A-Rod continues rehab with simulated game


After asking to DH yesterday, Alex Rodriguez continued his road back from knee surgery in a simulated game today. He got 13 at-bats, then did some situational work at third base and more extensive defensive drills after that. The plan is for Alex to get Monday off, then travel north and join Triple-A Scranton to continue his rehab on Tuesday. The Yankees still want him to play two full nine inning games before activating him, and there’s still a chance A-Rod will be activated in time for Thursday’s opener at Target Field.

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  • MikeD

    Probably my imagination, but when A-Rod hit the HR the other day in his first AB, he seemed to be moving slowing, very slightly favoring his leg in the video of him running the bases.

    • SteveD

      I read somewhere that he was running cautiously.

      • Jerome S.

        Wouldn’t you? Even if it was healthy I feel like I wouldn’t push it.

        Then again, I’m young and have never had a serious injury/surgery before, so…

    • Andy

      Where did you find the video?

  • Andy

    I know he keeps saying everything is fine, but it’s weird he didn’t play 3rd yesterday. Also, what’s up with comments like this (from Ian Begley on ESPN blog)? “Also, Alex Rodriguez is expected to see more time at DH when and if he returns from a knee injury.”

    • radnom

      what’s up with comments like this

      I wouldn’t take that as a sign that Arod won’t be 100%, its merely a consequence of Chavez being healthy and the full time DH. Because of that, Arod can take days at DH and the Yankees can still run out their A+ lineup. Of course hes going to get more time at DH.

      • Andy

        Right, I was more questioning the “when and if” language.