Soriano, Feliciano both throw off mound

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The Mythical Six Man Rotation

Via Bryan Hoch, both Rafael Soriano and Pedro Feliciano threw off a mound in Tampa today. The former threw 32 pitches, the latter 30 soft tosses. I’m guessing that we’ll see Soriano throw a few more bullpens before facing batters in a simulated game, then he’ll head out on a rehab assignment. His rehab stint shouldn’t be all that long since he’s just a one inning reliever. Either way, Soriano’s not eligible to come off the disabled list until after the All-Star break, so he has time. Feliciano still was a long way to go.

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The Mythical Six Man Rotation
  • Guest

    Good news. If the Yankees trade for anything at mid-season, it should be for starting pitching.

    Unless things change, there is absolutely no reason to give up anything of meaningful value for a middle reliever when:

    1. Your bullpen is anchored by the greatest closer of all time.
    2. You have a reliever who has a 2.5 year track record of missing bats pitching at an incredibly high level.
    3. You have a healing reliever with a career long track record of dominance coming back around the ASG.
    4. A quality LOOGY coming back for the stretch run.
    5. A surplus of solid enough starters to cover the long man role.

    Trade for a difference making 2 or 3 starter, fine. But, as things stand, the need for another middle reliever is not sufficient to warrant depleting the farm.

    • B-Rando

      Almost totally agree minus #4.

      We need a dependable LOOGY (who doesn’t right?). Will Logan hold up to that role as he did at the end of last year? Only time will tell…

      • W.W.J.Montero.D

        I believe he meant Feliciano as the quality Loogy, seeing as it looks like he could possibly be back for the streach run, a la Damaso Marte in 2009.

        • jsbrendog

          doubtful that he will be back…

    • Cuso

      career-long track of “dominance?”

      uh, incorrect.

      career-long track of frequent injuries perhaps.

      but he folded in the rain-soaked April lights of NYC.

      This ain’t Tampa. And he hasn’t said “the right thing” yet in an interview.

      I will continue to stay in the “unconvinced” column, thank you.

  • JD

    Will Feliciano be back by August?

    • TacoSamich

      Should be right around August right? If he’s soft tossing now from a mound, shouldn’t he be back in another month.