MRI shows inflammation in Hughes’ back

Game 155: Step Two
Yankees beat Rays to claim AL East title

Update (6:50pm): Via Mike Ashmore, Phil Hughes went for an MRI on his back this afternoon, and it revealed inflammation from a herniated disc he suffered way back in 2004. He received an epidural, and Brian Cashman said he will “maybe” pitch this weekend.

Original Post (4:45pm): Joe Girardi said after this afternoon’s game that Phil Hughes did not throw a bullpen session today as expected, and he was instead sent for tests on the back that his been keeping him out of action. Girardi wasn’t clear if it was an MRI, but the bottom line is that he went to have it checked out. Backs are tricky, so hopefully this is nothing serious.

Game 155: Step Two
Yankees beat Rays to claim AL East title
  • FachoinaNYY

    Hopefully its not by the same doctor who evaluated Aceves’ back…

    • Urban

      He is. The Yankees will non-tender him. He’ll sign with the Red Sox and have a fine year, or more likely, he’ll sign with Arizona and be a contender for the Cy Young Award.

  • Pants Lendel-stros.

    I have a feeling Hughes will contribute in the playoffs , whenever he clears that health hurdle of course.

    • Jesse

      Hope so too. I really wished he’d start a couple games in the playoffs, but those odds are very small now..

    • Rod

      Well said…

  • Monteroisdinero

    Next start for Phil will be in Tampa………in 2012.

    • Rich in NJ

      He probably needs to play winter ball somewhere to build up his arm strength, but I agree that he’s unlikely to get a playoff start.

      • Jesse

        Can’t go to the Arizona Fall League, obviously which kinda sucks. Maybe go down to the Dominican with Cano, Tony Pena, and others to pitch?

        • Short Porch

          Stem cells?

  • Steve

    I didn’t even know he’d had a back problem in 2004….

    Apparently he’s said in the last couple of days that he had spasms last year, too………Back issues never go away. Although he’s a big (way too big, IMO) kid, Hughes is fragile. I’m not a real fan of his any longer because I don’t think he’s very good and I’m still annoyed he came to camp overweight, but I hope he’s going to be ok.

  • IB6 UB9

    At this point he needs to focus on getting his back and overall body ready for next season.

    A lost season for Joba and Phil – let’s hope a 2011 ring for the others gets them motivated.

  • Steve

    They might just want to shut him down……….I wish he’d get back to that lean look he had coming up – that’s his body type, but now he’s really rather hulking. If this year hasn’t motivated him, nothing will. Hopefully he’ll have a new and improved curve next year…….but I’m not sure how much longer the Yankees will wait for Phil to develop.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I’ve read this somewhere before.

  • Jesse

    Well I guess “maybe” he’ll pitch this weekend means it’s not THAT big of an issue. He’ll always be a favorite of mine and I’ve had his back all season long (No pun intended). I really hope he can pitch Saturday in place of Burnett against the Red Sox and pitch a gem. That’d really raise his postseason stock.

  •!/czm93 Craig

    How come people made an issue of Joba coming to camp overweight but Hughes kinda flew under the radar? Here’s to a bounceback 2012

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Because Hughes is the golden boy lol. Seriously though his weight “gain” was viewed as him filling out/growing into his body. Not many ppl thought he looked out of shape or fat. Coming off the yr Joba did fans and the media were ready to pounce. Besides he has always been as topic of discussion since he joined the team.

    • A.D.

      Media has an obsession with Joba and that’s likely why, though there have begun to be questions about Hughes that he: doesn’t condition enough, is pudgy, doesn’t have a strong work ethic, etc. Classic stuff without any actual facts.

  • Steve

    @YankeesInk Jerome Preisler
    Hughes will be shut down for three days. Then will throw, etc. Cashman says the hope is he will pitch in Tampa.

    it’s like with Aceves last year- you never knew if he was going to be available and, if he was, if he could make it through an inning. He’d probably be just a 6th inning reliever or long man anyway, so why not shut him down?

    • Jesse

      ” He’d probably be just a 6th inning reliever or long man anyway, so why not shut him down?”

      Yankeeslink: “He will be able to start or relieve for us” in October. “If that’s what we want.”- Brian Cashman

      • Urban

        Makes sense. Keep all options open. It’s easy for a stretched-out starter to go to the pen. It’s not easy (or even possible) for a reliever to go from a one-inning-or-so guy to a starter.

    • Rich in NJ

      Cashman: “If it was earlier in the season, we would just give him more time and it would resolve itself. But because the clock is ticking and October is right around the corner, we just decided to hit it with the big bang and try to put it behind him now.”

      I don’t think it’s like Aceves it all.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Someone on lohud made the same exact statement but under a different handle. No way is this a coincidence.

  • Neil

    Peter Gammons commented the other day about several Red Sox players being overweight specifically Youkilis. It can be helping guys like Youk, Hughes, Tex or Melky when he was here to be carrying extra weight over the long season.

    • Urban

      Add in Montero to that list. Two straight Springs he’s shown up to camp overweight and then had to work his way into shape during the season, which is a little concerning considering his age, his size, and the position he’s attempting to play.

      I’m a big Montero supporter, but I’m not going to cut him the slack some people have so far. There’s a reason we hear about his maturity (as in lack of), or the Yankees saying things like “he can be as good as he wants to be if he dedicates himself.” Or he has the skills to be a catcher, but he needs to “focus through the entire game.” For all his skills, it’s clear the Yankees believe he needs to dedicate himself more. I’m hoping he works out with A-Rod this offseason as A-Rod has indicated they might. If nothing else, A-Rod is always in great shape and is studying the game.

      • Rich in NJ

        Yet he is anything but overweight now, in fact, he appears to be lean.

        • Urban

          That’s probably his normal weight. I’m hoping he looks the same after this seasons ends and we don’t see him again until February.

          My guess is we will. I also suspect we’ll see a leaner Phil Hughes next spring. I’m of the mindset that a big part of his problem this year was conditioning.

          Young players at this level have been so much better than their competition that they have always been the best while not always being in peak condition. With Montero (and Hughes), this could all be part of the learning process, at least that’s my hope.

        • yanksrule=warriors

          Yeah, he looked very skinny to me, quite different from his picture.

  • Bronx Byte

    As long as Burnett is not in the mix all is good.

  • Eric

    “Doctor says I need a backiotomy.”

  • MikeD

    Hopefully the inflamation is not hiding something else, something that can’t be seen until the inflamation has been reduced.

    Rest up, Phil.

  • Rainbow Connection

    Just let Nick Johnson Jr go home for the year.

    • MikeD

      Keep trying. One day you might even be good at it.