Game rained out, will be made up in September

Phil Hughes to the bullpen, for the right reasons
A-Rod continues rehab with simulated game

As you probably know by now, this afternoon’s game against the Rays has been postponed due to rain. Joe Girardi indicated that the game will be made up as part of a doubleheader sometime in September. Tampa doesn’t come back to New York until the third to last series of the year, so hopefully the Yankees will have a playoff spot wrapped up by then and can let the kids do most of the work in the second game. As an added benefit, Jamie Shields will now pitch against the Red Sox tomorrow instead of against the Yankees today. Hooray for that.

Phil Hughes to the bullpen, for the right reasons
A-Rod continues rehab with simulated game
  • bonestock94

    Good, Shields vs Burnett had fail written all over it. Better in September when things may be more solidified.

  • SteveD

    Just great. Now what am i gonna do all afternoon?

  • Joe R

    Hooray beer!

  • MikeD

    Don’t the Yankees already have a doubleheader upcoming against the Rays? During Jeter’s march to 3,000, the Friday 7/8 game was rained out with a makeup scheduled for later this year. Since there was no doubleheader this weekend, that means it had to be rescheduled for the Rays last trip into town, which is also when today’s game will be rescheduled. So is that two doubleheaders for that series, or was there an off day they’re using?

    In past years, a packed schedule might have been a problem, but the Yankees already have a six-man rotation, and numerous quality arms down at AAA. Maybe we’ll even get to see Banuelos start a game.

    • Kramerica Industries

      There must’ve been an off-day since there was only one game scheduled from Tuesday-Thursday of that final series.

      I imagine Wednesday would be the DH day since that’s an early start game (though that’s pretty inexplicable – I mean, 7:05, 1:05, 7:05 as previously scheduled?)

      • MikeD

        If I had to guess (which I’m going to!), it must have orginally been a two-game set, with games on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday the off day. They added the July rain-out on the Thursday off day, but didn’t want to make it a day game since that would be two, back-to-back day games in the middle of the week. (Not to mention the Yankees also have a day game on Monday, with the Twins flying into town for a single make-up game.) It’s one thing to have a scheduled day game that people can plan to attend; it’s another to add a second one in that’s not part of the original schedule. The Yankees were probably concerned about lower attendance in they added a third day game that week,so they made the rescheduled game a night game.

        And if you want to play conspiracy, remember it was the Rays who refused to play the day-night double header on Saturday after the Friday, 7/8 game was rained out, which could have jeapordized Jeter’s chance of getting #3000 at home, and thus hurt the Yankees a bit financially. The Yankees stay home after the 8/22 rescheduled night game with the Rays, while the Rays have to fly out. Perhaps the Yankees are making it as difficult as possible on the Rays because they refused the original day-night doubleheader offer. I think it’s unlikely, but there certainly was no reason for the Yankees to make it easier on the Rays.

        Looking at the calendar, I agree that they will probably add a night game on Wednesday, 9/21 to make up today’s game.

        • MikeD

          …and just to really belabor this, there is a possibility here for a rare, day-night, split-team double header on Monday 9/19 with the Twins at 1:05 and the Rays at 7:05.

          The Rays play in Boston Sunday afternoon and are scheduled for an off day on Monday. That means they’ll be arriving in NYC Sunday night. They could opt to play an evening game against the Yankees.

          Yet it won’t happen. The Yankees don’t gain anything from it. They’ll be slighly depleted arm wise since they’ll have played the Twins, but the Rays will be completely fresh. There also wouldn’t be any time for the Rays to work out between games. It’s a no-go.

  • Jorge

    Guess I have to go play with the baby now.

  • Yank The Frank

    It’s always good to miss a hot Big Game James vs. a cold deer caught in the headlights AJ. Let AJ get it together against KC or the Twins.

    • smurfy

      I gotta differ: Complete Game James is the bitter medecine AJ needs to tune in on what he’s gotta do.

  • Gonzo

    Think of it this way guys. More games to see Jesus and his friends play in September.

  • IB6 UB9

    Good news for Yankees. Hughes and A.J. should piggy-back start like in the low minors. Keep C.C. and Nova on turn, get Colon and Garcia an extra day here and there and use your best four in the playoffs.

  • yoo-boo

    Umm.. Thanked to this rained out game, CC wont pitch against Red Sox. The rotation would be Garcia, Burnett and Nova basing on my estimation.

    First 4 starters are set starting tomorrow will be Burnett, Nova, Colon and Sabathia. Hughes’ spot will be on the 2nd game of Yanks-Twins series. Garcia should be ready to pitch in Hughes’ stead.

    Hughes only can pitch any time from 2nd game to the finale game in the Yanks-Twins series in order to be in the line for starting one of doubleheader games against Orioles.

    that would be a good time to test Nova out against Red Sox lineup.

    Point off question: Why didn’t Noesi pitch a whole 3 innings instead of one inning relieving Wade’s 2 inning stint?

    • Jerome S.

      You know they can re-align the rotation, right? If they wanted to adjust it to get CC to pitch against the Sox, they could do it easily. Though it wouldn’t make any sense o go through all of that hassle, but, there ya go.

      • yoo-boo

        Nope… I only made the switch between Sabathia and Colon after the day off as Colon will get extra day and Sabathia stays on regular. With or without the switch, neither Sabathia nor Colon will have a shot for pitching in the Red Sox series.

        • Jerome S.

          Well, who cares?

  • Nuke LaDoosh

    looking at the bright side…Manny could get one of the double header games in September.

    • MikeD

      Seven-man rotation!

  • Jesse

    The Red Sox play the Rays on Tuesday btw. Both have tomorrow off. Remember, the Red Sox are in Seattle so they need the off day to travel back from the west coast.

  • IB6 UB9

    C.C. can’t beat the Red Sox, so this is a good thing.

    • Troll Killer

      Shut up

    • Jesse

      That’s CC to you….

    • Jerome S.

      Except, like, he can and has over his career.

      It’s sss noise, no predictive value whatsoever.

  • Dennis

    A no AJ start is a good AJ start.