A-Rod resumes baseball activities in Tampa

2011 Draft: Yankees sign third rounder Jordan Cote
Granderson getting it done without the homer, too

Three weeks after having surgery to repair a slightly torn meniscus in his right knee, Alex Rodriguez resumed baseball activities in Tampa today. Sean Kernan reports that A-Rod did some running, made 25 throws from 125 feet, took some ground balls (27 from his knees, 14 regular), then took 66 swings (32 one-handed off a tee, 34 off soft-toss). There is still no set date for him to begin a minor league rehab assignment, but I figure that’s at least a week away, maybe more.

2011 Draft: Yankees sign third rounder Jordan Cote
Granderson getting it done without the homer, too
  • Mike Myers

    “took some ground balls (27 from his knees, 14 regular), ”

    Thats not the only thing he takes from his knees! ooOH snap!

    • jon

      gotta pay off those poker debts somehow

      • JohnC

        One paycheck should be more than enough

        • Mike Myers

          He could always sell those centurian paintings.

          • Mike Myers


            • vin

              Isn’t it centaurian?

  • Gonzo

    What’s the betting line on the day of his return?

    • UncleArgyle

      You mean after his suspension for playing poker? If only A-Rod could have a Vice that Selig and MLB don’t really care about, like say, Serial Drunk Driving….damn you Flopped a Nut Straight-Rod, Damn you to hell.

  • JohnC

    I bet reporters can’t wait to pepper him with questions about this poker game fiasco. Bet the media was not allowed anywhere near him today

    • Gonzo

      You know what’s crazy? If he had, let’s say, a drinking or cocaine problem, the media would treat him with kid gloves.

      • UncleArgyle

        Well of course! Don’t you know its “Heroic” to do drugs, and then not do them anymore?

        • Gonzo

          This is going down a dark path, but it’s also “heroic” to go to jail and make a comeback.

  • http://www.ps3tf2.co.nr/ Double-J

    Over/under on the number of references to gambling in the comments today? :P

    • JobaWockeeZ

      A million. But it’s justified because of how stupid it is to make a big story of someone gambling. Why aren’t the other high profile celebs being thrown into the fire?

      • Klemy

        The press hates anyone with purple lips – which amounts to people with cyanosis and Alex Rodriguez.

        • Oscar Gamble’s Fro

          Don’t discriminate against the people who smoke crack.

      • steve s

        The twist to this story that hasn’t been addressed yet (and that should impact and/or have the other high profile celebs worried as well as Arod) is have any of these guys reported their gambling “winnings” for tax purposes? If there is jail time coming here it will be related to tax evasion/failure to report income.

  • Andy

    I can’t believe how many poeple in the mainstream media are saying a suspension is warrented. I’m so fucking angry over this whole “scandel.” Implying he was using coke and involved in a fight that broke out is just recklessly irresponsible journalism. I’m sick of hearing how he “brings it on himself.” Just fucking leave him alone. MLB would never go after another player.

    • Evan in NYC

      We know it’s not true because ARod can’t fight. Look at the Varitek incident from 2004.

      • Naved

        ARod destroyed Varitek. Get your eyes check pal.

      • UncleArgyle

        Tough Guy Jason Varitek did his fighting with a Metal Mask protecting his face, if I recall.

    • Klemy

      You’re right about that. Even in places where there is no baseball reporting at all going on typically, they repeat this story because of the scare words “Illegal”, “Underground”, “fighting”, and “Cocaine”, all directly pulled from the original ESPN article. Being vague with these words makes him look guilty of more than playing poker. Forget it was at a record executive’s home in Beverly Hills. No one cares about that, illegal underground sounds so much better!

      There is no real reporting going on here. There is a person saying he was there and one writer with an article. Everyone else is just repeating the original sensationalism, without adding any substance or accuracy to the quotes.

  • YanksFan

    He does bring it on himself by being so awesome at the game that the media wants to destory him.

    Outside of that, the media can go do something w/ themselves.

  • YanksFan

    That’s great to hear. Within 2 weeks he can be up, work off the rust and be better refreshed for the playoffs. Have Chavez spell him once a week in the field could help even more. Great news.

  • jay h

    at least someone at espn knows what they’re talking about

    Santos (Santosville)

    So a bunch of players are charged with DUI recently and MLB shrugs its shoulders, but A-Rod may have played illegal poker and they are launching an investigation? Crazy pills?
    Klaw (1:08 PM)

    Absolute waste of everyone’s time. Shame on MLB for pandering to the lowest common denominator in both the media (a large segment of which has long had it in for A-Rod) and the fans. They have NO cause to suspend him, and if they try, they will lose the subsequent grievance in embarrassing fashion. And as you pointed out, the inherent message that MLB cares more about whether and with whom you play “illegal” poker than it does about whether you drive drunk and endanger your life and the lives of others is even MORE embarrassing.

  • pat

    His activities include, whinnying, trotting, eating hay, and sleeping in a barn.

    • jay h

      how could you forget the illegal poker games

  • Pat D

    Caught on video of ESPN First Take.

    Skip Bayless, still perfecting the role of Village Idiot, said that they have to “send a message” to ARod and give him a double digit suspension.

    He also said that the thing all sports fear are point shaving incidents. What if by some chance ARod got in so deep that he agreed to do things on the field to help gamblers that he owes?

    Yes, he actually suggested that. At that point I went apopleptic and screamed at the computer, “HE’S GOT A $300 MILLION FUCKING CONTRACT!!!”

    I want to punch him.

    • CS Yankee

      He’s likely got 300 mil in net worth…

      His prior contract was mostly finished at 200-plus, add in the endorsements & investment returns…minus fees & taxes…and yeah, his great-great-great grandson is set for life.

    • Ted Nelson

      I totally agree that MLB needs a lot more than a poker game to warrant a suspension at all, but it is possible to blow hundreds of millions (and of course they’re paying like 1/2 their salaries in taxes and 10-15% or whatever to an agent plus probably other advisors and trainers on top of that). Antoine Walker made a reported $108,142,015 in salary plus endorsements and the guy is reportedly flat broke. That’s not A-Rod money and A-Rod’s still got plenty more coming in and I have no idea what he does with his money… but it’s totally possible he could be indebted.

      • Pat D

        That’s still a far cry from insinuating he could pull a Black Sox.

  • mike

    The problem is Arod consistantly makes a fool of himself.

    Whether it be with Madonna, his loopy-cousin who he threw under the bus during the steroid scandal and now hired back, his stripper in Toronto, sunning in the Park, wearing his Yankee cap to Scores, opting out during WS, kissing himself in the mirror, gambling in illegal clubs multiple times, cutting out of the AS game, running over the mound, visiting his wife for the birth of their kid then cutting out/being asked to leave, “ha”, etc.etc.

    Besides the fact he always seemes to do the thing which draws attention to himself, unfortunately for the most part his class filter has been turned off.

    This makes him a target, and because his behavior and actions cross into the entertainment area as well, he is a bigger target.

    Big target + doing silly sh*t = embarassment for your company/organization

    • David, Jr.

      I don’t have a problem with any of that. Don’t let it bother you too much. It won’t be good for your heart.

    • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

      While A-Rod is an absolute mess, I think that in general he’s pretty normal. If literally anyone else did the things he did, no one would care. But because A-Rod is/was the best player on Earth, everyone had to make a big fuckin’ deal every time he did a little thing. Any grammatical slip up for chrissakes. It’s ridiculous. I don’t care. A-Rod is the fucking man and as long as he keeps playing great baseball, I could not give less of a shit about his off-the field antics. It’s not like he’s done anything serious.

    • Tim

      OK. We’ll take these one at a time:

      1. Since when is being with Madonna a laughable offense? She is one of the all-time biggest sex symbols, and even though she is older, she is still pretty hot.

      2. It’s his cousin. Is he supposed to disown him? He doesn’t go near the clubhouse, as per the instructions the Yankees gave him.

      3. Oodles of ballplayers, including married ones, go to strip clubs when on the road, and are seen with strippers. They’re athletes – this was once considered commonplace. Why should he be the only one with a picture on the front of the newspaper?

      4. Since when is going to the park on a hot day and taking off your shirt embarrassing? It is also very commonplace for men to do.

      5. Do you think that anyone at the strip club didn’t know who he was? And since when is going to strip clubs a problem? Again, this is another non-issue.

      6. That one is on Boras, who he has since fired as his agent.

      7. That one is on GQ, who staged the shot. He probably could have voiced opposition to the idea, but it wasn’t HIS idea. It was the photographer’s.

      8. Playing poker is not illegal, no matter what the MSM tries to tell you.

      9. Most veteran players do this as well. The game means nothing.

      10. Another “unwritten rule” that is BS, and many players said as much after the incident. And if his effort was to get into Braden’s head, then Bravo. They weren’t doing anything offensively in that game anyway.

      11. Don’t even know what this is about, so can’t comment.

      12. Another thing that infielders came out and said happens all the time. Joe Morgan of all people said that it happened to him all the time and was no big deal.

      None of this has anything to do with “class” or A-Rod being “self-centered”. This is all about jealousy and the irrational dislike of a guy who is better at sports than you, better looking than you, and has more money that you (by you, I am referring to the irrational haters, not you in particular). He is the lightning rod because he makes the most. The only embarrassment here is for MLB, who insists on these witch-hunts in the face of so many other more serious problems with the game and its players.

      • https://twitter.com/TheRealJeromeS Jerome S.

        Golf clap

      • Gonzo
      • mike

        Lets look at what you are looking at..

        1. Being with Madonna is laughable when you look like a foolish puppy-dog following around a woman when you are married, and really don’t care about public perception – nevermind his playing with Kaballah to try and get into her pants while his pregnant wife is in Miami. If you are going to screw around, do it so no one sees it – not like you just won Lotto.

        2.He threw his cousin under the bus and repeatedly statedthat the cousin sumggled anabolic steroids into the country for years – which is a criminal offense. Then, even though you know you association with him will create drama, you associate with him anyway. That is foolish, especially when you already have an image problem.

        3. People laughed at him when he went into Scores with his YANKEE hat on. Strip clubs are fun, and as a guy who entertains late at night they serve a real purpose for after-hopurs privacy and fun. I dont wear my company shirt there, however. Read “The Yankee Years” where he was made fun of for this behavior.

        4. Maybe you dont live in NYC, but where/when he took his shirt off is likely the most visable place in the park to do so, and he neither tried to hide from the attention he was getting, nor did he care. That is foolish, especially when his apartment has a rooftop pool and is really one of the coolest places in NYC. can you imagine another athlete doing that? In Central Park….I dont think so.

        5. His stripper girlfriend was bustedby the media because he walked her thru the lobby of the team hotel. No one could even cover it up for him. Completely foolish behavior. This was on the front page of every paper in NY..he looks stupid, and is embarassing. Plus she was fat.

        6. If you think Arod didnt approve of Boras’s move, and that he wasnt coached afterwords by Boras to get the deal he wanted anyway…….please see cries for attention listed above.

        7. GQ staged it…he did it. Its foolish, and embarassing. Im glad they didnt ask him to dry-hump his pillow.

        8. Poker is legal. He is rich. he also is employed in a profession which almost evaporated because of intereference from gamblers, and one of its most famous stars is excoriated for his association with gamblers – and mantle/mays were trated the same for doing casino work. Plus, he was warned in the past to not do this. Yet he still does. Foolish move.

        9. When its the last big game ever at Yankee Stadium, and you are always yapping about how great an honor it is to be a Yankee, and you blow out of the arena when no one else did……again, you look foolish.

        10. This is when he crossed over the mound returning to 1B against the A’s, and Braden called him out. Bush league disrespectful action which i have not seen during a game before or since. “Ha” is the same thing – but even if it is common – why is it always Arod doing it? Not Jeter, Posada, Grandy etc??

        Actually Arod is my favorite player (perhaps not person), and i have no irrational disike for him. My comment didnt wish him to be excommunicated, but when he contiunes to act like a fool, despite image handlers and repeated acts of contrition by him, i have to think he just doesnt “get it” – that it being the trade off you make while you are a professional athlete making a ton of $ in NY.

        Clyde used to park illegally up and down the east side going in-and-out of clubs, Jeter used to have his guys fish out women for him at all sorts of bars, and Clemens would hang with his young girlfriend in Yorkville most every night – yet none of these guys, despite even more fame (maybe) then Arod, continued to act stupid or draw additional attention to themselves other than to live in their crafted bubble- they had an established behavior, a quasi-legit cover story, and didnt rub it in anyone’s face.

        This is something perhaps Arod will never learn

  • Naved

    Tim just laying down the law.

  • Tom

    Like A-Rod was the only guy playing poker with his friends. Difference between him and us is that 10k to him is like 10 bucks to us. Come on who cares…

    • BadaBling

      What’s the difference between me and A-Rod? About 5 bank accounts, 3 ounces and 2 vehicles.

  • Adam

    We’re missing the most important part of the story…he was playing poker with Red Sox fans. Feh!

  • David, Jr.

    Not that it is anything anyway, but part of this likely destroyed already, which certainly calls the whole thing into question. From the New York Daily News:

    One poker player at the Beverly Hills game knocked down the report, insisting the Rodriguez was not there.

    “A-Rod was not at that game,” pro-poker player Dan Bilzerian told the Daily News. “It’s ridiculous.”

    Bilzerian claimed to be the main source of the Star story, but insisted the magazine got it wrong.

    “I would remember because I got stiffed,” said Bilzerian, adding that the game took place at Leibel’s house in November 2009.

    “He wasn’t there, I’m telling you,” Bilzerian said of A-Rod. “He was playing in the World Series at the time.”

    This is nothing more than Bud the Dud blustering.

  • http://bww.com Adam

    Wanna bet on his return date?

  • Mickey Scheister

    A-Rod resumes baseball gambling activities in Tampa