Yankees have some interest in Arthur Rhodes


Via George King, the Yankees have some interest in the recently released Arthur Rhodes, but only on a minor league contract. The 41-year-old southpaw was cut by the Rangers after they made a pair of trades to improve their bullpen at the deadline. Rhodes has held lefties to a rather mediocre .217/.310/.405 batting line this season, with nearly as many walks (five) and strikeouts (seven). He’s also unusable against righties (.333/.365/.633).

Rhodes started the season a couple of bad outings away from a forced retirement, and that’s basically what happened. There’s nothing wrong with a minor league contract, and hey, maybe they’d catch lightning in a bottle for a few weeks, but there’s little reason to think Rhodes is still an effective reliever.

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  • Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    Wouldn’t hurt to see what he could do, but I’d rather the Yankees just not bother.

    In other pitching-related news. Arodys Vizcaino is making his MLB debut out of the bullpen tonight, the Yankees sure could use him right now.

    • Jorge

      In the majors? That seems a bit, um, rushed.

  •!/billreichmann breich315

    Yankees have some interest in Arthur Rhodes pitching for the Red Sox

    • Uncle Mike

      I don’t think any of us are going to improve on THIS statement. Least of all Rhodes.

  • Monteroisdinero


    Wade/Drob>>>>>>washed up lefties

    • Jorge


  • theyankeewarrior

    Alfredo Aceves is better.

    • Jorge

      Ships that have sailed:

      Alfredo Aceves
      Arodys Vizcaino
      Jay Buhner
      Fred McGriff
      Willie McGee

      •!/billreichmann breich315

        Arodys was apparently promoted which is kinda crazy. He’s only 20.

      • theyankeewarrior

        The problem is that Alfredo’s ship sailed with no other ship coming in. He was literally given away for free.

        There was negative upside for releasing him.


  • Matt DiBari

    I really hate lefty relievers.

  • Will (the other one)

    Why would a team that just cut J.C. Romero have any interest in Arthur Rhodes? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    • A-ROD fan


    • infernoscurse

      they cut jc because he asked for it not because they didnt want him in AAA

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    Scott Proctor just became available!

    •!/billreichmann breich315

      Heard Joe Torre was ready to hire him as his assistant in the MLB office

      • Crime Dog

        He needs someone to sign paperwork. Over and over again. Proctors gonna need surgery again

  • tommy cassella

    regardless of how good or bad martin does this year i think he will be gone next year. the angels are throwing a rookie at the yanks tonight. back in the yogi, mickey,maris days, whenever a rookie pitched at the stadium. he would be so intiminated, he would’nt get past the second inning let’s see how tonight’s game plays out.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Not sure if this was on topic but an all-Venezuelan catching tandem of Cervelli and Montero sounds good to me. The only problem would be catching AJ so if it means getting rid of him too-ah that won’t happen till after 2013.

  • Jorge

    I heard Arthur Rhodes always wanted to be part of Old Timers Day and figures he could play in the 2012 game.

    I remember when he was pretty damn good for the Orioles. Of course, he was relieving Jim Palmer and Dave McNally at the time, but he was good.

  • Boo Radley

    Arthur Rhodes has been our whipping boy for 15 years. We can’t sign him and we don’t need him. Once we get to the playoffs only a few relievers will pitch in close ballgames and he wouldn’t be one of them. If the starters go 6 Wade and Logan won’t even pitch.

  • jason


  • Jesse

    Didn’t a certain someone on here bring this up???

  • Bronx Byte

    Marte and Feliciano are throwing bullpen sessions in Tampa. One of them should be ready before the end of August.