Game 124: Saturday Night


Pitch well A.J., not in the mood for your crap. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Man, I despise weekend night games. They just feel so unnatural, almost like it’s a weekday, and that sucks. Anyway, here’s the lineup…

Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Andruw Jones, DH
Russell Martin, C
Eduardo Nunez, 3B
Brett Gardner, LF

A.J. Burnett, SP

First pitch is scheduled for 7:10pm ET and can be seen on YES locally or MLB Network nationally.

Alex Rodriguez Update: A-Rod ran the bases, did the whole workout routine today, but he obviously has not been activated. Joe Girardi said it’s “very possible” that Alex will play tomorrow, but he wants to see how he feels when he shows up to the park first. The Yankees are off on Monday, I’m guessing they’ll wait until Tuesday to activate him.

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    Win today and Yanks go 30 games over .500

  2. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    AJ will give up a homer to Mauer tonight

  3. John Pelafigue says:

    Sat games blackout MLB. TV, reminder.

  4. Gauging some opinions here: Would you all want Rich Harden? I think he’s healthy. If he wasn’t he would not be pitching this month. He’d be a good add, I think.

  5. Greg says:

    Brewers just blew a 7-1 lead in two innings to the Mets. 8 runs in 2 innings

  6. JobaWockeeZ says:

    So Chuck Knoblauch follows me on Twitter. Fucking awesome. Never again will I comment on his…unique stance.

  7. Mike Axisa says:

    Izzy’s about to blow it! Should of kept K-Rod!

  8. Greg says:

    And now Isringhausen as given 2 walks and a single to load the bases with nobody out

  9. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Off topic and random, but is there any particular reason that central time teams play 6:00 games on saturdays?

  10. Phife Dawg says:

    Code red meltdown at Citi Field.

  11. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol Mets fans sure have it hard.

  12. bonestock94 says:

    lol, Braun or Fielder will win it

  13. teddy says:

    come on jeter take a strike

  14. Greg says:

    Izzy: Three walks and a single score a run. They bring in Acosta.

  15. Ethan says:

    I would hate to be a mets fan right now. It’s good to have a quality closer :)

  16. Karl Krawfid says:

    I guess Flaherty didn’t watch the postseason last year.

  17. Jesse says:

    Who gives a shit about the Mets?

  18. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Here comes a Fielder slam

  19. bonestock94 says:

    Tie game LOL

  20. Will says:

    Yanks helping Liriano out by not waiting him out. Has had horrible command this year. Jeet out on a 2-0 pitch, Grandy on a 2-1, Tex on 3-1 SMH. I wouldn’t be saying this at all if it wasn’t an AJ day but it is and you need to score enough runs to cover an inning implosion.

  21. Mike Axisa says:

    Man, that is a brutal way to lose a game.

  22. V says:

    I have Parnell and Izzy on my fantasy team. Fuck.

  23. Greg says:

    Tell you, Plouffe has power.

  24. Cy Pettitte says:

    we are getting Plouffe’d hard

  25. Karl Krawfid says:

    AJ is dumb.

  26. Jesse says:

    In other news, Yankees starter A.J Burnett gave up a double to PLOUFFE!! looks like A.J wants to get into trouble in the first instead of the 4th, 5th, or 6th inning.

  27. StanfordBen says:

    Oh wait, it isn’t blacked out on I guess that notice I posted above was wrong; it’s if it starts before 7:05 ET.

    Sweet, I was going to have to listen to the Twins radio otherwise to avoid Sterling.

  28. Will says:

    Wow AJ. You had a couple of pitches to waste on an 0-2 count and you go with a meatball down the middle.

  29. Jesse says:

    Over/Under: A.J gives up 1.5 homers in his start.

  30. Mike Axisa says:

    That sun is brutal.

  31. teddy says:

    lol how he doesn’t score on that

  32. Greg says:

    Luckily Plouffe didn’t score on that.

  33. Not scoring from second on a hit like that is one of the reasons the Twins are 54-70.

  34. Those were a lovely pair of curves by Allan James.

  35. Will says:

    Hector Noesi > Alan James Burnett

  36. Cy Pettitte says:

    Girardi needs to pull his players off the field. DID HE LEARN NOTHING FROM TORRRE? (plus it would end this AJ start.)

  37. Carcillo says:

    The Mets are a spectacle to behold.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  38. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Twins are whiny bitches.

  39. Jesse says:

    Yay another A.J wild pitch!

  40. Cy Pettitte says:

    get Noesi up pls.

  41. Jerome S. says:

    Let’s be honest, when a guy gets to third and AJ’s on the mound he might as well score.

  42. Cuso says:

    I’m thinking of starting an “AJ sucks” chant.

    Who’s in?

  43. RayFo says:

    So frustrating to think that AJ is not going to lose his starting job despite being the Yankees worst starter.

  44. Will says:

    AJ Burnett = 90% chance of loss

  45. Bronx Byte says:

    Burnett stinking it up early is absolutely no surprise.

  46. Cuso says:

    I told my cousin last night, and I have absolutely no sane explanation for my next sentence.

    When I hear “Plouffe,” I think ‘tampon.’

  47. teddy says:

    i can’t believe cashman can defend aj , should gave up 1 run

  48. Karl Krawfid says:

    Gonna turn this game off.

    Don’t want this to mess my Saturday up.

  49. BigTimeBartolo says:

    AJ is so so so soo fucking bad. I hate him

  50. ItsATarp says:

    Unlike last start this might be a legit shitty AJ start.

  51. Will says:

    Release AJ please. The bum brings nothing to the table anymore. He can’t be trusted with a 10 run lead and can’t even have a clean first inning.

    • Greg says:

      You want to eat 85 million dollars?

      • Jetrer says:

        its only about $35M left

        • It won’t happen this winter, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see AJ unceremoniously dumped next winter if he continues to be this bad and if enough internal options mature to ML readiness (Banuelos, Betances, Warren, etc.) to make him even more superfluous.

          1yr/16.5M would still be a shitload to eat, but if he’s truly not remotely one of the five best starters, it is what it is. Teams don’t normally cut players with that much money left out of fear that you’ll be paying a player oodles of money to play for someone else and beat you… but I’m not really that worried about A.J. signing elsewhere and coming back to haunt us.

          I don’t think Burnett is capable of coming back to haunt anyone anymore (other than the fans of the team he’s pitching for).

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        You’re right, we should make him a ball boy.

      • Will says:

        No just what’s left. Better than putting him out there and letting him serve up grapefruits. The guy is trash. A two pitch pitcher whose quality of said two pitches are quickly deteriorating.

      • Crime Dog says:

        I’m not really that hungry

      • toad says:

        You’re going to eat it either way.

  52. bonestock94 says:

    Ah, good ole Joba days

  53. Len S. says:

    I wish him such ill, the rascal.

  54. ItsATarp says:

    I LIKE TO OVERREACT WHEN AJ STARTS…DERP…calm down guys lets start bitching when aj gives up 2 more runs. Right now it’s only a 2 run game.

  55. Your mom says:

    Nice change-up.

  56. teddy says:

    thats a good 3 and 2 breaking pitch

  57. Greg says:

    To be fair, this was the one game that was in question in the series.

  58. ItsATarp says:

    1 more run and imma start join the bitching yay

  59. Greg says:

    Told you this game was in question

  60. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    come on, let’s get swish on the mound.

  61. Reggie C. says:

    Too much peroxide in AJ’s head.

  62. Brent says:

    Words cannot express my level of frustration.

  63. bonestock94 says:

    Fucking jackass

  64. A.J. says:


  65. Bronx Byte says:

    Take Burnett out ……. NOW !
    He’s done enough damage.

  66. Will says:

    God I hate Danny Valencia. Smug little bastard thinks he’s hot shit.

  67. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Phantom DL AJ please. He’s had the case of the suck for years.

  68. Your mom says:

    Nice to see August-AJ back.

  69. Jesse says:

    Boy, I sure love this objective pipe.


  70. Cy Pettitte says:

    I’m smoking the objective pipe but it’s not making things any better.

  71. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Fuck AJ Burnett. Can’t wait till this sack of shit’s contract is up

  72. Cy Pettitte says:

    where are all these 2-hit shutouts everyone keeps talking about?

  73. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    someone needs to tell Kay the last time AJ pitched a 2 hit shutout.

  74. teddy says:

    aj fastball is awful, somebody needs to tell kay that

  75. Cy Pettitte says:

    i done told you don’t fuck with Russell

  76. Captain Beatty says:

    Freddy comes back and it’s finally goodbye for this clown. Left off the postseason roster or left for dead, who cares. Good riddance.

  77. first time lawng time says:

    Ooooooooh my God. Everyone chill. It just a game. And it’s only- ONLY- the second inning.

    Just shut up an let the game play itself out and see what happens. If they lose, they lose. Big whoop.

    I’m concerned for your blood pressures.

    • bonestock94 says:

      Wow, haven’t heard big whoop since the 90′s

    • Guns of the Navarone says:

      Only this has been going on with AJ for two years now. It’s beyond ok to feel this way about him.

    • Captain Beatty says:

      This clown has pitched to a 5 ERA the past 2 years. When will people realize it’s not just one start? It’s 2 years of this same old shit. Dump his ass already.

    • That.

      Look, we all (except for you) would love to see AJ demoted from the rotation, but it’s just not going to happen. We’re stuck with him, like the Knicks were stuck with Eddy Curry. Learn to accept it.

      As for tonight:

      1.) It’s only the 2nd. We have plenty of time to score more runs with our awesome offense to still win this game.
      2.) If any team in baseball is capable of losing a game to A.J. Burnett… it’s the Twins.
      3.) We’re 29 games above .500 with a 99% playoff odds. If we lose this game, big fucking deal.

      • A-Rod's Wingman says:

        This is a stupid comparison for a number of reasons, the Yankees’ goal is to win a World Series every year. The Knicks haven’t had championship aspirations this millennium. The Yankees are one of the wealthiest teams on the planet and can spend to their heart’s content. The Knicks are hindered by a salary cap. Finally AJ probably isn’t doomed to be this horrible forever. Something is clearly wrong with him and there’s probably a chance that he could be rebuilt into a capable starter with some time off and some time in the minors. They’re into this guy for two more years and they don’t want to go into next year and 2013 with this version of AJ Burnett. They may as well see if some time off and some work in the minors could do him some good.

  78. bonestock94 says:

    Sick play, didn’t think he was out till the replay

  79. Len S. says:

    He needs to take flight lessons.

  80. ItsATarp says:

    AJ must have the most hittable 95 MPH fastball

  81. Mike Axisa says:

    Four extra base hits allowed to the first eight batters.

  82. Your mom says:

    wow, 4 extra base hits already.

  83. Brandon says:

    I think its getting to be time for Hector Noesi to make his last big league appearance before he comes back as a September call up.

  84. Steve O says:

    I would just like to say this about Burnett. When it comes to ulcers he it what is called a carrier.

  85. Captain Beatty says:

    Why even try to steal? Just wait for a meatball or a base on balls. It’s bound to come with Burnett on the hill.

  86. Dino Velvet says:

    Suck on this pipe, Cashman.

  87. Monteroisdinero says:

    AJ getting knocked around by the Rochester/Minny Twins.

    5th starter next year for obviou$ reason$, then gone next winter as per TSJC’s comment.

    /cuts our losses

  88. Cy Pettitte says:

    AJ will be lucky to go 3 tonight, 45 pitches already.

  89. Monteroisdinero says:

    There should be a stat for “wild pitches saved” Love to see that added to AJ’s #’s.

  90. Len S. says:

    I wanna kick him so hard in the nuts that my foot breaks.

  91. pastadivingarod says:

    AJ’s next contract kansas city royals 2 yrs 6 million with opt out after one.

  92. ItsATarp says:

    Now i’m going to join in on the AJ bashing…Friggin learn to throw a strike thats not down the middle…

  93. teddy says:

    i rather start betances

  94. Greg says:

    If only Revere had aimed that ball properly…

  95. Monteroisdinero says:

    I think most Yankee fans take AJ’s crappy pitches in the dirt “personally”.

    Let’s go to long relief and begin crawling back on Liriano.

  96. Your mom says:

    Anyone warming up yet?

  97. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    AJ for Harden get it done Cash.

  98. Cuso says:

    I blame the bleach blonde ‘do.’

  99. teddy says:

    he was out, oh well

  100. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    out. Replay, plz.

  101. ItsATarp says:

    Human element

  102. Grit for Brains says:

    This is really painful

  103. ItsATarp says:

    Aj is just trying to make it easy for Girardi

  104. Cy Pettitte says:

    ok that’s enough AJ for tonight. (1000% serious)

  105. bonestock94 says:

    allllllllllllll aboooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard, hahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  106. Captain Beatty says:

    How long can a pitcher keep his spot in the rotation based on one performance 2 years ago? I mean this is ridiculous. You can’t continue to trot people out there that suck. They told Jorge, now tell this idiot he can sit down in the pen to collect his paycheck.

  107. RayFo says:

    Is anyone warming up in the bullpen or is Girardi going to save the bullpen and punt this game?

  108. pastadivingarod says:

    This guy should give back the remaining money on his contract.

  109. bonestock94 says:

    Is there a long man?

  110. Ryan says:


  111. first time lawng time says:

    People were complaining about AJ giving up a double to Plouffe…Hughes gave up a HR to him yesterday.

    I’m not defending AJ’s performance, but the least you guys could do is have a bit of consistency when critiquing.

  112. Will says:

    AJ is like cheese, it gets stinkier as time goes by.

  113. Cuso says:

    It’s pretty incredible that through almost 3 full years, AJ hasn’t hit the DL.

    At least he keeps taking the ball…

  114. Brandon says:

    I pray Hector Noesi is getting warm right now.

  115. Mykey says:

    AJ Burnett is doing his best work to wind up in my short list of all time HATED Yankee pitchers along with Pavano and Brown. He’s not there yet, don’t get me wrong. It takes a lot to make that list, but he’s not helping his case.

  116. pastadivingarod says:

    Plouffe LOL sounds like a beer fart.

  117. Dino Velvet says:

    Is anyone warming up?

  118. Captain Beatty says:

    Thank God. Get him out of there and send his ass out of the rotation!

  119. SMK says:

    Saturday night’s alright for fighting (as long as that fighting involves everyone beating the shit out of AJ Burnett.)

  120. Dino Velvet says:

    Oh, THANK GOD!

  121. Cy Pettitte says:

    lip readers, what did AJ just say?

  122. pastadivingarod says:

    Burnett thats bullshit!
    Girardi get your ass in the dugout!

  123. JobaWockeeZ says:

    AJ doesn’t even know how bad he is. I never back Girardi but come on, this is the right move.

  124. Karl Krawfid says:

    Gonna tell Joe G that’s fucking bullshit?

    Fuck you AJ.

  125. StanfordBen says:

    Wow, did AJ just say “That’s bullshit” to Girardi? Couldn’t tell exactly what he said, but that’s what it looked it.

  126. Brandon says:

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out, AJ. And he said something to Girardi.

    DFA this clown. Cut your losses and just get rid of his ass.

  127. Captain Beatty says:

    That’s the last round of applause AJ Burnett will receive this season because he ain’t starting no more!

  128. Dennis says:

    I think kay gets an orgasm every time he says “the old jeff nelson”

  129. bobtaco says:

    Too bad Joe can’t actually bring out a giant hook like if he was at The Apollo.

    AJ should be embarrassed as much as possible.

  130. Jetrer says:

    how the fuck can he complain about being taken out? He needs to join Cashman in an objectivity pipe circle.

  131. Ryan says:

    Can we Igawa AJ?

  132. Mike HC says:

    I bet its the left eye that ends up black this time …

    Any takers?

  133. bonestock94 says:

    Hopefully he punches a door and breaks his hand.

  134. BigTimeBartolo says:

    Hopefully AJ punches a wall out of frustration, breaks his hand and then the yankees can void the rest of his contract.

  135. mt says:

    Did AJ say “that’s fucking bullshit?”?

  136. mike c says:

    no AJ, your pitching is bullshit

  137. Monteroisdinero says:

    Wow. AJ telling Joe “That’s fuckin bullshit”

    Girardi: “I want guys to be pissed when they suck”

  138. Erica says:

    Did AJ just mouth to Girardi, “That’s fucking bullshit” or am I seeing things?!?

  139. Captain Beatty says:

    If Ayala gets out of this AJ will have only given up 4 runs. That’s good enough in this league and worthy of a rotation spot.


    • Eric Duncan says:

      Cut it out bro.

      Regarding Brian Cashman , of course you’d like to get 6 innings or at the very LEAST 5 innings (which I think is a joke) and 4er’s.

  140. Cuso says:

    Suzyn Waldman just said that Twins fans are giving AJ a standing ovation.


  141. Carcillo says:

    Out before the end of the 2nd inning.

    Well done, AJ.

  142. ItsATarp says:

    AJ is going to get another black eye

  143. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I haven’t been following the team for a week. Did someone murder Noesi?

  144. Jesse says:

    Not trying to spam, just for entertainment purposes.

  145. crapmaster general says:

    that’s exactly what it looked like to me. I agree that it is indeed bullshit, but not for the same reasons…

  146. Eric Duncan says:

    And that’s it…

    He doesn’t have it today plus it looks like had some words for Girardi saying he doesn’t agree with this move

    What can he disagree about or say ?????

    I can only dream of a Gil Meche situation where he just walks away after this season

  147. Rockstar4Life says:

    Come on AJ lose your cool and punch something, thus breaking your hand and going to the DL. He’s a disgrace.

  148. dkidd says:

    if you think aj’s contract is bad, reflect on this:

    carl crawford has a lower ops than yunieski betancourt

  149. Reggie C. says:

    I hope Joe G. knocks some location back into AJ.

  150. Jerome S. says:

    I would kill to get a camera in that clubhouse.

  151. Cy Pettitte says:

    hopefully AJ punches something and goes on the DL

  152. pastadivingarod says:

    I hope Joey punches him in the eye.

  153. Your mom says:

    Oh oh. Phantom black eye again?

  154. Bronx Byte says:

    Burnett glared at Girardi after leaving the mound. The best hope is that he punches a wall in the clubhouse and fractures his pitching hand. DL the rest of the year.

  155. Joba4Prez says:

    “That’s Fucking Bullshit”

  156. Frank says:

    Seriously, the Yanks need to cut bait with this guy. They’ve eaten contracts in the past- they can do it here. He’s just a fucking loser.

  157. A.J. says:


  158. Your mom says:

    Can’t believe he threw more strikes than balls. . . . . .

  159. Captain Beatty says:

    Girardi better be telling Burnett that you do not disrespect your manager. You will go to the bullpen and will not start another game for the Yankees this season, period.

  160. Ivan says:

    I cant wait to hear Cashman reaction. What next he is going to say, “well every pitcher has a off game, but he can shut em down with the best of them and you guys need to lay off the guy” pssssh.

  161. Kostas says:

    This guy is a head case like McDonald and can’t handle NY….. Yanks need to cut bait…

    Interesting point though, Cashman defended AJ, Yikes!

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Him being one of the worst starters in the MLB is not because of the pressure in NY. Fact.

      • Kostas says:

        I didn’t say he was the worst in MLB because of NY… said he was a headcase and can’t handle NY…Him being one of the worst starters in MLB and being signed by Cashman is only magnified because he is in NY. Either way, he can’t handle NY and it affects his diminished pitching skills.

  162. Erica says:

    Oh for the love of GOD!

  163. Cy Pettitte says:


  164. Your mom says:

    Yay Ayala! Great job!

  165. The Constant Gardner says:

    Can we call up Manny? Or Dellin? Or Kei?

  166. Greg says:

    Remember that doesnt go against Ayala’s ERA.

  167. fresco says:

    That comment that came out of AJs mouth is the exact reason why his overrated overpaid mental case self needs to be yanked from this rotation its his job to perform well and hes just flat out not. You then decide that the manager doing his job is bullshit because he doesnt want to leave you out there to give up another 4 runs and really put the game out of distance. What a joke that guy is. When Freddy is healthy Yank AJ out the rotation and give him mop up duty maybe that’ll wake him up if not who cares hell atleast be as bad as he was before he got the BP treatment.

  168. MattG says:

    Damn, it’s going to be fun to see how the Twins manage to lose this one.

  169. Erica says:


  170. Captain Beatty says:

    There is no defense now to keep this guy in the rotation, especially if Nova puts up another good performance tomorrow. He’s the worst pitcher in the staff for the 2nd year in a row. He’s pitched to a 5 ERA for the 2nd year in a row. The only reason he’s still here is because of the idiotic contract Cashman gave him. Ballgame over now, thank you AJ.

  171. My God, the shit has hit the fan.

  172. Monteroisdinero says:

    Well-3/4 with AJ crappin was what most of the smart money was predicting a few days ago.

    Run Royals Run on Waketalamacchia.

  173. Greg says:

    And those dont go against Ayala’s ERA

  174. pastadivingarod says:

    Aj took off again

  175. Karl Krawfid says:

    GJ Ayala

    fuck AJ.

  176. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Ayala keeps his shiny ERA

  177. Cy Pettitte says:

    lol put some more runs on AJ

  178. Reggie C. says:

    This is conduct unbecoming …

  179. Carl LaFong says:

    Wow, AJ w/a gem of a gutty, gritty performance.

  180. Jerome S. says:

    Girardi told Ayala to fuck it up to spite AJ.

  181. tom says:

    so, whether this remained a winnable game more or less depended on Ayala preventing those runners from scoring.

    Good night.

  182. Mykey says:

    Michael Kay: “This is Ayala’s jam to get out of.”

    Wait what?

  183. Kostas says:

    That’ll about do it… If Liriano continues to throw like he has so far.

    It is not the end of the world but it is sad that an organization like the Yankees cannot learn from its past mistakes. Heading into the playoffs, AJ is not worthy of a roster spot but will get one because of his salary. This is one of the downfalls of the Yankees as an organization, they live for the now and end up with AJ’s, kevin Brown, Pavano, Farnsworth, Randy Johnson, etc…

  184. BigTimeBartolo says:

    I can’t stand watching this horseshit. Girardi should be taking notes…no Burnett or Ayala on the Post-season roster

  185. Cuso says:

    With AJ, you always knew it had to get worse before it got better.

    There needs to be some controversial blow-up.

    I’m in the minority, I’m sure. But AJ needs to blow up and lose a couple of screws. Let that shit out, dude.

    Just don’t don’t pull a K-Brown.

  186. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yeah I don’t get why people here think Ayala is good.

  187. first time lawng time says:

    You know what I recommend? Watching games in a mellow state of mind. Instead of flipping an being like “3 more years of this schmuck!” “this guy fucking sucks!” and just complaining, why not just let it go?

    I mean you’re all skepticizing whether or not he’ll be out of the rotation and how to get rid of him..,
    WHO FUCKING CARES?! Nothing you guys do or say will have any impact whatsoever on the franchise. So instead of dwelling on it and driving yourself insane, just mellow out and watch the game. Every single one of you is a nobody that has no influence on the team’s decisions so just GET OVER IT.

    There’s no point in getting pissed off about a game.

    I just watch them and let whatever happen, happen. What is the point in getting worked up over a Yankee game when they have clinched a playoff spot?

    Oh boo hoo the Yankees will be down HALF a game tomorrow.


    Sorry. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m just in one of those moods where I gotta tell it like it is.

  188. Your mom says:

    Thank God I’m going to work, where I don’t have to subject myself to watching this mediocrity.

  189. pastadivingarod says:

    they should send kim jones into the locker room now to interview him.
    or suyan waldman.

  190. RRRRandy says:

    I just don’t understand how AJ is unable to make adjustments during a start and during his 5 days of rest.

    It’s ridiculous. He doesn’t learn.

  191. RRRRandy says:

    I just don’t understand how AJ is unable to make adjustments during a start and/or during his 5 days of rest.

    It’s ridiculous. He doesn’t learn.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      There are seldom things he can do. His control is FUBAR. That’s apparently fucked for life. His third pitch is also unusable. There are very few things one can do with 2 pitches and when most of the time you can’t use either of them.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Add to that his stuff is diminishing markedly. He touched 97 when he pitched in 2009. He maxes out at 94 now. I think it’s as simple as that: his stuff has diminished to where he’s a back of the rotation starter.

  192. RayFo says:

    Yep Joe clearly decided to punt this game. Thanks Joe.

  193. tom says:

    Ayala’s ERA for that inning: a pristine 0.00

  194. Pat D says:

    I was going to be a smart ass and ask what I’d missed, but it’s beyond funny now.

    All I’ll say is this: I would have brought in Robertson instead of Ayala, and AJ has to have at least one more start because of the upcoming DH, right? After that banish his ass to the bullpen, there’s simply nothing more that can be done.

  195. Kostas says:

    So will Webster’s Dictionary now add another definition to ass whipping…. means getting an AJ.

  196. James says:

    Look on the bright side guys… at least AJ’s contract isn’t Barry Zito’s :p. Although to be honest, contracts aside, I’d almost rather have Zito at this point.

    Look on the bright side… at least AJ isn’t Carlos Zambrano.

  197. Captain Beatty says:

    We’ll know when Freddy comes back what they’re going to do. It doesn’t make any sense to keep this guy around. If we could release him that would be ideal, but all we can do is put him in the bullpen and only use him in blowouts. Problem is, he’s the only one that creates the blowout.

  198. SMK says:

    AJ Burnout

  199. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Serious question: are they “out” of this game? I mean they ARE playing the Twins…

  200. Cy Pettitte says:

    at least the post game should be good.

  201. JP says:

    Don’t worry. We could be the Mets.

  202. Captain Beatty says:

    Burnett’s ERA last season- 5.26
    Burnett’s ERA this season- 4.96

    Cashman certainly got bang for his buck on this one. Time to admit your mistake and banish this guy to the bullpen already.

  203. SamWalt says:

    Yikes. AJ’s WPA for this game: A fat -.292

  204. Monteroisdinero says:

    We need a comeback game. Hang in there. As Mike always says: we will bring the tying run to the plate in this game.

  205. pastadivingarod says:

    Igawa him!
    SWB the rest of the season. Or Japan?

  206. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Gritner and Gritnez = win

  207. Monteroisdinero says:

    Eddie Eddie Eddie!

    /Giacomin for u old timers.

  208. Bartolo's Colon says:

    i so hope we score 7 runs in this inning so aj can say that he kept us in the game

  209. bobtaco says:

    Here come the Yanks. This one will hurt the Twins bad when they lose it.

  210. iloveyoubartolo says:

    We’ll see Adam Warren on Saturday, right?

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      AJ is our number two starter.

      /Not really but he might think that’d
      /Regardless his rotation spot won’t be in question’d

  211. Karl Krawfid says:

    Grandy triple inc.

  212. Ryan says:

    I hate how they keep referencing him getting a win last time out. He miraculously held the Royals to 3 runs on 10 HITS! Let’s stop talking about wins like they mean anything for a pitcher.

  213. pastadivingarod says:

    At least the first hour of Francessa will be entertaining on Mon.

  214. Monteroisdinero says:

    Jeets with a Showalterian ab.

  215. Steve S. says:

    I have a question for someone who’s a little nerdier than I am. What’s the Yanks win expectancy right now?

    I’m wondering if I should start posting comments about the veggie lasagna I have in the oven and the southwestern chicken wraps I plan to make tomorrow afternoon. Or if its too soon for that.

  216. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Lol it’s not even close to Grandy’s award to lose.

  217. JP says:

    The Big Pelf for AJ.

    This off-season.

    Not a salary dump.

    A fresh start dump.

    Everybody wins.

  218. pastadivingarod says:

    AJ to the royals for a bag of balls and some pine tar.

  219. Mike Axisa says:

    Changeup, strike three.

  220. Greg says:

    That was our chance.

  221. V says:

    Why a pitcher would throw anything OTHER than a changeup in a 2-strike count against Teixeira, I’ll never know.

  222. first time lawng time says:

    For everyone that gets pissed over what th media says about the Yankees, just remember: they wouldn’t wore such thing I’d te Yankees were some historically shitty franchise that has losing seasons on a consistent basis.

  223. Greg says:

    And I know that we will most likely go to the playoffs, but we want to be the best and prove those people who TJSC says to fuck wrong.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      the Sox have not won anything yet.

      • Greg says:

        Except IMO, the love and respect of everybody in the nation.

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          They haven’t won anything meaningful

        • first time lawng time says:

          Who cares what the nation thinks?

          The way I see it is, I have a team that has won 27 championships and wins consistently. I will take that than be the fan of a team who the only reason people are so sympathetic towards is that they historically sucked for 86 years.

          Embrace being the evil empire.

          • Pat D says:

            To be fair, they didn’t suck for all of those 86 years.

          • Greg says:

            I’ve said this before.

            Winning when your the evil empire is especially good.

            Losing when your the evil empirte sucks extra.

            I just think people need a bit of reminding of who the boss is and that’s why I’m concerned about Boston. They are starting to come out of their role.

            • Pat D says:

              Greg, you know what my ultimate nightmare is? A Red Sox-Phillies World Series. There’s a decent chance that happens this year.

              I’m not going to jump off a bridge if it happens, though. It’s something I can’t control, so I’ll have to live with it.

              Now if that happens and there is also an Eagles-Jets Super Bowl, I might consider it.

              • Greg says:

                I dont really care about the Phillies that much. Except when they play us.

                As for Eagles-Jets, as a Jet fan I would welcome it.

                • Pat D says:

                  I live in Phillies country and Philadelphia fans are especially terrible when their teams are doing well.

                  And I’m a Giants fan.

              • first time lawng time says:

                A Red Sox-Phillies World Series.

                Yoooooo THAT WOULD SUCK!

              • Kiko Jones says:

                My nightmare is a Phillies-Red Sox WS in which the Sux win it all. (I’m the rare NY baseball fan who actually likes the Phillies.) Twice in the last decade was bad enough, I don’t need to hear the ESPN knuckleheads and their slightly less ass-kissing MLBN counterparts going on and on about how the Sux are gods and they just knew they’d win it all. That’s a nightmare.

            • The Fallen Phoenix says:

              No. That’s insecure bullshit. We’re Yankees fans, and whether we’re winning OR losing, we don’t need to give a damn about ANYONE.

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          Aaron Laffey = Nope.

  224. Cy Pettitte says:

    if I had a dollar for every time Tex swung over a change for strike 3…

  225. Greg says:

    Oh great. That other team leads.

    Its only a half game but Mike said that this stretch of games was the one to work on our divisional lead.

    • first time lawng time says:

      Cry me a river, Greg. CRY ME A RIVER.

      Seriously, though, it doesn’t matter. They could be in first by Monday.


      Honestly, Greg, go an entire week just watching Yankee games without checking up on how the Red Sox are doing, looking at the standings, or reading ESPN. It’s so relaxing and it’s like you’re cleansing your soul.

      • Greg says:

        Its very hard to avoid the Red Sox when they come in with updates all the time. I just hate ESPN’s love for them because I would think that they would hold themselves to some integrity.

        • first time lawng time says:

          Well, Greggy, I’m sorry, but there just no other way to put it:

          Get over it. Just let it go and move on with your life. Nothing good will come if you just let it annoy you. So just get over it.

  226. Steve S. says:

    Just in case this game isn’t doing it for you

    Graham Stoneburner scheduled to pitch. 2nd game of DH, hasn’t started yet.

  227. Cy Pettitte says:

    getting Kay and K Long mixed up is hilarious.

  228. pastadivingarod says:

    Laffy another 39 how many yankees have worn that number.

  229. tom says:

    So is there any possibility tonight is a lance-the-boil moment? — that it’s now so obvious AJ is an anchor weighing down the team, that it, combined with his borderline insubordination of Girardi, will lead to some diminution of his role on the team?

    Or do they go on as before, with just one more ugly loss on the record and nothing learned ?

  230. Pat D says:

    ARod and JRoll.

  231. stuart a says:

    aj 8 quality starts all 25 starts. less the n33%

    man is he bad……..

  232. Karl Krawfid says:

    Let’s trade for Mauer.

  233. Dave203 says:

    If this stellar outing doesn’t make the Yanks put a claim in on Wandy and trade AJ to some minor league club for a bag a balls. Wandy may not be the #2 type stud he is in the NL, but hell, he’s got to be better than watching this clown month after month.

  234. Pat D says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down a bit with the dump AJ stuff. It doesn’t matter how bad he was tonight and whatever he said to Girardi, he’s owed $33 million over the next two years.

    There is negative infinity chance they’re eating that.

    • Handtius says:

      Agreed. It’s not like buying the wrong flavor snowcone.

    • Steve S. says:

      If they would have bought him at Nordstroms, they’d have no problem whatsoever returning him.

    • Andrew 518 says:

      How dare you make an argument that’s grounded in reality.

      the Yankees are losing!

      • Andrew 518 says:

        All joking aside, that’s the problem here. This sucks and AJ’s not going anywhere.

        It’s kind of like realizing you’re dating the wrong person versus realizing you’ve married the wrong person.

    • tom says:

      I certainly agree, they’re not releasing him. But the whole “he pitches every five days and is our number two guy regardless” has to be getting some kind of re-evaluation. He can’t be bulletproof at this point.

    • Dave203 says:

      I would argue the Yanks would be happy to tank him for $10 million in savings which is doable. For 11.5/season, someone might be willing to take a gamble a change in venue might work. There is no big new story here — this is just classic AJ since he joined the Yanks (outside of 2009). Need to move on — we ate Pavano’s contract (difficult circumstances, but same money) — we need to eat AJ’s and get move along. He is not providing anything positive for the team at this point.

      The name is starting to generate the same nausea the name Pavano generated…

      • Pat D says:

        The Pavano comparison doesn’t apply. He was signed for less money, less years, and he was always injured so it wasn’t even an option for them to dump him.

        And no one is going to take Burnett for $11.5 million a year. I doubt anyone would take him for $5.5 million a year.

  235. Cy Pettitte says:

    yankees should hire Mrs. Jones as a hitting coach.

  236. Steve S. says:

    Game has started, Stoneburner on the bump right now.

  237. pastadivingarod says:

    the beer fart guy learns fast jeter has no range anymore.

  238. pastadivingarod says:

    beerfarts is killing us this series.

  239. Bronx Byte says:

    No possible way can Cashman possibly defend Burnett without showing disrespect to Girardi.
    It’s Cashman’s call to make now. He just can’t defend Burnett anymore and now he has to eat his words. Start by demoting him to the ass end of the bullpen and using him for junk innings. Salary is no longer a consideration.

    • Greg says:

      That’s why AJ saying those things might be beneficial.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Salary should never be a consideration on a team with a $200M payroll. When did the Yankees turn into the Royals?

    • Steve S. says:

      Ummm..if you know anything about Joe, he doesn’t mind pitchers yelling at him when they’re on the mound. As a player he used to laugh about it, as a manager he understands it. He often says in his post games that he like when a player is fiery and competitive out there.

      Not staying on the bench is a no-no, so he told him to get his ass back on the bench. But I really don’t think there’s a lot there, and I’d be shocked if Joe made a big deal of it.

      • JohnnyC says:

        I think Girardi would have appreciated it more if AJ had said it to his face instead of over his shoulder walking away to his back.

  240. Karl Krawfid says:

    Yankees Jesus
    AJ needs help from somebody that is of higher authority than myself.

    omg lol

  241. Handtius says:

    Gardner is good.

  242. jon says:

    i was in the car when AJ got pulled

    i know of course why he got pulled but what happened with girardi?

  243. Karl Krawfid says:

    Joe Girardi walked down the dugout after AJ like he gave him the black eye last year.

  244. Ivan says:

    I mean lets be honest, from the jump, almost all of us knew that the Yankees signing AJ would be a very bad investment. almost all of us were pissed by that signing knowing that AJ wasnt all that good. So should we really b shocked by his shittiness?

    Im not surprise he has been a dissapointment, but I am surprise he b this bad (at least for the last 2 seasons).

  245. Handtius says:

    AJ has been out of the game for a few innings now. Can we move on?? Maybe? Who likes toblerones?

  246. Greg says:

    I think we can deem this experiment shortlived.

  247. JohnnyC says:

    Some inventory.

  248. Monteroisdinero says:

    Laffey will be a Yankee for another week or so. His stuff is awful.

  249. Handtius says:

    We can bitch about laffye or however you spell it. Or blame Joe for leaving him in for too long. I like making fun of the announcers more.

  250. Cy Pettitte says:

    DFA Laffey tomorrow

  251. Karl Krawfid says:

    How hard would it have been to put Noesi in the game?

    I mean really Joe.

  252. Matt says:

    Why would you DFA Carlyle and then add someone like Laffey to the roster? He is terrible, period. He was terrible before he came to the Yankees, and he is just as terrible now.

    He has nothing. No fastball velocity, no fastball control, a flat breaking ball which he can’t control. He wouldn’t even get AAA hitters out.

    Why are they wasting a roster spot on him? He can’t eat innings because he can’t get anybody out! If you want to call up a garbage time reliever, you could probably pluck anyone out of the minor leagues.

    • Greg says:

      He’s a lefty. That’s why.

      • Matt says:

        Not a valid excuse, even though that is what the Yankees are thinking. There is no reason to carry a terrible lefty just because he is a lefty. Lefties hit .250 off of him, which is only impressive because of how bad he actually is as a pitcher. In his career, lefties hit .271 against him. He doesn’t have anything to get lefties or righties out.

      • Matt says:

        Also, if they were so desperate for lefties, why did they release J.C. Romero instead of calling him up, and Greg Smith as well?

        Laffey is on here to soak up garbage time innings, but he is barely even good enough to do that. If you need someone to eat innings who is terrible, then add a crappy starting pitcher who can at least get to 4 or 5 innings because they can throw 100 pitches.

        • Greg says:

          Romero is short lefty who cant give you innings. Greg Smith is a fair point however. The Yankees need a long lefty like a Scott Kazmir or a Zach Duke.

          • Matt says:

            Exactly, but that is my point.

            If they wanted Laffey because he was a lefty, and solely because of that, then why isn’t Romero on the roster?

            They want him to eat innings, and do it in a mediocre fashion. Why do you need to pick up Laffey to do that? Just call someone up.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Wait till you see Raul Valdez.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      You just described a left handed AJ Burnett

    • Pat D says:

      Because Carlyle is just as much as shit.

      Jeez, Laffey may suck, but to rue not having Buddy Carlyle is stupid.

      • Matt says:

        That is not what I said.

        What I did say is that there is no point in releasing Carlyle, only to add someone who is arguably even worse directly to the 25 man right after you did so.

        Carlyle is bad, but not as bad as Laffey. When he throws strikes, he can actually get Major League Hitters out.

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          What are you talking about? Laffey was great pre-ASB. Carlyle hasn’t done shit his whole career.

          • Matt says:

            Do you know HOW bad Laffey has been since the all star break? Coming into tonight:

            9 IP, 21 hits

            Laffey was not even that “good” before the break. He had a 1.34 WHIP despite his 1.87 ERA. That’s Luis Ayala territory, except Laffey has no track record as a reliever.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              Still, he’s way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Carlyle.

              • Matt says:

                What? 21 hits in 9 innings pitched since the ASB. Pretty much any other pitcher in the system above single A could have put up those numbers.

                And my argument is not based around DFA’ing Carlyle. They could have called up ANYONE to fill that role who wasn’t a serious prospect and was stretched out somewhat.

                • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                  I’m not saying you’re argument is based on DFAing Carlyle. You’re saying Carlyle is better than Laffey based on 9 IP since the ASB. That is too small of a sample size to base anything on.

        • Pat D says:

          They also didn’t DFA Carlyle for Laffey.

          • Matt says:

            Again, I never said that. You have been completely off the mark here in every way possible.

            What I said is that there is no reason to be adding a guy like Laffey to the 40 man, let alone the 25 man, if you released a guy like Carlyle just a few days earlier. If you needed to add a mediocre relief pitcher who could eat a few innings, and you anticipated such, you don’t have to look outside the organization to do it.

            There is no reason to displace other players to get a guy like Laffey on the roster. You had guys who could have been equally mediocre already around.

            • Pat D says:

              No, I’m not off the mark.

              You’re saying they DFA’d Carlyle and then added Laffey, as if it was a direct replacement.

              And then you said “there is no reason to displace other players to get a guy like Laffey…” Your words, exactly.

              Why am I even arguing with you? You just needed something to complain about because they’re losing and it was dumb to whine about AJ again, and you couldn’t blame Martin’s pitch selection this time, so you latched onto the guy who’s now the 25th man on the roster.

              Once again, why don’t you ever show up in wins?

              • Matt says:

                You are insane. I never said that, not even close:

                “Why would you DFA Carlyle and then add someone like Laffey to the roster?”

                That does not say that they DFA’d Carlyle TO ADD Laffey. That says the DFA’d Carlyle, THEN added Laffey.

                Then when I said:

                “there is no reason to displace other players to get a guy like Laffey”

                They displaced OTHER PLAYERS. I never said that other player was Carlyle. They took a veteran backup catcher off of the 40 man who can play solid defense, and blocked other minor league pitchers who could have been given a chance in his stead.

                In fact, you just took those statements from two separate posts, which were given in two completely different contexts.

                The real question is, why do you still think that anyone takes you seriously? You attack posters on arguments that are never present in their posts, by immediately assuming that whatever they said is at its most extreme, illogical interpretation. You solely look to pick fights with people you dislike.

                Just embarrassing on your part that you still continue to think that I said that, even when I politely tried to explain to you what I meant. You are picking at fragments of my sentence and making sweeping assumptions, even though nothing was ever said to that effect.

                • Mike Axisa says:

                  You are the most defensive commenter I’ve ever seen. You come here preaching about everything with a completely closed mind. It’s so off putting you have no idea. No one can take you seriously because of it.

                  • Matt says:

                    Closed minded? Are you serious?

                    You came here and said that there is no way that Carlyle could be better than Laffey. Laffey has allowed over twice as many hits as innings pitched since the all star break. Yet, confronted with the fact that Laffey has been FAR worse than Carlyle even during his limited tenure with the Yankees, you try to divert the argument to an attack on my character.

                    He posted something which assumed I said something completely different than what was said, and then attacked me very harshly on those assumptions. I politely pointed it out, and he got even more defensive and went on and on. Then when his only supporting evidence was debunked, he tossed out the insults.

                    You can disagree with me all you want, but if you attack me, and do it as poorly as he just did, you can’t expect me to sit here and take it.

                • Pat D says:

                  Oh, give me a break. You are the insane one.

                  Rather than get into a pissing match with you where I’m bound to use profanity and call you names that I’m sure Mike, Ben and Joe won’t appreciate, it’s time.


                  • Matt says:

                    It’s only a pissing match because you are wrong.

                    You told me exactly which statements made you think that, and I pointed out exactly why neither of those statements was even close to saying such.

                    Instead of owning up and apologizing/admitting that you misinterpreted, you go off with even more insults and attacks.

                    Not helping your case.

            • V says:

              There’s no reason NOT to displace those other players to get Laffey on the roster. Laffey >>>>> Carlyle.

              • Matt says:

                First, they didn’t displace Carlyle to add Laffey. That is actually what you guys are saying, not what I said.

                Second, I’m not saying that it’s bad to DFA Gustavo Molina. I’m saying that it seems like it’s pointless to do it if you are going to add someone like Laffey, who doesn’t have a ton of upside.

                • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                  You said: “First, they didn’t displace Carlyle to add Laffey. That is actually what you guys are saying, not what I said.”

                  You also said: “Why would you DFA Carlyle and then add someone like Laffey to the roster?”

                  Contradicting statements.

                  • Matt says:

                    They are not contradictory

                    They DFA’d Carlyle a few days ago, then added Laffey to the roster shortly afterward. They DFA’d Carlyle, THEN added Laffey (later). The later is IMPLIED, because again, we all know that Laffey was added in a different move.

                    I don’t know why any of you would think that I seriously meant that. Just because I post something which you disagree with, it doesn’t mean that I don’t follow the team and know what is going on.

                    Some people whine about how I post what is “obvious.” Well it’s clearly not that obvious, because you guys immediately jumped to the conclusion that I have not followed anything that has happened with this team when I clearly have.

                    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                      If they’re not contradictory, than one of them is wrong because they both say different things. Sometimes you are wrong/mistaken, as much as you may not want to admit it.

                    • Matt says:

                      They are not contradictory, because you misinterpreted the second statement and assumed that it was implying something which I didn’t intend for it to say.

                      I could say that I ate an apple and then I ate an orange. That doesn’t mean that I did them at the same time.

                    • Matt says:

                      I have already explained what I meant by it, many times, yet for some reason you continue to think that I don’t know what I meant in my own post?

                      If I made a legitimate mistake, I would own up to it, and I have always done it. A difference of opinion, or a misinterpretation of what I said, is not a mistake.

                      If you think that I seriously meant what you think I did, then you are telling me that I don’t follow the team, which is hardly the case, because you always see that I reference games that most people don’t even remember took place.

                  • Matt says:

                    The fact that you guys keep harping on this shows that you are always looking for something with which to attack me.

                    Even when I repeatedly clarified it, some posters continued to jump on that point as the crux of their argument. I didn’t write it in the most perfect language, but why are people still going on about it when I explained what I meant?

                    OBVIOUSLY I know Carlyle was not DFA’d to add Laffey. I didn’t say they DFA’d Carlyle TO add Laffey.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Carlyle is far, far worse than Laffey. Did you think about that statement at all? Or did you just blurt it out because that was the first name that came to your head?

          • Matt says:

            Did you just think before you said that?

            Carlyle’s problem was CONTROL. Laffey’s is the fact that he gets CLOBBERED because his stuff is terrible.

            21 hits in 9 IP since the ASB. There is no way that Carlyle could possibly be that bad. Carlyle had 2 bad outings at the end of his tenure in which he couldn’t find the strike zone. At least he could get a Major League hitter out when he could throw strikes, unlike Laffey who has no movement or control of any of his pitches.

            • V says:

              Because 9 IP a career makes. d00d’s been pretty much league average for his career. Not a worldbeater, but not someone to bitch about being the 25th man on the roster.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              You’re arguing stuff with Carlyle? Have you ever seen him pitch? Ever? I have to believe you never have if you’re arguing that his stuff is better than anyone’s.

              And you’re using 9 IP since the ASG as the defense for your argument? I can’t bother to argue that because it’s an insignificant sample.

              Laffey is eight years younger than Carlyle and left-handed. Bitching that they should have kept Carlyle is the height of nitpicking. You’re just looking for something to complain about and you’re looking stupid defending Buddy Carlyle, the most dispensable piece of shit on the roster.

              • Matt says:

                Again, this argument has NOTHING to do with Carlyle over Laffey. I used Carlyle as an example of why it was pointless to add Laffey. If they had no use for a pitcher as mediocre as Carlyle, why do they have a use for one as mediocre as Laffey?

                I am not citing 9 innings pitched as my argument for one being better than the other. I’m pointing that out as showing you that his recent performance could easily be matched by pretty much any other pitcher in the system, and his results are most likely to mirror his recent performance.

                Laffey has a career 1.53 WHIP. He has barely struck out more batters than he has walked in his career. Carlyle was not only better than him this year in his equally limited sample size, but he has been better than him in the past. In 2008, Carlyle for instance had a 1.24 WHIP and .228 BAA with the Braves. Laffey has NEVER been that good.

                Laffey is a mop up pitcher, and nothing more. I’m not nitpicking about keeping Carlyle, and I think they should have released him. What I’m perplexed about is the need to add a guy like Laffey if they had no need for a guy like Carlyle. Carlyle was only released a few days ago. Don’t you think they could have anticipated the need for a guy like him that recently?

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              “21 hits in 9 IP since the ASB. There is no way that Carlyle could possibly be that bad.”

              You don’t know Buddy Carlyle.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                Carlyle’s last 7 IP in 2009, last time he was in the bigs before this year: 15 hits. Almost the exact same rate as 21 H in 9 IP.

                And that’s when Carlyle was two years younger than he is now, and before his latest arm surgery.

                • Matt says:

                  And Carlyle’s last full season in the bigs:

                  62.2 IP 52 H 5 HR 26 BB 59 K 3.59 ERA 1.24 WHIP

                  With the Braves.

                  It’s hard for anyone to be as bad as Laffey has been lately. He is a short term solution and a mop up guy. Why bother adding him for the short term if his performance is terrible, and he has no track record to suggest that he will turn it around?

                  • Jetrer says:

                    Carlyle’s last full season was 3 years ago, not very relevant. Over their career, both suck, but Laffey has had slightly better results. As for why let Carlyle(one bad pitcher) go and subsequently pick up another bad pitcher(Laffey), I’m sure it is entirely because he is lefty and can go multiple innings, so they can audition him as second lefty (however unlikely it is that that will work out) while still carrying someone who can soak up multiple innings in a blowout, like today.

                  • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                    You can’t expect someone like that to pitch well in the NL and then carry it over to the AL East.

                  • Mike Axisa says:

                    That was 2008, almost four full seasons ago. How did AJ Burnett pitch that year? Very relevant now, ain’t it?

                    • Matt says:

                      I never said that it was relevant. I’m pointing it out because you go on and on about small sample sizes and Laffey’s track record.

                      Well guess what? Carlyle has shown more potential than Laffey when healthy, and Laffey has been much, much worse than Carlyle in his equally small sample size.

                      You can’t have it both ways. You can’t argue that Laffey’s is too small a sample, and Carlyle’s matters. I’m pointing out that there is little evidence that Carlyle is worse than Laffey, which you’d have to agree is the case.

                      I even agreed a LONG time ago in this thread that they are only carrying him because he is left handed. However, what is the point of auditioning mediocre to terrible lefties who would never last on this roster? It seems pointless.

                    • Mike Axisa says:

                      Carlyle has shown more potential than Laffey when healthy, and Laffey has been much, much worse than Carlyle in his equally small sample size.

                      That’s great, but it’s still a sample that’s too small to be relevant. Laffey’s eight years younger and left-handed. They’re both likely to suck, but the non-33-year-old is just a little less likely to suck.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      “there is little evidence that Carlyle is worse than Laffey”
                      except for their career numbers, and Laffey’s 2011 season MLB numbers are better than Carlyle’s

                      And they would want Laffey over Carlyle because he’s a lefty, they have plenty of righties in the pen

                    • Matt says:

                      Their career numbers are actually not that dissimilar, and Carlyle hadn’t pitched in the Major Leagues from 2001 to 2005, so it’s hard to put much stock in anything that took place before that.

                      Neither one is very good, that is EXACTLY what I am saying! Laffey’s 2011 season numbers are deceptive, because he has been giving up a ton of baserunners even though his ERA is reasonable. What is even worse is that his recent numbers are TERRIBLE, and that matters more than what he did in April since he is just a short term option.

                      My argument was never to compare the two. It’s only reached this point because you have made the completely ridiculous statement that Carlyle would definitely be much worse than Laffey. The evidence simply does not suggest that, whether recent samples or career samples.

                      The whole point is that they don’t need EITHER pitcher. Who cares if Laffey is young and lefty? His fastball is 87 mph, he has no control of it. His slider is flat, and he has no control of it. His changeup is flat, and he has no control of it. He has almost no upside.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      its the last man on the staff. they wanted a lefty who could also soak up innings. Who the fuck cares. They didn’t want to call up ManBan, and Laffey is better than their other internal options for a lefty who could go multiple innings. Its not like he’s preventing anyone else from coming up. He hasn’t been too horrible in his career. I have no expectations for anything good from him, but if the Yankees want to take a shot and see if he can do anything, who the fuck cares, it is a completely trivial point that will make zero difference in the success of failure of the Yankees.
                      Oh, and I’m not sure who you were responding to, but I didn’t see anyone make the comment that Carlyle would definitely be much worse than Laffey. I think its unanimous that they both suck.

                    • Matt says:

                      Mike Axisa says:
                      August 20, 2011 at 9:27 pm

                      “Carlyle is far, far worse than Laffey. Did you think about that statement at all? Or did you just blurt it out because that was the first name that came to your head?”

                      If you are going to post something which is simply not the case, and then use it to try to insult my intelligence, then you can’t expect to get off that easily.

              • Matt says:

                I know you’re just joking, but some people seem to legitimately believe what you just said.

                People around here claim that I’m overreacting, but then they let their emotions completely blind them from objectivity. Just like with the AJ Burnett hate. People were criticizing him even when his ERA was sitting around 4.00. He’s bad, and he’s overpaid, but have you seen guys like Carlos Silva? Burnett is far more valuable.

            • Jetrer says:

              Laffey career: 4.36 ERA/ 4.50 FIP/ 4.72 xFIP
              Carlyle: 5.58/4.97/4.48
              They both suck, but Laffey has been slightly better and is lefty

              • Matt says:

                Thank you for posting the numbers. While Laffey’s peripherals have been slightly better, there is not a huge gap between the pitchers as some posters have suggested.

                I’m not saying Laffey is worse than Carlyle, nor that a comparison is even worthwhile. Some people came on here and made the grossly misleading statement that suggested that one is much worse.

                That has been debunked repeatedly, and yet some still continue to harp on it.

  253. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hey at least the Royals tied it up

  254. Cy Pettitte says:

    if only Cashman had just signed Choate in the offseason instead of Feliciano

  255. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    7-4 Royals!!

  256. Monteroisdinero says:

    Laffey is….laughable. Now we know. No mystery-he should not be pitching for the New.York.Yankees.

  257. Dino Velvet says:

    Does anyone favor adding Wandy Rodriguez to the staff?

  258. Cy Pettitte says:

    well played, Laffey.

  259. Karl Krawfid says:

    9-4 KC

  260. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    so JC Romero gets a win in extras. That is the definition of a relief ace

  261. cuponoodles says:

    Shake your Laffey Taffy. Shake your Laffey Taffy…

  262. Monteroisdinero says:

    Laffey can tell his kids that he struck out Joe Mauer with the bases loaded. That was the highlight of his Yankee career. Just don’t tell them that it was his 40th pitch of the inning (or something like that).

  263. Greg says:

    Interesting that Kay did not take into account the Verlander factor for the Tigers. Right now, I would rather face Texas because of this.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Verlander is offset by CC. He is really not that scary.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      I’d much rather face Detroit. Verlander’s good but the entire Rangers team is better.

      • Greg says:

        It was better than San Francisco last year. Look how that turned out.

        Plus we have handled Texas pretty well this year for what its worth

        • Sarah says:

          Excellent pitching and decent hitting for the Giants last year beat good hitting.

          • Greg says:

            Exactly. I think that Texas and the Yankees are alot alike. Both hit pretty well and their pitching staffs are medium. But they dont have an ace in their staff like they did last year.

          • Brian S. says:

            The Giants scored 29 runs in five games. They definitely needed to score to win and they did.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      You think either team wants to see CC Sabathia twice in a 5-game series? And the Yankees offense in a 5-game series? Like, seriously. It’s flummoxing to know that we’re rooting for a team with one of the best offenses in all of baseball and one of the three best pitchers in the American League, and yet we can’t trust him to beat an inferior hitting team.

    • Matt says:

      Texas is much better in all other facets of the game though. They are a much better offensive club, play better defense, and have a much deeper bullpen.

      If CC outduels Verlander in Game 1, Detroit might not be able to come back to win the series. Who would be their other 3 starters? Scherzer, Penny, and Fister? As opposed to Lewis, Harrison, and Holland.

      Also, Texas might have enough offense to outhit the Yankees in a series like they did last year if they get hot. You’d have to think that team has a much higher ceiling than Detroit.

  264. first time lawng time says:

    I didn’t get to see the bottom of the 5th inning, but I’m assuming Laffey did poorly.

    Are people honestly complaining about him? It was his debut and the Yankees were already down 6 runs and were probably going to lose anyway. Isn’t it a bit premature to bash him?

  265. Cy Pettitte says:

    why is Laffey throwing so many pitches?

  266. SamWalt says:

    I think AJ just had the PA guy blast “Your Love” for Yankee fans. He doesn’t know that it’s already too late.

  267. Monteroisdinero says:

    Down by 8 and Swish swings at the first pitch. Who cares what pitch it was?

  268. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Martin at 2nd? Heh.

  269. Cy Pettitte says:

    I wanna see Russell turn two

  270. Stratman9652 says:

    Craziest infield ever?

  271. Karl Krawfid says:

    Cervelli gets hurt and this will get comical

  272. Karl Krawfid says:


  273. Jetrer says:

    way to get your pitcher killed Jorge

  274. Jerome S. says:

    This is a good game.

    Glad I don’t care about it.

  275. Mike Axisa says:

    The burying of Hector Noesi continues.

  276. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Lol Jorge

  277. Stratman9652 says:

    Somebody must GIF that Wade swan dive.

  278. Brandon says:

    Dear Cervelli, please get hurt. Just hurt and become day to day. Not for a long time. I just want to see Swish play some C.

  279. Brandon says:

    LMFAO. How many times has this ever happened? Posada is batting lead off right now.

  280. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Player of the game AJ Burnett

  281. Monteroisdinero says:

    Kim Jones vs AJ in the post game locker room interview. Epic battle.

  282. Brandon says:

    Whats sad is that a single by Cervelli, and Posada probably doesnt even score.

  283. Brandon says:

    Dear Alex Burnett, please plunk and hurt Cervelli. I wanna see Swish play C.

  284. fELiX hErEdiA says:

    AJ Burnett is mud

  285. Brandon says:

    Wow. Posada scored? Stunned.

    Damn, I wanna see Cervelli get hurt or ejected!

  286. Monteroisdinero says:

    Is Cervelli pronounced Chervelli in Italian?

  287. Cuso says:

    Cervelli’s batting .260.

    Go figure.

  288. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Sox lose!

  289. Cy Pettitte says:

    Noesi sighting.

  290. Greg says:

    So Noesi is in.

  291. Pat D says:

    So tonight’s been a disaster, but I feel that they’ll be fine the next few days. Blackburn tomorrow, and then McCarthy, Cahill and Harden against the A’s. They should win 3 of those no problem.

  292. Jerome S. says:

    Per KC rules that’s a HR, right?

  293. Mike Axisa says:

    Andruw Jones with another bomb. He’s a man, he’s 40.

  294. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Those umps are dumbshits

  295. Pat D says:

    Why are there only 3 umps working? What did I miss?

  296. FIPster Doofus says:

    Andruw = beast.

  297. Pat D says:

    Once again, Michael Kay is criticizing another stadium for having little quirks and aesthetic designs and essentially not being Yankee Stadium.

  298. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Sox lost, who cares about this.

  299. Drew says:

    I can’t believe that read serious argument about buddy caryle and Aaron laffey

  300. I tuned into this game late (7th Inning). Saw the box score. Did I miss A.J. punching a wall or a fan or anything afterwards? Really hope I didn’t miss that.

  301. Phife Dawg says:

    AJ is so bad he deserves his own meme. Enjoy:

  302. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Girardi seems pretty pissed

  303. Pat D says:

    Yikes, Joe is getting very testy with Curry in the post game conference right now. He’s fairly entertaining.

  304. The Fallen Phoenix says:

    Girardi is pissed.

  305. Jetrer says:

    Girardi is full of shit. AJ was clearly saying thats bullshit about being taken out of the game.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      I think AJ was blaming Martin for his suckiness.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      I don’t think that’s clear at all. He could have said “that’s a bullshit strike.” We don’t know. And to try and definitively say he said one thing or another based on one camera frame seems irresponsible.

      • The Fallen Phoenix says:

        For what it’s worth, yes, I think Burnett was dissatisfied with being taken out, and expressed that to Girardi. And I believe that Girardi is just protecting the integrity of his clubhouse.

        But we’re not really in a position to definitively say that is or is not what happened.

      • Jetrer says:

        he definitely said that’s bullshit. Maybe it wasn’t directed at Girardi taking him out, but it sure seemed that way.

    • Pat D says:

      Sounds like you want Girardi to throw AJ under the bus. Clearly, Joe will not do that. Curry’s questions gave him every outlet to do so.

      • Jetrer says:

        don’t make up a story that obviously isn’t true though. That just makes them both look dumb. I understand not wanting to throw him under the bus, but he could just say he didn’t notice AJ say anything.

        • Pat D says:

          Perhaps they’re telling the truth?

          What does it really matter? They’re going to stop a story before it gets a chance to start. I’d frankly rather have that than a bunch of locker room shit.

  306. Jorge says:

    Over/Under on Girardi going full Hall McRae here?

  307. Captain Beatty says:

    Joe will always defend his players. That’s what managers do. Publicly anyway. We have no idea what was said in the clubhouse. We’ll know how Joe feels by what action he makes when Freddy comes off the DL.

    • Jorge says:

      Honestly, I’d rather have that than the garbage Jerry Manuel was pulling in Queens last year. I hate managers who publicly throw their players under the bus, no matter how badly they may be performing.

  308. Jorge says:

    Oh Jesus, AJ. Not being able to pitch has him going into a midlife crisis. The hair. The shirt. This is too much.

  309. Pat D says:

    AJ is saying the same things as Joe.

    Clearly they’re on the same page.

  310. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Is it just me or is Waldman leaning against that guy in the blue’s shoulder?

  311. The Rover says:

    Fuck AJ Burnout.

    That is all.

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