Yankees close to agreement with Dante Bichette Jr.

Igawa sets SWB franchise records in win
Yanks pound Tribe again, win third straight

Via K. Levine-Flandrup, the Yankees are close to reaching an agreement with 51st overall pick Dante Bichette Jr. He’ll be in Tampa to take a physical on Tuesday. No word on the money, but I can’t imagine it’s far above slot (which is approximately $695,000), if it is at all. Bichette didn’t figure to be a tough sign or anything, but it’s always good to get the deals done as soon as possible so the kid can get some playing under his belt. Assume the physical goes well, I imagine he’ll report to the Rookie Level Gulf Coast League Yankees in time for their season opener next Monday.

Igawa sets SWB franchise records in win
Yanks pound Tribe again, win third straight
  • Jake H

    I wonder if they will do the same thing with Dante that they did with Culver.

  • Robert

    From the videos I’ve seen of his swing he reminds me of Ruben Sierra.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      It would be the best case scenario if he ends up being a Ruben Sierra type.

      • CMP

        Minus the village idiot part though.

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          Yes please.

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    Dante Bichette Jr. is going to be the next Dante Bichette Sr.

    /not really’d

    • Pat D

      Dante Bichette was the Dante Bichette of his generation.


      • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

        That video was hilarious.

        • Pat D

          Instant classic, to be sure.

          • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

            They don’t call the candy bar Baby Jimmie Foxx!

            • Pat D

              Pull it down, like you’re pulling down a garage door!

  • EndlessMikeJr

    Wasted pick but hey there’s always the international free agents.

    • I Voted 4 Kodos

      Can we at least let him sign before we declare him a wasted pick?

    • Mike

      give the kida break .. if he’s anything like his father . .. i’ll be happy

      • YankeesJunkie

        Rooting for the kid, not going to ignore that is was a terrible pick with much more talent on the board.

        • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

          We can’t really say for sure that there was more talent on the board. Did it look like a great pick based on what the scouts said? No. Neither did the Patriots picking Logan Mankins. The scouts and the experts aren’t always right.

          • YankeesJunkie

            That is why you try to get the best talent possible and the Yankees did not do that or they would not be getting ready to sign him to a very team friendly deal. While Bichette Jr. could turn out to be an all star the smart money would have been on 15 other players that had better odds of being all stars. He is 18 and only has one tool which is not that enticing or exciting at pick #51 of a loaded draft.

            • Bob Michaels

              What makes you a judge of talent?

              • AndrewYF

                Because he reads the opinions of people who know more than him and takes it upon himself to consider that indisputable gospel.

            • Ted Nelson

              Different people will disagree on who the best talent available is.

              It’s ok to say you are disappointed or say that based on however much scouting of the thousands of available players you did you think it was the wrong pick… it is not ok to say that it was a bad pick before the kid plays a pro game. That’s just plain ignorant.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            Then what is your opinion? Don’t read a report. Just watch a video of a slow, 3B or corner OF with a hole in his swing.

            The Yanks went for makeup here.

            • YankeesJunkie

              And he was cheap. Makeup while important is not the be all.

            • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

              I’m not even going to claim to have an opinion. I really don’t think watching some online video makes me qualified to have a valid opinion on him as a player. The Yankees FO isn’t a bunch of total morons (Levine aside), so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

          • Gonzo

            IIRC, there was a lot of good chatter about the Pats picking Logan prior. Also, it wasn’t a panned pick. Some writers liked the pick a lot.

            • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

              There was chatter about the Pats picking Logan, but no one thought he was a 1st rounder. Most had him in the 3rd round.

              • Gonzo

                I did a preliminary search on Logan Mankins scouting report and all I have not seen that. I’ve already read that he was one of the best lineman going into that year’s draft and that he filled a glaring need for the Pats.

                Can you cite something? Or else pick another overperforming player picked late in a draft. There are tons of them.

                • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

                  Sebastian Vollmer wasn’t even invited to the combine in Indy, Pats were ripped for taking him in 2nd round.

                  Kiper hated the Mankins pick. Nobody had him in the 1st round, most had him in the 3rd.

                  • Gonzo

                    So it’s settled. Bichette is an awesome pick because Mankins was a good pick.

                    Sounds logical.

                    • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

                      You forgot the /strawman’d tag.

                    • Gonzo

                      Baseball blog, talking about baseball draft pick, and you bring up the 32nd pick of the 2005 NFL draft.


                    • Ted Nelson

                      It was one example Gonzo, chill out. The point is that you can’t judge a pick on draft day and there’s no reason wasting your time trying.

                • 24fan

                  The Titans were crushed for picking Chris Johnson.

                • Gonzo

                  I caught one from SI. Still, I think it’s a lazy comparison. They don’t even play the same sport.

                  Does that mean no one can ever pan any pick before the 13th round because Pujols was taken there?

                  • http://twitter.com/SteveH_MandAura Steve H

                    You can pan the pick or question the pick. Calling the pick terrible, or a waste of a pick is too much (especially the waste of a pick).

                    • Gonzo

                      I have no problem with people calling it a terrible pick. They are simply deferring to those with more knowledge about the kid than you or I.

                      Now if you are one that has never said any pick was ever terrible, that’s fine too. It’s just a matter of defining “terrible” then.

                      I don’t think it was a terrible pick. I do think it was a poor choice given the alternatives.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      “I have no problem with people calling it a terrible pick. They are simply deferring to those with more knowledge about the kid than you or I.”

                      Damon Oppenheimer doesn’t have more knowledge than you or I? Calling any pick great or terrible on draft day is ignorant beyond belief. I actually respected your comments previously, but this certainly casts you in a new light to me.

                    • Gonzo

                      My point is that you can defer to someone else with more knowledge. Obviously DOpp has more knowledge than you or I. If you want to say it wasn’t a bad pick because DOpp is good. I have no problem with that too.

                      However, when you defer to DOpp, aren’t you doing the same thing as deferring to someone else for your opinion?

                  • Ted Nelson

                    “I caught one from SI. Still, I think it’s a lazy comparison. They don’t even play the same sport.
                    Does that mean no one can ever pan any pick before the 13th round because Pujols was taken there?”

                    Pujols is a much worse example than Mankins. Mankins was a first rounder people thought was a bit of a reach though still a top 3 round talent; therefore, comparable to DB (the #108 BA prospect). Pujols was a 13th rounder. Pujols is a lazy example.

                    • Gonzo

                      I didn’t make the Pujols comparison in seriosuness. I though it was clear by the way I wrote it, but I guess not. I think the Pujols comparison is lazy also. That’s why I said what I said. I am saying the Pujols and Mankins comparison are lazy.

                      Comparing different sports is a bit of a stretch for me since football players don’t do the same things as baseball players. At least all baseball players hit or pitch, which makes comparisons easier to make. Mankins plays offense, and is an interior lineman that doesn’t touch the football. It’s much tougher for me to see a football comparison make sense.

            • Ted Nelson

              That’s just one example… there are thousands of picks that have been criticized by the media and gone on to be great. There are thousands of players the media loved who went on to stink as pros.

              • Gonzo

                I never said there weren’t picks panned by the media that turned out well and vice versa.

    • Will F

      Why does everyone hate this pick? Thirdbaseman with lighttower power. Whats to hate?

      • YankeesJunkie

        Can’t play defense, his swing is atrocious, most importantly not nearly the best player in the draft. It was a reach.

        • nick

          thats your opinion he cant play D, the Yankees have an entirely other opinion, so we’ll just have to let it play out. Predicting or judging MLB draft classes and picks is just SO hard, especially immediately, got to let it filter itself over the next 4-5 years. If anything, DO and his staff deserve the benefit of the doubt, we took a lot of signability guys due to the strength of the system and limited space, which tells me something is going right.

          • YankeesJunkie

            This is true. However, I feel that saying that they don’t know anything about Bichette while true is just an excuse to make him think that he is a better potential than what he actually is. I doubt that these were the same conversations when Dylan Bundy was drafted or some of the highly touted prospects. They are highly touted for a reason and if we are not going to make assumptions about players we have never seen then we cannot make assumptions about any player in the minors ever. So what if we think Bryan Mitchell has ace potential since we have never seen him play therefore we can not or ever judge until we can all get a good look either in AAA or MLB. Same goes for guys like Betances and Banuelos since we do not have are eyes to see and guys like Callis, Law, Hulet, BA scouts, etc. don’t know anything and their word is somehow less valid because they are not one of the thousands of scouts that work in MLB baseball. I find that ridiculous and while baseball is more of crapshoot than any other sport in terms of development there are signs of whether a player or not has a higher or lower probability of reaching a certain potential.

            • What the hell ManBan?

              there are countless players in the mlb that scouts thought wouldnt pan…also has any one even seen bichette play D? All we’ve heard is that he might outgrow the position and require a move to the corner outfield spots.

              Bichette was a nationally ranked junior tennis player….that sport requires fast footwork and skills that are not to dissimilar to the hot corner. I’ll take the chance at him at 3rd for a while

              Also What high schooler ever has a perfect swing? Hell what major leaguer has a swing with no holes? That’s what coaches are for, ironing out the wrinkles so you have a pristine product.

            • Ted Nelson

              Dylan Bundy was a consensus top 5 pick and the Yankees were picking 51. You need to use some context in evaluating these things. Picking in the top 5 the Yankees probably do not take Bichette.

  • mbonzo

    Just outta curiosity, where does Bichette sit within the Yankees farm system? I’m pretty sure I’d rank him higher than Culver.

    • YankeesJunkie

      The difference between the 25th and 30th ranked prospect are not that different.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      No way, I’ll have Culver ahead of him for sure. Switch-hitting shortstop that has shown the willingness to walk and can definitely stay at the position long-term. All we’re doing is projecting out on both guys, I’ll take my chance with that guy over the right-handed corner bat.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      He shouldn’t be. I didn’t either picks but at least Culver has good defense at a premium position. Dante can’t field and is at best a below average third baseman.

      Dante might have the better bat but both are pretty raw. Culver can switch hit though. The fact there is an SS next to Culver’s name makes the chances of him being a major leaguer that much higher.

  • Mike

    hate to say it . .Tom Brady was a 6th round pick

    • YankeesJunkie

      6th round pick /= 1st round pick


    Alright. GIven my general skepticism about five tool prospects I will say that baseball is not basket ball. In baseball perhaps more than any other sport will and work ethic matter.

    Wade Boggs was an atrocious fielder who became quite good through hard work, obsessive atention to detail and repetition.

    Given this kids reported work ethic and pedigree I’m willing to let him play one damn inning before saying he “can’t field” or is “a terrible pick”.

    Year after year first round picks are percieved to have more “talent” than later picks yet year after year late round picks become tremendous ballplayers while first round picks start selling insurance.

    Gerald WIlliams had an over flowing tool box. Adam Dunn had one.

    Whose career do you want?

    Seriously can he play an inning before we write him off? After the first 10 picks in baseball you are talking about a subjective evaluation of a miniscule difference in talent.

    The yankees needed corner power in the system.

    They found a guy they believed in who had off the charts work ethic and makeup.

    Step back from the ledge please. LEts allow this to play out before acting like we know anything about a guy we’ve never seen outside of you tube clips

    • Matt Montero


    • JohnnyC

      I was led to believe that one could judge defensive abilities on youtube videos of individual at bats cherry-picked from a few random games. Are you telling me that you have to actually see the player field his position…like with your eyes? This scouting stuff is a little too involved for my attention span. Sorry.

      • YankeesJunkie

        I thought it was scouts that said he could not field his position that well. However, I guess it might just be better to assume that he is Ted Williams and Brooks Robinson rolled into one since we don’t have any real evidence.

        • El Busto

          Yes, he will conquer all of Babe Ruth’s records because I think scouts are wrong sometimes.

      • David



    • El Busto

      I thought Adam Dunn didn’t care about baseball and wanted to play football?

  • sleepykarl

    Can people just calm down on this pick? I get it was a reach, but I remember how big of a reach Gardner was as a 3rd rounder and he put out a 6 WAR year as a LF with no pop. All I am saying is just wait a bit before you label him as such a wasted pick before you have even seen him at all.

  • YankeeGrunt

    I’ll give the kid the benefit of the doubt, but the notion that novices ought to have zero opinions on draft picks because they’re not chasing these kids around the country is a bit simplistic. People, many of them quite rational, recall the Yankees’ success with surprise picks (Henry, the jury is still out on Culver, even Bleich) versus the Yankees’ success with highly touted signability guys (Hughes, Joba). They look at the hype given to the Matt Purkes and Josh Bells of the draft and recall that given to similar signability guys in previous drafts who are now big-time prospects or even solid young major leaguers, ala Porcello, Banuelos later on. Yes you yield to the pros, absolutely, but don’t pretend that the criticism is necessarily spurious or irrational.

    • Ted Nelson

      “the notion that novices ought to have zero opinions on draft picks because they’re not chasing these kids around the country is a bit simplistic.”

      That’s not the notion at all. The notion is that you cannot decide whether someone was a good or bad pick on draft night. You can give your opinion. These people are not giving their opinion. They are stating as fact that it was a terrible pick. They are wrong to do so before DB has even taken a pro PA.

  • Januz

    The thing to watch for is who else is signed. Will it be where Culver< Williams monatarily speaking (Despite being picked earlier?),or are they going to go cheap? Lets hope that it is the latter. I will give them the benefit of the doubt until August 16th, when we see what happened.

  • Bpdelia

    Im not saying dont criticize im tatooed nyc hardcore kid who loathed authority. Im saying that talent diff later om is small, tinstaap, and we needed power. Add in ethic and pedigree and this is a defensible pick.

    Time and benefit of the doubt are in order.

    By all means criticize but be calm and rational. Understand that this may be a good pick and talent laden upside signability picks are risky.

    Plus with bell the nyy clearly thought he could not be signed. The cole pick may have weighed heavily in this.