Game 130: After Irene


Hurricane Irene passed through Baltimore and NYC already, which is pretty nuts since the original forecasts said it would be a 30-hour event around here. I got off lucky, no power outage, nothing like that. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought it was just a thunderstorm. Like I said though, I got off lucky. There’s a lot of people that didn’t and are without power or have flooded basements or worse. Win it for them, Yanks. Here’s the starting nine…

Derek Jeter, DH
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Robinson Cano, 2B
Nick Swisher, RF
Andruw Jones, LF
Eduardo Nunez, SS
Frankie Cervelli, C

Bartolo Colon, SP

The game starts at 1:35pm ET and can be seen on YES. If you’re going to listen on the radio, tune into WFAN 660, not the usual WCBS 880. WCBS is covering the hurricane.

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  1. Steve S. says:

    Damn, WFAN’s signal is 10 times clearer than WCBS. Sterling sounds like he’s sitting right next to me.

    That also means I get every lovely nuance of the dulce tones of Suzyn Waldman. Wooo-hooo!

  2. Greg says:

    Going 2-4 against the A’s and O’s so far is very disconcerting. Let’s see if they pick it up today.

  3. Kramerica Industries says:

    Toronto getting hammered this week-end.

    It’ll happen at some point, but as of right now, the Rays are the un-perishable virus. They wouldn’t matter nearly as much if there weren’t so many head-to-heads left against them this season. As it is, going 19-9 in their past 28 has saved their season.

  4. Pat D says:

    Sadly I have to go to work at 4. We just didn’t get enough damaging stuff around here. I feel let down by nature once again.

  5. CBean says:

    Ditto here about how if I hadn’t known, I would have assumed this was just a bad rainstorm. Got off lucky. A few friends and family have no power and/or water.

  6. Rainbow Connection says:

    It wasn’t even a bad rainstorm. It rained mildly off and on for a while. Zero damage in my ‘hood.

    • aRX says:

      My mom called me up in a panic after watching the initial reports, wchich promised nothing short of a raging vortex of death straight out of the Book of Revelation. I told her “you live on the 4th floor of an apt building, far inland. It’s gonna rain. And it’ll be a little windy. Don’t be like the other idiots in your neighborhood buying generators and $100 worth of…meat…”

      Don’t get me wrong, it sucked if you were on the coast, or further south, but other than that? They hyped this thing as being far worse than it was, and while I understand they’d rather warn ppl too much rather than not enough, I don’t think that was very responsible.

    • Steve S. says:

      One of the most over hyped non-events in NY weather history.

      I don’t feel lucky, I feel duped.

  7. Steve S. says:

    I’ve always thought of the RAB audience to be a notch above the average Yankee fan, so answer this question.

    Why would Bud Selig nix the idea of the Yanks and O’s playing the Saturday make up game when the Orioles next play at the stadium, and give Baltimore the home team’s share of the gate? Why would the Commissioner’s office have a problem with that?

    (Hint, it’s very easy)

  8. Adam says:

    Ahh MASN…the pre-game show guy just said that Britton should throw at the first Yankee batter to send a message.

  9. Zach says:

    The Rays worry me the most. If we keep losing games we should have won and end up on a losing streak while they keep winning…kiss the wild card goodbye.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      The Rays are 7 back in the WC. They. Are. Not. Going. Anywhere.

    • Greg says:

      Its possible but its highly unlikely

    • Kramerica Industries says:

      That’s ludicrous. Two weeks ago was a big series, and even in the two weeks since the first game of that series, the Rays have only picked up 1/2 a game.

      They’ve won 19 of 28. They won’t continue to play that well. The only way they factor into worry is if they are within striking distance in the final 10 games of the season. Especially because they play their friggen binky between the two series against the Yankees.

    • Roland Deschain says:

      So if they went 19-9 again and we went 14-14 they’d still be 3 back in the loss column and they would basically only have 3 games left. If it was July, yes they’d be alive but there’s just not enough time anymore.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      You remind me of the people that thought the Red Sox were going to catch the Yankees last year.

  10. Nuke LaDoosh says:

    Watching on MLB Extra Innings. Right now, the schedule that they show on the channels does not show televising the night game. I hope that is just because they haven’t updated it yet. I hope it isn’t an ESPN “blackout”.

    • Jesse says:

      My money is on it being blacked out. The Rangers play night games on Sunday during the Summer and they never show those on MLB Extra Innings. But, I’m sure there’s a link on the internet that you can find to listen to Suzyn and John, Joy.

  11. Mickey Scheister says:

    They should’ve started Martin for game one and called up Montero for game 2.

  12. Cy Pettitte says:

    stuck with the MASN feed today, ugh.


  13. Kramerica Industries says:

    Is Toronto even trying to win today?

    Jesus, this like what the Yankees do against the Red Sox. Roll over and friggen die.

  14. V says:

    I need a QS and W from Bartolo to have a chance at sneaking into the playoffs as the 8 seed in a 20 teamer… let’s go big boy!!!

  15. Greg says:

    If Britton’s getting that call, we’re in trouble.

  16. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Tex says “fuck yo shift”

  17. Cy Pettitte says:

    Teix goes the other way with authority. #nicepieceofhitting

  18. Steve S. says:

    Colon’s 2 seamer moving beatifully. Should be a good day.

  19. Greg says:

    Umpire has been friendly to both pitchers so far.

  20. Cy Pettitte says:

    Bartolo should wreck the lefties today if he’s getting that call

  21. I hope Nova likes pitching from a collapsed mound

  22. Cy Pettitte says:

    has there ever been an MVP winner with a sub .250 batting average? lol

  23. Nico says:

    Is Colon throwing the 2-seamer? says he’s only throwing a straight fastball and a slider. If that’s true the Yankees are in trouble..

  24. Esteban says:

    Pretty wide strikezone so far.

  25. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    3-0 auto strike

  26. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Man I hate the automatic strike call on 3-0

  27. Whatev says:

    ESPN is showing ball 4 to Swisher as a strike down the middle…what’s up with this zone?

  28. thaaaaaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    cmon Yanks…you owned this guy last time he pitched….

  29. Will says:

    Britton losing a bit of control here. Come on Yanks don’t help him out. MAKE HIM PAY!

  30. Cy Pettitte says:

    this strike zone is fucking hilarious

  31. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Jesus Christ that strike zone.

  32. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Hirschbeck clearly trying to speed things along with a second game scheduled tonight.

  33. Cy Pettitte says:

    how is it disrespectful to Flanagan to play a double header? makes no sense to me…

    seems like Buck being Buck.

    • Adam says:

      So dumb. The MASN crew were just killing Girardi. Gary Thorne claimed he has been “chirping” all weekend, and was wondering why Joe didn’t pay his condolences to Showalter.

      • Cy Pettitte says:

        yea, I’m watching MASN too. I think it’s funny that they think Girardi should be so friendly with Buck after Buck ripped the Yankees (and the Sox) in those interviews before the season started.

    • Will says:

      This. Get over it.

      I used to actually like Buck Showalter but since he has taken over as the Orioles manager he’s really pissing me off. He manages with a chip on his shoulders, makes insulting/outlandish statements, and is really disrespectful in general. Show some class Buck, you fuck.

      • Adam says:

        The worst part is, that by bringing up the Flanagan situation in regards to this situation, the O’s front office and commentators are actually the ones being rather disrespectful by linking to something that had nothing to do with the tragedy.

        • Cy Pettitte says:

          agreed, they should have just been honest and sai they didn’t want to lose the gate. dragging him into this to create outrage seems more disrespectful than playing a doubleheader.

      • MikeD says:

        Buck has always managed with a chip on his shoulder. It’s Buck.

        As for the game, it is all about the money and as annoying as it is for the Yankees, it’s understandable from the Orioles side. Crowd is low today and would be low again tomorrow. A lot of Yankee fans who normally would come down have stayed away.

        Yet what’s annoying is the Orioles are some how accusing the Yankees of being disrespectful to Mike Flanagan’s suicide. They are the ones who are using the name of Flanagan, not the Yankees, for public relations purposes. Shameful. It is about the gate and the Orioles should be honest about it.

  34. Will says:

    Wow. I’m going to grow a lot of white hairs today if that’s going to be the strikezone.

  35. Roland Deschain says:

    The hitters will have to adjust. Don’t just keep sitting there and taking those close pitches. Colon should get the same calls and this will benefit him.

  36. Greg says:

    There’s another inside corner strike

  37. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Andruw makes the most awkward looking catches ever…

  38. Jesse says:

    Phew, no homer.

  39. Chip says:

    Gardner catches that

  40. Will says:

    Mark Reynolds, Yankee killer.

  41. Cy Pettitte says:

    good thing that stayed in the park

  42. Jesse says:

    Derek Jeter, 2 run Dinger!

  43. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Oh crap

  44. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Please be OK Jeter

  45. Chip says:

    Seriously, the O’s guys are saying that inside pitch should be a strike right after they showed it being WELL inside

  46. Greg says:

    Well he’s not playing tonight

  47. Karl Krawfid says:

    Look like it got him on the quad

  48. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Oh come on Frankie

  49. Cy Pettitte says:

    fuck, come on that sucks.

  50. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Geez cervelli…

  51. Jesse says:

    Damn you Cervelli and your lack of speed.

  52. Greg says:

    Cant blame Cervelli. Couldnt be sure that Markakis couldnt catch that.

  53. Mike Axisa says:

    That sucks. Almost a no-win situation for Frankie.

  54. StanfordBen says:

    Since Cervelli was halfway, it seems like he was going to be out no matter what happened. Shouldn’t he at least have gambled in one direction or another to give himself a shot at being safe?

    • Greg says:

      Well if Markakis does catch that, then everyone on here would complainig about the DP. Mike was right, it was a no-wi situation.

      • Jobu Bobu says:

        I think his point is that he should have either been closer to 1st, or on 2nd, not in between.

      • Chip says:

        If he does anything except short-hop the ball, which is a HUGE risk of giving up a big play, then Cervelli would have been fine. If he dives and catches it, he has time to get back. If he pulls up and plays it, he has time to get to second. I just tip my hat to Markakis on that one

  55. Jesse says:

    God, is it just gonna be one of those days?


  56. Greg says:

    There’s that low inside strike for Britton. Colon is getting the mid inside strike on lefties.

  57. Will says:

    Zach Britton picked the perfect day to pitch well. Fuck da O’s!

  58. bonestock94 says:

    Damn you blackout rules for subjecting me to these horrendous homer announcers

  59. wow says:

    let’s get back at it. they are hitting him too hard to not be scoring some runs.

  60. Adam says:

    Wow, incredible to think that Verlander lost 17 games just a few seasons ago…

  61. Jesse says:

    My God, Hardy has 25 homers? Didn’t he miss a month early in the year?

  62. Jesse says:

    Does anyone know the answer to the trivia question w/o looking online?

  63. woodchuuk says:

    anyone else seeing how low colon’s arm angle is right now? seems like it’s dropped considerably.

  64. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    What did the Twins get for Hardy?

  65. Will says:

    Wow. Zach Britton. Wow.

  66. Greg says:

    Good strikezone combined with confidence after last start against the Twins for Britton.

  67. Brian S. says:

    Zach Britton? Really?

  68. Chip says:

    That is one of the furthest shattered bat shots I’ve ever seen

    • Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

      My all time favorite is Frank Thomas shattering his bat and still hitting a homerun at Rogers Center.

  69. Chip says:

    You know, I’ve always wondered how long it’s going to be until Cervelli takes one right in the crotch with the low Tony Pena stance he gets in

  70. Will says:

    Generous strikezone. Correction. That’s why our hitters look confused. They force themselves to expand the zone out of fear of being called out on a generous strikezone call. Bad Umpiring = story of our year.

  71. Jesse says:

    Can anyone guess the 8 Oriole Nuggets?

  72. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Is Big Bad Bart back?

  73. Steve S. says:

    Just looking at the 2012 FA list

    Any trade candidates? Looks like another quiet winter to me.

    • Greg says:

      Notice a ton of 30+ year olds on that list.

    • Steve S. says:

      BTW-2013 looks much better with Cain, Hamels, Haren, Marcum, Sanchez and Shields. Next year should have a busy trade deadline.

      • Will says:

        Odds are most of those guys get extended. Pitching is getting harder and harder to find.

        • Greg says:

          Which is why it is imperative to the Yankes that they develop top line starting pitching.

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          The Rays won’t be able to afford Shields. I’d be surprised if we don’t go after him.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            He’d be an awful fit for the stadium. He’ll get paid too much for the numbers that he’d put up at the stadium.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              He pitched well at YS3 this year.

              • Jimmy McNulty says:

                What? Three starts? How’d he do last year?

                • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                  Shields has become a good pitcher. He’s also pitched well against the Red Sox in Fenway.

                  • Jimmy McNulty says:

                    He always has been a good pitcher, he’s had pretty good xFIPs for quite sometime, always had low walks and a good amount of Ks. He’s 30 so it’s natural for him to peak this year, but it’s not like he’s having a revelation this year or anything. Peripherals are about the same as last year, and he’s doing what he always does.

          • Steve S. says:

            Cashman (unfortunately) doesn’t seem to love pitchers like him that don’t throw overly hard, and there’s zero chance he gets traded in division. I love Shields, but I don’t see it unless he goes FA.

      • Jesse says:

        Cain, Hamels, Haren, and Marcum all stay.

        • Jimmy McNulty says:

          Cain and Haren for sure, do the Phillies really want to have 60M locked up in three pitchers? Especially in addition to what they’re paying Howard and what they’ll need to pay Victorino?

          • Jesse says:

            I wouldn’t bet my money against it. Besides, by that time Halladay and Lee will be two years older and may be not as great as they are right now.

      • Jimmy McNulty says:

        Yeah, those are the most likely trade candidates. Peavy will most likely be dealt, 22M option and a 4M buyout. If the Brewers are unable to extend Fielder (which they likely will be) they may just go ahead and deal Greinke and/or Marcum. You also never know who will re-assess their place in their division and decide to go ahead and deal a good player.

        • Steve S. says:

          One thing, the ROYALS have said that they’ll be willing to deal prospects for a front line pitcher. It will be tough to compete with the type of package they can put together. Yank have a good system, but the Royals are stacked.

          • Jimmy McNulty says:

            Yeah, Mike Montgomery didn’t go the way they wanted him to go this year. I guess they aren’t as confident in a few of their pitching prospects as they’d like to be. Can’t imagine who they’d acquire. It’d need to be someone that’s under control for a couple of years.

    • MikeD says:

      Considering the collapse of AJ and both Colon and Garcia will be free agents, the Yankees might want to look at Wilson as a lefty option. Other than than, I’d rather see them give Noesi and Manny a shot at one or two of the rotation spots. My guess is they’ll never plan to give two rookies a shot in one season. Maybe either Garcia or Colon returns. Don’t see both.

      • AaronGuielWithASmile says:

        I think that one of Colon/Garcia will be back, and the Yankees will go into the season with Sabathia-Nova-Garcia-Hughes-Burnett.

        • Jetrer says:

          I say its time for him to find a new job if he does that.

        • MikeD says:

          I fully expect them to give Burnett another try, but he’s going to be on a very short leash. I’ve actually been more of a supporter for AJ over the past year while he’s had his troubles, but eventually he has to start producing again. This is no longer a guestion of “AJ’s stuff says he should be better,” because that AJ was a plus pitcher; this is a case of AJ just is no longer a good pitcher. Unless he has a strong September, he is going to have his second consecutive season with an ERA of over 5.00. I haven’t run the numbers, but he’ll be in rare historic territory. Pitchers with ERAs of 5.00 do not stay in the rotation for three seasons. Never. The Yankees will eventually decide he’s a sunk cost and move him to the pen to see if he can provide some value there. That means they’ll need a pitcher to replace AJ.

          • Steve S. says:

            AJs stuff isn’t that good anymore. This is two bad years in a row, so they really need to think about what they do with him this off season.

            My suggestion would be to move him to the bullpen. I don’t want to do a headache for headache deal.

  74. Mike Axisa says:

    Bah, I was hoping they’d get Britton’s pitch count over 100 that inning. Next pitch, inning ending GIDP.

  75. Will says:

    Really Britton? Really? I hope you pitch this well against the Red Sox next time you face them (Odds are he won’t and he’ll give up HRs to Ellsbury/David Ortiz/Gonzalez). Oh Orioles! How you always kill us down the stretch!

  76. Jesse says:

    Damn you Mark Reynolds.

  77. Cy Pettitte says:

    5IP 2H 0R on 62 pitches, that’s more like it Bartolo

  78. Jesse says:

    Yay congrats Jeter on yet another milestone!

  79. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    I hope Willie Randolph gets another chance to manage. I think that the last 3 years have proven that he wasn’t the problem with the Mets.

    It’s funny, if Carlos Beltran swings at Adam Wainwright’s last curve and knocks in the winning run, then the Mets probably wax the Tigers in the World Series and Randolph would be a hero. Instead he became a pariah.

  80. CBean says:

    come on Yankees, some runs please.

  81. Greg says:

    So Britton has pitched well against us before.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Yes is ONE GAME. The other one was hilariously awful.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:


      • Greg says:

        Another point of notice was that the bad game was in New York and the good game was in Baltimore.

        • MikeD says:

          He’s would have been lit up in Baltimore, too, with what he was throwing that night.

          Let’s not forget that Britton is one of the top pitching prospects in the game and was pitching great earlier this year. He is more than capable of putting up a good game. Unfortuantely we’re seeing it right now. Helps that he has a pitcher’s umpire. Helps Bartolo, too.

  82. Jesse says:

    I have a very bad feeling that this game may have a very stupid ending.

  83. Jesse says:

    For what it’s worth, and not much since it’s “off topic” but David Price has 12 K’s through 6 innings and he had 12 K’s through 5 innings against Toronto.

  84. wow says:


  85. Cuso says:

    Man, it’d be really nice if they could help ‘Tolo with a couple runs…

    award his effort, ‘n’ all that

  86. Mike Axisa says:

    Hooray for efficient Bart. Now score some runs please.

  87. nsalem says:

    10.7 pitches per inning for Bart

  88. JohnnyC says:

    They can’t hit Britton and fans are worried about whether to play Verlander and the Tigers or the Rangers and their non-descript rotation? That’s cookoo.

    • bonestock94 says:

      They’ve hit plenty of good pitchers this season. There’s 0 predictive value from today.

      • JohnnyC says:

        I didn’t say Britton is good. That’s my point.

        • bonestock94 says:

          Britton is a good prospect, a rough patch in his rookie season doesn’t make him bad. There’s no point to be made from today’s game.

          • JohnnyC says:

            Regardless of whether you think Britton is good or bad, that wasn’t my point. My point was that there is no guarantee that Yankees bats would necessarily do better against either pitching staff. As today’s game shows, any pitcher can stifle a good offense on a given day. I wasn’t trying to predict anything. You guys are really overly sensitive.

    • Roland Deschain says:

      What about the Angels and Weaver/Haren? Rangers lead has been cut to 1 in the loss column.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      This game has no predictive value going forward. That’s like saying the Orioles are better than the Phillies because they beat the Yankees on Friday and the Yankees beat the Phillies in the World Series.

  89. Roland Deschain says:

    Last time Girardi would not let Colon go the distance and we had to play 6 more innings as a result of that poor decision. Today I would hope that Girardi lets him throw a CG. Colon is dealing and we can save the pen for game 2.

  90. Greg says:

    This is shaping up to be a carbon copy of the first game that these two met. When people got pissed at Girardi by removing Colon and bringing in Rivera in the ninth with a 1-0 lead.

  91. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    OK this guy has thrown 115 pitches. Time to break through.

  92. Chip says:

    Wow, I would not let Britton pitch again Jones here.

    • AaronGuielWithASmile says:

      I doubt that Buck expected to, but after he got through the first two guys on 3 pitches he figured why the hell not.

  93. Jesse says:

    If he comes back for the 8th inning I’ll puke.

  94. Rainbow Connection says:

    Why is Nick Swisher dancing in the stands? Isn’t he in the game?

  95. Dennis says:

    Someone tell them the off day was yesterday.

  96. Brian S. says:

    The hell is going on today?

  97. Hello Nasty says:

    “As we start the 14th inning, Zach Britton is set to deliver his 182nd pitch.”

  98. Greg says:

    He was looking for the inside pitch that time.

  99. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    yanks are definitely frustrating to watch this past week; 1- (possibly) 4 against the A’s/O’s?

  100. Girardi would have bunted Jones

  101. Cuso says:


  102. Jesse says:

    Strikeout please.

  103. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    No complaints there.

  104. Dela G says:

    great play by cervelli there

  105. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Well, crap.

  106. Cy Pettitte says:

    wow nice shift.

  107. Rainbow Connection says:

    Should have taken Colon out.

  108. Kostas says:

    And there is the first/winning run?

  109. Jesse says:

    Now all we need is Matt to come on here and complain.

  110. Esteban says:

    Game over folks. No comeback from these gutless primadonnas.

  111. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Don’t worry, the O’s have Kevin Gregg trying to close out games.

  112. bonestock94 says:

    Solo bomb time

  113. Mike Myers says:

    this McCafe commercial is annoying.

  114. wow says:

    aight, now cut the crap and score some runs please!

  115. Cuso says:

    Nice cork arm, Swisher

  116. stuart a says:

    offense on vacation for a change. the boom and bust offense busting today.

    yep should have taken colon out after all he was at about 77 pitches….

    how about the offense do anything. colon has done great today…

  117. Roland Deschain says:

    The Orioles have the worst pitching staff in the league. We were shut down through 6 by Tommy Hunter and now through 7 by Zach Britton. Poor Colon did everything he could.

    • AaronGuielWithASmile says:

      Yup, season’s over.

      • JohnnyC says:

        He’s stating a fact, not a making a judgement.

      • Kostas says:

        Um season is not over but they should be losing to the Orioles. As it stands now, they will have to win 3 straight to win the series – assuming they play all 5.

        Getting shutdown by mediocre pitching plus the fact they have only one legitimate pitcher does not bode well for post season….

        But your attempt at hyperbole is always appreciated.

  118. Rainbow Connection says:

    Now IFFFFF the O’s can put in a shitty RP and let him pitch until his arm falls off, the Yanks can score probably about 19 runs.

  119. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Ugly at bat.

  120. Jesse says:

    I’m calling a Russell Marin homer here.

  121. nsalem says:

    why not Jorge?

  122. Greg says:

    Mike, didn’t you say that the Yankees needed to fatten up in this part of the schedule?

    • Cuso says:

      If he did say it, he was right. They should have.

      Not that it matters much for their overall playoff destiny. If they play crap ball now, maybe they get super hot at the right time 30 days from now.

  123. Kostas says:

    Looks like that 22 run game was just a hiccup

  124. Widget says:

    Why have they struggled this week against a couple of bottom feeding teams? Are they tired?

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      How could they be tired? They sat in a hotel room all day yesterday.

    • Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

      A.J. lost two games by showing up, and the bats wasted two great starts from C.C. and Colon, leaving bout 20 runs in scoring position = 4 losses.

    • Will says:

      Because the baseball gods hate the Yankees this year and give crappy hitters and pitchers the ability to play like all stars when facing the Yankees and take away those abilities when facing the Red Sox. I’m tired of this all or nothing, inconsistent offense. They either hit a bunch or HRs and beast or are completely baffled by a pitcher. I miss the art of htting singles and gapping doubles.

    • Adam says:

      Because it is a 162 game season and sometimes teams go through downs as well as ups?

  125. your mom says:

    Where the fuck is the offense???

  126. Will says:

    Ugh. Where did our offense go today? It’s like the O’s become the Phillies when playing the Yankees down the stretch. Last year a bad O’s series sent us into a tailspin. I hate games like this. Only Jesus (Montero) can save us from this pathetic offense!

    • Greg says:

      I was just thinking that. Around this time last year the Yankees offense started to sputter and it stayed that way for the rest of the year. They didn’t score many runs against the Twins or the Rangers.

  127. mbonzo says:

    I need you Jesus.

  128. Karl Krawfid says:

    2nd year in a row AJ will cost us a division crown?

    • Will says:

      Yes. I’m with you on that one. He’s supposed to be our number 2 and pitches like BP pitcher. He’s not the only one to blame but he’s a big reason for the Yankees coming up short these past two years. I guess you could say that he’s the anti-thesis of an MVP. This season is getting ugly quick. By the end of tonight we could be 3 games back of the Red Sox and only 6 ahead of the Rays in the wildcard. And we’re facing the Sox soon and I pretty much have no confidence that we’ll even take one out of three. Our game is shitty on both ends. When its not our pitching its our offense coming up short. Fuck this team. They don’t seem to have any grit at all this year. 2-10 against the Red Sox is unnacceptable.

  129. lily says:

    what a frustrating team. getting shutout by the orioles? and they just keeep falling back in the east. doesn’t make it any better that the rays sre winning. frustrated fan!

  130. your mom says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and call a sweep at Boston, pretty much knocking us out of the division race.

  131. wow says:

    unbelievable. if only we were playing a crappy team.

  132. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    …Now we wait for Kevin Gregg…

  133. mbonzo says:

    /generic negative comment #67

    This team can’t beat shitty teams.

  134. Esteban says:

    Less than ideal outcome to that play.

  135. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    This looking like a late April/early May game.

  136. Rainbow Connection says:

    Is Cano too lazy to learn English? Or is Granderson too lazy to learn ‘Yo La Tengo’?

  137. your mom says:

    At least Colon has looked solid today.

  138. Chip says:

    This strikezone is all over the place

  139. Kostas says:

    Who will get lit up more against Boston – CC or AJ?

  140. Jesse says:

    That’s just baseball, Suzyn.

  141. Greg says:

    Baseball gods are hating the Yankees right now.

  142. Cuso says:

    what a shitty result to a well-pitched game

  143. Esteban says:

    I hope ARod wasn’t translating. Colon’s been professional baseball in the States since 1994

  144. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    over/under WC lead at 3 by weeks end?

  145. Roland Deschain says:

    Blow one more right by him, Colon

  146. mbonzo says:

    Colon was just nasty v. Andino.

  147. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    I’ve always hated Hirschbeck’s giant strike zone, but it sure came in handy in this inning.

  148. Jesse says:

    That was yuge.


  149. Adam says:

    Great job by Big Bart.

  150. mbonzo says:

    Nicely done by Colon. 2 runs isn’t too bad with Granderson/Tex/Arod/Cano coming up.

  151. Will says:

    Boy I wish we had a JJ Hardy on our team.

  152. your mom says:

    Well, Hardy can go fuck himself.

  153. Bronx Byte says:

    Gutsy performance from Colon but the Yankee bats are asleep. Any rumors that Colon is burned out are put to rest.

  154. wow says:

    no amount of Colon-awesomeness will save us if this offense doesn’t show up.

  155. Adam says:

    Wow, double barreled action of Mike Gonzalez and Kevin Gregg. Fearsome.

  156. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    OK Boone, we can get 2 runs off Gregg.

    We probably can’t get 4. Hold them here.

  157. Frank says:

    Terrible OF play by Grandy cost Yanks that inning.

  158. Ivan says:

    Well whether the Yankees win or lose, the big story should be that Colon bounce right back and pitch terrific.

  159. your mom says:

    As much as I hate Boone Logan, he’s been alright for a while.

  160. Jesse says:

    If the Yankees lose this game I’ll blame Irene.

  161. nsalem says:

    Martin pinch hitting: his splits this year are superior vs righties than lefties (as opposed to his career)

  162. Jesse says:

    Awesome, Captain Chaos.

  163. Steve S. says:

    Terrific outing by Colon today. 2 seamer was dancing, throwing strikes, being efficient. Win or lose, I feel much better about him at this point of the season.

  164. RCA says:

    Our offense goes as Granderson goes, since he’s slumping the offense is slumping. The 22 runs were definitely an aberration.

  165. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Forget his numbers

    Kevin Gregg just looks incompetent. It’s probably the rec-specs.

  166. Cy Pettitte says:

    this is some seriously uninspired baseball by everyone but Colon.

  167. Greg says:

    Tough stretch for Grandy.

  168. Adam says:

    So much for questech…

  169. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    ARod tying homer

  170. mbonzo says:

    Come on AROD!

  171. Greg says:

    There’s a break we needed.

  172. Steve S. says:

    I thought Tex always chokes in these spots?

  173. thaaaaaaaaaaaayankeeswin says:

    love it when this offense gets shut down by such amazing teams

  174. JohnnyC says:

    Please something centaurian.

  175. Ivan says:


  176. mbonzo says:

    DAMNIT! Oh well, theres always game 2.

  177. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I blame Martin.

  178. AaronGuielWithASmile says:

    Stupid un-clutch A-Rod.

    Where the hell’s Cody Ransom when you need him?

  179. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking ARod

    can’t believe they just dropped two to both the fucking A’s and O’s

  180. Roland Deschain says:

    Wasted a good pitching performance. 1-4 against the As and Os. No excuse, no excuse.

  181. Ethan says:

    Wow seriously what happened to the offense? Great game pitched by Colon, offense can’t support him

  182. your mom says:

    Fitting ending.

  183. Esteban says:

    ARod comes back and the Yankees play poorly. Coincidence? I think not.

  184. Kostas says:

    Good thing the Orioles pitchers suck as everyone stated because other wise the Yanks would have lost this game and looked like epic failures again….

  185. Adam says:

    Whatever…happens sometimes, there are games where the bats go silent. Go get ‘em tonight.

  186. JohnnyC says:

    Showalter’s a genius, I tells ya!

  187. ItsATarp says:

    sigh goddamn offense…but got to give Britton some credit here.

  188. wow says:

    this team looks awesome. Can’t wait til October.

  189. Steve S. says:

    Bah. See you at 7:30 for your ass-whipping, Buck.

  190. Nuke LaDoosh says:

    Don’t like the final score, but maybe Bart can get on a roll again and be the second starter in October.

  191. RCA says:

    I love it how the Orioles get all pumped up, what does that make them 52-77 or something, so at least this winning streak guarantees they won’t lose 100 games.

    • Steve S. says:

      Why does it bother you that a long dead team shows a few signs of life? Good for them. That’s why I don’t mind Buck and his ‘us against the world’ act. That franchise needs someone like him to get them to snap out of their funk. You may recall Maddon was doing the same thing a few years ago.

  192. Ethan says:

    So Yankees will now have a 6 game lead in the WC with this loss and TB’s win. Everyone still think a playoff berth is guaranteed? This team seems to be going into a team slump and Tampa is heating up.

    • ItsATarp says:

      6 game lead is still a lot…yes it’s pretty much guaranteed. The team is in a mini slump, quit worrying.

      • Ethan says:

        6 game lead with over a month to play and a ton of head to head games against the Rays. The playoff spot is far from guaranteed. Seeing Colon pitch as well as he did is comforting though.

    • Jetrer says:

      yes, every team has peaks and valleys. Very unlikely Yankees will remain cold for the last month while Tampa stays hot. If the Yanks just play .500 the rest of the season, Tampa would have to play .700 ball to just tie the Yankees. Highly unlikely.

      • Ethan says:

        Oh that makes it a little more comforting, but still they have a bunch of head to head games that if Tampa were to sweep one it could become a very close race.

        I would really like them to finish strong because the hottest team going into the playoffs often goes far. That’s why I don’t want them to just settle for the WC. If they push hard for the division and end strongly they will go into the playoffs fighting (and hopefully hot).

        • ItsATarp says:

          Don’t look too much into it right now. It’s a mini slump for the offense, which they will definitely snap out of it. Colon looks good, and the rotation is decent outside of AJ and Hughes with Freddy coming back. So we’re set for the long run. It looks bad now, but once this offense starts scoring again, the perception will change.

    • dalelama says:

      Reminds me of last year’s team, unfortunately.

  193. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    I’d rather a position player pitch and get the save than fucking Kevin Gregg.

  194. Will says:

    A-Rod, clean-up hitter, MVP, 30 million dollar man. What a waste! Is it a coincidence that the Yankees have been playing like crap ever since he came back? Sheesh. This season is getting ugly quick.

  195. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Colon is a bad pitcher now because he has a losing record.


  196. Greg says:

    The odds suggest that we split the double header. But right now, they look awful. This is very similar to last year. ARod was coming off an injury, we were playing the Orioles and it was late August. That’s a hug coincidence.

  197. JohnnyC says:

    But seriously…Cashman should smoke that objective pipe and get AJ out of the rotation now. They can’t afford to give up a game every 5th day just for showing up. Weeks like this demonstrate there’s no such thing as a comfortable cushion with 30+ games to go.

    • Steve S. says:

      They announced this morning that they’re going to a 5 man, so its pretty obvious who’s the odd man out.

      The question becomes what the heck do they do with AJ next year, but this year is shot.

      • JohnnyC says:

        Steve, as I responded to your post on your blog, I’m starting to be convinced Cashman will try to trade him this winter. It’ll be difficult but it can be done. I just don’t think AJ has any value as a middle reliever and who can imagine him closing or even setting up?

        • Steve S. says:

          His stuff might play up in the NL, but I just don’t see who would take him with that contract. The Yanks don’t like to eat money, so you’re looking at a headache for headache deal.

  198. dalelama says:

    What is it about Arod that drags the team down? Does everybody relax expecting Arod to deliver? I would be interested in knowing the Yanks w-l record is with Arod vs. No Arod since we signed him.

  199. Zach says:

    Gee, I seem to remember us playing like this last year….

  200. Will says:

    I want Prince Fielder in pinstripes next year. So tired of this. So tired of our “RBI guys” not coming through. We need a real big bat in the lineup. Not a .240 pull hitter and a 35 year old POS.

  201. Cuso says:

    This outcome pretty much guarantees that they score at least 15 runs in the nightcap.

    just always works out that way for whatever reason

  202. stuart a says:

    arod has 6 years at about $30 mill on his deal so he does not get a pass.

    the guy hit 4 grounders to the left side today. his excuses and breaking down all the time is old…

    it is unbeleivable that the stupid crew cut steinny needed to sign this guy to that deal. there is no team in baseball that would have given him a contract even close to that…….

    why tex hits 3rd batting 247 is ludicrous. and do not tell me he has 99 rbi’s imagine if he hit 175 hoe many rbi’s he would have………….

  203. Steve S. says:

    OK, so who dumped who? Derek or Minka?

  204. Greg says:

    Colon did pitch well today, but in the end when it comes to the regular season, it comes down to to wins and losses. That’s all that matters in the regular season. Once we clinch a playoff spot, then we can look back and set up our rotation. But right now, the only thing that concerns me are wins and losses. Dont let a sleeping bear bnack into the fight with the Rays.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      How can you can call the Rays a “sleeping bear” when they’re had to go on this ridiculous run while the Yankees slumped just to get within six games of the Wild Card?

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        Greg wouldn’t feel safe if the Yankees had a 100 game lead.

      • Greg says:

        We’ve seen bigger collapses before. The 1995 AL West Race, The two times recently the Mets collapsed. The Padres collapsing last year. And with a pitching staff that is very good, the Rays can continue a good run.

  205. Hello Nasty says:

    The Rays have 31 games left. 14 of those are against the Red Sox and Yanks.

    If they can find a way to make up over six games w/that bitch of a schedule then I say they’ve earned it.

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