Game 145: I remember what winning felt like


(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

It felt pretty awesome. Let’s do that again, pretty please? Here’s the lineup…

Derek Jeter, SS
Curtis Granderson, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Robinson Cano, DH
Jesus Montero, C
Eric Chavez, 3B
Andruw Jones, RF
Eduardo Nunez, 2B
Brett Gardner, LF

Freddy Garcia, SP

It’s a 3:35pm ET start, and you can watch on YES. Try to enjoy.

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  1. CBean says:

    I’m starting to forget what Mo looks like.

  2. Jesse says:

    I’m starting to forget what Michael Kay’s catchphrase was after every win….

  3. Cy Pettitte says:

    Freddy to Jesus should be…..interesting. I’m preparing for a frustrating game.

  4. SevenAces says:

    Just gotta believe this is the game the Yankees turn it around in.


    Lester is getting smacked around quite a bit, oh how I’m enjoying it.

    • Cy Pettitte says:

      the only thing that makes this losing streak tolerable is that the Sox have been even worse. Sox nation is in full blown panic mode.

  5. Avi says:

    I don’t like Montero catching EVER. His bat is just too valuable for the risk involved.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Make him a 21 year old exclusive DH? That’s not gonna happen.

      • Avi says:

        It’s likely gonna happen anyway as according to everyone he doesn’t have the skills to catch in the majors. He can play 1B when Tex is a free agent in 5 years, Montero will be 26.

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          If he was as bad of a catcher as everyone says, why is he catching a pitcher like Freddy? I don’t think his defense will be as good as Martin’s, but it’ll be better than we think.

          • Avi says:

            I’m pretty sure his throwing numbers have been awful the last 2 years in triple A (I don’t have them). The caught stealing percentage is poor but the amount of attempts is what’s really alarming.

          • Urban says:

            We probably won’t be able to tell anything from a single game, good or bad. It would be an accumulation of starts that will make it clear where Montero stands as a a catcher.

            That all said, there’s no reason for fans to doubt the consistent reports from scouts and talent evaluators that Montero is a below average defensive catcher. It’s not like there’s been some conspiracy among talent evaluators to talk him down.

          • CBean says:

            it’s because he’s caught Freddy before at rehab. He’s only got experience with Nova and Freddy so i think for his first outing, they’d like to do it with someone he knows.

    • Jorge says:

      The risk involved in……being a catcher? I wasn’t aware they had to wear Kevlar back there.

      • Avi says:

        See Joe Mauer.

        • Steve H. says:

          So only catchers get injured, and if Mauer wasn’t a catcher he’d be completely healthy?

          • Avi says:

            Have to believe catching has contributed greatly to Mauer’s injuries. Don’t you?

            • Jorge says:

              Jesus Montero and Joe Mauer: Two different people.

            • Steve H. says:

              Certainly possible, and certainly possible that he gets injured at any other position. You can put great hitting catchers behind the plate and they can go on to have long, fruitful careers. You pull him because he can’t handle it defensively, not because Joe Mauer got hurt.

              • Jetrer says:

                I’d much prefer he not be the primary catcher in the future though. As a primary catcher, he would probably be limited to starting maybe 130 games a year, and with increased injury risk. As primary DH, backup catcher, he should be able to start at least 150 games/year with much less of the wear and tear of catching. They do need him to be able to catch at least part-time though, considering ARod is going to need quite a bit of DH time going forward.

        • Jorge says:

          ……whose gravestone has been far from written.

          Every catcher seemingly too big for his position will not go through the same career trajectory. Time will tell.

          • Urban says:

            Not all big catchers are considered “too big” to catch and not all big catchers are created equally. Some from the very start already exhibit slow reflexes and poor movement behind the plate, and have the body type that projects poorly.

            My question about Montero is can be be competent behind the plate for a few years before he transitions, perhaps to first base after Tex leaves.

            I have an open mind, but it’s up to Montero to prove to reports wrong.

            • Jorge says:

              That’s a different point than what this thread/argument/whateverthisis started as, though. I can go with some of what you’re saying here. I think the “when does he transition to first” stuff is a bit premature, but I do think he has to prove the scouting reports wrong, as you do.

      • LiterallyFigurative says:


        If he’s so terrible a catcher, why has he been CATCHING all friggin year?

        • Urban says:

          To continue to develop his skills, to learn how to catch under the guidance of Wynegar, and to give time for the Yankees to continue to assess his ability behind the plate.

    • Steve H. says:

      Mike Piazza would like a word.

  6. Camilo says:

    10 years later and we are still going strong. We will never forget. Oh and the 9/11 special that YES had was very strong and touching.

  7. Urban says:

    And they shall win again.

    It has been written.

  8. LiterallyFigurative says:

    I predict RAB will shut down after Montero’s first passed ball.

    “SYSTEM OVERLOAD! Montero is the worst catcher ever!”

  9. Jorge says:

    It’d be sweet to have not-so-fast Freddy work his magic today and have the bats come alive against the lesser of the three pitchers the Yanks have faced this series. Finger crossed today.

  10. Xstar7 says:

    I have a feeling the Yankees will turn it around today. Hopefully Sweaty Freddy doesn’t get too sweaty out there.

  11. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Lestah with 110 pitches in 4 innings. I have to think that’s it for him.

  12. Karl Krawfid says:

    I was sitting next to a guy that got hit in the head with a foul ball Friday.

    Everyone in my section lost the ball in the lights lol

  13. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Yep. Lestah done aftah 4 innings. 8H, 4ER, 111 pitches.

  14. Jorge says:

    Game over. ;)

  15. Avi says:

    The Yankees are EXPANDING the zone. Not the way to break out of a slump!!

  16. CBean says:

    Grandy that’d be a bad record to break.

  17. Cy Pettitte says:

    Teix is too predictable

  18. Karl Krawfid says:

    The nightmare just doesn’t stop.

  19. LiterallyFigurative says:

    1-2-3 inning.

    Something new and exciting for the offense!

    Swinging at balls!

  20. Urban says:

    Impressive. Jesus caught the first pitch without bursting into dust.

  21. Cy Pettitte says:

    seeing eye single, how appropriate.

  22. Xstar7 says:

    Freddy Garcia and Jesus Montero. The second entirely Venezuelan battery the Yankees have.

  23. Cy Pettitte says:

    what about JR? way to leave him out Kay.

    • Jorge says:

      Kay always uses the “and Gary Sanchez may be the best of them!” line and forgets Murphy. I think he thinks it makes him sound smart when he uses that line.

  24. Cy Pettitte says:

    yea it’s gonna be another one of those games.

  25. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:


  26. mbonzo says:

    Wow, that wasn’t a homerun.

  27. Urban says:

    I was hoping for the good Freddy today, not the one who took the mound last time.

  28. SevenAces says:

    And then UPton hits a Grandslam.

  29. Jetrer says:

    well at least the Red Sox are getting their asses kicked

  30. Xstar7 says:

    Kendrick is a fucking Yankee Killer.

  31. mbonzo says:

    8-1 Rays, when this game is over, the Rays will be 3 games behind the Red Sox in the loss column.

  32. Cy Pettitte says:

    oh shit Upton. at least the Sox are getting rocked.

  33. CMP says:

    The Yankees have 3 weeks to pull their heads out of their asses or they’re not gonna be long for October.

  34. C says:

    Over/under on runs for the Yanks today: 2.5

  35. SevenAces says:

    My game plan for this game: pay attention for a few innings until I feel like bashing something in, then go to the batting cages to bash some balls.

  36. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    they dont turn it around against seattle, this will be a rough last couple of weeks.

  37. James A says:

    At least we aren’t as panicked as Red Sox fans, this shit is crazy though for both teams. If it’s a Tigers, Rangers, Rays, Angels playoffs, I don’t even know…

    • Jorge says:

      At the end of the day, don’t you worry, the Yanks and Red Sox will make the rest of the country roll their eyes come October.

  38. Urban says:

    Nice recovery. Normally being down two runs in the first would not be reason for concern, but runs haven’t been easy. That’s gotta change soon.

  39. Cy Pettitte says:

    the Yankees got a hit? are they allowed to do that?

  40. Xstar7 says:

    All right Jesus, let’s make something of that leadoff single.

  41. Cuso says:

    Joe should just put a complete AAA lineup out there tomorrow so everyone gets a day off and there are no excuses.

    • Jetrer says:

      or they can take advantage of the good part of the bullpen finally being rested (depending on how today goes obviously) and try to win

  42. Xstar7 says:

    At least the runner advanced.

  43. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    that’s as good as having Jesus bunt!!


  44. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Even Montero’s strikeouts are productive, LOL.

  45. CBean says:

    Jesus doesn’t love America.

  46. Jorge says:

    Montero should never catch again, effective immediately. Clearly it’s screwing with everything else.

    It’s Girardi’s fault. Cliff Lee. No wait, it’s always Teixera’s fault.

  47. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Holy fuck a run!!!

  48. Urban says:

    Hey, a run. Not sure how to react to one of these.

  49. Jorge says:

    Eric Chavez: “Suck mah balls.”

  50. SevenAces says:


    What is this welling up in my eyes? What is this feeling?

  51. Cy Pettitte says:

    Chavez is good at baseball.

  52. Xstar7 says:

    What? Isn’t it illegal for the Yankees to score? Somebody has to notify Bud Selig about this….

  53. LiterallyFigurative says:

    A RUN!!!!


  54. SevenAces says:

    And then Scutaro throws it over Agon to give Rays a free pass.

  55. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    all this ‘don’t panic’ talk is easy to say from an objective, small sample size POV, but this showing the last week or so from the O is pa-thet-ic. I can’t see how a fan isn’t feeling some sense of uneasiness at this point.

  56. Bob Stone says:

    Thank God for the Rays – They’re killing the BoSox. When are the Yankees going to take advantage, win a game and put some distance between themselves, the BoSox and the suddenly surging Rays?

  57. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Nunez is an auto out.

  58. Cy Pettitte says:

    infield hit. christ.

  59. Jorge says:

    “How d’ya like, Suzyn? That’s the only type of hit they ever get.” *chug*

  60. CBean says:

    Next time let Chavez field

  61. SevenAces says:

    Goddang it…

  62. JT says:

    The Yankees are going to be dribbler’d to death

  63. Cuso says:

    The Angels could hit doubles in the infield dirt

  64. SevenAces says:

    Now Fat Albers loads the bases by hitting Kotchman. Another grandslam please, it’ll make my feel a little better.

  65. Jorge says:

    I’d actually love the Angels’ schtick against any other team.

  66. Karl Krawfid says:

    Montero baby!

  67. Mike Axisa says:

    Waa waa waa Montero can’t throw.

  68. Cy Pettitte says:

    you don’t fuck with Montero.

  69. Jetrer says:

    Jesus says thou shalt not steal

  70. CBean says:


  71. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Yeah, Montero can’t catch….or do anything back there

  72. nedro says:

    Freddy gettin some whiffs, so that’s something.

  73. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    But I thought he couldn’t catch!!!!

  74. SevenAces says:


  75. Jorge says:

    Site: exploded.

  76. mbonzo says:

    Montero threw out his first base runner. Law is crying in a corner somewhere.

  77. Jorge says:

    That can’t be. The scouting report I developed based on things I read on the internet told me Montero was physically uncapable of doing that.

  78. Monteroisdinero says:

    is Gardy going to get on base ever? Yes!!!!

  79. Ro says:

    They should have traded Montero when he had value. It clear the Yankees are not getting anything out of him. I wonder what anti Montero professional hater Dave Cameron has to say right now.

  80. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Baserunners in TWO consecutive innings?

    Pinch me!

  81. AndrewYF says:

    So here’s a question -

    Is Montero/Nova/Nunez/Betances now enough to get Felix Hernandez? Being that all those guys look to be a somewhat significant part of the Yankees’ future, is it worth it to trade all of them for one guy, no matter how good?

    • Jorge says:

      I look at that package, and there’s a logical replacement within the system for just about every one of them. Would I want to go through the trouble of filling those future holes for one guy, no matter how good he is? I’m not sure. Curious as to how others feel.

    • Tom says:

      Probably not.

      Betances is far from a given as a starter.

      Getting one known starter (who doesn’t have top of the rotation upside) back for an ace is probably not enough. Sure Betances has a lot of upside but he easily could end up being a power arm out of the pen.

      I’m also not sure how much value Montero to the Mariners has with Smoak at 1B… I think Montero would be better but unless the assumption is he can catch for a while, it’s not a great fit for Seattle.

  82. Cy Pettitte says:

    did brett stop for a coffe break or what?

  83. SevenAces says:


  84. Xstar7 says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  85. CBean says:

    I hate Grandy’s slump most.

  86. Sarah says:

    Damn damn damn. I thought Gardy getting on base was a good sign! I hate the Angels so much.

  87. Dude says:

    Are The RedSox Gonna Miss The Playoffs?

  88. wow says:

    i miss the real yankees

  89. Jetrer says:

    fucking more cheap hits

  90. Jorge says:

    John Sterling must need a nurse right now.

  91. Xstar7 says:

    Jesus effin’ Christ, more fucking infield hits.

  92. JT says:

    When things are bad, they are real bad.

  93. ItsATarp says:

    Angels having all the goddam luck

  94. mbonzo says:

    Yankees should just play infield in versus these bullshit hitters.

  95. Cy Pettitte says:


  96. SevenAces says:

    Like getting bitch slapped to death in a fist fight.

  97. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I wish the Yankees could do that :(

  98. Xstar7 says:

    What the fuck? It’s ridiculous how many infield hits they’re getting.

  99. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    They got an out on a bunt?? wut?

  100. Greg says:

    Whats going on?

  101. Ro says:

    These fuckers are pissing me off. They’re like mosquitos on a humid night.

  102. SevenAces says:

    LOL Pedroia throws it away, screws up a DP.

  103. Karl Krawfid says:

    dude hits a 2 run home run his first at bat then Mike Scioscia has him sacrifice the next inning.

    The hell?

  104. Cy Pettitte says:

    PEDroia made an error. is that allowed?

  105. SevenAces says:

    Oh boy…

  106. Jetrer says:

    well that wasn’t pretty Jesus

  107. CBean says:

    Oh no, Jesus fails.

  108. mbonzo says:

    Wow, that ball died when it hit the dirt.

  109. Karl Krawfid says:

    cross up

  110. Jorge says:

    Well, he blocked the second one.

  111. The Big City of Dreams says:

    What happened

    • JT says:

      Looks like a splitter hit the plate and just rolled… promptly through Montero’s pie hole… seriously, that ball did not bounce back up at all. But yeah, montero could of block it if he had his glove a little lower.

  112. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Freddy can only do so much, he needs help from his catcher. This should be the last start this kid gets at catcher in this year’s pennant race.

  113. Mike Axisa says:

    One run isn’t the end of the world, considering it was two on, none out.

  114. ItsATarp says:

    Angels hitting balls weakly and getting hits all series…why can’t we have that kind of luck?

  115. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Tex is hopeless…

    • Jorge says:

      I will never understand the hate. Dude’s an amazing first baseman who never lets his streakiness at the plate affect his defensive play. Maybe he shouldn’t be hitting third, but I’d want him as my first baseman for eternity.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        I’m not a Tex hater. He just looks hopelessly lost right now.

        • Jorge says:

          Not singling you out at all. I actually don’t remember you being overly negative against him. Read over all these game threads and you’d think the guy was Andy Phillips.

  116. mbonzo says:

    Cam Newton with a 77 yard touchdown pass to S Smith.

  117. CBean says:

    YAY ROBBIE!!!!!

  118. Karl Krawfid says:

    Cano says enough of this shit

  119. SevenAces says:


  120. ArchStanton says:

    Good thing we have Teixeira to step up when the team is struggling.

  121. Mike Axisa says:

    Robinson came to play.

  122. Xstar7 says:

    Dontcha Know bitches

  123. mbonzo says:

    Cano just scored as many runs as the Angels in 1/50th of the time.

  124. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Are you sure we are allowed to do that?

  125. SevenAces says:

    Chavez is raking it.

  126. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Yankees baseball >> Angles baseabll

  127. CBean says:

    Another sign of the end times. The dead will rise. Yay Zombie Chavez!

  128. Jorge says:

    Someone’s starting to give this team its morning cup of coffee. The light at the end of tunnel may be starting to appear.

  129. Jorge says:

    If that was as good as it gets with Montero defensively, would you sign up for that? I actually would.

  130. LiterallyFigurative says:

    C’mon Nunie!

  131. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Santana having issues

  132. Xstar7 says:

    Now would be a good time for you to break out of your slump, Brett….

  133. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Cmon grit

  134. pop up teixeira says:

    at least a hit would be nice Gardner

  135. ItsATarp says:

    BABIP is a bitch

  136. Xstar7 says:

    BABIP fucked, AGAIN.

    It was all just a big tease.

  137. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    we just can’t catch a break, can we?

  138. Greg says:

    Gardner is really getting on my nerves.

  139. pop up teixeira says:

    guess not

  140. Karl Krawfid says:

    Gardner needed to pull that in the gap.

    It was right down the middle. :(

  141. Regis says:

    Gardner is red hot!

  142. LiterallyFigurative says:

    As an aside, the refs need to start penalizing the Giants every time Tom Coughlin comes on the field. Players are on the field less than he is!

    Arms waving, yelling.

  143. Cy Pettitte says:

    Gardner should have hit it worse so he could have gotten an infield hit

  144. Tom says:

    Not watching the game… was Gardner’s out a well hit ball?

  145. Total Dominication says:

    Babip is such a fucking bitch.

  146. JT says:

    Montero looks frustrated with his last 2 at bats and his passed ball. let’s see how he responds to that.

  147. Paul O'neill's Batting Helmet says:

    i just saw fly out on; was it a pop up? if so, he should have to do 10 push ups. inexcusable in a 1-0 count.

  148. Xstar7 says:

    Hey look, an infield tapper that DIDN’T become a hit.

  149. Sarah says:

    Good news: the Yankees had baserunners! There have been walks in this game!

  150. Karl Krawfid says:

    I give up.

  151. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Smh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking Angels. oh my god I’m ready for this series to be over.

  153. Jetrer says:

    fuck, just when the Yankees started to show some life

  154. Greg says:

    And of course when we score runs. Freddy Garcia is starting to shit the bed.

  155. Rey22 says:

    So much for Freddy as the #2 starter in the playoffs…

  156. wow says:

    c’mon. win a friggin game.

  157. Tyrion Lannister says:

    We’re still searching for that 4th starter. And with a 3 run deficit I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe throw up the white flag soon and bring in Proctor. We just aren’t scoring any runs.

  158. Matt says:

    This is what happens when you don’t hit. The pitchers try to be perfect, because every mistake could cost them the game. Trying to be too fine, they walk mediocre hitters, and then when they do make the inevitable mistake, it kills them.

    The Yankees offense has been disgraceful in the last week, and it hasn’t just been against Weaver and Haren. Santana can’t throw a strike and you are SWINGING on 1-0 with the bases loaded? No sense of the situation at the plate.

    • mbonzo says:

      Anf if he took the pitch down the middle of the plate you’d be complaining too. Can you change your handle to captain hindsight?

      • Sarah says:

        +1. Thank you for sanity.

      • Matt says:

        No, I would not say that. Anyone knows that a hitter with the lack of power that Gardner has NEEDS to take in that situation, especially when the pitcher has no clue where the ball is going.

        On top of that, Gardner has been awful at the plate lately.

        It’s not hindsight, it’s using your brain. You have to take some pitches when the guy just walked EDUARDO NUNEZ on 5 pitches!

        • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

          You’re completely ignoring the fact that Gardner hit a bullet right at Borgous.

        • Jetrer says:

          or realize that your team is struggling and that pitch is most likely the best pitch you are going to get in the AB, so be selectively aggressive and try to make something positive happen rather than sit back and hope the Angels give away the game

        • mbonzo says:

          You take balls, but you don’t take strikes down the middle of the plate. Santana is not a rookie pitcher who will walk the next 5 batters. He’s gonna challenge you over the plate, Gardner hit the ball hard and it didn’t fall. Thats the end of it. Gardner did the right thing and hit the ball hard. Everytime something doesn’t go perfectly for the Yankees you say you’d do that opposite.

      • Matt says:

        I would rather Gardner take a pitch down the middle than get himself out before the pitcher has proven he can throw consistent strikes, even if the out is hard hit. Given how out of whack his mechanics were, Santana could have easily thrown 3 pitches nowhere near the zone right after that and walked him.

        If it were someone like Swisher who can hit the ball out of the park, it’s a different scenario. The outfielder was playing shallow and Gardner still couldn’t hit it over his head.

        • mbonzo says:

          Santana’s pitches weren’t out of whack. He has 8 strikeouts through 5.0 IP, This is one of the worse arguments I’ve ever heard on here.

          • Matt says:

            Wow, try reading next time.

            “Given how out of whack his MECHANICS were”

            He was all over the place in that Nunez at bat. On almost every pitch in that at bat, his shoulder was flying open and he was missing up and in.

            To start the Gardner at bat, he yanked a fastball way down and in. Mechanics were still out of whack.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              Once again, you’re completely ignoring the fact that Gardner hit a bullet right at Borgous.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                Bases loaded, ahead in the count, fastball down the middle, hard hit at someone … bad approach!

              • Matt says:

                Which is exactly why this is NOT in hindsight. I don’t care if he hit it hard. It is the WRONG APPROACH for the situation.

                Gardner hit it hard, and it still didn’t get over the CF head, because he doesn’t have much power. That is my point exactly. Gardner is still sitting pretty even in the at bat if he takes a pitch right down the middle, given that Santana is having trouble throwing consistent strikes and could very easily miss his spot again.

                Given that one run tied the game there, you weren’t in a spot in which you needed the base hit to score. It’s nice that he hit it hard, but it would have been a lot better if he took some pitches and forced Santana to throw strikes.

                • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                  Gardner hit it hard, and it still didn’t get over the CF head, because he doesn’t have much power.

                  Does that mean Cano doesn’t have power because he didn’t get his 2nd inning single over Trout’s head?

                  • Matt says:

                    No, it’s an entirely different situation. Gardner was up there in a spot in which he was getting a predictable pitch to hit, and could sit on it. Cano’s hit was on a 1-1 pitch with the bases empty.

                    You can’t expect me to take you seriously when you compare apples and oranges as the crux of your argument.

                    When Swisher did it against Bailey a few weeks back, I was entirely OK with that. Swisher has a ton of power, and in that situation he can really put a charge into one. Gardner didn’t even hit it as hard as you think. That was more like a fliner than a line drive.

            • mbonzo says:

              You know more about mechanics than the whole Yankees bench then, because if thats true they would have given Gardner the red light. Ever think about applying for a job with the club?

    • Jetrer says:

      the situation at the plate was bases loaded with 2 out, with a team that is struggling to score runs, with a pitcher who is likely to be very aggressive against a struggling Gardner to avoid walking in a run, who then throw a very hittable pitch right down the middle
      I would say Gardner was very aware of the situation and did exactly what he should have done with a pitch right down the middle

      • Matt says:

        You can be aggressive, but you wait for him to throw a strike. That pitch was a good one to hit, but so what? He hasn’t proven he can CONSISTENTLY throw strikes. A walk scores a run too in that spot, and Gardner has struggled mightily at the plate recently.

        It doesn’t matter that the out was hard hit. It’s still the wrong approach for a hitter like Gardner. It’s not hindsight, I’m saying this based on the approach, not the result. A hitter like A-Rod or Cano can swing away in that spot. Gardner needs to be taking, even if it’s down the middle. Make him prove he can throw strikes.

        • mbonzo says:

          If Gardner’s line drive gets through you’d be praising him for swinging at the right pitch. You’re trolling.

          • Matt says:

            Again, that is not true. I don’t criticize in hindsight. It’s common sense that you need to be taking a pitch in that spot if you are a hitter like Gardner, when the pitcher’s mechanics are out of whack.

            If Gardner’s line drive got over his head, I would be happy about the result, but it wouldn’t have been the right approach. Getting lucky is different than taking a good approach. Swinging at a pitch at the shoe tops and hitting it out is not good plate discipline just because he hit it out.

            I’m not trolling, I’m stating my opinion. The fact that you have to resort to the insults makes you more of one than me.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              I don’t criticize in hindsight.

              That’s all you do, which is why you’re only here when they’re losing/something goes wrong.

              • Matt says:

                Just because I don’t post my thoughts on here before every single pitch, it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t thinking it beforehand.

                What is entirely hindsight, on the other hand, is what everyone is posting on here. That is doesn’t matter that he took a bad approach, because he hit it hard and had a good outcome.

                The approach was STILL BAD. The outcome was not, but saying such after the fact IS hindsight.

                • Jetrer says:

                  the argument is whether it was a bad approach. Just you saying it was a bad approach doesn’t make it so. A struggling offense taking advantage of a situation where they were given a fastball right down the middle of the plate is not a bad approach, its being selectively aggressive to try to take control of the game rather than passively hoping the Angels give away the game.

                  • Matt says:

                    You are operating under the assumption that because he takes a pitch there, he’s going to be passive the entire rest of the at bat.

                    That is not what I’m saying.

                    Just take ONE pitch. Make him throw a strike before you become aggressive. A 1-1 count is still a count in which you are likely to get a good pitch to hit, because the pitcher wants to get ahead.

                    It’s nice that he got a pitch to hit and hit it hard. The difference when you make the distinction is the hitter at the plate. Cano is a much better hitter than Cano, and has a much higher chance of doing damage on a pitch like that. I wouldn’t be upset if Cano swung away there. Gardner on the other hand? He’s struggling at the plate, and his ceiling in terms of damage is likely just a single.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      I was not at all operating under that assumption.
                      I was operating under the assumption that the cookie down the middle that he swung at would likely be the most hittable pitch of the AB, and considering his struggles, likely his best chance for a good result in that AB.
                      As far as ceiling for damage, a HR is extremely unlikely, but a 2 run single or 3 run double are entirely within the realm of possibility for Gardner on a cookie down the middle.
                      It comes down to a choice of:
                      Swing at the cookie and try to make something positive happen, or
                      Take a strike and hope he either walks you or you get another pitch you can handle
                      Given how the offense has struggled lately, and given the quality of pitcher he was facing, I think Gardner taking a shot at the cookie was the right approach

        • Jetrer says:

          He hasn’t proven he can CONSISTENTLY throw strikes

          yeah 3 walks in 5 innings means he’s more likely to walk 3 straight batters to force in a run, than Gardner is likely to get a hit on a get it over fastball right down the middle
          Gardner is a legit major league hitter, slumping or not, he’s perfectly capable of hitting a fastball down the middle
          If it was a reliever who just came in and couldn’t find the plate, I would agree that he should take no matter what, but Santana is a very good pitcher, and is extremely unlikely to walk 3 straight batters (especially with a struggling hitter he can challenge up)

          • Matt says:

            You might want to re-read before you post.

            First of all, the situation was in the 4th inning. He had just walked 2 straight batters, and had lost control of the strike zone. His mechanics were out of whack, and he was struggling to throw strikes. It doesn’t matter what he did in the 5th, or the 1st inning. The pitcher was not pitching the same way.

            Gardner is a legit major league hitter, but he IS slumping mightily. You have to consider that as part of the situation. We know what the guy can do, but that isn’t necessarily what he will do. Gardner’s ceiling, even when going well, is not enough to justify turning him loose there. Most likely just a ground ball or line drive single, when a walk still scores a run.

            You shouldn’t criticize if you don’t know the facts yourself. You have to consider the entire PRESENT situation, not the track record.


            • Jetrer says:

              i got the inning wrong, but everything else still stands
              I do consider that he is slumping
              Even with the slumping, I have a lot more trust in Gardner being able hit a fastball down the middle than trust that Santana will walk him there. The fact that Gardner is strugging makes it LESS LIKELY that Santana will walk him, not more likely
              And a few pitches out of the zone don’t mean his mechanics are completeley out of whack

              • Matt says:

                He was trying to go down and away and was missing up and in. That is the entire definition of his mechanics being completely out of whack.

                He is a good pitcher, so he’s able to pull it together more quickly than a AAA guy. But there’s no denying that he was struggling with his location there. No need to be aggressive so early in the count, especially since you are ahead.

                Again, I like that move if it’s a really good hitter like Cano at the plate, but not with one like Gardner. It’s nice that he hit it hard, but he still bailed the pitcher out. Just like Trumbo before. When the pitcher is struggling to throw strikes, he will gladly take you swinging at a pitch like that because the odds are still in his favor once it’s in play.

  159. SDM says:

    Well at least Boston lost (how many times have we said this damn phrase in the last week)

  160. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Jamie Shields 8.1 IP 1 run.

  161. Karl Krawfid says:

    Jeter with a lazy throw.

    This team needs a day off bad.

  162. CBean says:

    OMG?!! Possibly cured?

  163. SevenAces says:



  164. Cy Pettitte says:

    SEE YA!

    slump busted!

  165. ItsATarp says:

    wooo we’re waking

  166. The Big City of Dreams says:


  167. Xstar7 says:

    Granderson slumped the shit out of that ball!

  168. SDM says:

    The Grandyman Returns!!!

  169. Jorge says:

    Like I said, put them on base and, eventually, you bring them home. Freddy can rest a bit easier that this team could actually bail him out today.

  170. Total Dominication says:


  171. pop up teixeira says:

    omg slump over?? team showing some life?? can this be??

  172. SevenAces says:

    Goodbye 0 for 14!

  173. CBean says:

    C’mon Tex, let’s go back to back

  174. Cuso says:

    You knew they were scoring after the blue balls we suffered in the top of the inning.

  175. Karl Krawfid says:

    Tex sucks.


  176. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Sox are officially swept.

  177. The Big City of Dreams says:

    4 runs in one game…how

  178. Total Dominication says:

    Babip, I hate you.

  179. LiterallyFigurative says:

    And the one day we score, our starter gets shelled…..uggh.

  180. Xstar7 says:

    Hat tricks for both Tex and Jesus.

  181. CBean says:

    ok Freddy, you just need to hold on now. The team’s waking up.

  182. Karl Krawfid says:

    Slider away was killing Montero is spring training. Still is.

  183. pop up teixeira says:

    damn 3 strikeouts for Montero. This Santana guy is not messin around with him

  184. Jobawockeez says:

    Yeah Freeddy is not the number two stater

  185. JT says:

    Montero’s getting exposed on the curveball. Now let’s start making adjustments!!!!

  186. Mike Axisa says:

    A zero would be nice, Freddy.

  187. SDM says:

    Santana has Montero’s number 3 K’s damn

  188. Kostas says:

    I believe this is going to be a short post season. This team at present can’t beat Detroit, let alone Texas. Epic collapse coming

  189. SevenAces says:

    I just want to kick Aybar in the jewels right now…

  190. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I would really really really like to get 2 outs without giving up a run here…

  191. Xstar7 says:

    Fuck this small ball crap. Why don’t they just fucking get a transfer to the National League

  192. Xstar7 says:

    Where the fuck was that 1-1 pitch?

  193. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That looked like a strike

  194. CBean says:

    don’t walk him.

  195. mbonzo says:

    No IBB please.

  196. mbonzo says:

    I agree with this booing.

  197. Mike Axisa says:

    Freddy better be taken out after this IBB.

  198. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Are you shittin me Girardi?

  199. Jorge says:

    This looks like a very deep hole being dug right now.

  200. SDM says:

    Freddy gets 35% GB’s and your trying to set up a fricken dbl play….FUCK

  201. Karl Krawfid says:

    Man this Angels broadcast is horrible.

    Dude won’t shut up. Trying to give strategies to players like they can hear him.

    lol Montero

  202. mbonzo says:

    I blame Gardner’s lack of plate discipline.

  203. Cy Pettitte says:

    can’t believe Freddy is still in this game

  204. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Holy shit we got lucky there.

  205. CBean says:

    freaking christ– tex and nunie almost gave me a heart attack. COMMUNICATE DAMMIT!

  206. mbonzo says:

    I don’t want Nunez on this team next year. Please trade him.

  207. Xstar7 says:

    Pop up! C’mon Sweaty, get out of the inning unscathed.

  208. SevenAces says:

    I was sweating bullets there for a moment…

  209. CBean says:

    please just get this last out Freddie. Please.

  210. Cy Pettitte says:

    that was magical

  211. SevenAces says:

    BOOM!!!! Threat over, for now.

  212. Jorge says:

    None of that ever happened.

  213. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Freddy Robertson Garcia

  214. Mike Axisa says:

    Fist bump to Garcia. That’s a grown ass man inning.

  215. Xstar7 says:


    Very bad start by Garcia. But it could have been a lot worse. Now we need to score some more of those runs.

  216. pop up teixeira says:

    that was close now time to score some runs

  217. Jorge says:

    Fire up some arepas for Freddy.

  218. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Nunez is fucking worthless.

  219. Bronx Byte says:

    The magic number is 16 but could have been no more than 12 or 13.

    The Sux next 3 starters are Wakefield, Lackey, and Miller.

  220. Xstar7 says:

    Way to go Nunez….

    /getting tired of his shit

  221. swishers fauxhawk says:


  222. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Everything Nunez does…irritates me.

  223. pop up teixeira says:

    and Nunez with the clutch… doubleplay

  224. C says:

    Unbelievable how many DPs we’ve hit into this series, given how few baserunners we’ve had.

  225. Mojo says:

    So, seeing as how Mike and just about every substantial regular on here believes that the playoffs are a lock… say we go 6-12 the rest of the way, what are our chances? I imagine that Tampa is the greatest threat to stir up some suspense, but the Angels continue to close in on the Rangers… Obviously I’m a little worried after the past 4 games, but should I be worried about this team ACTUALLY making it into the playoffs if they continue to sputter?

  226. Jorge says:

    It’s strange that my own response to Nunez has been the mirror image of everyone else’s on here. Couldn’t stand him when everyone was singing his praises and, now, I actually feel he’s improved.

    • Mojo says:

      Haha, I’ve liked him from the get go. He usually makes sweet contact, but, lately, he hasn’t exactly been my bowl of cherries. And, as if I even need to repeat my aggravation over the subject, Mark Teixera needs to be benched and given a lesson to. Can’t stand watching him at the plate anymore.

  227. flamingo says:

    All RIGHT, Cory!

  228. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    haha did anyone else see that shirt that said “Bahstan Sahcks Cack”

  229. CBean says:

    time for #40 grandy

  230. Montero looks bad behind the plate. The reports of him needing work back there are correct. The kid can hit.

  231. Xstar7 says:


    Yeah you better make the call to the bullpen Sciosa, you fat fuck.

  232. Mike Axisa says:

    Get that run in, period. GIDP if you have too.

  233. Sarah says:

    Runners at 1st and 3rd, no outs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gardy got a hit!

    Grandy has a HR this game!

    Things might be looking up!

  234. Tom says:

    The best part of this pitching change is that there is a decent chance Downs stays in against Tex (as Cano is on deck) which means Tex will be hitting righty and at least have a shot.

  235. SevenAces says:

    The sleeping giant is starting to wake up.

  236. CBean says:

    That was a terrible strike out, Grandy.

  237. Karl Krawfid says:

    That was pathetic.

  238. Tyrion Lannister says:

    He is just god awful at situational hitting. Now time for Teix’s pop fly.

  239. C says:

    Most predictable K ever

  240. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    5 freaking curveballs in a row.

  241. Xstar7 says:

    Seriously Grandy? Anything but a strikeout would have been acceptable there. And he swung at balls 3 and 4 too.

  242. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Here comes King Popup.

  243. Matt says:

    The same pitch, 5 times in a row. Where is the adjustment?

  244. Mike says:

    Texiera’s chance to break out of his slump. Please get the run in from 3rd!

  245. pop up teixeira says:

    how bout that hit Tex?

  246. swishers fauxhawk says:

    YES. YES. YES.

  247. Mike says:


  248. Karl Krawfid says:


  249. CBean says:


  250. SevenAces says:

    HAW HAW!

  251. mbonzo says:


  252. Xstar7 says:


  253. Cy Pettitte says:


  254. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Luis Castillo!!

  255. Mojo says:

    Time to cue the classic Yankee choke with RISP and 0 outs with the heart of the order coming up?

  256. Tyrion Lannister says:


  257. LiterallyFigurative says:

    UZR That Scioscia!!!!!!!!!

  258. Jorge says:

    The invisible hand of God is a Yankee fan. I always knew.

  259. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Baseball Gods back on our side :)

  260. Mike Axisa says:

    That’ll put a dent in Bourjos’ UZR.

  261. Matt says:

    I’m speechless. What a horrible play all around there.

  262. Jetrer says:

    lmfao … I though this CF was supposed to be good

  263. Jedile says:


  264. Charles says:

    Thank you baseball gods…

  265. Mike says:

    LOL do you guys notice how long it took Michael Kay to say “No he dropped the ball”? That was like 5 seconds.

  266. Rey22 says:

    LOL, what the hell

  267. CBean says:

    Peter Bourjos, our most valuable player this game.

  268. Urban says:

    That’s got to be worth a minus ten on the UZR scale.

  269. Bronx Byte says:

    Maybe this gives the team the lift it needed. Keep piling on the insurance runs.

  270. Xstar7 says:

    They’re afraid of Jesus.

  271. CBean says:

    Respecting Jesus. Chavy, make them pay.

  272. t89 says:

    Gotta love them showing Montero respect.

  273. pop up teixeira says:

    I guess the angels aren’t in the outfield huh

  274. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Matt is over on an Angels blog complaining.

    • Matt says:

      Yes, because anyone whose opinion you disagree with is automatically a troll. Even though you tried to compare Cano’s 1-1 bases empty single to Gardner’s bases loaded 1-0 count at bat.

      • Jetrer says:

        but saying Gardner can’t hit for any power because in one AB he didn’t it the ball over the CF’s head is so much more rational

        • Matt says:

          Not even close. You do realize that Gardner has 15 career HR’s in 1312 career ABs? There is no way I’m basing it on one at bat, but nice try.

          • Matt says:

            Make that 1314 now.

          • mbonzo says:

            How are you still talking about this? Gardner his a sharp linedrive with the bases loaded, find something else to complain about.

            • Matt says:

              I’m not harping on the issue. I’m responding to another unprovoked attack from another poster who sure can dish it out, but can’t take the heat when he makes a fool of himself.

              It’s actually the other poster who tried to attack my argument from the previous thread, but he failed pretty miserably at doing such.

          • Jetrer says:

            yes, he doesn’t have much power, but you did use the results of that one AB to justify your argument. And HR wasn’t the only possible positive outcome in that situation, asking for a HR is just getting greedy. A two run single or 3 run double in the gap would have sufficed just fine.

            • Matt says:

              That is not what I said. Go back and read my posts.

              I said that he was not LIKELY to drive the ball because he doesn’t have much power. That is not based on one at bat, not even close. The outcome only served to further confirm my point, which was very obvious in the first place because Gardner has no power.

              I have no idea why you continue to argue this, because you are very clearly wrong.

              • Jetrer says:

                and you are very clearly completely missing the point again.
                the point is the lack of power doesn’t have any relevance because Gardner is more than capable of hitting a 2 run single or 3 run double.

                • Matt says:

                  Which I already acknowledged, and addressed multiple times as not pertinent to the argument. Stop grasping at straws to continue an argument that you have already lost.

                  If you are ultra aggressive in a 1-0 count in that spot, it’s to try to drive a ball. Otherwise, you still have a good count coming up in which you are likely to get a pitch that you can hit for a single. 1-1 in that spot is still a hitter’s count, because the pitcher is desperate to get ahead in the count and not put himself in peril.

                  I don’t care if Gardner hit it hard still. That doesn’t matter. This isn’t a hindsight analysis, I don’t care one bit if he hit it hard or softly.

                  The situation called for him to take at least one pitch there. Gardner is not likely to drive it over somebody’s head, and that is the opportunity which justified being aggressive. If the likely alternative is just a ground ball or softer single, then a walk is not as huge a downgrade, so be patient.

                  • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                    Good lord, you need to let that go.

                    • Matt says:

                      Good lord, you need to get over it. You called me out for no reason, after I shut you down. What do you expect the response to be?

                      If you can’t take the response, then keep your mouth shut and don’t act like an idiot.

                    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

                      You’re harping on a moot point in a game that the Yankees are 3 outs away from winning. Even if I was wrong, it’s not going to impact the game at this point. If the Yankees lose this game, it’ll most likely be Mariano’s fault.

                    • Matt says:

                      You attacked me for no reason. Stop trying to spin any of this blame onto me. You are so full of yourself.

                  • Jetrer says:

                    Gardner is struggling now, as you made a large part of your argument. Swinging at a cookie down the middle isn’t being ultra-aggressive, it’s being selectively aggressive. Hitting the ball over somebody’s head is not the only opportunity that justifies being selectively aggressive, even a single is a great outcome in that situation, and given Gardner’s struggles, swinging at a cookie is his best chance at that. And I don’t care if Gardner hit the ball hard or not. That was never part of my argument. Stop trying to change my argument to try to make your point. I see your point, but I also think it is entirely reasonable for Gardner to try to take advantage of getting the break of being served a cookie. I’m not at all saying that taking the pitch would be wrong, I’m saying that swinging at the pitch was perfectly reasonable as well.

                    • Matt says:

                      And I’m not denying that he swung at a good pitch to hit. The marginal reward for doing that though, in that situation, was not high enough to merit that kind of approach.

                      What are the outcomes? If Gardner takes it, then these are what could happen:

                      1) Santana finds it and makes a few perfect pitches to retire him. Doesn’t seem likely given how he’s pitching at that point.

                      2) Santana falls behind even more, and has to come in with the same exact cookie, or fall behind 3-1. Reasonably likely given his lack of control at that point in the outing.

                      3) Santana throws Gardner the same cookie on 1-1 trying to get ahead in the count. Not entirely likely because he doesn’t want to just lay it in there on 1-1, but possible because he isn’t hitting his spots.

                      2 of those 3 outcomes are similar to swinging on 1-0, and probably more likely to occur than the first.

                      The only way that swinging on 1-0 is a marginal upgrade over those last 2 outcomes is if Gardner does something which was less likely then (i.e., sitting on a pitch and drilling it over somebody’s head). Given Gardner’s lack of power, that seems pretty unlikely.

                      There is always a risk involved, but a walk is actually a very good outcome there. With 2nd and 3rd, it’s a different situation because you need a hit to score. There, a walk is not a huge downgrade from a single.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      walk is a good outcome, but I think a hit on a cookie was as likely as a walk, and would result in more than one run, and part of my point was that it doesn’t take perfect pitches to retire Gardner right now.
                      I think the power argument would be stronger if there weren’t 2 RISP.

              • Jetrer says:

                and what am I clearly wrong about?
                Is Gardner, even while slumping, capable of hitting a 1-0 cookie for a 2 run single or 3 run double? YES
                Is it likely that the 1-0 cookie was going to be the best pitch to hit in the AB? YES
                Does it make at least some sense to have a hitter perfectly capable of knocking in at least 2 runs swing at a cookie down the middle? YES

                • Matt says:

                  “yes, he doesn’t have much power, but you did use the results of that one AB to justify your argument”

                  I DEFINITELY did not use the results of 1 AB to form that opinion. Stop attacking me for things I never said, and which I very obviously did not think.

                  • Jetrer says:

                    “Gardner hit it hard, and it still didn’t get over the CF head, because he doesn’t have much power. That is my point exactly.”
                    -seems like what you said. Saying he didn’t hit the ball over the CF’s head because he doesn’t have much power. Yes, he doesn’t have much power. Yes, he didn’t hit the ball over the CF head. Correlation does not = causation. Perhaps he didn’t hit it over the CF head because he didn’t make great contact. Perhaps he is still very capable of hitting the ball over the CF head.

                    • Matt says:

                      That is not the point that I was making. I was simply pointing out that my logic actually came to bear.

                      If Gardner swung at that same pitch and hit a ground ball to 2nd base, I would have said the EXACT same thing. The rationale behind not swinging on 1-0 does not relate to the act of actually doing it.

                      He actually made great contact there, so you may want to be careful about what you say. G

                      You also have to realize that the only reason I even had to say something like that was because of how ridiculous your responses were. I was saying that to show you an example of what I was getting at, and you still missed the point.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      I think you are confused as to who you were responding to. There is nothing ridiculous about saying Gardner, even slumping, is capable of hitting a cookie. Or that said cookie would likely be his best pitch to hit in the AB, or that it was unlikely that Santana would walk 3 straight batters. As for the quality of the contact, I believe it was you that characterized it as more of a Fliner than liner.

                    • Matt says:

                      Here is the original post:

                      “Anyone knows that a hitter with the lack of power that Gardner has NEEDS to take in that situation”

                      That was the mindsight that I took into that at bat, and the mindsight that I took out of that at bat. Of course, you will continue to claim that I must have been using hindsight because… well that would support your argument. Clearly you know exactly what I was thinking at that moment in time, more than I do even.

                    • Jetrer says:

                      again you are confused. I never mentioned hindsight at all.

                • Matt says:

                  And if I used it to justify my argument, it was only to point out that my logic was not off the mark there, because that was the exact outcome.

                  Gardner hit it at the perfect angle to drive it over his head, but simply couldn’t hit it hard enough to do so, even though he was right on the pitch and waiting for it.

                  The logic is perfectly valid, and the outcome demonstrated exactly why I said such a thing.

  275. Karl Krawfid says:

    Montero aint that good yet.

  276. Jedile says:

    Jesus Walks!

  277. CBean says:

    oh Soriano doesn’t make me feel good. Chavy I need a homerun here.

  278. Mike Axisa says:

    Please get the run in. I don’t trust Soriano with a one-run lead.

  279. LiterallyFigurative says:

    We couldn’t possibly blow this piece of luck, could we?

    Downs throws all breaking stuff away to lefties. Just sit fb inside.

  280. Tom says:

    Big mistake by Sciosca not turning Tex around to the left side…

    Cano isn’t that susceptible to lefties and Tex’s dropoff is massive.

  281. CBean says:

    we should keep wade in. i would feel better with wade.

  282. Cy Pettitte says:

    don’t fuck up MFIKY.

  283. Cy Pettitte says:

    Austin Romine in NOW? holy shit.

  284. Xstar7 says:

    Austin Romine? Talk about being shorthanded.

  285. mbonzo says:

    Chavez was playing 10 feet from Aybar. Thats how you have to field these fools.

  286. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Hey it’s Romine! What’s next? Betances in the 8th?

  287. JT says:

    Is Romine that much better defensively than Montero? Montero didn’t look that bad, and i’ll give him a pass for that ball through his legs since i think a majority of mlb catchers dont get that ball

  288. Greg says:

    What was Chavez doing? Dive man

  289. Xstar7 says:

    Would you look at that, a seeing eye single. There haven’t been many of those lately….

  290. Wow Romine looks great behind the plate. So Romine has the glove and Montero has the bat.

  291. mbonzo says:

    Trenton is not in the playoffs, just to clear up the broadcasting failure.

  292. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Looks like they don’t have faith in Jesus catching…

  293. Urban says:

    Who would have guessed that in a span of 20 hours, Russell Martin, Jorge Posada, Jesus Montero and Austin Romine would all have caught in a game for the Yankees?

  294. swishers fauxhawk says:


  295. CBean says:

    fucking soriano

  296. Cy Pettitte says:

    Joe: “really? the multi-million dollar 7th inning guy can’t get this done”

  297. Xstar7 says:

    I don’t trust Soriano at all.

  298. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    DRob, plz.

  299. mbonzo says:

    Can Cory Wade be out 7th inning guy?

  300. Tyrion Lannister says:

    And this is why Robbie has to push Teix home with only 1 out. Soriano is a clown, always has been.

  301. Greg says:

    Cant blame Soriano. A seeing eye single and a typical Abreu at bat

  302. pop up teixeira says:

    Abreu continues to be a pain in the ass for the yankees

  303. CBean says:

    what i wouldn’t give for a double play right now.

  304. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I trust Ayala more than I trust Soriano.

  305. mbonzo says:

    Thats interference.

  306. Cy Pettitte says:


    i don’t even…..

  307. Tyrion Lannister says:

    What was he doing? Throw the ball and get Abreu!

  308. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    That is such bullshit.

  309. JT says:

    wtf he stopped the throw cause torii fat head was in the way!!!

  310. CBean says:

    oh rookies.

  311. mbonzo says:

    Romine stopped his throw because Abreu walked into it. How is Abreu not at first?

  312. swishers fauxhawk says:


  313. SDM says:

    what happened?

  314. SevenAces says:

    Booya! Fuck you Angels!!!

  315. Xstar7 says:

    Get pumped Soriano!

  316. Mike Axisa says:

    That was absolutely obstruction. Hunter walked right in front of him.

  317. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I still don’t trust Soriano

  318. Mojo says:

    Soriano has to be the LEAST economical reliever in baseball. Can the man count to three without stuttering?

  319. Jedile says:

    Soriano is pumped up cause he almost gave away the game. greatt

  320. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Nunez keep the tag on

  321. Charles says:

    Not interference, the throw has to be made with Hunter in the way, it probably would have been called if Romine had thrown it but he waited until Hunter passed him.

    • Charles says:

      Woops *Obstruction, interference is on Offense.

    • JT says:

      Not sure if your an expert in the rules, but… you expect the guy to throw the ball into someones head??? Sorry, if torii hunter stands in front of him and jumps up and down, does Romine still need to attempt the throw?

      Obviously Interference to anyone with common sense, but then again, none of these games the yankees have been playing make any sense lately

  322. MattG says:

    Big pitching performance my ass. Soriano was bad, Hunter was worse.

  323. Greg says:

    I disagree. Hunter thought he checked his swing and was going to first. Abreu stopped in the middle of first and secod and that’s why Romine stopped.

    • mbonzo says:

      When Romine goes to throw the ball, Hunter’s head is directly in his way. The umpire doesn’t call obstruction or if he walked or struckout, Abreu stopped. It was because the umpire is slow to call the strikeouts and walks and failed to realize the obstruction that Romine assumed it was a walk.

      • Greg says:

        That may be correct. But Hunter’s head was not in the way. He clearly ducked his head going past Romine.

        • JT says:

          Clearly… since you had the vantage point of Romine and could see what he was seeing.. clearly…

          • Greg says:

            I saw it when it happened. Hunter assumed that he walked and ducked his head while walking past Romine. If he atleast attempts to not obstruct, I dont think you can call obstruction.

            • JT says:

              Ok, I’m just frustrated and venting… but with that fake duck, if Romine threw the ball, it would of went into the outfield or clanked Hunter in the back of the head.

    • JT says:

      I still think Romine stopped his throw because Hunter was in the way… but regardless, Hunter should not have walked in front of the catcher. If it was a walk, then he’s ok, but since it was a strike out, blocking the catcher is obstruction.

  324. CBean says:

    I would love some insurance runs.

  325. Xstar7 says:

    Soriano is the weakest link in the CoSoRoMo chain.

  326. Xstar7 says:

    Silly Nunez, only the Angels can turn weak grounders into base hits.

  327. mbonzo says:


  328. kirill says:

    I am so tired of seeing Eduardo fucking Nunez in the lineup every fucking day.

  329. Mojo says:

    Fuck! This offense is pitiful! Where did it go? Aren’t we facing Felix tomorrow? How about 10 runs sometime in the near future, fellas? Make me a believer again!

  330. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Player of the game Peter Borjous.

  331. Monteroisdinero says:

    Never saw that play before with Romine catching but taking Montero out for Austin “Gold Glove” Romine who has never played a game in the majors is sick.


  332. Stevesy says:

    Guessing Proctor is up so just in case lead is lost?

    • Xstar7 says:

      Its probably just because of what Leiter said, hasn’t pitched in a while so they’re giving his arm a little work. Mariano will warm up in the top of the 9th.

    • Tom says:

      Didn’t he just pitch 1.1 inning 2 or 3 days ago?

      I think he’s having flashbacks to his Torre days and assumes he should just be up and ready every day every inning!

  333. Monteroisdinero says:

    When is the last time Romine played in a game?

  334. CBean says:

    I do love having Tex at first.

  335. JT says:

    Yikes… now we have to deal with Mo versus Russel Branyan. Not any easy weekend for the Yankees

  336. karel capek says:

    You people aren’t being fiercely conscious.

  337. flamingo says:

    HOUDINI :D So efficient.

  338. Tom says:

    Is there a reason why Andruw Jones is still in RF?

    Are Dickerson and Golson injured? (I’m starting to wonder after the Nunez start in RF yesterday)

  339. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    God I sure hope Mariano doesn’t get save 602 in Toronto.

  340. This is fantastic watching Romine work-what a great target he gives the pitcher.

  341. swishers fauxhawk says:

    It’s amazing how good Robertson is.

  342. Charles says:

    Has anyone noticed that has an option for PitchFX now?

  343. Mojo says:

    Teixera laying off the changeup? Mark, you tease!

  344. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Reading the Nunez hate, I can’t wait for Montero’s first bad week.

  345. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Strike 1 was ball 3

  346. Rainbow Pinstripes says:

    Sorry I’m a newbie, what is that website to see the ump’s Strike Zone? I need to see this one for today, because some of the calls have made me scratch my head…

  347. Mojo says:

    Jesus f’ing Montero!!! Can this team consistently score after the 4th/5th inning? These past few games have been the longest of the season for me.

  348. Bob Stone says:

    Kay says it’s 6:47pm in NY so it’s night-time. Really? I still see daylight out my window. I think most of us call that early evening.

    Does Kay think it’s December instead of September?

  349. first time lawng time says:

    Anyone else have an eerie feeling that Rivera will blow this?

  350. Xstar7 says:

    All right no screwing around, Mo. Just give us a nice 1-2-3 inning.

  351. Kevin G. says:

    Mariano throws a spitball!!!!1111

  352. Cy Pettitte says:

    fucking serious? fuck Aybar.

  353. Xstar7 says:

    Of course Aybar gets another fucking infield hit….

  354. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Bullshit hit #54890543

  355. ItsATarp says:

    Holy shit this angels team is annoying as hell

  356. JT says:

    Aybar’s talents are made for that Angel’s team

  357. pop up teixeira says:

    uh oh

  358. LiterallyFigurative says:

    Oh look!

    Another infield hit!

    To quote Vince Lombardi

    “What the hell is going on out here?!?!”

  359. SevenAces says:

    Fucking Aybar, wtf is he eating? Seared unicorn filet with leprechaun sauce with a side of 4 leaf salad?

  360. Tom Zig says:

    HUGE WIN!!

  361. CBean says:


  362. Cy Pettitte says:

    a win!

  363. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Perfect record in the Romine Era!!

  364. SevenAces says:

    BOOM! See ya fucking half swing pussy hit slapping bunting pieces of shits!

    So this is what winning feels like!

  365. pop up teixeira says:

    YES, about time!!

  366. LiterallyFigurative says:

    The Yanks had to win the game in this fashion, considering all the BS of the past week or so.

  367. Tom says:

    So was that 9 infield singles in this series?

  368. Karl Krawfid says:

    That’s how you do it boys

  369. Tom Zig says:

    Dare I say it was a must win? or will I be shunned for saying that.

  370. pop up teixeira says:

    ok I was just about to mention the rabbit’s foot and horseshoe thing…

  371. CBean says:

    aww Austin hugging his brother

  372. Ethan says:

    Did anyone notice the players walking in the background when Kimberly Jones is talking with Jeter? Looked like they had a seseme street and tinkerbell backpack. That the kind of stuff they do to the rookies?

  373. nedro says:

    Hah! All the newbies came in from the pen during Kim’s interview, sporting their pink vinyl girlie backpacks. Awesome.

  374. Xstar7 says:

    Peter Bourjos is the Yankee Player of the game.

  375. pop up teixeira says:

    On to face king Felix. GREATTT!

  376. CBean says:

    Magic #11. No More Boggs till next season!

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