Yankees have been scouting Rich Harden

Two thoughts on the recent transactions
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Via Susan Slusser, the Yankees have scouted Rich Harden’s last two starts, as have a number of other clubs. The 29-year-old struck out eleven Blue Jays in seven two-hit innings last night, easily his best start of the season. Oakland already placed him on trade waivers earlier this week, and we know the Yankees have been aggressively blocking starting pitchers. The Red Sox almost acquired Harden at the deadline before he flunked his medicals, so that’s a serious red flag. Joe wrote all about the right-hander before the trade deadline, and I think this might be due diligence more than sincere interest.

Two thoughts on the recent transactions
The Complete Team
  • Esteban

    Is there really anybody they could acquire now that would be better than what they already have?

    • MattG

      I’d say a healthy Rich Harden would be the second best starter on the team.

      • Cuso

        Meh, I used to think that too. Perhaps even at some point this year.

        But Harden hasn’t been a healthy, effective pitcher in years. Kinda hard to believe he’d find it in the next two months.

        Maybe next year he’s someone you take a Colon/Garcia-type flier on. But not Mid-August to October.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Chris Capuano…

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    7 man rotation? Or *gulp* Hughes and Nova to the bullpen?

  • Countryclub

    If it was for a middling prospect…why not? It’s not like they’d be looking for him to stay healthy for a full season, if you count the playoffs you’d be talking about roughly 10 starts. To me it would be worth the gamble. He’s not signed for next yr, so it’d really be a 2 to 3 month thing.

  • Travis L.

    What about this: Sabathia, Harden, Colon, Garcia, Nova (rotation)… Hughes, Ayala, Robertson, Logan, Wade, Soriano, Rivera (bullpen) for the playoffs??

    • nsalem

      5 man rotation in the playoffs is a swell idea. If there is a game 5 Nova can start instead of CC.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Please, please, please, please, please, please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

        • Crime Dog

          Def sarcasm. You only need a 4 man rotation in the playoffs and usually the 4th guy is gonna go maybe twice the whole playoffs, 3 times occasionally. (I know you probably know this, its more for the original poster)

        • nsalem

          No I’m being dead serious. Wouldn’t you want Nova in a a Game 5 of a DS? I think Nova has a higher winning percentage now than CC. He has been pitching much better than CC for the last 2 weeks. This would be especially true against a strong left handed hitting team because I think CC gave up a home run against a lefty the other week. Why would you want to start CC twice in a short series anyway. Also if Hughes keeps on pitching like he did last night (especially against teams going to the playoffs) I would definitely send him to the bullpen.

          • Crime Dog

            Trolls gon’ troll.

            • nsalem

              this is what haooens when there are no games to watch on a Saturday until 4 pm and when you finally get one it’s the Mets.

      • MikeD

        Teams don’t go with five-man rotations in the postseason because they’d be giving critical starts to their fifth-best pitcher. Four starters, fifth goes to the pen. Sometimes the fifth guy doesn’t even make the postseason roster, although he usually does as a backup in case one of the other starters gets injured.

        As for Harden, it’s not all that clear he’s better than what the Yankees have. Sure, he can be better than what we have (past CC), but the same can be said about AJ. He can be better. He rarely is.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      No way, the Yankees won’t get Harden, believe me. The rotation will look like this come playoffs: CC, Nova, Hughes, Garcia. Colon in the ‘pen. Burnett off the roster.

      • nsalem

        so you would rather have Colon pitch in a game 5 ALDS than Sabathia?

        • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

          What makes you think that when I have Colon in the bullpen??

          • nsalem

            woops read it wrong apologies

          • nsalem

            Don’t know if it’s such a great move to move starters to the pen in the playoffs Untill this year Colon had only made 3 relief appearances in his career and two of them wee not in this century. The beginning of the end of the 2002 ALDS was when Torre let El Duque go out for the 8th inning with what I think was a one run lead. Torre could have gone to Mariano or Karsay. He stuck with Orlando who gave up two quick bombs to Salmon and Gloss. It was all downhill from there. Those 24th and 25th spots are key in the playoffs and they would probably consider bringing along that extra LOOGY or someone who can steal a base. If they decide Bart doesn’t merit a start, you might not see him on the roster.

    • Henyo

      You didn’t mention AJ…LOL.

      I think AJ is on Red Sucks payroll… so the Yanks lose every time he’s out there… pls.cashman, let this guy go… he sucks and doesn’t look happy in pinstripes anymore….

  • infernoscurse

    how can the yanks block other teams being in 1st place? :D

    well other than blocking AL pitchers from going to the NL

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      They did the vast majority of their blocking when the red sox were in first place. Although, I’m very surprised that no one claimed Aaron Laffey unil the Yankees. The sox DFA’d lefty Randy Williams the other day, so I’m assuming they were looking for a lefty. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t put a claim on Mr. Laffey Taffy.

      • radnom

        On the otherhand, Laffey is pretty terrible. Sox probably didn’t consider him worth a 25 man roster spot. It only kinda made sense for the Yankees because of the Garcia DL stint.

  • nsalem

    Mike probably was referring to the first couple of weeks in August when the Sox were ahead of the Yankees.

  • AC

    Have no issue with adding an arm like Harden for the stretch drive. It’s only for another 2-3 months and not alot of $$ owed to him. He’s a free agent after season. Colon , Hughes or Garcia can hit the wall at anytime and you guys know it. If it doesn’t cost us someone crazy which I doubt I say do it. Another power arm could help.

  • Bronx Byte

    Rich Harden is too much of a risk. Don’t need him in the first place.

  • Pounder

    Hardin is a Cali kid and will not willingly go east.Bring up Betances and go from there.