Soriano, Chavez will begin rehabs assignments tomorrow

Game 93: A rookie!
Huge days for Williams & Gumbs in SI win

Via Chad Jennings, both Rafael Soriano and Eric Chavez will begin their rehab assignments with High-A Tampa tomorrow. “You just kind of keep your fingers cross that everything goes well for both of them tomorrow,” said Joe Girardi before tonight’s game, who confirmed that Soriano will need at least three rehab appearances before rejoining the team. They also want him to pitch on back-to-back days at least once before activated. Chavez is likely to DH at first, but playing the field can’t be far behind if they’re willing to start his rehab clock.

Game 93: A rookie!
Huge days for Williams & Gumbs in SI win
  • Xstar7

    I hope they get back soon. This team’s bench and bullpen could use all the help it can get.

    • Grit for Brains

      Absolutely…and these guys are good players too, or at least have the ability to be.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Awesome. I’ve had all the Eduardo NunEz and Sergio Mitre I can take.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      I have a feeling we’re still stuck with the experience.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Since Chavy is this year’s Nick Johnson, who is next year’s Chavy?

    /scans the dls around the league

    • Grit for Brains

      Difference being Chavez was hitting well before he went down.

      • Monteroisdinero

        True. Nick never swung the bat and still got hurt!

        • Xstar7

          Plus, Nick’s walk-up song was Party In The USA.


      • hogsmog

        Yeah, that jerk only had a higher OBP than anyone on the current 2011 roster when he went down. Thank god he got hurt before drawing any more walks.

    • V

      Grady Sizemore?

  • CBean

    I would love Chavez to be able to contribute anything throughout this second half.

  • Matt

    Get the bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!

  • MikeD

    It would be great is Chavez could come back and hit like he did in March and April. He’d be a major upgrade in both bat and glove over E. Nunie.

  • CMP

    I’ll give 3-1 odds that Chavez gets injured again before he finishes out his rehab.

  • stuart a

    counting on Chavez for anything would be total insanity.

    he can pull a hamstring eating lunch.. .that guy needs to retire along with Jorge and Jeter to name 2.

    Derek having a very good night tonight… has he gotten slow…….

  • Brandon

    Welp, Brandon Lairds days in the bigs are clearly numbered. But thank god Chavez is on his way back. We NEED him at 3rd. He actually has a grasp on this whole baseball thing.

  • stuart a

    another masterpiece by the hillbilly.

    what a waste of humanity.

    literally he has no clue and he has been in the majors for over 10 years…

    how complicated can it be when you only throw 3 pitches… this guy is stealing his salary.

    • Jim S

      Another masterpiece by stuart a.

      What a waste of humanity.

      Literally he has no clue and has been commenting for over 10 months…

      How complicated can it be when you only have 26 letters…this guy is wasting the internet.