Slade says:

        Montero, Betances, Nova, Laird, PTBNL, and cash…Its not happening but hey Dodgers do need money. On second thought why dont we just agree to pay their payroll for them for the rest of the season and in return we get Kershaw.

      • matt says:

        This. The true aces aged 28 or under are Montero/Betances/Nunez and maybe a Phil Hughes if he’s healthy and if not him, clubs are probably asking for both Betances and ManBan in the deal. No player is untouchable. Just a question of how much you’ll pay. And while Montero is a great chip, I think folks here badly overrate his trade value as seen from the eyes of an NL club, esp. those who already have their own catching prospects. Not to mention Jesus has to be in the Bronx and raking. You simply can’t get a Kershaw type without a core piece being MLB ready today.

    • matt says:

      This. If in some imaginary world one can do a straight swap of Jesus for either Kershaw or Johnson (or Billingsley, Romero, Cahill et. al.) Cash better not even stop to think. You ask me, Montero staight up for Bumgarner is also a no brainer – I know we all love our prospects, but legitimate frontline MLB starters who aren’t even in their prime yet simply dwarf the value of a kid with no MLB track record and who while clearly a special bat does happen to fill roles, C and DH, where the Yanks have tremendous depth – Russell Martin’s the stsrting catcher and there are waves of catching prospects in the pipeline behind Jesus, one of whom, in Sanchez, may well be just as special. And while the Yanks certainly could use the big time bat at DH next year and beyond, the timing won’t ever be perfect due to the Arod and (maybe and certainly to a lesser extent, most likely not at all) Tex contracts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking totally hypothetically cause none of those pitchers above are coming here for a single prospect and a special bat will force his way into the lineup, it’s just that from a scarcity and, really, valuation, perspective the young ace wins out every time.

      And please let no one on this thread suggest that Montero might be blocked by the potential need to move Jeter to DH. What the hell the Yanks are going to do with him for two and a half more years is literally beyond me. I’m probably alone on this one, but I rank Jeter’s deal as just as bad as Arod’s (and I love me some Al, just the insanity of giving away 3 years and 80 million for fun).

      In any case, Jesus isn’t getting traded today. Only clubs you can maybe deal with somewhat reasonably today are Minny, Houston and the Cubbies, teams that can’t even fool their mothers into thinking their seasons aren’t over. And Cash isn’t doing Jesus for Lirisno – not that a Garza/Zambrano/Castro package wouldn’t be awfully interesting, but another deal that’s imaginary. Whether justified or not Jesus simply isn’t going to be valued as highly by an NL team.

      Why he’s not up (and hopefully he is) pretty much is beyond comprehension – Martin’s a really good player, but certainly Jesus can catch 3-4 times each two weeks – and while it’s great to see that Jorge isn’t quite dead yet, with Boston scoring 15 runs every day, if Montero is ready to rake, he’s the everyday DH by year’s end. Cervelli is just a foolish waste of a roster spot.

      I’m totally rambling now but the news on Bartolo actually sounds good, if that’s possible with Yankee injuries. You ask me, getting Bart back – who really, if he were going to have the innings, would be a non-laughable Cy Young candidate, 72:18 K/BB doesn’t grow on trees – and, assuming the Yanks really believe that a healthy Phil Hughes isn’t that much farther off – then trading for a starter isn’t even a priority, no matter who’s taking the bump, except Phil, the rotation has been a legit strength all year; the bats are coming around now; fix the pen and it could get fun.

  15. zs190 says:

    I can’t see it as disciplinary action because like you said above, he’s been out with eye infection so he couldn’t have done anything bad. He also coached 1B yesterday when he got yesterday off, you wouldn’t let him do that if he’s being disciplined, didn’t he also pinch hit once last night?

    So we know he’s healthy and it’s probably not disciplinary, that leaves trade and promotion as the only choices. Given how Martin looked today, promotion has some legitimate chances.

    • Matt Montero says:

      Yeah it seems to me like a precautionary move in case Martin isn’t ready, with his history it’s certainly a possibility. Plus, if his eye isn’t 100%, it increases the risk of an injury. Trouble seeing the ball is a recipe for disaster, both in terms of stats and safety especially when you’re a catcher.

    • MikeD says:

      Things that require disciplinary action don’t have to happen in a game. Maybe while he was sitting out he was showing up late to the ballpark, or maybe he violated a curfew while injured. Anything is possible. The one thing I agree with, though, is something is up.

      The thing is, I can’t imagine they’re simply holding him out of the line up to avoid an injury just in case Martin needs to be DL’d. Not two games in a row. They’d play him. Hell, why not DH him just so he keep him timing down? No. He’s out of the line-up for some other reason. I’m thinking it’s disciplinary.

  16. FIPster Doofus says:

    What about Chad Billingsley? He’s due to get more expensive in the coming years, and the Dodgers are poor.

    • Zack D says:

      He just signed 3/33m. They’d move the upcoming FAs (Kuroda, Furcal & Broxton if healthy) first.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        I know they would, but none of them would bring back an elite prospect like Montero. In any case, I didn’t realize Billingsley just signed that contract; so, you’re right – he’s unlikely to be available.

  17. Brandon says:

    I think it has to be promotion. There is no one of the market to trade him for and Martin did not look good today. Maybe theres some lingering effects with his back? Maybe they wanted to see how Martin does today and then make a final decision of whether to call up Montero. At least this is what I am hoping. If Martin is still hurt, they’ll DL him and isert Montero into the starting lineup because Cervelli is not doing anything to show he is worthy of starting another game.

  18. The BIG 3 says:

    I buy everything except “maybe he was still being considered for a call-up in case Russell Martin suffered a setback during this afternoon’s game”

    because frankly, my dear, that is ridiculous.

    Something is up.

  19. GT Yankee says:

    On Liriano he has given up 17 hits in his last 38 innings. If you throw out two games where he gave up 7 runs early in the year he’s looking quite good. He’s given up 8 earned runs in his last 6 starts. Pretty typical of the path of someone returning from TJ. I still prefer Kershaw, but Liriano would easily be the number two guy behind CC and he’s only 27.

    • MikeD says:

      It’s not a question of wanting Liriano. It’s a question of what price to pay to get him.

      If you throw out the two games where he gave up seven runs, why not also throw out his no hitter and today’s game? Liriano clearly has excellent stuff, but he is inconsistent and has had arm issues, inluding TJ surgery, and his velocity has been down this year. He also had TJ surgery way back in 2007.

      All these things have to be factored in on what kind of offer the Yankees will make.

      • David, Jr. says:

        Suspicious of Liriano for obvious reasons. However, MN does make some sense. Huge questions about C Mauer because of multiple injuries and bizarre rehab. Questions about 1B Morneau because of significant concussion. AL team with DH. No young bats in their system. Maybe in a position where they will rebuild and go young. Not sure what a deal would be, but they do make sense.

  20. Thomas Cassidy says:

    Montero for Tommy Hanson?
    Montero for Cain?
    Montero for who?

    • GT Yankee says:

      Hanson is intriguing

      • V says:

        Except you may have heard of this guy by the name of “Brian McCann”.

        • Thomas Cassidy says:

          I like McCann, but maybe Montero could play some 3rd base or LF for them. Or maybe McCann ends up catching on with another team like the Mets or the Red Sox.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Intriguing in the same way I find a Bentley intriguing. I’m not gonna get one, but it’d be nice.

      • Matt Montero says:

        Less than zero percent chance they trade Hanson, especially for a guy with no real position. Theoretically, if they were going to trade him for some ridiculous reason, they have no place to put him. The possible places random people think he may be able to fake/play are C/1b/3b?/RF… Well they have McCann, Freeman, Chipper Jones, and Heyward (who I believe will be back soon). SO where is he going to play? The only deal the Braves might listen to if it was for someone like Tulowitzki, and I’m not even sure then. Plus, you can probably count with one hand the number of under-25 bonafide aces there are in baseball.

    • David, Jr. says:

      Being brought up – 65%

      Traded (Matt Cain?) – 25%

      Status Quo (More “development”) – 10%

      • The BIG 3 says:

        I see zero probability of his going to SF, so… :

        Still effected by eye – 60%
        Attitude adjustment – 30%
        Traded (not for Cain) – 10%

  21. IB6 UB9 says:

    Montero to Mets, Reyes to Yankees, Jeter to DH, Posada to bench/coaching.

    • V says:

      Montero should not be traded for four months of anybody (not even Cliff Lee).

    • The BIG 3 says:

      Hi, Sandy. As your first major decision as Mets GM we want you to trade our best player to the crosstown Yankees. Does that work for you?

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        Forget that. It would be a great trade for the Mets to move a pending free agent for an elite, MLB-ready prospect.

        • The BIG 3 says:

          It would be a greater trade if they just didn’t, if they resigned him. But the worst thing the Mets could do is to trade him to their marketing rival.

          I just don’t see any of this happening. Beltran, Reyes, a pitcher or two; none of it. Reports are that Einhorn has made the desperation moves some of you want moot. The Mets are not as broke as you would want them to be.

    • Brian says:

      That’s not funny

  22. Steve S. says:

    I’ll trade Montero for anyone at this point. Just get this loser off my team.

    Chad Durbin? DONE!

  23. Mike says:

    im NOT trading Jesus Mantle . .. for anyone but Timmy L , King F , or Josh Johnson

  24. CMP says:

    If they’re gonna trade Montero it’s gotta be in a pacakge for a legtimate number two type 4+ WAR per year starter, otherwise I’d just keep him to backup Martin and take over for Posada next year.

  25. Reggie C. says:

    Maybe Montero just acted a fool and is being duly disciplined.

  26. Mike says:

    why was Brackman pulled

  27. special kid says:

    lol at people who think they know whos available and whos not. do you guys tap into cashman’s calls? do you attend his meetings? no you dont, you just play pretend GM.

  28. Steve S. says:

    I love how most of the responses in this thread are people putting their foot down, demanding he be traded for nothing less than one of the top 5 pitchers in the sport. Just a quick reality check, folks. Brian Cashman, who knows more about Montero than anyone writing for or commenting in this blog (myself included) was willing trade Jesus for two months of Cliff Lee. Check that, he was will to trade Montero PLUS David Adams PLUS a 3rd prospect for two months of Cliff Lee. And no, in the real world there was no guarantee Lee was going to return if the Yanks traded for him.

    Not only that, but Jack Z (who rose in SEA as a minor league expert) walked away from that deal, preferring a package around Justin Smoak. Let’s stop pretending we know Montero is the next Manny Ramirez.

    • MikeD says:

      We’ll stop pretending when you stop.

    • Mike says:

      party pooper

    • The BIG 3 says:

      You’re singing to the choir, brother.

    • V says:

      Cool story, bro.

      He doesn’t have to be the next Manny Ramirez to make trading him for Jose Reyes or Francisco Liriano or (insert player here) a bad idea. He’s one of the top five prospects -in baseball-, and you don’t give those away.

      I was opposed to dealing him for two months of Cliff Lee, and I’d be opposed to it again. You do -not- trade top-tier prospects for rentals. The downside is infinitely worse than the upside.

      • YankeesJunkie says:

        Do you mean 3 month rentals or does that go for a full season or a year and half.

      • The BIG 3 says:

        I think you’re mistaken. I don’t think GM’s give a rat’s ass about published prospect rankings, except in how they will be received by their fanbase, ie, ‘Oh wow, we got their 4th best player! We ripped them!!

        Instead, I think it’s based on need. Teams that may need a cheap .850 OPS DH: dunno, don’t care to look. GM’s that know NY does not need an exclusive DH: 29. GM’s that figure they can take advantage of NY’s obvious pitching weaknesses: 27, because TB and Boston are absolutely not doing business with NY.

        • Steve S. says:

          Right, which is why some teams would call a prospect who projects out to being above average as “untouchable” because they have an immediate need at the position. The BA rankings are taken way too seriously by some folks.

          In the Yankees case, the arrival of Russel Martin makes Montero even more expendable. Not only do you still have Romine/Sanchez as org depth, but you have a young (28) Catcher on your roster who will probably start on the All-Star team this year and is under team control for an additional year. The idea that Montero is untouchable is absurd.

          • Carl says:

            Martin won’t be going to the ASG if he keeps hitting .235ish, as there is still weeks of voting left. Truth be told, Martin has been in a LONG slump and hasn’t done a dam thing but watched his BA fall .50+ points. As far as his D is concerned??? I watch all available Scranton games and Montero looks better then Martin does. In fact to me, he looks better then Cervelli and Martin. All those that ridicule his D, besides ST have you actually seen him play??? Or are you just repeating another opinion from some article you read????

      • Steve S. says:

        I said “top 5 pitchers” so I wasn’t referring to Liriano or Reyes. As to your 2nd point, if we get Lee instead of Texas, I think it’s safe to say we at the very least advance to the WS last year, given that we lost in the ALCS to Texas. Would we have beat the Giants? I have no idea. Lee certainly didn’t distinguish himself in last year’s fall classic against them.

        But if we do win it all, is that worth dealing a guy who doesn’t have a long term position on the team in the eyes of most prospect watchers? At a position (C) that is stacked in the Yankee system? From an organizational standpoint, I think you have to pull the trigger. As were seeing this year, pitchers of Lee’s caliber aren’t available every year.

      • MikeD says:

        The key, though, is Cashman was still going to trade Montero for a top-flight pitcher. We’ve heard Montero attached to Halladay and we’ve heard it attached to Lee. I think what that says is the Yankees are willing to move Montero for the right level pitcher, as they should be.

        The three-month rental is unusual, but it made sense in that the Yankees were trying to win a World Series. It is okay to sacrifice some future for the now if it’s the right balance.

        He would keep Lee away from other contending teams, eliminating the chances we’d have to face him on the road to the World Series (which we did, and failed), and it would give us a pretty good leg up on signing him after the season. The Philly-love scenario was unknown at the time, and frankly may never have happened if he spent the last three months on the Yankees as opposed to the Rangers. I mean, if Lee and his wife fell in love with Philly after being there only three months, they could have just as easily fallen in love with New York, maybe more so. (I don’t think he loved Texas at all). Then again, who falls in love with Philly. He must be deranged!

        Back to the point. The Yanks thought trading for Lee would help them win a World Series (and it might have), and give them a leg up on signing Lee without surrendering top draft picks, they may (and obviously did) think it was worth it.

        For the record, I was against the trade, but was on the bubble.

        • The BIG 3 says:

          I think you need to consider this.

          Yes, those trades did not happen for one reason or another. But also yes, the GM’s on the other side of those trades rejected said proposals.

          See, it doesn’t matter how cool Cash thinks Jesus is, if the aforementioned prospective trading partners don’t agree on his opinion, Cash must face this decision: Keep Jesus, even though he knows that ARod owns that DH position in a couple of years, or trade him for less, but something that’s needed today anyway.

          Or Cash can just punt the season, waiting for B&B, with hope.

    • David, Jr. says:

      Everything you say is true. It is also true that he is an extremely highly rated hitting prospect, easily top five in baseball. See Baseball America or anything else you can find.

      • YankeesJunkie says:

        Montero is an interesting case. While his hitting makes him deserving of being a top 5 prospect, however where he can play will have teams turned off. He doesn’t seem to be capable of playing C for more than a couple years and his value decreases if he plays 1B or DH which is the complete opposite of what is expected at least offensively.

        • V says:

          The fact that he’s rated a top 5 prospect despite the defense tells you all you need to know of what scouts think of his bat.

          • CMP says:

            Exactly. I’ve read multiple reports, Keith Law included, who feel his bat will play very well anywhere including DH.

          • YankeesJunkie says:

            Understood. However assuming 0 FLD Montero’s fWAR drops from 5 as a C to 3 as a 1B or DH which takes him from an excellent player to an above average player. Sadly, Montero has not been playing that great this year compared to rest of his minor league seasons. Hopefully, this is just short term.

          • Steve S. says:

            Maybe, or maybe it speaks to a dearth of talented hitters at the present time. Edwin Jackson and Phil Hughes were the #1 pitching prospects in all of baseball, and neither is elite at the MLB level.

            • MikeD says:

              …which would increase Montero’s value.

            • V says:

              Phil Hughes was the #1 pitching prospect in baseball, because he was a REALLY GOOD PITCHING PROSPECT.

              He has had several injuries, has taken a step back on his breaking pitches, etc., but he was -VERY- advanced at a young age.

    • CMP says:

      I think the point people are trying to make is if the choices are:

      A. Trading him for a middle of the rotation starter (3rd or 4th)

      B. Keeping him around and giving him a chance to develop

      then most of these posters would choose B, me included, because I don’t think a middle of the rotation starter is going to move the Yankees that much closers to winning a world series.

      • special kid says:

        B has way higher upside. We already have middle rotation types: garcia, nova, silva, warren(maybe???), etc etc.

      • The BIG 3 says:

        I think you’re missing the most vital point.

        With both Colon and Joba (and Hughes) shelved, and starting pitching being a weakness since spring training, the actual decision may be on what to make of this season. Does one go for it, at the expense of promising youngsters, or just punt it away like ’08.

        B&B look promising.

  29. cashman failed says:

    other teams know the yankees cant find a place for montero since hes not a real catcher… theres no way other teams will offer their top players/prosects knowing this… they will just keep giving lowball offers. cashman failed.

  30. IB6 UB9 says:

    Montero for Pineda?

  31. Cy Pettitte says:

    bring up Montero, we need to find out if he is a tank or a soldier

  32. Rex James says:

    If he’s been traded, all I can say is good luck and I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us in the future. Also, we’d better be getting back someone legit

  33. Max says:

    swbyankeesTT SWB Yankees Blog
    @PhilipJWalsh I wouldn’t worry about that. No trade coming. It’s absolutely nothing like that, from what I’m told.


  34. Mark says:

    Erik Boland twitter: Cashman: Jesus Montero wasn’t in the lineup today because of an eye infection. No injury.

  35. The BIG 3 says:

    I will end this trade talk with this:

    Lowe will definitely pitch for either NY or Boston by years end. I am convinced of this mostly because, these two are really the only teams who both need and can afford him. “Need” because they both have playoff aspirations. And he is better than Nova, Wakefield, the mystery 5th guy, Lackey, and probably a couple of others I have neglected to mention.

    Enough with the pussy-footing over moneys owed. Get him. He won’t cost much, just money. He works here (the ALE) and Atlanta wants his DUI ass gone and has Teheren, who is ready.

    If George were still around this would be done by now. Fact.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      If George were still around this would be done by now. Fact.

      Because you say so? Give me a break.

      • The BIG 3 says:

        Because my observations of the man’s will to win, regardless of obstacles, say so. Fact, it would be done.

        • mike c says:

          it’s funny that big stein’s “will to win” didn’t really work out too much until after he reigned it in a little bit

          • The BIG 3 says:

            It’s not funny, the guy just didn’t have a clue on how to build a ballclub. Even after Michael showed him, I suppose he still didn’t know anything except to trust his people. But this acquisition I’m proposing has nothing to do with building anything. Lowe would be a stopgap who would not cost either of the B&B boyz, and he’s worth it because this season desperately needs someone like him. And he’s just money, which George, unlike his kin, never had any problem spending.

            • The Fallen Phoenix says:

              Because Hal and Hank haven’t signed off on $200 million payrolls the last few years, right? (Spoiler: they have.) That’s why you think they’ve had problems spending?

      • NustaRhymes says:

        You are becoming the Andy Rooney of Yankee Blogging.
        Cranky, usually wrong, and easily confused.

    • mike c says:

      yeah I think the most realistic options are either lowe, kuroda, and big Z. zamrbano would likely cost next to nothing given his contract and attitude, but any of those “big 3″ I could see going to NY

  36. keith says:

    swbyankeesTT SWB Yankees Blog
    @mashmore98 I’m assured that he’s not sitting because of the eye infection. Of course, I’m not there. But I’m told no injury of any kind.

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