Heyman: Wigginton’s name has come up in Yanks, Rox talks

Sunday Open Thread
Bad days for Montero, Banuelos in losses

Via Jon Heyman, Ty Wigginton’s name has popped up in recent talks between the Yankees and Rockies. Earlier today we learned that the two sides have already have multiple discussions about Ubaldo Jimenez. Wigginton’s name gets connected to the Yankees twice a year, every year (trade deadline and offseason), so he’s not some great unknown. He’d be a fine fill-in for Alex Rodriguez, but wouldn’t do much beyond that. Wigginton isn’t cheap ($4M this year, $4M next year, plus an option), certainly not for a bench player. Frankly I don’t see what he offers that Brandon Laird doesn’t, aside from the veteran presents.

Sunday Open Thread
Bad days for Montero, Banuelos in losses
  • http://twitter.com/TylerWilkinson T-Dubs

    Is there a buyout for that option?

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

    Senator, you can have my answer now, if you like.

  • first time lawng time

    aside from the veteran presents.

    Wigginton gives presents? Oh, he’s so generous!

    Haha jk.

  • http://RAB Leo in Houston

    Axisa, you’re an idiot if you can’t see how much better Wig is over Laird. Have you not been paying attention to Laird this year?

    • http://twitter.com/bryanl26 Bryan L

      This is gonna be interesting…

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I mean, there’s no need to be a tool to Mike, but Laird is hitting .266/.294/.414. Wigginton is beating him in all triple slash categories, Laird’s doing it in AAA and Wigginton’s doing it in the majors.

        • http://twitter.com/bryanl26 Bryan L

          I think what Mike’s trying to say is that considering his contract and the cost for what it would take to get him, he’s not worth it and Laird is the better option.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      Of course Wiggington is better than Laird, but what do we do with him when A-Rod comes back in a month? He’s too good to be a bench player. You could just send Laird back down to AAA when we don’t need him anymore. And you’re acting like Laird is a nobody. He’s a solid B+ prospect that could fill a need.

      • Hall and Nokes

        The word in that post that worries me is “when”. I prefer “if”, pessimist that I am. Surely you would not turn down Wigginton as part of an Ubaldo deal?

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          I wouldn’t turn him down. Actually if it means we have to give up less of our stud prospects I’m all for it. But that’s not the point I was trying to make.

          My point was that while Wigginton is much better than Laird, we won’t need him anymore after A-Rod comes back, and that would be a waste of his expensive contract and value as a starting player.

          Also, I’m pretty sure A-Rod will be alright. Although I would have preferred If Bartolo’s doctor had notified him of the stem cell option BEFORE he already had his knee surgery.

          • rpollock007

            Maybe they should move arod to short and bench Jeter!!

  • Jimmy McNulty

    We at least know that Wigginton can hit major league pitching. He is slugging .471, you think Laird could do better?

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      No, I don’t think Laird could do better. I agree with you, Wigginton would be an upgrade over Laird.

      He’s probably not enough of an upgrade to justify trading for him, though, unless it’s a straight salary dump for a true non-prospect.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I was under the impression that’s the only way that he’d get traded…

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Do the Rockies need to do a salary dump, though? Do they need to move either Wigginton or Stewart?

          The Rockies aren’t motivated sellers. They’re not in a financial bind (now or in the near future), and they intend to compete in 2012. Wigginton and Ubaldo are available if trading them can improve the team for 2011 or 2012; they’re not just giving away players because they have to.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Well, Wigginton isn’t that good of a player. If they don’t plan on bringing him back, which is a definite possibility, I’d assume they’d deal him and save money. Ubaldo is an entirely different situation.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      He also had a ridiculous hot streak in which he hit seven homers in a ten game span last month (which includes the Yankees series). Aside from that, he’s slugging .404, which is right in line with what he’s done the last few years.

      The last two years before this one, he hit .258/.313/.409 in ~1100 PA in the AL East. He’s about to enter his mid-30’s. He’s just not worth having around for $4M next season, especially since he’s unlikely to replicate those numbers playing part-time.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        I must be wearing orthopedic shoes because I stand corrected.

        • first time lawng time

          Lol I like that!

  • mt

    Good to seee this. I thought they would at least inquire on Wigginton, especially with Nunez continuing his error fest at third –
    Yanks may also be hedging against Chavez not returning or if he does return being hesitant to play him in the field.

    I think Yanks are fooling themselves that the Nunez/Pena or Nunez/Pena/Laird solution is enough.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I think Yanks are fooling themselves that the Nunez/Pena or Nunez/Pena/Laird solution is enough.

      A.) It’s for a month.
      B.) The team is full of stud players, well stocked enough to handle a month sans A-Rod.

      • first time lawng time

        I agree with this. One month: not a big deal. Especially consdering how they have 7 other guys in the lineup who can hit well.

        I’m a bit more concerned about the SP and BP than the lineup/ defense w/o Arod

      • CP

        The team has been playing at a 108 win pace since ARod went down.

        • JobaWockeeZ

          Yeah anything can happen is a sample size that small.

          • CP

            The Yankees had a .778 win percentage without Jeter and now a .667 win percentage without A-Rod.

            If only they could get rid of both of them at the same time, imagine how they’d do!

      • http://twitter.com/aviatkin Avi Atkin

        We should acquire Reyes to put us over the top, as a wise man named Nick Cafardo suggested.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hulkheyman HulkHeyman

    Maybe they’re sending Laird to the Rockies?

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

      Possibly. If they deal Wiggy they may want a 3B, but they could also play Ian Stewart there.

  • nycsportzfan

    We should all ready be seeing Laird, its annoying that Pena is still in Pinstripes, once a minor leaguer has one game where he does well, hes guranteed to be the guy brought up in NY, even if hes hittting 080BA with 2rbi and made some bad errors… If anything, Kevin Russo should be given antoher shot, if not Brandon Laird, someone other then Pena should be here right now…

    As far as Wiggy goes, i like him, but we would be better for it, if we went and got Jeff Keppinger, who is a “hitter” and patient batter who walks more then he K’s.. We need another “hitter” not another 240=260 type hitter with some pop..

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

    Sign me up. I’ve been saying for years this damn team just isnt old enough.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    I mentioned this in the Heyman/Jimenez post…Rox just don’t wanna have to pay him.

    His contract looks like this:
    11:$3.5M, 12:$4M, 13:$4M option ($0.5M buyout)

    -wish that option was in 2012 (obvs), so he’d be an expensive bench player.

    Question is does this make decrease the asking price from Colorado? Would they be willing to take 1 less prospect to not pay him what amounts to a total of $5.5M over the next 1.5 years or so.

    Maybe it decreases the prices from Jesus/ManBan/Betances/Nova to Jesus/Betances/Nova.

    • billbybob

      If the cost for Ubaldo and Wiggington is Jesus/Betances/Nova, sign me up. It would hurt, but you gotta pay to play.

      • Juan

        We as yankee fans, cannot pretend the team to just throw away prospects in order to presumably win in one season. You have to understand, Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelos, and Jesus Montero are 4 of the best 100 prospects in baseball. Ubaldo Jimenez had a breakout season in 2010, but, what is he doing this far? he is back to his regular form. Is kind of the same with Hughes!! Nova did not deserve his demotion to Triple-A!!

        I hope they don’t trade either Banuelos or Nova!! It will hurt us later!!

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      Question is does this make decrease the asking price from Colorado?

      Answer: No. Colorado is only moving Ubaldo if they get blown away. They’re not going to agree to get less blown away in exchange for not paying Ty Wigginton 4.5M for next year, that doesn’t make much sense.

      Ubaldo’s price is Ubaldo’s price. Adding Wigginton doesn’t decrease that price, it probably raises it. The Rockies aren’t the Dodgers/Mets, they’re not desperate to shed salary immediately.

      • http://www.twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

        well no way they get jesus/manban/betances/nova anyway.

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          I agree, but not because of anything related to Wigginton.

  • http://RAB Leo in Houston

    Keppinger is a better option, more versatile but what is his contract situation. My guess very affordable.

    • nycsportzfan

      Hes a Free Agent after the season…

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    I’d do Montero, Nova, Laird, and Banuelos/Betances for Ubaldo and Wigginton.

    • nycsportzfan

      I just proposed that deal on this site alittle while ago.. I wonder though, if we could snag up Ubaldo, then go to the Marlins for a Omar Infante/Randy Choate deal?

      • http://www.twitter.com/bgeary8 bgeary

        Infante and Wigginton are a bit repetitive, no?

  • mt

    If everything goes right with AROD’s recovery (and then he does not reinjure upon returning) it’s for a month – I am also hedging Chavez blow-up risk – no fan of Jones being our best bench bat.

    Also stud players are not quite as studly if Tex and Martin (and to some extent Cano) don’t pick it up –

    I think Wigginton can be helpful even if AROD comes back – then they can send down Pena or Dickerson and Nunez backs up short. If Chavez does come back for August, I am sure something can be figured out until rosters expand in September – I like more choices (as long as cost paid to Rockies is reasonable) rather than less. Arod may not be back until last week in August (they did say 4-6 weeks)

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      It’s not like Jones has anyone to come off the bench and hit for when the lineup is healthy. Who would Wiggington come off the bench for? Cano? Teixeira? Jeter? Gardner?

  • BigBlueAL

    Someone has to point it out and ask, what kind of veteran presents does Wigginton bring to a team?? :-)

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno

      Straight cash.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder


    • Hall and Nokes

      A piece of the high life?

    • hogsmog

      “Another WIG OUT from Ty WIgginton over the left field wall!”

      -John Sterling

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Matt Imbrogno


    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      I’ll give Colorado one choice from my standard grab-bag of Golson, Parraz, Vazquez, Russo, Pillitere, Carlyle, Texeira, and Wordekemper.

      • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7


      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        What? You didn’t even mention Mitre?

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          My standard grab-bag is a Scranton grab-bag only.

    • bonestock94


  • Monteroisdinero

    Much prefer keeping Banuelos to Betances. After CC we have no lefty starters and nothing great on the horizon. I saw Banuelos pitch at Trenton. He is a little guy but so was Whitey Ford. Crafty lefties are keepers. Give up the big righty since we’d be getting one.

    • CMP

      I agree. I wish there was some way to keep both out of the deal but no way the Rox do it without one of them.

  • fred jones

    I like the idea of getting Ty. He can play third base til Arod returns & then he can take Andrew Jones Roster spot. Ty has been playing left field quite a bit in the past month. He can be the Yanks 4th outfielder, backup 3rd baseman & pinch hitter.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee

    Looking at Ubaldo’s numbers is anyone else concerned that perhaps last year was a one time thing? Yes, I know he pitches at Coors for 1/2 his games, but he is also in the ultra weak (comparitively) NL West. I realize that he is with a team that is not so great, but in the past other pitchers on bad teams have won Cy Young awards (see Hernandez and Greinke). What is Ubaldo’s record since the 2010 All-Star game?….not too great I believe. He was on a hot streak at the beginning of last year. I think if we’re going to give up two of our three best prospects it has to be for more of a sure thing. How about really ponying up and going for Kershaw? I hope this trade does NOT go down.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

      How about really ponying up and going for Kershaw?

      Clayton Kershaw is not available. Additionally, Clayton Kershaw is not available. Lastly, Clayton Kershaw is not available.

      (P.S.: Clayton Kershaw is not available.)
      (P.P.S.: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and Clayton Kershaw is still not available.)

      • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee

        Fine….I still say don’t make this deal. Tired of paying and trading for dice rolls coming off of career years (i.e., Pavano, Burnett, Wright, Igawa, Farnworth, Marte-Hopefully we don’t end up adding Soriano to this list)

        Interesting post here that diagrams this. Hard to argue and it mentions that 8 of the 10 worst contracts were pitchers. You pony up extra for what’s worth it (i.e., C.C.) pay the extra and swallow down. YES, I know we are talking trade instead of F/A, and this could actually be worse because here we will be giving up top prospects.

        Someone please tell me aside from C.C. a high profile free agent signing or trade for a pitcher that has worked out well for us long term in the last 10 years. So you’ll excuse me if I believe we should pursue those who are “unavailable” if we’re going to bankrupt the farm in the process.

        • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee
          • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee

            After thinking about it, if you care to qualify Pettite, one of our original farm guys, I would say that we worked out fairly well. However I do think suggesting him is marginal as he already had success with the team prior to signing.

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Someone please tell me aside from C.C. a high profile free agent signing or trade for a pitcher that has worked out well for us long term in the last 10 years.

          How many teams in baseball have had more than one successful FA or signing of a pitcher during that time frame? Not many. The only one that springs to mind is the Phillies recent acquisitions of Oswalt/Lee/Halladay.

          The other teams are full of FA/imported pitching flameouts like Zito, Lackey, Marquis, Mulder, Mike Hampton, CHoP, Chan Ho Park, Jason Schmidt, Kevin Brown, Pedro Martinez, Johan, Dreifort, Kazmir, Meche, etc. You can probably count on one hand the number of times an MLB team has imported two frontline starters either via FA or trade on the same team at the same time over the past two decades. It’s basically the Phillies now and the Yankees back in the late 90s.

          Most pitcher acquisitions bust, because pitching is way more dicey than position players. Pitchers get hurt, pitchers regress, pitchers age, pitchers get shitty all of a sudden.

          It’s the reason the whole “The Yankees have a 200M payroll, they should have no holes” argument doesn’t hold water; having a big payroll can basically guarantee you a great starting lineup. It can’t guarantee you a good pitching staff, because nothing can guarantee you a good pitching staff. You can sink tons of money into pitching and get no reward through no fault of your own.

          So you’ll excuse me if I believe we should pursue those who are “unavailable” if we’re going to bankrupt the farm in the process.

          Pursuing those who are unavailable is a fruitless endeavor. No matter how much you pursue Clayton Kershaw, until the Dodgers are willing to part with him, your pursuit is meaningless.

      • Tom Zig

        But Frank Francisco is alive and well.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      3.74 xFIP since 2008 which is league and park adjusted.

      • CP

        Is it park adjusted? And is it league adjusted in the sense that a 3.74 xFIP in the NL would equate to a 3.74 xFIP in the AL? As far as I know, the answer to both of those is no.

        I’d love to hear more details on the adjustments, but every time I ask about it no one seems to have the details…

        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          McCracken developed a formula that credits the pitcher with only the events that he can reasonably influence. FIP is determined by using the formula: (Home Runs x 13 +(walks + hit by pitches-intentional walks) x3-Strikeoutsx2/Innings Pitched + 3.2)

          This formula takes away anything that could reasonably be determined to be a factor of luck, and credits or debits the pitcher with only what he could control (walks, strikeouts, home runs)…

          FIP and Defensive Independent Pitching (DIPS, another similar formula to FIP) fail to account for park factors. A home run over the Green Monster in Fenway Park could be a routine fly ball in 29 other stadiums. Since not every ballpark has the exact same dimensions, it is unwise to use FIP to compare pitchers across different teams, as their home runs allowed may be attributed to their ballpark.

          There is, however, a version of FIP that does account for park and league factors. It is called park adjusted FIP (xFIP). Because unadjusted FIP fails to account for the varying dimensions of major league ballparks, it is unfair to weight home runs as heavily as it does. xFIP takes care of this problem by adding a step to the FIP formula. The formula is: ((Fly balls x.11) x 13 + (walks +HBP –IBB) x 3 –(strikeouts) x 2)/ innings pitched).

          By replacing home runs allowed with fly balls allowed (and the rate at which they leave the ball park) xFIP has taken a great stride in park adjusting a pitching statistic. xFIP is a far more accurate depiction of a pitcher’s performance than ERA and should be used accordingly. FIP and xFIP are more indicative of a pitcher’s actual performance and also more predictive of a pitcher’s future performance.


          Sounds to me like xFIP is park adjusted, but not league adjusted. In other words, Ubaldo’s xFIP does a good job of eliminating the negative effect pitching in Coors Field has on his numbers, but may not do a good job eliminating the positive effect that facing pitchers has on his numbers.

          JMHO, and I’m not sure if there have been additional adjustments to xFIP to attempt to correct this league discrepancy.

        • JobaWockeeZ


          Those should have the answers but to my understanding the number you receive is a pitcher in a neutral ballpark with an average defense.

          • CP

            Neither of those mention park adjustments or league adjustments.

    • Simon

      First, Ubaldo is certainly not in the class of “Hernandez” and the like, but is somewhere close.

      Second, How many “sure things” are out there or are going to be out there in the near future? Looking at the next two years’ free-agent classes, there is not many options that are appealing. An ace or very good #2 is really what the Yankees need after CC if they want to match up with the likes of Halladay, Lester and those similar to the stated in the playoffs. I believe that this is a good opportunity to get insurance for CC if he does opt out and leave.

      • http://RAB Leo in Houston

        Ya, ya, ya. But the price. Yanks should offer Montero, Betances, Noesi/Nova and one more like Kontos/Whelan. If Rox takes it we have a very solid #2. What are these prospects for in the Yankee system. Yankees won’t keep any of them to the point of being a solid #2.

    • Jamey

      I’m not in favor of moving Montero & any of the top pitching prospects for anyone that isn’t a proven commodity. Ubaldo has a ton of talent & was amazing last year, but I worry this would end up the 2011 equivalent of had a team given up the farm for Dontrell Willis in 2005. He looks amazing, but will he/it last?

      • Tom Zig

        Ubaldo isn’t suffering from depression and doesn’t have that ridiculous leg kick. Not to mention Ubaldo’s stuff is way better than Dontrelle’s ever was.

        • Greg

          Only around 3-5% may suffer depression in a given year but lifetime prevalence is closer to 15-17%. It’s pretty common to suffer first major depressive episode in late 20s-30. I don’t remember when Dontrelle’s depression became known, but I don’t think it was until after he stopped being effective.

          • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            IIRC, Dontrelle Willis suffered from an anxiety disorder, not from depression.

      • Tom Zig

        Things Ubaldo Jimenez is NOT:

        Dontrelle Willis
        AJ Burnett
        A crappy pitcher

        Things Ubaldo Jimenez is:

        Better than Ivan Nova
        Better than everyone in the rotation, not named CC Sabathia.
        A proven commodity.

        • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee

          I am prepared to say that he is better then Dontrelle, however would a Burnett-like fall off be that much of a shocker?

          A.J. Season before Yanks signed him
          IP-221 ER-100 SO-231 W/L 18-10 WHIP-1.34 ERA-4.07

          U.J. In NL West/Not against the like of the Yanks and Sox
          IP-221 ER-71 SO-214 W/L 19-8 WHIP-1.15 ERA-2.88

          I wonder how many of Ubaldo’s K’s came against fellow pitchers? A.J.’s contract came off of a year with the majority of his starts being made in the AL East, not the NL West (i.e. Padres and Dodgers)

          While I am not an A.J. fan, he has thus far performed better then the other pitchers I mentioned above. Also although he had a checkered injury history he has been at least durable.

          IMO U.J. could end up performing like A.J. There is talk of his velocity being down already. Does it strike anyone as odd that the Rocks would be willing to deal their “stud” pitcher when he is in a team friendly contract?

          A.J.-3rd round draft pick
          U.J.-At least 2 of top 3 prospects

          I’m just saying

        • Rainbow Connection

          Thanks, Rocky Dennis. Go take a nap.

          • http://RiverAve.Blues GT Yankee

            Big head-NO!…..Just passionate about my team

  • Pasqua

    I love veteran presents. They can afford to spend a lot more on them than rookies!

  • Monteroisdinero

    Montero 0/5 tonight with 3 K’s (down to .283) and opponent has stolen 7 bases off him last 2 games. Get rid of him and make it fast! He has never been to Colorado and is getting nervous.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      But I thought that Montero was dinero….

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Since there’s a good chance of Montero being traded he’s switching his tune so he doesn’t go on suicide watch when he’s traded.

        I’m not gonna lie I’ll do this too.

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          He’ll have to change his handle to “Golsonispesos.”

        • Simon

          I agree if he does get traded I think we all need to have a group grieving session and suicide watch. hahaha

  • Jonathan Harker

    We don’t want him. We’ve already got a fill in 3rd baseman. We could use Ubaldo and Cashman needs to push harder this year than he did last year when he let Lee slip through his fingers.

    • Jonathan Harker

      And these non-trades matter greatly. Lee was the decider last year in the ALCS. If we had gotten him we’re in the WS and possibly go back to back. It’s essential to get a top flight starter before the deadline.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        Maybe they do go back to back but what happens when Lee signs with the Phillies in the off season?

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          If they had gone back to back then I doubt he would have just left to go to Philly. Just like I doubt he would have left the Rangers IF they had won it all. He went to Philly because he believed that was his best chance at finally winning a championship.

  • Tom Zig

    I’ll take Wiggington if he’s a throw in, in the Ubaldo Jimenez deal.

    Our bench is kinda weak at the moment, Wiggy would definitely be an upgrade. He’d be an expensive bench piece though.

    • Greg

      We’re the Yankees.

      We dont know the meaning of the word “expensive”

  • Pastadivingarod

    Montero Nova Nunez Noesi stoneburner for ubaldo wigy
    Do it

    This reminds me of twins asking for hughes and joba for santana back in the day

  • Pastadivingarod

    Btw i call seattle and tell them they can have what the rockies want for king felix

  • http://none Favrest

    Mike, Brandon Laird might turn out to be as good if not better than Wiggington, but how can you say that you don’t see what Wiggy offers that Laird doesn’t without seeing Laird do it at the MLB level? Laird is a .266 hitter at AAA. His power numbers are respectable, but he’s basically less productive than the Major Leaguer we’d (I’d) like to acquire.

  • Rainbow Connection

    What if the Yanks trade Wigginton after this season?

  • MikeD

    HEADLINE: Heyman: Wigginton’s name has come up in Yanks, Rox talks.

    REALITY: Phone rings — Cash, hey, it’s O’Dowd. Let’s talk trade. I see A-Rod’s going to be out for the next month to six weeks. You do remember that we have Ty Wigginton?

    Wigginton’s name came up. End of story.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Nova at 24 is just as good as Ubaldo at that age. I don’t want to trade Nova-he may have big upside in the next few years.

    No trade. Keep and use what we have.

  • http://bassoprofundo1.blogspot.com/ ColoYank

    Dave Krieger column in Denver Post quotes O’Dowd on rumored Yankee package for Ubaldo: “As is common in the Twitter universe, it’s better to be first than to be right.”


  • AC

    Give Laird a shot he’s on the 40 man to fill in

  • Zavtrak

    Ok, children – let’s all calm down…

    1. The NYY are 1 game out of the division in the loss column, despite a 1-8 record vs the Dead Frocks. They have a 6 game loss lead in the Wild. Despite rumors to the contrary, the sky is not falling. A-rod’s already been out one week. The Yanks can make it thru the next 3-4 just fine.

    2. Has everyone forgotten about Chavez? He could play the last 2-3 weeks and cover just as well or better than Wiggy. And they’ve already spent the money. Oh, and Russo…

    3. Our boy Ubaldo has exactly one 19 win season to his name. (Wang had two, in a much tougher league, in a much tougher town. Where’s he? Oh, and Hughes. 18 last year. This year?) The others have been .500 and below. And “below” is this year. We can slide him some slack for CO. Three losses? There you go… This is nothing more than a jack-up-the-price-for-Boston move. Amen I say to you, none of the “Killer Bs” will be given for Jimenez.

    4. How do you spell Yankees – P O S T S E A S O N. Take a gander at Ubaldo’s post-season numbers. Impressed? Remember, frat boys – the only stat that matters in the PS is WINS. Ubaldo has NONE. Say what you will about AJ, but his RESULTS are way better in that regard. In a tougher league. In a tougher town.

    This is mid-July idle time speculation. Flirt with the Rox to foil the Sox.