Injury Notes: Soriano, A-Rod, Feliciano, Marte

Game 102: Gettin' Away
Cubs trying get Yankees to take Zambrano off their hands

A few updates from the infirmary…

  • Rafael Soriano was not activated before today’s game, he likely will be before Friday’s game. He threw back-to-back rehab games on Sunday and Monday, so they’re just giving him the extra rest instead of rushing him right back out there. Tomorrow’s off day will give him three days off following the back-to-back.
  • Alex Rodriguez will do his early rehab work with the team in New York rather than in Tampa. The Yankees have a date in mind for when A-Rod will start taking batting practice and such, but his return to the lineup is still a few weeks off.
  • Pedro Feliciano is probably a non-option for the rest of the year. “I would think so, yeah,” said Joe Girardi before today’s game when asked if he’s ready to give up on having the lefty this season. “He’s not doing much.” Girardi said Feliciano is “trying” to play catch.
  • Damaso Marte, however, might be able to contribute something late in the season. He continues to throw bullpens in Tampa and is about nine months out from shoulder surgery. I still wouldn’t count on him returning this year, but it sounds like Marte has a better chance to do so than Feliciano.
Game 102: Gettin' Away
Cubs trying get Yankees to take Zambrano off their hands
  •!/Paddock9652 Stratman9652

    Why in the world Feliciano didn’t just have the surgery is beyond me. He could actually be using this time to recover instead of trying to rehab something that will probably need surgery anyway.

    • Mike Axisa

      Well you don’t want to cut open the guy’s shoulder if you don’t have too. Andrews said rest and rehab, so try it.

    • Jim

      Do the Yankees have doctors examine these players? Maybe they should be fired? Nady, Marte, Soriano, Feliciano,Pavano, Prior, Chavez (crack a bone in your foot just running to third? Shades of Chin Ming) A-Rod’s been on the DL more frequently these days. Except for the calf pull, at least Jeter separated a shoulder on his last stint. Hey how about letting Granderson play deep in center again? At least this way when he can’t read a fly ball, it’s only a single VS a triple. The Rays might be done but, the Angels are getting hot. If they Yanks do get lucky to get in, they will probably be one and done. Unless CC pitches every three days like the Brewers did. But, at least they’ll be well rested, eh JG.

  • Nuke LaDoosh

    I predict Feliciano will never pitch in a game for the Yankees.

  • Jake K

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Not one of Cashman’s better moves, especially given that Choate, a better pitcher, got way less money.

  • bonestock94

    It’s amazing how the worst case scenario happened immediately with Feliciano.

  • Good Wood

    Stupid Mets.