Banuelos promoted to Triple-A

Ubaldo to the Yankees Indians; Oh S&%#!, what now?
Game 106: Oh yeah, the game

Via Jack Curry, the Yankees are promoting Manny Banuelos to Triple-A Scranton for his next start. Curry says this will help the Yankees determine if he’s a viable big league option later in the season, so it doesn’t sound like a one-time spot start. Banuelos’ season stats are in the sidebar, an he’s struck out 38 in his last seven starts (35 IP). There aren’t many 20-year-olds in Triple-A, Manny’s way ahead of the curve.

Ubaldo to the Yankees Indians; Oh S&%#!, what now?
Game 106: Oh yeah, the game
  • Dave

    I expected to hear the same news — but for Betances rather than Banuelos.

    • Bum Rush

      Except Betances is not close to being a MLBer, unless you think Daniel Cabrera was one.

    • ColoYank

      To quote Judy Tenuta, “Could happen!”

    • MikeD

      You can’t judge how close a player is to the Majors by their numbers in AA. A player with seemingly worse stats can have better command of pitches than another player with better stats, but worse command. Banuelos is much closer to a refined MLB pitcher than Betances.

  • Will


  • Kevin D.


  • Vinny Scafuto

    What are the odds that he gets Joba’d and turned into a LOOGY at some point for the rest of the season and the playoffs?

    • Countryclub

      I think this is very possible

    • pat

      His best secondary pitch is a changeup. He’s not an ideal LOOGY candidate.

  • Angryankee

    The force is strong with this one…

  • John

    I read to “promoted to” and was like “no way!”, then I saw AAA and was “oh, niceee!”

    Guess I should read the entire headline next time lol.

  • Bum Rush

    As it should be. Now if only they’d promote Montero.

  • Jerome S

    I just JIMP’d. Just a bit.

  • Faiaz

    Man Ban can!!!!!

  • Naved

    ManBan but not Betances? WTF.

    • Bum Rush

      Betances is still too inconsistent with his mechanics. They’re clearly sending that message.

  • BK2ATL

    Congrats to ManBan!!!!! Now let’s put it all together and make all of this trade/FA impudence and organizational patience pay off. Hope we get to see him in the Bronx in Sept.

    This is good news. Jesus and ManBan in 2011????? Good stuff.

  • zzzz

    Hm….in my not-so-professional opinion I feel like he is being rushed. Hes’ 20 and its basically August. Let him stay in double a, and if hes on the roster already bring him up for tea in september.

    • Steve S.

      It’s not as if he’s conquered AA, like Joba did back in 07. This appears to me to be putting the needs of the team ahead of what’s best for the player.

      • Bum Rush

        I disagree completely. The player needs to be challenged. His challenge, unlike Betances, is making his pitches when and where he needs to. Better hitters will challenge him more.

      • MikeD

        I’ll defer to the talent evaluators on this, not the numbers.

      • YankeeGrunt

        He’s not being rushed. He has moved a level a year. GCL with a cup of coffee in 08, Sally with a cup of coffee in 09, Tampa with a 15 IP cup of coffee in ’10, Trenton with probably a 4-5 start look at Scranton in ’11. He has 110 IP at Trenton. He might sniff the bigs this year, but unless he makes the team out of spring training next year he is actually moving at a pretty reasonable pace.

  • Drew

    This now makes me think that the Yankees aren’t going to acquire a starter. I think Manban will be with the Yankees come September bc he has walked wayyyy to many batters to deserve a promotion to AAA. I think I’ve seen this movies before though.

  • mr.jigginz

    Happy Sorta Manny Day!!!!!

  • jay h

    is he the youngest player in AAA now? He’s got to be top 3.

  • Melky

    Thank the Lord

  • Dennis

    I think his walk totals have to do with his curve ball. In spring training he carved the red sox with fastball and change, but his curve was shit. So maybe the yankees told him to work on the curve. Maybe they are happy enough with the development of the curve to promote him.

  • nathan

    A little surprised, maybe the Yanks think he doesnt have tht much of a problem with BB/9 as some of the fans do.

  • neil

    when is his first start