Pregame Notes: Rain and a Nunez-less lineup


First things first, no I have no idea if the start of the game will be delayed, but Joel Sherman heard from the Mets that the rain will keep up until 2:30pm ET or so. So yeah, there figures to be some kind of delay at some point. The tarp has been on the field all morning and the players did all their pregame stuff indoors.

Secondly, Eduardo Nunez will not play today because his hamstring tightened up yesterday as he ran out his first double. Joe Girardi doesn’t believe it’s anything serious, especially since he continued to hit the snot out of the ball after first feeling it, and there are no tests scheduled. He just doesn’t want to play him on the wet grass, so Ramiro Pena will get the start at shortstop. There was a late report today, so Girardi’s still waiting to talk to everyone to make sure they’re okay before settling on a lineup. No reason to believe anyone besides Nunez is hurt, just standard operating procedure.

  • Bartolo Colon felt fine after yesterday’s start, so that’s good news. Day-after soreness is always the concern when a guy comes back from an injury. Bart told Girardi he could start today, but not tomorrow. Love him.
  • Girardi did not talk to Derek Jeter last night, but he heard everything went well in his first rehab game with Double-A Trenton. He’ll talk to him today to see how he feels. There’s no plan in place for Jeter should Trenton get rained out today, that’s something they’ll discuss if it comes to it. Girardi said he doesn’t expect to alter Derek’s rest schedule once he does come back, and he has no issue with him playing in the All-Star Game if he’s healthy.
  • There’s still no plan in place for the starting rotation beyond tomorrow’s game, which A.J. Burnett will definitely start. Phil Hughes lines up to pitch tomorrow, but they still haven’t decided if they’ll activate him or have him make one more rehab start. The All-Star break is a consideration in that if they activate him this week, he’ll have to sit for another ten days almost immediately, but Girardi said that’s not necessarily a bad thing because Hughes has been rehabbing pretty hard. They’re likely to get this allsorted out by the end of the day, but no promises.
  • Part of the reason why they’ve waited so long to make the decision is a) these things tend to take care of themselves (i.e. injury), and b) everyone is pitching well. Girardi feels there is no wrong decision to be made for that reason, everyone’s performing well, especially of late.
  • As for Jose Reyes, he is having his MRI this morning and Terry Collins did not have an update during his pregame press conference. They’ll have one soon, but for now Angel Pagan takes over as leadoff hitter. Reyes won’t play again until he’s 100% healthy though, hamstrings are tricky and the last thing they want him to do is re-aggravate the injury and kill his trade value miss more time.

Update: Lance Pendleton just walked into the clubhouse. His name and 25 others are listed on the roster sheet, so there’s a move coming. Also, same lineup as yesterday, just Pena in for Nunez.

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  • Nuke Ladoosh

    Can Derek get Leftys out? Been working on a change up under water in Tampa?

  • Tom O

    Jeter is going to pitch in the ASG? Bold selection by Ron Washington.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      He’s going to get voted in as a starter.

      • FachoinaNYY

        I think they are referencing the “pitching” as opposed to “playing” typo above

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa


  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Eric

    “Eduardo Nunez will not play today because his hamstring tightened up yesterday as he ran out his first double.”

    See, he is the next Reyes!

  • Guns of the Navarone

    Could Noesi FINALLY be sent down??

    The didn’t option him when Colon came back, so you figure… ok they’ve settled on him as a reliever to help them in the pen this season. That’s fine. But then he doesn’t pitch. It’s the Cory Wade Show and Sergio Mitre Experience instead. Noesi is pitching sporadically and performing erratically. He has no role on this team right now.

    Hopefully the arrival of Pants means that he’ll finally be sent down to get regular work.

    And on that note… maybe they can call someone up who can actually fucking pitch and succeed in high-leverage roles out of the bullpen. I’m thinking George Kontos.

    • Nuke Ladoosh

      Gotta be Noesi going down (good) Do you really think Yanks bullpen is not succeeding in high leverage spots?

      • Guns of the Navarone

        No I do. I would prefer to see Kontos up instead of Pants was my point. Another option for high leverage spots instead of a mop up guy in Pendleton – they already have Mitre now for that.

        • Nuke Ladoosh


    • Mike c

      Wade has been great so far, you expect kontos to come up and perform better?

      • whozat

        No, I think he’s just saying that he’d prefer to see another guy with the potential to be an effective high-leverage bullpen arm get an audition, instead of bringing in a backup longman to the longman. Though, perhaps they’re concerned about the rain causing a long delay in the 3rd inning today and they want some length in the pen — which they can’t get from Mitre since he threw yesterday.

  • Nuke Ladoosh

    Lance Pendleton? Have they seen enough of Mitre?

    • bottom line

      Kontos will have to pitch 43 consecutive shoutout innings to get a chance.

      • bottom line


  • feter

    Good, sit nunez so he doesnt go 4-4 again and make jeter look worse.

    • Mike c

      Yeah because we all know that’s going to happen again

    • Drew

      I’m not really one for conspiracy theories but Nunez sitting is quite convienent with Jeter coming back tomorrow. Want to stop the play Nunez over Jeter talk immediately.

      • Mike c

        That’s absurd…. So now the Yankees are purposely putting weaker lineups out to appease jeter? Get a grip dude, jeter is not the reason behind every bad thing that happens in the world

        • Pasqua

          Look, it’s totally unlikely, but the conspiracy element is not necessarily that they would be trying to appease Jeter so much as defuse the “Jeter or Nunez?” debate that is raging in the world of the MSM. In this sense, the team gets to say, “Nunez isn’t 100%, so it’s a non-issue.”

          Is that a stretch? Yes, indeed. But, I’m just pointing out that it could be viewed as a P.R. move, not a Jeter-must-be-protected move.

        • feter

          isnt that what theyre doing by batting him leadoff?

      • Nuke Ladoosh

        I am one for conspiracy theories and I like the way you think.

    • whozat

      …because people can’t remember what happened two days ago?

  • Jorge

    Mitre: The Sequel was very reminiscent of Gaudin: The Sequel last year. Would Pants really be an upgrade, though?

    I don’t think it’s the end of Mitre already. Either there’s an injury, or Noesi’s going down. Mitre AND Pendleton in the bullpen?

  • SDM

    NY Motto since 2006- “play well for other teams…we’ll give you a fat paycheck, but if your one of our farm boys you’ll never be forced to rot in the minors no matter what”

    it just ain’t right imo