Heathcott may be out for season, Turley out a month

Open Thread: 2011 Home Run Derby
Tampa and Staten Island win big on Derby night

Via Josh Norris, Slade Heathcott has missed most of the last month or so with a left shoulder issue, and it’s likely that he’ll miss the rest of the season. He had surgery on the shoulder this past offseason, and apparently a second surgery is possible. That’s his throwing arm, by the way. That really sucks. Nik Turley, meanwhile, will miss about a month with a broken hand. Line drive got him. He’s already over his previous career high in innings, so the rest might not be the worst thing in the world. Too bad it’s not by choice.

Need some good news? Donnie Collins says that Tim Norton is about a week or so from returning to the mound, which sounds hard to believe after the report of his labrum being severely torn and his career being in jeopardy. Mark Newman confirmed that he’s a week away, so it’s obvious the original injury report was wrong. Great news, Norton was having an absurdly dominant year.

Open Thread: 2011 Home Run Derby
Tampa and Staten Island win big on Derby night
  • vin

    Oof… get well soon Slade.

    • Jorge

      I know a kid who was a high schooler with a great throwing arm in center field…..needed shoulder surgery on his throwing arm before he even played his first college game. Looking at this kid’s face gives me an idea as to what Slade must feel like.

  • CC’s third leg

    What teh fuck!?!!!!&@@&$$@’?@&!@?$$

  • Operation Slade

    Well…at least Norton is coming back, but damn, poor Slade.

  • infernoscurse

    yankees drafting sucks

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Good thing they can sign some international players, though.

    • pat

      Beause two guys who were having good years got hurt?

    • nycsportzfan

      yankees drafting sucks? they consistently draft at the end of Rounds, and lose a few picks because of signing FA’s, and still manage to have 3guys in the BA TOP 50 Prospects(banuelos, Monteros, and betances), a guy thats 8-4 in the Majors this yr(nova), a guy who just hit 339 in Jeters absence(nunez), a solid looking middle reliever who has starting stuff(noesi), tons of high upside players(heathcott, G.Sanchez, Turley, B.Marshall, E.Deluca, Stoneburner, C.Cotham, J.Ramirez, J.Heredia, B.Mitchell, m.williams, C.Culver,A.Gumbs,M.O’brien..etc), and a guy who just went 2-2 at the FUTURES game(a.romine), a couple pretty darn solid 2B prospetcts(c.joseph+D.Adams), some nice IFA guys(r.flores,Y.Calderon, E.Sosa, Z.Almonte..etc), some mid crop type guys, who could be solid(segedin,ROller,Laird..Etc), and i forgot to add guys like Norton, Kontos, Dickerson, S.Hall, DJ Mitchell, Brewer…etc The yankees system is freaking loaded right up…

  • CMP

    That’s awesome news about Norton. For a while, it looked like he was the one guy down on the farm capable of giving a boost to the bullpen this year.

    As for Slade, after a very promising start, this season has been a washout for him. Hopefully the adversity will help him grow up a bit. You would think he should be able to come back from the injury. It’s not often you hear about non-pitchers careers ruined after shoulder surgery.

  • Addison

    Norris’ tweet says there is no timetable for his return.

    Not only does it not say Heathcott will be out for the season, it doesn’t even IMPLY he will be.

    Now we’re resorting to speculating on someone else’s speculation?

  • CapitalT

    So now Slade will throw like Damon or Williams?

  • Phil

    Ok, so did Slade re-injure his throwing arm’s shoulder in that fight a few weeks back; inquiring minds want to know? I’m telling you, nothing good ever comes from those things. Oh, & in case I didn’t mention it at the time, his teammates hung him out to dry during that fight by basically letting him fight the opposing team’s entire roster by himself. His teammates who came to his aid were late & not all that helpful. Slade should have & probably was fined for his stupidity, but his teammates response didn’t speak well for them either.

    Regardless, you can only hope the kid’s arm heals & that this shoulder isn’t a chronic problem or for that matter a career threatening type injury. If this thing was caused by that brawl a few weeks back & the injury is healable, you hope he takes this lesson to heart, makes sure there are no repeats of it, & realizes it doesn’t matter what trash talk is thrown his way. The only thing that matters in this game is playing it as well as you are physically able & while doing so, respecting the game. You can only do that well by being healthy & on the field.