Yankees claim Raul Valdes off waivers from St. Louis

Game 120: Revenge
A-Rod continues rehab in SWB loss

Via Bryan Hoch and Erik Boland, the Yankees have claimed lefty reliever Raul Valdes off waivers from the Cardinals. Jeff Marquez has been 60-day DL’ed to clear up a 40-man roster spot.

Valdes, 33, had been designated for assignment earlier this week when St. Louis signed Arthur Rhodes. You might have seen him pitch with the Mets last year, his first taste of the big leagues after spending a bunch of time in various independent leagues. His splits against left-handed batters are terrible (.327/.377/.602 against in 107 PA), which isn’t all that surprising as a high-80’s fastball/mid-70’s curveball guy. Valdes definitely has minor league options left, so I expect him to go to Triple-A.

Game 120: Revenge
A-Rod continues rehab in SWB loss
  • pat

    I’m guessing he throws very hard? High K and high BB.

  • Johnathan Steinbeck


    He’s a soft tosser.

    • pat

      Well then. Sounds useless.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    2011 world series MVP

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      Actually, that distinction belongs to Bartolo Colon.

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        Co MVP’s

  • scooter10

    Insurance. Logan and Garrison are the only LHP relievers on the 40 man roster (i.e. not counting Feliciano/Marte). Guess I would like to think the Yankees would turn to Baneulos before Valdes. But this was simply a contingency play for a veteran guy with ML experience.

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    Randy Choate got put on waivers…hope the Yankees put a claim on him, too.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      someone else will claim him before then

      • jt

        plus everyone goes on waivers eventually

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        Someone with a higher waiver priority might be awarded the claim, sure. But that doesn’t mean the Yankees shouldn’t (nor can’t) put in a claim at all. It’s just unlikely their claim would get rewarded.

  • Johnathan Steinbeck

    Maybe I’m thinking ahead a bit but I suppose that his spot on the 40 man roster is pretty much disposable.

    I.E X relief pitcher becomes available in september through a trade , X useless relief pitcher (Valdes) mysteriously ends up on the 15 day D.L allowing X aquaired pitcher to be eligible for the postseason roster


    • The Fallen Phoenix

      If a player’s not in the organization before September, he’s not eligible for the 40-man roster, even with the 60-day DL injury exemption rule.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        Sorry, that should read postseason roster, not 40-man roster.

    • radnom

      haha you can’t use ‘X’ for all your variables and expect to make sense. But like Phoenix said above, wouldn’t work out. What type of relief pitcher could you see being available in September? I haven’t heard any rumors along those lines.

    • Ed

      Anyone acquired after August 31st can’t be on the postseason roster. No exceptions to that rule.

      If someone is postseason eligible but on the DL at the end of the season, you can replace them with anyone acquired by August 31st. There’s something like 6 guys on the DL that almost certainly won’t be coming back this season, so there’s more roster spots to play with than they could possibly need.

  • http://www.cruisesinc.com/jjamoom Groundhoggator

    seems like a useless transaction… they could’ve easily shifted Marquez to 60 day DL w/o added Valdes. hope there is a trade in the works then…

  • Edmondme

    Not sure about this, I remember K-rod back in 2002 was added in september