DotF: Montero’s big day

Who is eligible for the Yankees postseason roster?
Barbarisi on Gardner and Granderson's defense

Mike is on vacation for a few days this week, and so Joe and I will fill the DotF void. Last night, I ran into a clogged bathtub upon my return from Minneapolis and didn’t have a chance to hammer this one out. The big story of the day was clearly Jesus Montero who mashed the ball in two games for Scranton. Freddy Garcia made a rehab appearance too, but while he won, it wasn’t his finest effort. Anyway, here’s the abbreviated DotF for Monday.

Triple A Scranton (Game 1: 11-2 win over Rochester)
Jesus Montero, C: 3 for 5, 2 HR, 1 2B, 6 RBI. – He’s now up to 15 dingers on the seasons. That’s some Montero Monday for you.
Adam Warren, P: 2 IP, 0 H, 1 BB, 2 K – Threw the first two innings on Sunday before the game was suspended.
Freddy Garcia, P: 4 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 0 K – Allowed one HR to a prototypical AAAA player…threw 42 of 59 pitches for strikes. He’ll likely start this weekend against the Orioles.
Andrew Brackman, P: 3 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K – Got the three-inning save in a blowout…Threw 23 of 31 pitches for strikes…Since 7/29, his line looks good: 11.2 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 12 K.Triple A Scranton (Game 2: 9-4 win over Rochester)
Jesus Montero, DH: 2 for 4, 1 2B, 1 RBI, 1 K – Now batting .290/.349/.456 on the season.
Chris Dickerson, LF: 2 for 3, 1 2B, 1 HR, 2 RBI
Manny Banuelos, P: 5 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 3 K – Threw 56 of 90 pitches for strikes and picks up his first AAA win.
The Ghost of Scott Proctor, P: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 K – Threw 10 of 15 pitches for strikes

Double A Trenton (4-3 win over New Hampshire)
Austin Krum, LF: 2 for 4, 2 R, 1 K – Threw a runner out at the plate
Austin Romine, C: 2 for 4, 1 RBI, 2 K
Cory Arbiso, P: 6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 3 K

Single A Tampa had an off day, and Single A Charleston was rained out.

Single A Staten Island (3-1 win over Lowell despite going 4 for 18 with RISP)
Cito Culver, SS: 1 for 5, 1 K
Angelo Gumbs, DH, 2 for 5, 2 2B
Bryan Mitchell, P: 4 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 5 K

Rookie League GCL Yanks (6-5 loss to the GCL Yanks in 10 innings)
Dante Bichette, 3B: 3 for 5, 1 2B
Jose Rosario, 2B: 2 for 4 – Picked up his 19th stolen base of the season

Who is eligible for the Yankees postseason roster?
Barbarisi on Gardner and Granderson's defense
  • Brian in NH

    Please put the best team on the field in NY. Montero is practically blasting the door at this point.

    also we need the ManBan watch updated!

    • Bavarian Yankee

      don’t worry, Montero will likely be with the team next week when the rosters expand :)

      • CountryClub

        I’m not so sure about this. I’ll actually be more susprised if he’s called up on 9/1 than if he’s not. I dont think they’re going to bring him up because I don’t think they’ll play him every day (or even most days) and they’ll prefer for him to continue to play every day in AAA.

        • Dropped third superstar

          The AAA team plays their last game september 5th and their not going to make playoffs. You wouldnt be stopping montero’s growth if you called him up. And im pretty sure 20 – 40 big leauge AB’s is better then 4 AAA games.

          • CountryClub

            I wasn’t aware it ended on the 5th. That’s good news. Thanks

        • CP

          Teams ALWAYS call up a third catcher on Sept 1. Right now (with no Gus Molina), Montero is that third catcher.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

            Montero gets his big league audition starting Sept. 1st (or earlier), Romine gets to finish the season with a well-deserved cameo at Scranton.


      • Jorge

        But we cannot turn back the sands of time in order for Jesus Montero to, I don’t know, save the ozone layer or something.

    • Jimmy

      Dude, as Ben pointed out Mike’s taking a vacation. Relax about the Manny Watch for a couple days. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

      • Sayid J.

        Or… Ben and Joe could update the Manny Watch.

  • JonS

    “The Ghost of Scott Proctor”

    It’s only funny when Mike does it. lol

  • JohnC

    Montero can smell that promotion

    • Dropped third superstar

      Jesus knows all!

  • Josh

    What does DotF mean? Stand for?

    • Dropped third superstar

      Down on the farm

      • Josh

        Ahh, thanks!

        • Dropped third superstar

          No problemo broskii

          • Johnny Nitro

            Let me guess, a Zack Ryder fan?

            • jsbrendog

              woo woo woo you know it bro

  • DERP

    It looks like both Cave and Bird made their debuts with the GCL team.

  • JohnC

    Good to see Brackman getting it together. Hope he goes to Instructional League after the season and continues to work on things with the coaches down there. Also nice to see Bryan Mitchell finishing up strong. Danny Borrell, SI pitching coach said he has “Josh Johnson” type stuff. Hope thats true

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Are they going to call-up Brackman? He’s already on the 40-man and if he’s pitching well I could see them bringing him to NY if only to pitch for Girardi/Rothschild for a while, no?

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

        I bet he does get called up, yes. He’s an arm, he’s healthy, and he’s on the 40-man. Good enough.

        • Sayid J.

          Well, they also like to use this opportunity to reward guys on the 40 man who have performed well this season. I’m not sure Brackman is one of them. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

          • Ted Nelson

            Could call him up to be with the team and throw bullpens with the pro coaches without putting him in a game.

  • Smallz

    Hopefully they just add Montero to the 40 Man roster and when the AAA season is over, he gets a taste. Even if its like the last week of the season. (When does AAA end?)

  • Skip

    Was at the SI game last night. Here are some thoughts:

    No Mason Williams – I’m guessing it was just a night off after a 16-1 win on Sunday. Came on in the 9th as a sub.

    Cito Culver – Went 1 for 5. He’s got a strong arm in the field.

    Angelo Gumbs – Had a couple of doubles. His first double was a squeaker past the first baseman down the RF line and to the wall. His second was a legit right-center field line drive that split the fielders and made it on 1 hop to the wall.

    Tyler Austin – Was 6 for 6 on Sunday and in his first at bat last night he smoked a double down the left field line. Looks pretty good. He didn’t get much action in the field.

    Reymond Nunez – the 1B is a big boy. He looks like he can add power. Went 3-5 last night. His doubles were solid swings ball going well to the wall.

    Bryan Mitchell – had no fastball control last night. His first inning he loaded the bases on a single, walk and HBP. He managed to squeak out of bases loaded trouble in Innings 1, 3 and 4. Inning 2, however, he looked really good. FB was sitting 89-92, touching 93. One pitch was read at 95 but it was high out of the strikezone. I also don’t know how accurate the gun was because it was funky all night. His curveball was straight nasty against this level. Usually 75-77 with good bite and a little 11-5 action from where I was sitting. He started using his curve to get on track in the 2nd. The only contact was this check swing poke double down the left field line. Otherwise, there was very little contact on it all night. He was also locating it for strikes. A couple of backward K’s for him on that pitch. I think he worked in a changeup in the 3rd/4th inning. At least that’s what I thought because the radar had him at the low to mid-80’s for a few pitches. Got a swing and miss or two on it against lefties.

    Basically, Mitchell is very tantalizing. I’ve heard he can run his FB up to the mid-90’s. I didn’t really see that tonight, but if he does, and more importantly locate his fastball, he’ll be a good one. His wildness wasn’t like an AJ in the dirt kind of thing, just missing wide off the plate with his FB.

    I actually left before seeing Pinder throw more than a couple of pitches. His velocity was in the low 90’s, but again I don’t know how accurate that is.

    • BigTimeBartolo

      nice man thanks for the info

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Anyone happen to know anything about Daniel Lopez? Interesting stat lines in 2010/2011 and at a reported 6’2″ 175, perhaps he has some more power potential down the road?

  • This time only

    Why is it that Boston gets an off day immediately before they start a series against NYY every single time (except for the first series of the season) and NYY never gets an off day before they play Boston. I am having a hard time believing it is just coincidence.

    PS: I know this thread may not be the right place for this comment but I usually do not post any comments any where. I posted this comment just to highlight something I noticed while looking at the schedules.

    • JM


    • pat

      Umm the Yankees didn’t play last night?

      • CP

        And they’re not playing Boston tonight.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          Who the #$%& is Boston?

    • Stuckey

      Is there a statistical correlation between days off and having a greater degree of success in the games immediately following, or is just an assumed advantage that exists entirely in your head?

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        There was a way to make that point without being a dick.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside the Elder

          It’s Stuckey.

        • Stuckey

          Is there a way to retort the notion that Major League Baseball actually nakedly conspires to give the Boston Red Sox an advantage over the New York Yankees without being a dick?

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            How about: “Yeah, in all likelihood it’s a coincidence. Every team catches scheduling breaks and every team sometimes feels like it gets the shaft, scheduling-wise (see TYA post this morning about this being a soft part of Yanks’ schedule, and the Sox’s complaints recently about not having any off-days for a long stretch). Also, do we even know that having an off-day before a series provides an advantage? Might be interesting to see if anyone’s ever looked into that before.”

            • Stuckey

              Sorry, the OP postulated it was conspiracy, an utterly ridiculous idea.

              To respond to it genuinely gives the notion credibility, as if the idea deserved a straight response.

              Conspiracy theories utterly without merit don’t deserve responses with merit, was the point.

      • Dropped third superstar

        Fuck yea there is an advantage! You can usually work the off day to skip the fifth or fourth starter.

    • CP

      Last year, the Yankees had a day off before 3 series with Boston, and Boston had a day off only once (this is based off the original schedule, since in the last series of the year the first game was rained out giving the Yankees 2 days off and the Red Sox 1 day off – but also a double header).

      This year the Yankees have an off day before 1 series and the Red Sox before 4.

      I’m guessing it’s just the luck of the draw, with an assist from the early season rain outs that the Yankees had.

    • Rookie

      Why? The same reason why after Boston wins the World Series they start against NY and when NY wins the World Series they start against the Birmingham Bears.

      The same reason why far more Yankees are hit by Boston pitchers than Red Sox are hit by Yankee pitchers, but more Yankees are suspended.

      The same reason why ARod is brought in and interviewed if he doesn’t fall on his sword enough whereas David Ortiz gets a pass if he does nothing but deny or doesn’t talk to the press.

      Chairman Bud empowered/enabled by a very biased press.

      *Above is my perception and has not been checked. Just needed to rant. (Thanks for the opportunity, This time only.)

  • Wow

    Montero’s lack of plate humility is the reason why he will never make it in the show.

  • if you say so

    if you say so dude.

  • Nuke Ladoosh

    Could see where arrival of Manny and Dellin to SWB has stoked Jesus a bit.

  • Carl

    WOW, No love for Laird in the DOTF. He had a HELL of a day going deep in BOTH games and 5 RBIs on the day. He now sits at 14HRs after that terrible start. Look for Laird to Break-out next year for Scranton!!!!

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    For what it’s worth Mason Williams is SKINNY I saw him in the dugout at the SI game and he has not filled out at all. He definitely has power potential once he starts to bulk up a little

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    For what it’s worth Mason Williams is SKINNY I saw him in the dugout at the SI game and he has not filled out at all. He definitely has power potential once he bulks up a little

  • BaltimoreYankee

    Yanks were off the day before the June 7th Boston series. Also scheduled to be off the day before the September 23rd series.

  • SDM

    I hope this finally stops people’s complaints about Jesus’ “lack of power this season”


    Brackman has been looking like he has finally righted the ship again

    • Ted Nelson

      If Gardner hits two HRs in a game would you suddenly call him a power hitter? Production from one game doesn’t change much.

      Observing… observing that his power has been down this season. Season isn’t quite over, but he has the lowest wOBA of his career this season and his lowest SLG since rookie ball. That’s just a fact.

      • seimiya

        This is a really short comment. Are you feeling ok? Do you have a fever?

      • Crime Dog

        He’s 21.


        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t really understand your comment.

          I simply pointed out that one game is not a big deal (nor is an 0-5 day with 3 Ks a big deal) and linked to his stats. I offered no opinion at all. Those stats are what they are. What you want to read into it is your call.

          As far as him being 21, though… last season he was 20. Twenty. He’s regressed at the same level this season. Whatever you want to make of it, it’s hard to see that as a good thing. Maybe it could be a good thing if it makes him hungrier to get better after struggling.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            Acknowledge that he’s slugging .540 since the AAA All Star Break. Granted, it’s less than half a season, but there’s nothing really alarming about his 2011 campaign. You’d rather see him walk a bit more, but the Yanks have said on numerous occasions that they’ve asked him to focus more on defense than offense this season.

            • Ted Nelson

              I wasn’t aware of that stat.

              One way or another his season has been a disappointment. Whether that has any bearing on his future prospects and how much… that’s open to interpretation.

              Hopefully it’s just a blip on the radar, but when you’re being compared to Frank Thomas, Miggy, Piazza… and you’ve got a AAA RC+ of 111… that’s a bad season.

              It’s also two seasons in row where he’s had a poor start. Again… what that means is open to interpretation. It’s not exactly a good trend, though.

              • IRF

                Heres Miggy’s career triple slash line:


                • Ted Nelson

                  As a teenager in the low minors. At 21 it was .294/.366/.512… in major league baseball.

                  It is interesting that he didn’t kill it in the low minors as a teen, and I guess goes to show that there’s no one development path. However, I wouldn’t just look at every kid in A-ball with a OPS in the mid .700s and assume he’s on the same path as Miggy.

                  I would still say Jesus is having a bad season for him, and that’s I’d prefer better offensive production. I’m not saying that it’s the end of the world, just a down year. Is he bored? Is he concentrating on defense? Does he have a nagging injury he’s hiding? Is he getting exposed as AAA pitching adjusts to him and he doesn’t adjust back? Is it a blip in a fairly small sample? Does he not work out in the off-season and thus start poorly? I have no idea.

                  • IRF

                    Right, which is why the stats really shouldn’t hold that much weight. There are probably hundreds of examples of guys with great minor league numbers who did nothing, and guys with terrible numbers who wound up in the HOF.

                    When Mike Piazza was Montero’s age, he put up a .281 OBP in high A.

                    The weird part about it is, you’re concerned about Montero’s numbers, but if you looked at it objectively, you would see they are quite good. What hes doing for his age, position, and park is actually pretty impressive.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      You’re missing the point.

                      Different players develop differently… but the issue is not Jesus’ production. It’s his regression. This season did not happen in a vacuum. Dude has been a pro for 5 seasons now. Mike Piazza wasn’t as good at the same age, but he was a late bloomer. It wasn’t that he had gotten to AAA with great numbers and had a bad season. It’s not as simple as looking at age. That’s a part of it, but there’s more to development.

                      Lots of players who cruise through the low minors then regress in the high minors and MLB. It’s odd because Jesus got so hot late last season at AAA, but regressing at AAA is troubling based on the precedent of players who regress as the competition gets tougher. Being extremely streaky is also a bit of a red flag, though not necessarily a bad thing as we see with someone like Teixeira.

                      No one could really care less how Montero or any other prospect is doing in MiLB… except in terms of how that changes their projected future. Getting worse at AAA is not a good thing for his future projection, though maybe it’ll motivate him to work harder going forward.

                      “What hes doing for his age, position, and park is actually pretty impressive.”

                      Again… missing the point. He did better at a younger age at the same position in the same park last season. That’s what people care about. If he turns into a solid MLB player down the road, sure that’ll be good. But at this young age with his tremendous potential people are hoping that he continues to project as a future HOF player… not a solid starter.

            • GT Yankee

              I think of course we all want him to turn into the next Miguel Cabrera (offensively speaking). I have been saying that I believe the reason he has not and perhaps will not make it to the show this year is that the Yankees are fearful of his value as a prospect dropping even further. Coming into the season I believe Montero was the third rated prospect. He has dropped significantly. I am not trying to be a dick. I think we all want him to put up HOF numbers. However some of us (number growing) are thinking this is less likely every day. Like Ted Nelson made reference to….regression in a player is a scary thing. Why was he so much better a year ago?

              • IRF

                A lot of people on this site could benefit from taking a step back and not worrying so much about minor league stats. Robinson Cano is a career .279 hitter in the minor leagues. Brandon Wood’s minor league OPS is around .900. These numbers can be very deceptive.

                • Ted Nelson

                  I don’t disagree, but at the same time you would probably benefit from taking a step back and realizing that you being able to find exceptions to the rules does not mean that those rules don’t exist.

                  You would probably also benefit from realizing that you are not discussing the same thing as everyone else. Everyone else is discussing trends. You are discussing a single data point. Someone like Miggy or Piazza started slowly (young in Miggy’s case, old in Piazza’s case), but the trend generally went upwards. Montero is suddenly trending downwards. One season is not enough to get too worked up about, but it’s enough to start wondering about and asking questions about.

                  GT Yankee and I are simply asking why he is worse this year than last year. Instead of addressing that issue you are coming out of left field with guys who struggled in the low minors and how that means that minor league stats are totally irrelevant.

                  • IRF

                    The point I’m making is that relying on minor league numbers is a dangerous game to play. While they are certainly not worthless, they don’t carry nearly as much weight as major league numbers. Like you pointed out before, there could be a whole host of reasons for Montero’s down year. I’m not saying he hasn’t struggled at times, I’m just not worrying about a couple bad months like you are.

                    I don’t think there is any need to re-evaluate his potential because of a bad couple months.

                    You were the one who compared him to Miggy and Piazza. I simply showed that you can find flaws in their numbers as well.

                    Every player has a different development path. Some start out slow before catching fire (Piazza), some don’t reach their potential until they are in the majors(Miggy). If you really want to comp Montero to a modern player, look at Hanley Ramirez. But really, you’re right. Theres no need to comp Montero. He is who he is.

                    • Ted Nelson

                      Montero has struggled the majority of the time he’s been in AAA. It’s not a couple of months. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I would guess the bad months in AAA outnumber the good. He got really hot for a couple of months last season and that’s basically saved his AAA career. I’m not “worried”… I just see this as dragging down any future projection at least slightly.

              • MikeD

                That’s the point I’m referring to below. Expectations are not grounded in reality with Montero. People were taking the Miggy and Big Hurt references as gospel, engraving the kids HOF plaque.

                He did take a step back this year. He seems to be coming on strong again. The Yankees made a determination he wasn’t ready and everything I saw (as limited as it was) leads me to believe they were correct. The references to his focus drifting or maturity issues doesn’t make him a bad kid. It means he’s still learnings. He’s 21. Hopefully he’s about to start a nice, long MLB career, but fans needs to get their expectations in order.

      • SDM

        Its not just this one game, people the entire season have been bitching like Montero has no power because he hadn’t been hitting as many homers as they wanted. My point is that this guy has shown an immense amount of power his entire career. Power is often cited as the last skill to develop as well as the last to leave.

        Montero’s 5 years in the organization screams that he is a power hitting slugger; yet after slight drought people started jumping ship and crying doom.

        • Ted Nelson

          I believe you are incorrect in your assessment of why people have been bitching. They have been bitching because in his second full season at the same level his power has fallen off significantly. They are noticing that… all you have to do to be on the same page as them there is look at his stats. The question of why he is suddenly hitting for less power is valid. The answer? That’s open to interpretation unless we get some sort of pretty definitive answer like he’s injured or it was just a fluke after we get a few more years of evidence of whatever.

          And it’s not HRs. He’s hit half as many 2Bs so far as last season. I am not saying this dooms his prospects… I’m saying it’s a red flag that I’d like to get an answer about. Probably the only way to get an answer is patience.

          • SDM

            There are a ton of mitigating circumstances that can shape the number of dbl’s. Better defensive plays from opposing teams, those “balls hit so hard they’re singles”, and even Jesus’ own physical speed.

            You call it a red flag, it’s not because we’ve seen the power for years, we continue to see it today. Its not like we’re projecting power like we do for Heathecott, or Mason; we know the power is present in Montero and its a safe bet to say he is only going to continue to get stronger as he matures.

            • Ted Nelson

              Are you really saying that his doubles have been cut in half over almost a whole season due to bad luck and a big power decline is not a reason for some concern and inquiry into why his power is down?

              Again… I am not drawing conclusions about why his power is down. You are the only one drawing conclusions and seemingly 100% sure that it’s nothing. I am not 100% sure it’s something… far from it. I am just open to the possibility. Maybe it’s a short-term concern like a nagging injury or a small mechanical flaw (that might have already been corrected during the All-Star break)… maybe it’s a longer-term concern. I have no idea.

              To summarize: Other people are merely wondering why his power is down. You are 100% sure that his power is not actually down no matter what his performance says and jumping down the throats of people who wonder why his power is down this season and what that says about his future.

        • camilo gerardo

          People are very mellowdramatic, as noted above. I stay away from it, successfully. Jesus will be a great MLer

  • MikeD

    I’m fine with Montero spending a second year at AAA, especially since his position is catcher, which is at the extreme end of the defensive scale.

    The Rays are noted for holding back their prospects until they believe they’re ready and are praised for that approach. Here at RAB, Yankee fans have been trying to promote Montero to the MLB roster since he appeared in AA.

    Montero will be here shortly, but he will probably disappoint many at the start because the hype meter is off the scale.

    • Ted Nelson

      Good points. The thing I find especially contradictory is how much love the Tampa Bay organization gets on this very site. People (writers, commenters) constantly praise that organization and often wish the Yankees were more like them. When the Yankees do make an effort to be more like them by taking it slowly with prospects or signing bargain bin free agents… there will be numerous articles on this site about how it will not work out and/or the Yankees are dumb for doing it.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        “When the Yankees do make an effort to be more like them by taking it slowly with prospects or signing bargain bin free agents… there will be numerous articles on this site about how it will not work out and/or the Yankees are dumb for doing it.”

        To be fair, I think that’s much more prevalent in the comments than it is in the posts themselves.

        • Ted Nelson

          More prevalent probably. I think it’s fair to say that all three of the main writers have written negatively about one, multiple, or all of the following, though: Garcia and Colon’s chances this season, drafting non-BA hyped prospects early (which Tampa does all the time), and keeping Montero in AAA.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            I’m sure the great Ted Nelson knew that both Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon were going to have great outlier seasons that far exceeded expectations. Give me a break.

            • Ted Nelson

              You’re nitpicking one part of my comment, which was not meant to be a scathing rebuke of RAB… just a comment.

              Tampa Bay is great, but when the Yankees act like Tampa Bay… Yankees fans usually aren’t happy at the moment when it happens. That was my point. Not that I can predict the future. Let’s not build a strawman here.

              Garcia having a successful season would not have been an outlier. He’s been more successful that I expected, but I expected him to have a successful season. I don’t think this was some bold prediction that makes me smart… I think it was painfully obvious in looking at the evidence that he should be expected to be decent (not that he would necessarily live up to expectations… just expected to). There were several RAB articles at the time talking about how he has this long history of injury, etc… which ignored his actual injury history. One very serious injury. A long road of several years to get back. Then a decent pitcher in the 1.25 seasons he was fully back from it.

              I harped on the Garcia issue literally all winter from the time he was signed through his pre-season struggles… so yes… I saw a decent season from Garcia (not this good, but decent) coming from day 1 and there is documented proof of that on your own site.

              Colon was a lot more of a crap shoot unless someone had watched DWL and/or knew details of his procedure. I wasn’t sure what to expect there. Again, though… that was not my point. My point was that signing cheap guys like that is a Tampa Bay sort of move (not in their rotation at present, but generally speaking). My original point was that people often want the Yankees to emulate certain strong parts of Tampa’s strategy… and when they do those same people complain. Mike (along with others) often admires Tampa’s player development and rip the Yankees for rushing certain prospects, but when the Yankees pull a Tampa move by leaving a prospect down even though he’s getting MLB ready… they are unwilling to put the best team on the field. I’m just pointing out that a double standard often emerges by which Tampa is only praised and NYY are only criticized. Tampa had guys like Sam Fuld up over Desmond Jennings for most of the season.

  • David, Jr.

    As I have said before, I tend to use my eyes rather than stats. Of course stats are the ultimate measure of performance, but with a young player there is a lot of projection involved. It is like in horse racing, in that if you exclusively used stats, you would always bet on the favorite, but better gamblers are able to pick better odds by discerning subtle patterns of improvement.

    I have seen him several times. I see:

    Catching – He will catch. Period. Don’t worry about it.

    Hitting – He is a freak. He can flick balls 400 feet when he is off balance. The Cano comparisons are not off base at all. He needs to be a little more patient and learn what they are trying to do with him. That is it. Projecting him in about three years when he grows into his body is enough to cause one to shake. He could hit .325 with 40 HRs.

    Trades – I am betting that he is now virtually untouchable. The exception of course would be for a true #1 starter.

    Bringing him up – They are smart in how he is being handled. The decision will revolve around stagnancy, i.e. when they feel that he isn’t learning anything, that he is better off being surrounded by veteran major leaguers.

    • MikeD

      Agreed in that there is no reason for him to return to AAA. He’s had two seasons of full-time catching at AAA, he’ll be 22 next season, so they need to either carve out playing time where he’s catching and DHing at least five times a week, or they need to trade him/package him for MLB talent that can help the team. Romine is pushing, too, and should be at AAA.

      With the DH spot opening up, his path to MLB AB seems pretty clear. How much he catches will depend on what he can show behind the plate.

      • David, Jr.

        I can see Cervelli being traded in an offseason deal. That opens backup catcher for Montero, plus they have Romine as insurance, such as for injury.

        It would be a very nice intro – DH and catching some games. He breaks in very smoothly and there isn’t so much pressure on Martin to play so much.

        Got a little excited above, speaking of his ceiling. I can’t see how he won’t be a middle of the order hitter. You just don’t see people that strong with that kind of ability to make hard contact.