Yankees have not asked Pettitte to come out of retirement


Buried at the bottom of this Jeff Passan column is something that really shouldn’t surprise us. Sources have told Passan that the Yankees have not asked Andy Pettitte to come out of retirement, and they don’t plan on asking him either. The 39-year-old lefty said he doesn’t believe he’ll ever pitch again last month, and it’s kinda ridiculous that a guy can’t announce his retirement without questions about a possible comeback these days. Either way, enjoy life after baseball, Andy. I hope the house in Texas has good air conditioning.

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  • http://www.youcantpredictbaseball.com bexarama

    Obvious, but wah.

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    Old Timers Day 2013?

    • Monteroisdinero

      Pitching to Jeter?

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Only in our wildest dreams.

      • Delaware – Ralph

        That made me laugh

      • MikeD

        Nah, pitching to Golson, who should be officially retired sometime during 2012.

  • Bronx Byte

    Happy Birthday C.C. !

    Too bad your teammates can’t provide any run support.

  • http://www.retire21.org first name only male (formerly Mike R. – Retire 21)

    “…it’s kinda ridiculous that a guy can’t announce his retirement without questions about a possible comeback these days.”

    Thank you Brett Favre!

  • Dave

    It was also ridiculous when AP would wait and make Cashman show him some love and say “pretty please” before deciding.

  • Jon G

    I was hoping to see a matching “Yankees ask Posada to consider retirement” headline, but I guess not…

    Saw a stat that Martin is batting .185 since 4/23.

    Between these two black holes in the line-up, the reason we’re not seeing Montero catching 2 starters and DHing the rest of games is..?

    • Rainbow Connection

      The Yanks want to trade him before he’s exposed as a shit player on the MLB level (which would match his attitude).

  • MikeD

    Has Pettitte “officially” retired, meaning filing the necessary paperwork and notifying the proper MLB authorities. I ask, since Bernie hasn’t officially retired himself.

    • Ed

      Who cares?

      Officially retiring makes you eligible to collect a pension when you turn 62. That’s the *only* meaning it has. It’s only required to satisfy IRS regulations on pensions.

      • the Other Steve S.

        HOF consideration.

        • KeithK

          I don’t think you need to file paperwork to be Hall eligible. You just need five years since the last time you took the field.