Mariano Rivera day-to-day with a sore triceps


Via Bryan Hoch and Dan Barbarisi, Mariano Rivera was unavailable tonight and is day-to-day going forward because of a sore triceps. There are no tests planned at the moment. “I’m not concerned about it, I can tell you that,” said Mo. Joe Girardi didn’t seem too concerned about it after the game either.

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  • jon

    Mo is day to day with outside of nyc suckitus

    • tom

      Can it be a requirement for posting here that you have to have at least a rudimentary sense of the history of the last 15 years?

      • jon

        nope but there is a requirement to have a sense of humor

        • http://facebook.com/andrewjcalagna Drew


        • tom

          Read some of the other comments around here. Without a slash tag, there’s no way to be sure that was intended humorously (unless I’d recognized your name, which I didn’t)

  • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

    Jeter returns and everything starts going to sh*t.

    • JohnnyC

      Short sample size but Nunez doesn’t play 2 games and we lose both of them. Watch this closely. Could be a real trend.

    • Monteroisdinero

      You’re lucky the RABbi’s did not scold you for being off topic. Happens to me all the time :-)

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    When did this happen?

  • Derk Jeter

    did you miss me

    • Monteroisdinero

      at least you didn’t 4-3ter tonight. Tomorrow.

    • boogie down

      Are you friends with Dirk Nowitzki?

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Maybe. Do I know you, Derk?

  • Dino Velvet

    I blame Soriano.

  • CC’s third leg

    And thus begins the D-Rob mania.

    • Monteroisdinero

      If D-Rob closes a few games it will be a good thing.

      • Bently

        D-Rob is the future closer!!

      • Bob Stone

        I would enjoy seeing that and I am sure Mo wouldn’t mind.

        • Thomas Cassidy

          Only way he’ll be a closer is if he keeps his pitch counts/BBs down.

          • Jim S

            Not true. On this team, right now, he’s the closer if Mo’s not. He’ll only be a permanent closer if he keeps the BBs down.

  • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

    Next thing you know Nunez’ hammy will be torn.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Not. He may play tomorrow after a “miraculous” recovery. Joe wants to give Jeter a day off in Cleveland.

  • Bently

    Yankees bad luck charm is back, let the losing begin, st Jeter is back in leadoff!!

  • pat

    That likely explains why Girardi stuck with Burnett. Nobody to come in and clean up the mess.

    What an idiot Girardi is.

    • tom

      Someone said in print a while ago that almost every time fans are truly livid over a Girardi move/non-move, it turns out someone’s unavailability led to it

  • Bob Michaels

    Anytime Rivera is hurting it should be a concern