The Yankees connection to Mike Trout


It’s clear to even the greenhorn baseball fan that unless you bleed pinstripes, you pretty much loathe them. The feeling is completely understandable. The Yankees have won far more championships than any other team, which sets in a measure of jealousy. There is also the infamous Yankee Greed: their shameless pursuit of free agents no matter the cost. You can look right to a recent Hardball Talk post for a shining example. There are few instances where I can disparage someone their Yankee hatred.

Angels fans, however, should be thankful that the Yankees got greedy in the winter of 2008. That, of course, is when they made their big splash, landing CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira. All three were Type-A free agents, and therefore cost the Yankees their first three picks. Teixeira was the last of them to sign, and even then it came as something of a surprise. Media reports had Boston as the favorites, and there was little, if any, word that the Yankees were making a last-minute run. The Angels would be in a distinctly different position now if Boston had gotten its way.

As everyone knows by now, the Angels have called up Mike Trout, the consensus No. 2 prospect in baseball. They did so with the 25th pick of the 2009 draft, which was originally property of the Yankees. It was well known that the Yankees wouldn’t pick in that position, given their interest in multiple high-end free agents, so it’s not as though they ever had a shot at drafting Trout themselves. The situation would have changed, though, had the Red Sox signed Teixeira. Anaheim would then have received Boston’s pick, the 28th in the draft, while Milwaukee would have taken the 25th overall pick as compensation for CC Sabathia.

The situation isn’t as simple as it’s laid out, of course. The Angels also had the 24th pick in the draft, which they used on outfielder Randal Grichuk. There were reports that the Cardinals considered taking him with the 19th pick, but it was no lock that he’d go that high. (They were smart to take Shelby Miller instead.) In any case, since the Angels picked twice in a row there’s no real way of knowing which player they would have chosen if they had only the 24th pick. Maybe they just would have taken Trout then. If they hand’t, though, then Milwaukee would have had two cracks at him, at 25 and 26, and then Seattle would have had a chance before the Angels picked again. There is a decent chance, then, that Trout would have been off the board.

At the time, Trout was not in any way a world-beating prospect. If you read his draft report, you see the makings of a very good defensive outfielder who had some skills at the plate that were still raw. Also, he apparently started to switch hit around draft time, but he’s ditched that in favor of his natural righty swing. But in reading the report there’s no indication that he’d explode onto the scene and turn heads in every at-bat. Yet he dominated the Arizona League (rookie level) immediately after signing, hitting .360/.418/.506 before moving up to A ball for the final week or so of the season. That put him at No. 85 on Baseball America’s Top 100, which is quite a slot for the No. 25 pick in the most recent draft.

One year of A-ball dominance and a half-season of similar results in AA later, and he’s with the big league club. It might be only a temporary move, to let him get his feet wet while the starting center fielder, Peter Bourjos, nurses a strained hamstring. And, as Sam Miller of the Orange Country Register notes, the odds are against him producing much at the plate. But it still has to be a great feeling for Angels fans, to get a glimpse at one of the most hyped, and justified, prospects in baseball. I just hope they remember that the pick they used to take Trout was born of Yankee Greed.

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  • jsbrendog

    this was very informative. hopefully we can avoid thread hijacking.

    seriously though, those angels sure know how to develop their prospects.

    • Ted Nelson

      “seriously though, those angels sure know how to develop their prospects.”

      Is this a joke or serious?

      • jsbrendog

        come on now.

        • Ted Nelson

          I honestly can’t tell from that comment if you are joking or serious.

          • jsbrendog

            if you read any of my comments to he who shall not be named from the past 3 threads youd know.

            i am completely serious. cause the yankees cant develop anyone. and cashman is teh suxorie$t

            • CP

              No offense, but anyone that read most of comments on the past three threads must be a masochist. I read one or two, and was done.

              • jsbrendog

                touche haha

  • Truth

    What is the point of this post? “Yankee greed” wtf?

    • jsbrendog

      if you don’t like it then why are you wasting everyone’s time with your useless comments?

      • Truth

        Why are you wasting everyone’s time about me wasting everyone’s time?

        • jsbrendog


          • Truth

            Operating system?

  • Hall and Nokes

    Forget Prince Fielder–why are the Yankees not making a move for Trout???

    • Slugger27

      This entire comment confuses me. The yankees aren’t linked to prince, and from what I can gather, never were. Also, trout is clearly not on the trading block

      • CP

        Click the link to the ‘recent Hardball talk post’ and you’ll see the connection to Prince. And the connection to Trout is that the rest of the article is about him, and I assume there was mostly sarcasm in the comment…

    • jsbrendog

      i like your handle haha

  • TheLastClown

    I just hope they remember that the pick they used to take Trout was born of Yankee Greed.

    This they will not remember. Hell, throughout ’09 Angels’ fans were incredibly butt-hurt about losing Teix, True Angel, to the evil, miserly, Mr. Burns-esque Yankees.

    Being thankful for turning a rental into a great prospect with legit productive potential is, I think, sadly outside the scope of the typical Angels fan.

  • Guest

    It’s shocking to see a player that young with such great plate discipline.

    But then again, we were here just a couple of years ago with Jason Heyward.

    • NJ_Andy

      Just last year, actually. Though, geeze, what’s happened to him this year?

      • V

        Injuries, and hurrying back too soon to be a ‘man’ (thanks Chipper Jones, you idiot).

        • Hall and Nokes

          Pretty good chance he turns it around in the second half.

      • Ted Nelson

        His BABIP fell from .335 last season to .263 this season… could definitely be injuries and whatever else, but could also be some extra good luck last season and extra bad luck this season.

    • Ted Nelson

      Like Dante Bichette Jr.?

      Is Trout’s plate discipline all that great, though? His BB% has been 9-12% at every level. His K% has consistently been 17+%.

  • bobtaco

    What are the odds of having a Salmon and a Trout in one organization?

  • http://none Favrest

    Is this Steve Trout’s son?