Yankees add Gordon to roster, demote Pendleton, release Sanit


Update (12:25pm): Via Peter Botte, the Yankees have flat out released Amaury Sanit to make room on the 40-man roster for Gordon. Releasing a man while he’s injured? Ouch. At least he’ll get a Major League salary for the rest of the season.

Original Post (11:55am): Via Dan Barbarisi, the Yankees have officially added Brian Gordon to the roster, and it appears as though Lance Pendleton is being sent down in the corresponding move. He was seen packing his bags. I’m not sure what the 40-man roster move is yet, though I supposed Pendleton could have been designated for assignment rather than just sent down.

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  1. Cy Pettitte says:

    $20 on Sanit being DFA

  2. Dave says:

    Why not dump Jeff Marquez instead? You used him last night — probably wouldn’t use him today.

  3. Uncle Mike says:

    This makes no sense. Pendleton’s had one bad game and a few good ones. He doesn’t deserve this. If you’re going to send someone down, send down Boone Logan. It’s not like he’s doing the one thing we demand that he do, get lefthanded batters out.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Can’t send Logan down, he’s out of options.

    • TMiller says:

      Joe clearly likes guys who don’t do their job though.
      Cervelli (offer ANYTHING positive off the bench). Logan (Get lefties out). Posada (hit). Soriano pre-injury(Be a shut down 8th inning guy).

      • Pat D says:

        .300/.383/.380 since May 1.

        Yea, the lack of power is troubling, but I wouldn’t call that not hitting.

        And the .065 BABIP during April says a lot, too.

        • TMiller says:

          A singles hitting DH. Anyone else have one of those?

          He’s definitely looked a lot better as of late, but I still don’t have much confidence with him at the plate. Also I’m not a huge fan of putting too much stock into BABIP. An .065 could mean absolutely terrible luck, or the fact that he just can’t make good contact with the ball, meaning weak grounders and pop outs that clearly aren’t gonna get it done. I don’t know about you, but during April I didn’t really see Posada get robbed of too many balls that could have otherwise fallen in for hits that would support the bad luck notion.

          • Pat D says:

            Well, if you go by who BRef has listed as each team’s primary DH, then the following teams have DH’s with sub-.400 SLG:

            Los Angeles

            So it seems a few have that problem.

      • CP says:

        Posada is hitting now, so I’m glad Joe stuck with him.

        Soriano was probably injured the whole season. He pitched a total of 15 innings before hitting the DL, so it’s not like Joe stuck with him for a long time.

        Logan has been solid (not great) this year. He has a 3.38ERA, 3.90FIP, 4.43xFIP.

        Cervelli is a typical backup catcher. He sucks. If you can catch and don’t suck, then you’re a starter.

        • TMiller says:

          Back ups usually offer good defense though. I’d take Jose Molina with half his bat (which is very very VERY little bat) over what Cervelli really offers at this point.

  4. Pat D says:

    Uh oh.

    If last night was the C lineup, then I’m sure people will say today is the D lineup.

  5. Pants Lendleton says:

    Logan is a victim of a reverse split unfortunately.

  6. Phil says:

    Could Arod be having trouble w/that hip? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Cuso says:

    Flash! AH AH! He’ll Save Every One of Us!

  8. paulc says:

    sanit had to go.

  9. Cuso says:

    Game 67: The Invisible Thread?

  10. the tenth inning stretch says:

    Pants Lendleton, we hardly knew ye. I actually thought he pitched pretty well, although I guess Wade is a more proven option.

  11. FernandoP says:

    Sanit definitely had to go.

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