CC Sabathia, right-hander

Food For Thought: World Series WPA Leaders
A-Rod will play two nine-inning rehab games before returning

CC Sabathia has been a legitimate Cy Young contender in each of the last five seasons, mowing down hitters with power fastball, slider, changeup arsenal. Just imagine if he was using his dominant hand. As a trio of Daily News scribes found out, Sabathia is actually a righty. “I’m right-handed,” said the ace lefty. “I do everything with my right hand, including write. I played one year of T-ball righthanded and couldn’t catch, was uncoordinated. My dad changed me over, gave me a lefty glove and it just took. But my right hand is my dominant hand.”

I’m a righty, but I can kinda sorta throw left-handed. Not great, or good even, but I can get the ball to the intended target from maybe 30-40 feet. It wouldn’t be chest high or easily catchable, but I can get it there. I can’t fathom how a right-handed person can throw a baseball like Sabathia can. It just blows my mind.

Food For Thought: World Series WPA Leaders
A-Rod will play two nine-inning rehab games before returning
  • Gonzo

    He should be ROOGY on his off days!

  • Now Batting

    I’m the same way. Although I obviously can’t throw like Sabathia, I do everything with my right hand besides throw a baseball or football.

  • MannyGeee

    wow. just wow.

  • CBean

    Carsten Charles is amazing.

  • Marcy

    And Joba is a lefty – I’m surprised no one did these stories before; I think it’s fascinating.

  • Mike R

    Wow.. Unbelievable

  • nick

    cool stuff. I do everything right-handed, write, throw, etc, yet in hockey I’m much more comfortable as a lefty.

  • Hyshai

    Kinda weird then that he bats lefty. It sounds like the only problem was catching.

  • 28 this year

    Maybe he should spend the winter learning to throw with his right hand too. Then on off days, he could be the 5th inning guy so the game is shorten to just 4 innings. Or in the playoffs, we could put Sabathia in Games 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7. Then we only need one other starter.

    • KeithK

      With apologies to Gerald Hern:

      First we’ll use CC
      then we’ll use CC
      Then an off day
      followed by rain
      Back will come CC
      followed by CC
      And followed
      we hope
      by two days of rain.

  • Faiaz

    Perfect. Maybe he can throw right-handed against the Redsox. SMH.

  • mj

    hey mike any ideas on who the yankees are targeting in the international free agency?

  • Carlosologist

    I’m a natural born lefty – do everything with my left hand – but I’m more comfortable batting right handed. I wonder why that is.

    Still, CC’s success is even more incredible given that he’s a natural righty.

  • Jedile

    Awesome! But I still think Pat Venditte needs to make the bigs one day. He is just so cool. I remember I wanted to try to throw with both hands like him, cause I can bat both handed, write, and play guitar hero! So I tried it and I got pretty good at throwing left handed, but my control was just inconsistent. So I gave up. But being ambidextrous rocks.

    also I throw a football better lefty than righty.

  • Dela G

    Joba Chamberlain is left handed, but throws righty

    Same for LeBron James, who does everything except play basketball left handed.

    Pretty cool

  • CP

    I wonder if he could throw a baseball right handed now…

  • Brad

    This scene from The Princess Bride comes to mind:

  • KeithK

    It’s hard to imagine how a person can throw a baseball as hard and as well as Sabathia does with his dominant hand. But it’s not really that hard to see how he could do it lefty after years and years of practice. You and I can’t do it because we didn’t start throwing off hand at age six.

  • Xstar7

    Babe Ruth batted and threw with his left hand, but wrote with his right.

    /The more you know

    • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

      but which hand did he eat his hotdogs with and hold his beers with?

      • Jerome S.


  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    I’m right handed, one of my pet peeves is when I’m at a table to eat, whether at home or in a restaurant, and the forks and stuff are on the left side.

    I can do pretty much everything with both hands, except for swinging a bat, but I can at least get contact. My lefty throws are pretty bad too, but I can hit the target on occasion.

  • Bronx Byte

    Burnett is just a slight notch below Pavano as an absolute fraud.

  • Jorge

    I’d love to watch him throw a bullpen righty, just to see what he could do.

  • Phil

    Babe Ruth was all lefty. In those days, all school kids were not allowed to write lefty. They were all forced to write with their right hand.

  • JonS

    Mike Vick is right handed, but throws with his left.
    Donovan McNabb is left handed, but throws with his right.

    This is actually more prevelant among athletes than people realize.

  • Dave M

    I was throwing about 60 righty and about 50 lefty a few years ago. I know neither is great. Now after injuring both elbows and both shoulders, who knows. LOL. I started throwing lefty when I was about 30 after my getting a bad case of tendonitous in my right elbow. Only took me a few years until I was throwing about the same with either hand. Then I hurt my left elbow and left shoulder lifting weights. I haven’t really thrown lefty in about 2 years. I’ve had problems with my right arm all my life because, I was born with a broken shoulder. It didn’t heal right. As a result my mechanics suck. My point is, it’s not as hard as one would think.

  • Kevin Ocala, Fl

    More of a neurological adaptation (and/or gift). I’ve read that ambidextrous people “tend” to have slower reflexes. But “tend” seems to be up there with “if” as one of the most important words in the English language ;)

  • Greg Corcoran

    Much more impressive is Billy Wagner. He was a righty, injured his right arm in high school, and instead of rehabbing that arm he just started throwing lefty. I believe he hit 100 on the radar gun a couple of times.

  • thurdonpaul

    im 100 % lefty i couldnt hit a barn at 10 feet right handed

  • DQ

    Brett Cecil of the Bluejays is also the same way

  • Blueboy

    I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!

  • Bavarian Yankee

    what? They found that out now? I (and I guess most people) already knew that he’s a righty and it has also been mentioned at least twice on YES.

  • Justin Liu

    Rickey Henderson was one of the rarer “bats right, throws left” guys, right?