Kei Igawa on his future

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Kei Igawa’s career with the Yankees is effectively over, the lefty was placed on the minor league disabled list about a week before the season ended and a month or so before his contract was set to expire. Patrick at NPB Tracker passed along a recent interview with Igawa from the Japanese version of the Wall Street Journal, in which he says he wants to sign with an MLB club that will give him a legit chance at a big league job this offseason. I, and I think several of you, assumed that he’d go back to Japan after the season, but the dude still wants to chase the dream. More power to him.

Interestingly enough, Igawa said in the interview that Brian Cashman and then-manager Joe Torre had to ask him what his best pitch was in a meeting during his first season in New York. Pretty good sign that the team may not have done enough homework before acquiring him.

Mailbag: Montero, Posada, Affeldt, Robertson
RAB and FanGraphs, together again
  • Alex Taffet

    Good luck to him finding that job. He’ll definitely need it.

    • MikeD

      He’s a lefty. A job awaits somewhere.

      • MannyGeee

        I am calling a Spring Training Invite (no guaranteed money) to play in San Diego next year… seems to fit the Low Risk High Reward mold they follow

  • the Other Steve S.

    Didn’t do ENOUGH homework? How about ANY at all? This was a complete knee-jerk reaction to the Dice-K signing. Nothing more.

    • CP

      You work in the Yankees front office?

    • MannyGeee

      that is just awesome. Give him the job and THEN interview him. Glad that era is over. well, sort of….

      *looks at tonights lineup, notices A-Rod made 27M for 16 HRs this season*

      • Ana

        not sure if serious

    • Yazman

      This might be true, but Cash and Joe asking Igawa that question doesn’t make the case. I might know everything there is to know about a guy and still ask him what he thinks his best pitch is.

      In any case, glad the Igawa era is over!

      • YanksFan

        This. I think it may be a way to have the pitcher talk about himself. Maybe in gives the powers that be insight into how they have to talk to the player.

      • Ted Nelson

        That’s a good point. I didn’t even think of it. As fans we often forget about the human element of things… Cashman and Torre had to manage a human being not just a name on the roster/payroll. If a guy is mis-informed about the efficacy of his own pitches that could be a problem at some point.

      • Kevin

        That was my first thought. Sometimes a guy thinks of himself differently than others do, or differently than the objectively statistically “right” way to do it. For example, for all you MMA Fans, GSP certainly doesn’t think of himself as a point fighter.

  • Rich in NJ

    I have always suspected that the decision to sign him was made above Cashman.

    • MikeD

      Agreed. It has George Steinbrenner written all over it.

      • bong hitter


        • MikeD

          It’s possible it wasn’t George. He was mellowing quite a bit by 2006 and he might have just allowed someone to write an upfront cash payment of $26 million for Igawa’s posting fee, and then committed another $20 million in salary without his approval of the team he owned.

  • Dennis

    top 5 worse signings ever. Makes Jared Wright seem like a good investment.

  • Tiny Tim

    Kei should go to the NL to reinvent himself. Karstens and IPK are doing wonders over there. A change of scenery will do him good and I fully expect him to succeed if he finally meets up with a club that is good at developing pitchers through their system. Tampa, Arizona, Atlanta, a lot of places not in New York.

    • Alex Taffet

      Karstens and IPK are much different than Kei Igawa, Kennedy especially. He was still a very good prospect at the time, one worthy of being included in a trade for an MVP-caliber center fielder. Kei Igawa is a 30 something year old with bad stuff, bad command, and no recent success.

  • vinny-b

    was it really necessary for MLB Network to import Brian Kenney via ESPN ?

    the man needs to come up for a breath.

    • MikeD

      MLBN can keep Kenny and get rid of almost every other on-air “talent” they currently have.

  • http://none Favrest

    Lost among Jeter and Rivera’s success was Kei Igawa’s Scranton Yankees all time win record. Respect.

  • Dave M

    Maybe the Pirates will pick him up. :-)

  • Monteroisdinero

    Sayonara. Still better than Laffey-for the same price.

  • Tim

    Maybe Cashman and Torre watched Igawa pitch, and then asked him what his best pitch was because they didn’t see any good ones when he threw…

    • MikeD


  • Joel

    Honestly, I just can’t see any team having much interest in him. Best bet is signing a minor league contract, them impressing the hell out of them in spring training. Odds seem to be that it’s a very long shot at best.