Cervelli has been concussion symptom free for three days

Fan Confidence Poll: September 19th, 2011
Game 152: Makeup

Via Peter Botte and Mark Hale, Frankie Cervelli has been without concussion symptoms for three days now. He and the team are waiting for doctors to evaluate the results of an ImPACT test (more on that here) before making any decisions, so it’s still unclear if he’ll be able to return to the field this year. “I pray every day for that,” said Cervelli, who also confirmed that he’ll be going back to the Great Gazoo helmet.

Frankie’s latest concussion opened up a “who would be the backup catcher in the playoffs?” can of worms, but the Yankees might not even need to carry a clearly defined backup in the postseason. Either way, the important thing is that Cervelli gets healthy and doesn’t rush back.

Fan Confidence Poll: September 19th, 2011
Game 152: Makeup
  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    I hate the “Great Gazoo” helmet reference.

    Mainly because Steve Berthiaume was the one who first referenced it when talking about Cervelli back in 2009. And he did so in a negative manner, to boot.

  • Lucky Charms

    yeah Cervelli, get healthy AND DON’T RUSH BACK

  • bonestock94

    I would let him rest the rest of the season regardless. The team will be fine with Montero and Posada on the roster.

  • Monteroisdinero

    See you in ST Frankie.

  • Mister Delaware

    Am I allowed to start dreading a semi-moderate Martin injury in the playoffs yet? Like one where you know he’s not playing for atleast 5-7 day but expect he might be ok after that? Because the decision on whether to replace or not would just suck so hard.

  • CountZero

    Wouldn’t want to be in the kid’s shoes. On the one hand, you’re an end of the roster player trying to make enough money to keep you warm after a short career in MLB. And on the other hand, you only have to look down the bench at the memory issues with Jorge to realize what could happen to you — and much worse.

    Risking your brain to lay in some money while you can — tough call. It is of course up to him and the doctors, but I wouldn’t expect to see him play again this season. He’s in very dangerous territory — Rick Moranis helmet or not.

    • JoeMoes

      Cervelli has life after baseball. Bullpen catchers make 60k a year. He will most likely be a manager in future he fits the mold alot of managers didn’t accomplish alot in their careers but were baseball smart and moved to managing.

      • nasafemme

        Goodness, it’s only a concussion. You’re relegating him to bullpen catching and eventual managing?

        • JerryNYG

          It is his third or fourth concussion in a few years, that is a pretty big deal. A concussion is serious business.