Timing is everything: Yanks outplay Tampa but lose anyway


Thursday’s game was a good ol’ fashioned pitcher’s duel. CC Sabathia and Jamie Shields squared off in a 1-0 Yankees win last week, but this time the tables were turned and it was Tampa walking away  with the one-run win.

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

A Bad Birthday Gift

Sabathia turned 31 years old on Thursday, but the offense didn’t back him with any runs. At 7.69 runs per game, only seven other AL pitchers have enjoyed more run support than the Yankees ace this year, so surrendering two runs in eight innings should have equaled a win. Evan Longoria took CC deep in the very first inning, the first homer he’s given up since the Cubs series in Wrigley. The second run came across because of a walk to Elliot Johnson and a triple by Sam Fuld. Sabathia’s earned a pretty long leash, but that just can’t happen. That run was the difference in the game, and a pair of AAAA scrubs manufactured it. It just shouldn’t happen.

All told, Sabathia threw a complete game loss, striking out eight in eight innings while walking four (one intentionally). Good to see the high strikeout ways are still very much in effect. CC did his part in this game.

Runners … But No Runs

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Shields was on point all game, but it’s not like he was invincible. The Yankees had at least one baserunner in every inning but the third, though it wasn’t until the eighth inning that they started to make some noise. It took a miracle Derek Jeter double and a Robinson Cano double to produce the team’s only run, and Nick Swisher just missed his pitch when he flew out to the end the inning. It was a fastball right down the middle and he hit it hard, just to the wrong part of the park. Shields’ pitching line (7.2 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 6-7 GB/FB) isn’t as good as Sabathia’s (8 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 4 BB, 8 K 6-6GB/FB), but timing is everything and he spaced the runners out. Such is life.


There’s really not much more to say about a game like this, is there? Brett Gardner had a hit, Jeter a hit and a walk, Cano two hits and a walk, Jorge Posada a hit, Russell Martin a hit and a walk, and Eduardo Nunez a hit. Mark Texeira took another 0-for-4 and the duo of Chris Dickerson (0-for-2 with two strikeouts) and pinch-hitter Curtis Granderson (0-for-2 with a game-ending strikeout) did nothing offensively. No stolen bases, no errors, and the Yankees only had four at-bats with runners on second and/or third. Cano’s double was the only hit in those situations.

Sabathia saved the bullpen, so that’s always a plus. This was the 700th (!!!) consecutive game in which the Rays’ starting pitcher was younger than 30. That kinda blows my mind. Anyway, that’s about it for the notes. The Yankees split the series but could have easily won three of four or lost three of four. It was that kind of week.

WPA Graph, Box Score & Standings

MLB.com has the box score and video, FanGraphs has some other stuff, and ESPN the up to the minute standings.

Up Next

Hooray for no more artificial surface. It’s back home for the beginning of the very cushy part of the schedule, beginning with a weekend series against the Athletics. Phil Hughes will make his first start in the Bronx since the 11th game of the season. Trevor Cahill goes for Oakland. If you want to head up to the game, RAB Tickets can get you there on the cheap.

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  1. Jimmy McNulty says:

    That kinda sucked…pretty uneventful game. Leaving runners on or so…meh, fuck it.

  2. Xstar7 says:

    Sam Fuld pisses me off.

  3. Jerome S. says:

    The Yankees would have won it if Brett Gardner was leading off…


  4. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Here’s to 9-1 against the A’s, Mariners, and Orioles.

  5. Oh well, at least the NFL lockout is over now.

    Wait, what?

  6. first time lawng time says:

    Read some of the later comments in the game thread…

    Are people really that upset over this loss? IT’S ONE GAME! So they’re 2 games behind the Red Sox…your point?

    The offense was pretty non existent tonight. Big deal. It happens and you move on.

    It doesn’t mean the offense sucks; it doesn’t mean we need to bench everyone in the lineup. It happens. Shields is a good pitcher. They can’t score 5+ runs every game. (well, technically they can, but they won’t)

    I find it very har to get worked up over this loss. In fact, I probably will forget it even happened in like 2 weeks.

    • I’ve already forgotten all those other horrible losses from April, May, and June that were the worst losses EVAR and a sure sign that this team was going nowhere and would miss the playoffs.

      • first time lawng time says:

        Ehhh, IDK Tommie, that loss to Toronto back on April 29th sure stung. If they miss the playoffs, it’s because of that game.

        You can quote me when it happens.

    • pat says:

      Coming from the person who was cursing Mariano Rivera this is lolworthy.

    • Jimmy McNulty says:

      Are people really that upset over this loss? IT’S ONE GAME! So they’re 2 games behind the Red Sox…your point?

      It’s worse than being two games up on the Red Sox, and it confirms the worst suspicions that we’ve had since the offseason: The Red Sox are better than the Yankees and most likely the best team in baseball.

      • Mike Axisa says:

        It’s two games in July. The Yankees could be in first place before Sabathia pitches again.

        • Kiko Jones says:


        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Yeah, but it’s probably not likely. The Yankees get Seattle and the Red Sox get the Ms. Fortunately they get Felix and Pineda but after that it’s the Royals…Yankees get the Ms, awesomely enough they miss both Felix and Pineda. Although, if there’s a four game stretch where the Yankees might pick up two games on the Red Sox, this is probably it.

        • David, Jr. says:

          This. We will be fine when ARod gets back. How would their lineup look without Longoria?

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        The Phillies are the best team in baseball right now. But it’s JULY 22!! It doesn’t matter.

        • Jimmy McNulty’s ability to keep finding new ways to assume the sky is falling is quite impressive, you’ve got to hand it to him. He’s committed to his craft.

          • first time lawng time says:

            Jimmy McNulty’s always been one of the rational, optimistic, and nice* commenters I thought. I was actually surprised to see him say something like that.

            *Not that what he said makes him any less rational or nice, just that he usually is one of the more optimistic people here

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              You asked why people were mad, why you people freakout when angst is explained is beyond me.

              • first time lawng time says:

                I’m not freaking out about anything. I have no problem with people showing their emotions or explaining them. I was just responding to TSJC who said that Jimmy McNulty is always so pessimistic and I was like, “no I don’t think Jimmy McNulty is ever pessimistic.”. And FTR even if you are pessimistic I don’t see anything wrong with that.

                I was just curious why people were mad about this loss. I usually get pissed after games that Rivera blows the save, shitty defense, etc, but I saw nothing particularly infuriating about this loss. But people are entitled to their feelings and that’s fine by me.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              “Jimmy McNulty’s always been one of the rational, optimistic, and nice* commenters I thought.”

              I really thought that was sarcastic until I read your next comment. Jimmy has always been abrasive (not that I’m not), and I would probably call him the most irrational regular commenter here who is not just plain nuts (as in of the sane/serious commenters he’s possibly the least rational). It is not rational to take the worst possible outcome and deciding it will definitely happen. That is a textbook example of being irrational.

              The rational way to look at the future is to assign probabilities to various possible outcomes. Jimmy just assigns a 100% probability to the worst outcome and goes with that most of the time.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            Your version of “the sky is falling” is me saying that the Red Sox might be the best team in baseball and the Yankees will have to settle for the WC. And that letting Jesus Montero catch full time might cause a man of Jesus Montero’s size to suffer debilitating injuries.

            • Ted Nelson says:

              “Your version of “the sky is falling” is me saying that the Red Sox might be the best team in baseball”

              That’s not what you said… What you said was:

              “it confirms the worst suspicions that we’ve had since the offseason: The Red Sox are better than the Yankees and most likely the best team in baseball.”

              It’s not the Red Sox might be the worst team part that I find ridiculous and irrational… it’s the “it confirms the worst suspicions that we’ve had since the offseason: The Red Sox are better than the Yankees” part.

              A. That is far, far, far from my worst fear. It’s not even a fear. Who cares?
              B. It’s July. Who is in first place in July is not necessarily who is in first place in September. Even if the Red Sox win the division, they might not get out of the ALDS.

              • Jimmy McNulty says:

                A.) Well it’s baseball, so you’re right. It’s all pretty irrelevant. The country might default on their debts, there’s about 25% real unemployment, and a host of other real issues.

                B.) If you want to be honest with you’re self you’re lying if you think it’s at all an outside the norm prediction that the Red Sox would win the division.

                Furthermore, will you guys stop spouting out all these useless platitudes? Yes the best team in baseball might get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. I remember the 2001 Seattle Mariners, you aren’t saying anything new or something that people don’t know when you say this. You sound like you’re saying that being the best team might actually be a bad thing.

      • List of teams who have “confirmed the suspicions” that they were better than the Yankees and most likely the best team in all of baseball on July 21st of any of the past 110 calendar yearssince the Yankees have been in existence:


        [end of list]

        • Greg says:

          84 Tigers?

          • Confirmed better than the Yankees in July, maybe (because the ’84 Yankees were pretty awful, something most Yankee teams are not.)

            Confirmed the best in all of baseball, no. Even as dominant as the Tigers were in 1984, the Jays, Orioles, Mets, Padres, and Cubs were just a hot streak and a Tigers cold streak away from making it a dead heat.

            It’s virtually impossible to CONFIRM that a team is the best in the league in July. Way too much season left, way too unpredictable Octobers. Not even the 1998 Yankees were awarded the title in July 1998.

          • And for the record, on July 21st, 1984, the Tigers were 65-29 (1st, ALE) and the Yankees were 44-49 (5th, ALE). New York was 20.5 games back.

            From July 22nd to the end of the season, the Yankees went 43-26. The Tigers? 39-29.

            Crazy shit happens in baseball.

          • CP says:

            The 2001 Seattle Mariners?

            On July 21, they were 70-27 and 12 games better than any other team in the AL. They finished the season 14 games better than any team in the AL.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          See, this is my issue with you. You’re ever the optimist and ever rational, yet sometimes the two are in conflict. When that happens the optimist Tommie takes over, and rational the rational Tommie that deals with the most likely scenario gets left far behind like a hitch hiker that won’t put out at a service station. This Tommie tends to point to the “beyond best case scenario” and lists several scenarios that will never actually happen while pretending that they’re perfectly likely outcomes. There’s been more examples of this than I care to list, but there’s realities that need to be dealt with. If you were to poll all of the “smart” baseball analysts they’d probably all be in agreement that the Red Sox are the best team in baseball, which was the prediction that most everyone had at the start of the year.

          I know, you’re probably going to highlight this and say something like:


          I still don’t give a shit.

          But it’s the truth. The Red Sox probably are the best team in baseball, that’s not to say that they’re a lock to win the World Series, but definitely the favorites. If you don’t understand why Yankee fans are extra cranky when they are the best, perhaps you should follow something other than sports.

          Sometimes the best team in baseball doesn’t win, you’ve somehow managed to turn this into the goal shouldn’t be the best team in baseball. I never speak with much conviction and use terms like “probably” and “most likely.” Because after all as John and Suzyn, and now Bexy, have always told us: you can’t predict baseball. In other words, 162 games is an extremely small sample size. A few years ago in the year that god called in sick, a team with an atrocious pitching staff a pythag record of 89-73 had the best record in the AL yet lost to a team with an inferior record, yet featured superior talent. Flukey year for the Yankees, they probably should have missed the playoffs that year. You have this “better be lucky than good” mentality when the team isn’t the best and a much more rational mentality when the team is the best.

          I can go back to the predictions page and show you what you all thought back then, it was pretty much granted that the Yankees would be competing for a WC Berth this season. However, since I’m not an asshole I won’t bring up four month old quotes and use them against people that are thrilled to be wrong. That and I’m lazy, though more so that. The Red Sox had a stretch of bad games that was uncharacteristic of how good their team actually is, much like the stretches the Yankees get into every time they’ve played Boston this year. The Yankees had a leg up then, which is pretty much why this is even a race at this point. That and Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia have snorted a Tony Montana-esque mountain of pixie dust. Stating that the Red Sox are the best team in baseball and probably the favorites to win the World Series, at this point shouldn’t be that controversial. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that a loss to the Rays confirms it, but at the very least it’s not that hard to see why some fans would view it as another nail in the coffin. Especially when they are the opponent. The same goes for stating that they match up favorably with the Yankees in a seven game series, this is probably true, but realistically it’s been true since Spring Training.

          Also, since you asked in the past 110 years here’s a short list that I’ve came up with:

          1905 Cubs, 1929 Athletics, 1910 Athletics, 1970 Orioles, 1976 Reds, 69 Orioles, 75 Reds, 86 Mets, and the 2005 Chicago White Sox (a bit different, but they were62-32 by July 21st the Yanks were 51-43, obviously the Yankees weren’t that bad and the White Sox weren’t that good…but days of yore).

          That took very little research, you also tend to overplay your hand with hyperbole yet seem to be woefully incapable of detecting even a slight pinch of hyperbole. Furthermore, there was a bit of selective editing on your part. I never said that they were the best team in baseball, just that they were “most likely” the best team in baseball. At this point, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that would raise any serious objections. And people from Philly don’t count since they can’t read up there. Instead, you rush into Devil’s Advocate mode and say “IT’S ONLY JULY!!!!!!” As if somehow, in late July you can’t get an idea how teams with proven players stacked on each team will play. Hmmm, y’know it’s only July 21st, so clearly that’s way too early to judge how a team with Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Adrian Gonzalez will do; that thought will never run through someone’s head.

          If you want to say something like:

          “Jacoby Ellsbury’s been experiencing a huge power burst. That’s something completely new and was never in his profile in the minors, and while it could be a developing skill. He’s been the third most valuable player in the AL, so if the power was a fluke thing the Red Sox could easily find themselves sinking in the standings if he regresses back to his mean performance. Especially with Buchholz possibly out until September”

          That’s a perfectly acceptable way to go about discussing a naysayer.

          • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

            not TSJC but my thoughts…

            The Phillies are the best team in baseball. Halladay/Lee/Hamels would destroy the Sox in a 7 game series.

            Awesome. I didn’t know Buccholz could be out until Sept.

            It doesn’t sound like you think the Yankees have a CHANCE in the division.

            This has got to be one of the longest comments in RAB history.

            • Jimmy McNulty says:

              The Phillies offense kinda blows, and besides they’re the NL version of the Red Sox, so it’s not like it’s a sigh of relief if they win the WS.

              Also, since when did “they’re in all likelihood the better team” become “NO CHANCE TO WIN THE DIVISION” it’s baseball, weird shit happens. I don’t think the Rays have a chance at the division and an outside shot at the playoffs. The Yankees are good, but I think for a team with the Yankees’ resources “merely good isn’t good enough” is a perfectly fair mantra.

              • Ted Nelson says:

                You’re getting pretty detached from reality… you make one comment, and then continue to pretend like you made a different comment. You did not say “they’re in all likelihood the better team”… you said that this one loss confirmed that your worst fears had come true. Do you really not see the difference?

                • Jimmy McNulty says:

                  Ted can you even fucking read? My reaction to the game.

                  “That kinda sucked…pretty uneventful game. Leaving runners on or so…meh, fuck it.”

                  FTLT asked a question, I answered it. I wasn’t all that bent out of shape, as always losing a game makes winning your division harder especially with the way those two teams have played each other head to head. Stop taking the internet so fucking seriously.

          • Jorge says:

            Holy 2:21 AM!

      • first time lawng time says:

        The Red Sox will go through a cold streak and the Yankees will go through a hot streak before October.

        I am 100% positive.

      • Jerome S. says:

        Even if the Red Sox are the best team, that really doesn’t mean shit. They’re great by no no large margin, and besides, the Giants won the 2010 World Series. QED

  7. bobby two knives says:

    I really enjoy this site. The sanity is refreshing.

    or is it insanity? wait.

  8. JGS says:

    This was the 700th (!!!) consecutive game in which the Rays’ starting pitcher was younger than 30.

    And the last time a Tampa starter was not younger than 30, it was this game. Jae Soe…turned 30 that day. So the last time a Rays pitcher was older than 30, it was this game, 131 games earlier.

  9. stuart a says:

    tex does not think you are allowed to throw anything but fastballs.

    long and tex are really watching a lot of video and have not figured out tex is a little pull happy.. they are quite a pair.

    tex should refund the yanks, when did he become carlos pena!!!!!!!!!1

  10. YankeesJunkie says:

    Always sad to see a great CC start go for a loss, but alas. I was really impressed how he picked it up after the first couple innings where the Rays were getting pretty solid contact on the ball. Hopefully Tex can hit a few singles so Tex Hate TM week can end.

    • Hopefully Tex can hit a few singles so Tex Hate Week™ can end.

      It had better get over before Hope Week starts, that would be a nasty double-booking schedule conflict.

      • YankeesJunkie says:

        Lol! I would actually be quite amused to see that.

        Today on YES we have a very special guest that not only got to spend the day with Derek Jeter after spending most of his childhood in chemo, but he got to murder Tex’s dog.

        I can see it now!

        • first time lawng time says:

          I kinda feel like a jerk for it, but I am laughing so hard right now.

          “He got to murder Tex’s dog.”. Oh goodness, could you imagine? LMAO

    • Brian S. says:

      Teixiara is a bum. He just up and disappeared for a third of the season. He now has Mark Reynolds triple slash line just with better defense.

  11. Pat D says:

    I posted it at the end of the game thread in case I couldn’t find it again, and Freddy touched upon it a little earlier, but I’ll repost this actual comment on an ESPN.com article:

    CC can get his wins going against the bad AL pitchers but when he’s put against the East elites like shields and beckett he turtles once again. a meaningless game in july don’t mean anything but when your #1 is regularly getting beat by the better team’s #1 you got a major problem on your hands. BIG BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Jerome S. says:

      You go on ESPN.com too much. The key: stay away. Far away. It’s the Afghanistan of sports.

    • first time lawng time says:

      1. I’ve never heard the word “turtle” used as a verb before, but I’ll take it to mean something like choke or fail
      2. How is giving up 2ER in 8IP a failure? Lol

      Did you try arguing with this guy? I remember you saying how you sometimes argue with the people on ESPN lol

      • Pat D says:

        No, I’m not letting that become a thing with me.

        After some other people called him out, he added “He’s still a turtle. Lights-out? The only lights being out are buffet shops shutting off their lights when they see CC come around so he don’t come in and eat their whole menu.”

        All I added to the discussion was “Your comments are quite possibly the dumbest things I’ve ever read in ESPN comments, and that is saying quite a lot.”

        He hasn’t replied since his 2nd post, but I don’t care what he says.

      • Brandon W says:

        To “turtle” in strategy games is to basically build a bunch of units and leave them around your base (or some strategic point), sort of like a turtle shell, and just prolong things as long as possible. The idea being to either win by attrition or eventually build up enough units to steamroll your opponent.

        I can’t really think of how that could apply to a pitcher-batter contest though…

  12. ultimate913 says:

    Enough of this. It’s time for Montero to be promoted.

    Delaying his promotion makes no sense now. Posada, Martin and Cervelli have turned into complete crap. That’s 3 spots right there. Same for Teixeira so he can be benched for him. But now is the time. Let him come up in less pressure situations. The A’s, M’s and O’s are coming into town. Now’s the perfect time.

    He already can’t get a full year of service time. A young ace wont be offered straight up for Montero. So just forget about his trade value being hurt.

    Bah. Who am I kidding? Cashman wont listen to me.

    • first time lawng time says:

      You’re perfectly entitled to your opinions and ideas, but why the hell would you bench your $180 million super star 1B?

      This Teixeira hate is reeeaaally starting to piss me off. (not just you, everyone here that is complaining about him in general)

      • ultimate913 says:

        I worded that wrong. I meant as in giving Tex a day or two off.

        I have no idea what his problem is, but, at this point, a day or two off really wouldn’t hurt.

        • first time lawng time says:

          Okay then. I agree with you. Maybe Tex needs a day off. Maybe a half day at DH, too. Give him some time to mellow out.

      • Brian S. says:

        So you’re happy with our 180 million dollar bum who takes a third of the season off? You do realize that he has sucked for a really long time now, right?

        • Jim S says:

          Sucked? No.

          Not played up to what he’s capable of? Sure.

          The overreactions are absolutely hysterical. And yet when we win the WS you’ll be there cheering and saying “I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!” with the rest of us.

          Calm the hell down. It’s not like he’s Ryan Howard.

          • Jericho Spade says:

            Im not about jumping down throats, but the operative word for Tex first half of the year is sucks. He has become insanely pull happy and hits it into the shift every time. He has a stubborn refusal to even try to go the other way. Finally, everyone is entitled to a bad few months, but this is becoming an unfortunate pattern with Mark every year. The saddest part is usually he kills it in the second half.

            He has a 341 OBP and under 500 slg in the prime of his career, in this league for a first baseman that is not good. He is currently having the worst year of his career. HIs LD% is at an all time low and fly ball % at an all time high. Homer Happy.

        • David, Jr. says:

          Nothing wrong with Tex. Just need to relax on that one. Not the first superstar player that has had a tough stretch. He will be fine.

          • Mike says:

            If this were small tend over a few months I’d probably agree, but the guy lost nearly .100 points of OPS between 2009 and 2010. That’s not alarming to anyone? This season just seems like a continuation of 2010, his numbers against RHP are getting worse and worse.

  13. dkidd says:

    i actually liked joe maddon’s in-game interview (on mlb network). he called the al east “the heartbeat of baseball”

    i hate losing the last game of a 4 game series to split instead of taking 3/4. where’s the killer instinct? where’s the (2006 jim leyland style) post-game rant from girardi? where’s my tumbler of scotch?


  14. Karl Krawfid says:

    We got Thames back.

    Maybe Joe will start him at third.

  15. Bronx Byte says:

    Thames is not the answer. Jones is not the answer. Posada is not the answer. Cervelli is not the answer. Can’t be sure about Chavez.
    Cashman needs to quit screwing around and get a real run producer. Beltran ? Reed Johnson ? Start by calling up Montero and send down Cervelli.

    • Jim S says:

      What? Reed freakin’ Johnson is a real run producer(tm)?

      Out of all the players besides Beltran we could acquire and you choose Reed Johnson? He of the .400+ babip right now, playing over his head, who’s absolutely begging for a regression?

      Reed Johnson? Who would replace…our DH? Because he’s arguably not even half the player any of our current outfielders are.


    • Mike says:

      I doubt Beltran waives his no trade clause to go to the AL in a contract year. He still wants to play the outfield to prove his value, and is most likely not going to want to become familiar with new pitchers in the middle of a pennant race.

  16. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    Tough game to loss when any offensive production would have brought home the victory but we move on to our next game.

    Everytime the camera focuses on Nunez after a play whether good or bad, he looks befuddled. I think he should round out the visor of his cap then all his troubles will be over. On second thought I take that back. I still have much faith in his ability to play this game. He’ll get better defensively but I don’t know if he can compensate at shortstop for any mishaps with fielding but offensively he can hit against evry pitcher so far.

    Mike Axisa, you called Jeter’s double a miracle. There are many comments about his lack of ability both offensively and defensively in your reports which is your choice. You have the pencil in your hand. IMHO, Derek’s ability has slipped and his ability borders on a middle of the road shortstop both ways who has the skills to compete at times above middle of the road. To imply that a double in the cap off of Shields was beyond his ability is wrong. People knock Derek Jeter and his ability as if he’s a rookie being handed the shortstop position instead of a 15/16 year veteran with no other alternates in the system. He’s playing well enough for us to be 2 games down with a suspect starting rotation.

    On another note I enjoy the heck out of this site very informative by all of the writers.

    • David, Jr. says:

      Sorry, Larry, he isn’t playing well enough for us to be two games out. The others are playing well enough to make up for him so we can be two games out. The numbers are real: .322, .340, .622, and he is an average fielder at best.

      No sarcastic ripping of him, which I have certainly been guilty of, just the objective facts.

      • Monteroisdinero says:

        It is hard not to judge Jeter in the context of his last 1000ab’s, his ridiculou$ contract and the fact that he is IN NO WAY going to be a better player in 2012/13 and, please no, 2014. On the other hand, players who are 24 (and have been blocked from advancing) with very little day in/day out experience often become better players. Last night was a total aberration with Jeter getting a quality xtra base hit in the late innings. To be collectively stunned by the occurrence is a sad commentary.

        • Jim S says:

          Are we going to get into the “Take out all of his good at bats and he’s inexcusably awful” thing again?

          Regardless of how frequently people whine and cry, he’s still an average MLB shortstop this year. It may be a commentary on how bad the SS position is, but he’s still average.

          Go watch any team besides the Orioles, Rockies, Marlins and Cubs and tell me how happy you are with their shortstops.

          This is 100% about the money. That’s it. Contract discussions are over, we knew he was going to be way overpaid. It’s how it’s going to be, and listening to everyone whine about it for 2-3 years is worse than the contract itself.

          • Jim S says:

            Bah, include Indians and White Sox in that group. Wasn’t supposed to be an exhaustive list.

          • David, Jr. says:

            You forgot Cleveland. That is quite the shortstop. A human highlight reel who can also hit some.

            You are about right that he is an average player in a bad collection of players at that position. What does that say?

            You are also right about the money. The contract was astonishingly stupid, and hopefully it wasn’t the result of the type of behind the scenes battle between Cashman and ownership that will end up driving him out of here.

            • LarryM.,Fl. says:

              To David, Jr., Monteroisdinero, and Jim S, I appreciate your comments.

            • Jim S says:

              Hence the correction, but yeah.

              Look, I know Jeter is over the hill, overpaid, etc, and I wish that weren’t the case.

              But the harping on it day after day after day after day, oh my gosh.

          • Mike says:

            Lol, you’re forgetting about the guy across town that’s having the best year at SS of all.

          • Mike says:

            I forgot about Escobar and Peralta, too. I think you’d have to put Andrus in that list of desirable SS’s as well. Any way you slice it, Jeter is mediocre bordering on the bottom third of offensive production for SS.

  17. Kramerica Industries says:

    I had a feeling that, in a game against a pitcher of Shields-calibre, that giving up that two-out run against the likes of Elliot Johnson and Sam Fuld, two of the worst offensive players in all of baseball, was going to come back to bite C.C. and the Yankees in the ass. Regardless of the pitcher on the mound, a one run game will never make me sweat, unless it’s getting into the final couple innings or something. Two runs against a pitcher who the Yankees (or anyone else) haven’t hit at all year is a different story.

    All told, I expected at least a split in this series, so I can’t really be disappointed. That said, with a chance to possibly bury the Rays entirely in the race, and C.C. on the mound, it would’ve been really nice to finish them off. As it is, with their creampuff schedule coming up (much like that of the Yankees), they’re probably going to last for a little while longer. If nothing else, they likely won’t be sellers at the deadline.

    But the Yankees just took four of seven in a stretch where the Rays had a great chance to pull right back in the race, and the Yankees rebuffed that while seven head-to-heads went by the boards, four of them at the Trop. So that was good.

    On an obvious sidenote – ARod can’t come back quick enough. This offense looks just awful since he hit the DL.

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