Hughes not included in next week’s pitching probables

The Mythical Six Man Rotation
Chavez strains back during rehab

Joe Girardi announced this afternoon that A.J. Burnett, CC Sabathia, and Ivan Nova will start early next week in Cleveland, meaning Phil Hughes is likely to make at least one more rehab start in the minors. He last pitched on Wednesday, so he would have lined up for Burnett’s start on Monday. Hughes looked very good last time out, but it’ll the important thing is how he rebounds from emptying the tank. You’d rather see how he does in the minors instead of a game that counts.

The Mythical Six Man Rotation
Chavez strains back during rehab
  • Ivan

    I have no problem with that. I think 2 more rehab starts in AAA would b good enough before the yankees can take him off tha DL.

  • CC’s third leg

    Garcia and martin for ramon hernandez. That frees up a spot in the rotation

    • Addison

      And Cervelli catches every day?

      Dumbest trade suggestion ever.

      • Addison

        OK, sorry, Ramon Hernandez.

        Duh..long week. Sorry.

  • Addison

    Not having at least one more start was never an option.

    Hughes pitches Monday for Scranton.

    If all goes well, he pitches for the Yanks on Saturday, then pitches the first or second game after the AS break, depending on how CC is used in the game.

    Hughes pitching on Monday was never in question, it’s his normal five day spot.

    Pitching for the Yanks was never an option.

  • Urban

    It’s still possible Hughes may take Colon’s rotation turn next week depending on how Colon feels/rebounds after Saturday’s start. If all goes well, however, Hughes starts probably two more games in the minors, on Monday and next weekend, returning post the All-Star break.