• Ted Nelson

    Mike, you are creating a strawman argument with the Jesus shouldn’t be called up because his OPS is X. I do not think anyone is saying that the OPS itself is the reason that he should not be called up. People are saying that if he were to be tearing up AAA it would be a much stronger case for him to be called up. Since he is not tearing up AAA, he might still need time to develop at that level and might struggle mightily in MLB. To come up it needs to be the best thing for his development and/or the best thing for the Yankees to win games… and neither of those is clearly true at this point.

    The OPS is just an easily cited proxy for his performance.

    And this has to be taken in a larger context that includes his defense, the Yankees’ current roster, years of team control (people, including you, commend the Rays for being such a well run organization… and now they are bashing the Yankees for taking one of the major pages out of the Rays book with slow development of prospects that assures they come up MLB ready and you have them locked up into their primes), maturity, and his overall development.

    The ones who are not bringing Jesus up are not the fans pointing to his OPS… they are the Yankees’ FO. They have eyes literally watching him play every single day, and they have decided not to bring him up yet. I doubt that is because of an arbitrary OPS cut-off, though obviously I have no idea.