Triple-A Scranton to play all home games on the road in 2012

Is it time for the Yanks to extend Cano's contract?
Where have you gone, Bartolo Colon?

Via Josh Leventhal and Everett Merrill, the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees will have to play all of their home games on the road next year while PNC Field undergoes a $40M renovation project. The International League has tentatively approved the team’s plans to play at an alternate location in 2012, and they has until Sept. 20th to submit a final proposal.

At the moment, the club is considering six alternate locations, but league president Randy Mobley decline to name them. “Generally speaking, we are considering existing league facilities and others outside the league,” he said. Lehigh Valley, about an hour south, of Scranton is one possibility, as is Ottawa. The league had a team in Canada’s capitol until 2007. Another interesting possibility: Staten Island. The Yankees would love the proximity to the big league team, and since Short Season Staten Island doesn’t begin play until late-June, there would be less scheduling conflicts. Now that would be conveniently awesome.

Is it time for the Yanks to extend Cano's contract?
Where have you gone, Bartolo Colon?
  • baravelli

    Has anybody ever read The Great American Novel, by Phillip Roth? It’s about a baseball team, called the Rupert Mundys, that has to play all its games on the road; this made me think of that.
    Great book, highly recommended!

    • Colin

      i was thinking of the exact same thing. great book

    • Accent Shallow

      Luke Gofannon: the real Home Run King.

  • Matt :: Sec110

    I vote Staten Island! I’ve never been (or wanted to) so this would be a fine reason!

    • Mike Myers

      maybe they can build a stadium out of the dump

      • jsbrendog

        si yankee stadium is beautiful

  • Matt :: Sec110

    There’s a minor league stadium closer than staten island…it’s in flushing…they call it Citi Field.

    • A-ROD fan


    • 28 this year


    • Doug Smith

      As a fan of minor-league baseball, I resent that…

  • Woodrow Sweats

    i would love them to play in Shaolin… i have never been, but i hear it’s a nice stadium, and i would love to be able to see the top prospects in our own backyard…

  •!/DiscGolfHero the tenth inning stretch

    I live in Rochester, and our local paper reported that there’s a very strong chance they play here next season, which has me stoked. They said that to play here next season would only add a total of 74 more travel miles than they’d normally have in a season and our Frontier Field is cinsistently rated as one of the top in MiLB. I’m hopeful.

  • theyankeewarrior


  • CP

    “Generally speaking, we are considering existing league facilities and others outside the league,”

    That’s as general as it gets. It’s either going to be somewhere in the league or somewhere not in the league.

    Next he’ll announce that it will have a baseball field and stands for fans…

    • Woodrow Sweats

      “more than likely, the team will be capable of playing baseball there…”

  • dr mrs the yankee

    I doubt they’ll wind up on SI but it would be awesome if they did…

  • Jo3momz

    Shit have em play at Yankee Stadium. Can’t get closer to the big league team.

  • Kiersten

    Staten Island would be amazing.

    Please save all your “haha Staten Island sux” jokes.

    • jsbrendog

      i totally agree. that stadium is awesome. i remember the first time i went there for a sept 11 memorial in 02 and was really blown away how nice it was, right on the water. and with all the renovations to the ferry (fishtanks woo) i think it would be great. I would definitely go to a bunch of aaa games

  • RCA

    Would love to see Banuelos, Betances, and Montero(!) close to NYC in 2012. I would say Romine, but he will be too busy in Trenton being bored.

  • Woodrow Sweats

    Sure they’re spending $40M on renovations… but are they going build it and take away their star catcher’s power?


    • matt


  • handtius

    um, you guys know there’s an indie league team in rockland country now? well, wouldn’t that be a dope spot for the AAA yankees team? close as fuck and my parents live up there.

    • Matt Sec110

      Yeah, the Rockland Boulders. Stadium/team are new this season, and the stadium is really nice.

      • Boulder Bird

        Word is this is the place they really want, but the Mets have veto power (as they do with SI).

  • Jon Kantrowitz

    How about Bridgeport? Close, convenient – I’d go to every game!

  • Dave

    My suggestion is one of two stadiums in Bergen County that never have fans in them.. Jackals Stadium at Yogi Berra Museum or at Newark Bears Stadium in Newark, both do not draw crowds. If a Triple a team can draw at either location, it would be good for the Stadiums and for Bergen Counties fight for a minor league team, and both save money on all the callups the NY Yankees have!

    • Woodrow Sweats

      not to be a jerk, but the stadiums are in essex county… and they would be awesome in either… Newark could use any help it could get… hhhhmmm… if only we could get Corey Booker involved, he would make it happen… that’s some serious publicity…

  • jsbrendog

    can we start an online mvoement to make it SI? blam!

  • Benjamin Kabak

    I got it: The Yanks are going to ensure that Jesus Montero gets to the Bronx next year by having Scranton play their home games in Yankee Stadium. Problem solved.

  • cjsav

    Like the Yogi Berra museum idea. Could book dates at the various independent league stadiums around NJ, we have one in Bridgewater that would be great.

  • Mike Gwizdala

    Albany would love to have the Triple-A Yankees!

  • Plank

    Isn’t there some reason the Yankees don’t have minor league teams in their district? I think the Yankees and Mets are allowed to veto the other team having a minor league team in the region. The only reason the SI and Brooklyn teams are there is because they both agreed at the same time to put a team in NYC the same year at the same level (and the city paid for the stadiums *puke*)

    That makes me think that the move to SI wouldn’t be feasible.

    • KeithK

      Yes. According to other reports I have read (via the Mets would have veto rights over Scranton moving to NYC, even for one season. Since having another team in market could affect ticket sales for either the Mets or Cyclones speculation is that SI is an unlikely destination for SWB. That said, I’m sure the Flushing folks have a price if Hal and Co. were willing to pony up.

  • Jorge

    This is absolutely a conspiracy against Jesus Montero.

  • sangreal

    My biased and meaningless vote goes to the Yogi Berra stadium here in Montclair/Little Falls

    • Jorge

      As my wife is a professor at Montclair St., I’d absolutely be there.

  • Pat D

    I vote Lehigh Valley. That stadium is within walking distance of where I work.

    Of course, I don’t expect to be working at that location very long into next year, but it’s still only a 20-minute drive from my house.

  • Freddy

    I like the Newark idea. Its not like the crowds in Lackawanna County are any better. The NJ transit train stop Newark Broad Street is right outside. The Original Newark Bears were a Yankees farm team.

    Staten Island would be a great idea also.

  • V

    Crap, was planning on visiting Scranton a few times next year.

    I’d love it if they could play in central NJ, but other than kicking the Somerset Patriots out of their stadium, no idea where they could play here.

  • jsmith

    how about elmira,ny lots of tradion there,stadium is avail.dugouts and lockerrooms updated close to everywhere from a logisticsstandpoint,not the taj-mahal but neither is wrigley