Williams’ big night helps Staten Island to a win

Soriano faces hitters in Tampa; Feliciano and Marte continue throwing
With CBS radio deal up, broadcast changes loom

It’s been a long day, so I’m cutting some corners tonight…

  • Triple-A Scranton is off until tomorrow for the All-Star Game. Adam Warren allowed a hit and struck out one in two scoreless innings. No other Yankees farmhand played in the game, which is still ongoing.
  • Double-A Trenton is off until tomorrow for the All-Star Game. Corban Joseph singled twice in three at-bats while Austin Romine had one hit in two trips to the plate. Both came off the bench as reserves.Manny Banuelos struck out the side in his inning of work (13 pitches), and Dellin Betances threw just seven pitches in his scoreless inning (no baserunners, one whiff).
  • High-A Tampa (win). J.R. Murphy and Rob Segedin each singled once, Zoilo Almonte twice, and Neil Medchill homered. Kramer Sneed gave up three runs in four innings in what was an otherwise uninteresting game.
  • Low-A Charleston (loss). Eduardo Sosa had four singles, and both Ramon Flores and Kelvin DeLeon went deep. Scottie Allen’s disaster season continued with seven runs in four innings, and Tommy Kahnle also got rocked(three hits, three walks, four runs, one out).
  • Short Season Staten Island (win). Mason Williams went 4-for-5 with a triple. Cito Culver singled once, Angelo Gumbs did twice. Zach Wilson homered. Absolutely nothing interesting happened on the mound.
  • Rookie GCL Yankees (win). Claudio Custodio and Dante Bichette Jr. each had two hits while Tyler Austin had three. All three doubled. Mark Prior (!!!) made a rehab start, allowing one unearned run in two innings. Taylor Morton followed him up with five innings of one run ball.
Soriano faces hitters in Tampa; Feliciano and Marte continue throwing
With CBS radio deal up, broadcast changes loom
  • Nate

    What do you make of the years Austin and Williams are having? Obviously small sample sizes, but impressive none the less, right?

  • Oscar Gamble’s ‘Fro

    Nice to see Prior out there. Read he was hitting around 90 on the gun. Given the success of Freddy and Fattie, hey, who knows, maybe Prior ends up giving us something.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      He’s got a LONG way to go.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.


  • Will (the other one)

    With as often as Neil Medchill’s name seems to pop up, I was surprised to see he’s hitting just .219. Huh.

  • CRotondi

    Mason with consecutive 4 hit games. Nice.

  • JohnnyC

    I’m more concerned that Austin is playing first base rather than third…a much more valuable defensive position? Have they given up on him as a third baseman already? Couldn’t they promote him to SI so he could play third every day?

    • medale

      He’s played 5 games at 3B, I don’t think they’ve “given up.” I think he’s playing 1B so Bichette can play 3B.

    • Zach

      Bichette and Austin cannot both play 3B. They’ve been taking turns. Also Austin is able to steal bases, 11 SB & 0 CS on the year. I’m sure he’ll be somewhere other than 1B next year.

  • http://danielslifka.wordpress.com Jerome S

    Bichette, finishes season over or under Mendoza line? He’s putting in a Posadlian effort to get there, no?

    • Zach

      He’s a full year younger than Austin and adjusting to alot, no?
      July = .243/.391/.324/.716

    • Dave

      Nice cherry picking of stats. That fact that he is 18 and has an .OBP nearly 200 points higher than his average just shoots right over you head, eh?

      I think the Yankees are ecstatic with his plate discipline. The power and average will come. But it is very rare to find a hitter that young who understands the strike zone. Those guys usually make it.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        He’s not cherry picking shit and he’s not concluding anything.

      • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

        Heh, I love me some Bichette personally. He may never win a batting title, but any guy who walks like that is a major plus in my book.

  • Zach

    Banuelos is 9 months older than Morton. BOOM!

  • Avi

    When did the Yanks sign Ravel Santana and for how much? Was he a highly touted international free agent?

    • Zach
      • Avi

        Thank you.
        They signed him the same year they signed Gary Sanchez. Miguel Sano was the top name available that year and is a strong hitting prospect for the Twins now. Always thought it would be cool to have Cano and Sano on the same infield (Sano plays 3B).
        Santana signed for just $145k. Must not have been a high profile guy..

        • JohnnyC

          Sano is only 18 and he’s already 6’3″, 205 lbs. He’s more likely to end up in a corner outfield spot than third base.

          • Thomas Cassidy

            He might not grow anymore though. When I was 16 I was 6’4, 220. Now, I’m 18 and 6’4, 250. He might stick at that size. Pretty good size anyway.

            • Avi

              Can you pitch?

              • Thomas Cassidy

                Used to be great, but I tore a ligament in my knee in 7th grade from a growth spurt. Went from 5 foot to 6 foot in 10 months and the ligaments couldn’t keep up with the growth of my bones.

                I can pitch better than Mitre and Logan though, haha.

  • JCK

    Is Claudio Custodio a legit prospect? I love his name.

    • Jake H

      Yes he is.

    • BigTimeBartolo

      Yes, and love me some Claudio Custodio as well

      • Thomas Cassidy

        I prefer Mason Williams.

        • medale

          Shane Brown is doing pretty well down there also.. .466/.563/.707 through 17 games.

  • infernoscurse

    a multi hit game for bichette!

  • Nuke LaDoosh

    nice to see the Two B’s show remarkable success in 1 inning of work (against AA All Stars) – could be foreshadowing of Yankee bullpen in September and yes October. You could cut 2 AA starts off the end of their seasons and bring them up for bullpen trial work in late August or September – could make the Yanks bullpen stronger … and no it won’t hurt their development – but only if they throw strikes between now and then…

    • jon

      The Bs to the 7th and 6th!!!

    • Carl

      I can see Dellin getting the call up in September but I don’t think they will let Manny have that chance this year, at all.

  • dj3k

    Does Zoilo Almonte have a legit shot to be a mlb player? whats this kids ceiling?

    New to RAB and love it especially the humorous snide witty comments..

    • nycsportzfan

      i asked mike on one of his chats on here, which Almonte he liked better, zolio or abraham, and he said abraham, and zolio was to old for tampa.. I think zolio’s got a shot as a switch hitter with some pop, and can steal a bag here and there, and hit ya a solid averege… We shall see, i suppose

      Great stuff by Manny Banuelos, striking out the side, and also , shout out to Corban JOseph for his Double A AS game, getting 2hits, and nice 3hits combined for Romine in Futures and Doub A AS games…

      I hope the yanks eventually give George Kontos a shot in the pen, kid was brought through as a starter, and did really well, and can strike guys out, and put zero’s up, plus is a solid sized kid, with a solid heater, i think he’d be perfect 6th-7th inn guy…

      • Dave in Balmy Jax

        I am confused about Mike’s comments on Zoilo Almonte. He looks to be on the rise. Don’t really understand the “too old for Tampa” either, he just turned 22. We have a kid who is 21 in AA who is the third youngest kid in that league, I don’t see how 22 is too old for High A. For that matter Abe Almonte just turned 22 in June.

  • Dismortologist

    Question: How does the GCL stack up to major college baseball? Aluminum bats not withstanding…

    • YanksFan in MA

      The SEC is a tougher league than the GCL. Older more mature players and the cream of the crop usually starts in low A and should dominate there.

  • StatenIsland

    “Manny Banuelos struck out the side in his inning of work (13 pitches)”

    Is it me, or does ManBan seem to turn it off and on when he wants to?

    • Sam

      He’s bored.

      • StatenIsland

        Yeah, I think you may be right. I think the same thing about The Jesus.

  • Htrap

    wow, what a Double-A All-Star game for the Yankee prospects!! Corban Joseph 2-3, Austin Romine 1-2, and the killer B’s with scoreless innings!!

  • Naved

    Betances to AAA please!