Laird, Krum take home Minor League Gold Gloves

Open Thread: Calm before the storm
There is no Plan B

Via Mike Ashmore, Brandon Laird and Austin Krum have won the minor league Gold Gloves at third base and left field, respectively. Apparently they only give out one Gold Glove per position for the entire minor leagues, it’s not like there’s one set of awards for each individual league. I didn’t even know these Gold Gloves existed, but congrats to both guys. Laird seems to be  getting a lot of love for his defense lately, which certainly wasn’t his strong suit when drafted.

Open Thread: Calm before the storm
There is no Plan B
  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    But…I thought Ryan Lavarnway would win the Gold Glove at all 9 positions!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brian S.

      No that’s Will Middlebrooks.

      • Pants Lendel-‘Stros.

        No that’s Jose Iglesias or whatever the fuck his last name is spelled.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    If Laird’s bat can play at the bigs he’ll be a hot piece of trade bait.

    • jsbrendog

      why would they trade him? if he is winning gold gloves and his bat can play at the ml level he can be a huge part of this team moving forward. arod is getting older and this year might have shown he can’t handle an everyday gig at 3b already. plus a guy who can play gg defense and hit off the bench and as a couple day a week starter at 3b/1b/ for ~$400,000 is awesome.

  • RalphieD

    I don’t understand how someone could receive no praise for his defense (and in many cases, ridicule), yet win a gold glove for the entire minor leagues like Laird…

    • Accent Shallow

      It seemed to have turned around this year, wasn’t he getting props earlier from BA?

      And in the limited sample in the bigs, he’s looked good to my eyes.

      • Sayid J.

        But still, ‘turned around’ doesn’t/shouldn’t take you from below average to ‘best fielding 3B in any system at any level’

        • JohnnyC

          Yeah, I’d only believe this if Keith Law said so.

      • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

        Laird made some nice plays at 1B last Sunday.

    • TomG

      Basically, you have to take all the “scouting reports” you read about prospects with a grain of salt. Actual scouts aren’t going to give out information and BA can’t see every guy multiple times, it just isn’t possible. Hitting can be judged mostly by statistics and you can look at a gun to get an idea of how hard a guy throws, but defense? If you see a guy have a bad game, all of a sudden there are “scouting reports” claiming he’ll NEVER play a decent 3b and is limited to a future DH. We saw Bichette’s tools get ripped apart post draft, yet after a rookie ball season, he’s suddenly toolsy in many reports. Gardner and Ajax got knocked for their gloves in the minors, yet it’s obvious that they are elite defenders when you see them every day. It’s awfully fun to project and predict but folks should be a bit more circumspect when describing these guys. With hard work, these guys can learn a position and become good glove guys.

  • JohnnyC

    Down at Instructs, scouts from the Blue Jays and others have clocked Jose Ramirez at 101 mph. All the various guns had him at 100 or better. And the Jays scout says his slider is major league quality. As I recall, Ramirez’s problems have been injuries and being underweight due to sending most of his meal money back home. If the new velo is real…wow.

    • McLovin

      really ur not joking right.

      • JohnnyC

        Reported at See for yourself.

    • Brian S.

      Pics or it didn’t happen. Also, isn’t his changeup his best pitch?

    • Pants Lendel-stros.

      / I came’d

      Seriously though hopefully the kid stays healthy and pitches effectively and thus makes a ton of money with the Yankees in the near future.

      • McLovin

        I hope to.

  • Pants Lendel-stros.

    I’m thinking that Laird will develop into a dead pull hitter with above average power (best case scenario)

    Another question is that , Do the Yankees pursue another free agent veteran to play the corners in 2012 or would they give laird a shot out of spring training?

    • Brian S.

      I don’t believe Chavez or Jones will be back so I would love to see the Yankees bring back Eric Hinske. He’s a good defender and good hitter I think would fit nicely back in on the club. Plus, I’m not all that impressed with Laird, but that’s just me.

      • Jesse

        Honestly, I bet they’ll have Laird be a backup 1B/3B next year. Kind of going out on a limb there. But we’ll see. I’d like to have Hinske back as well.

      • jsbrendog

        eric hinske is not a good defender at 3b. his 3b days are loooooooooong gone. and his .312 woba and 96 ops+ don’t really say he is a good htiter either. plus he’ll be 34. i’m gonan take a pass. rather give laird a shot esp since a guylike hinske can most likely be had at the trade deadline for nothing if necessary

  • Tom

    Krum gets the snitch!

    • pete

      but Ireland wins!!

      dude, fuckin’ bagman. what a cheater. I mean seriously, leprechaun gold???


  • Wooderson
  • Rockdog

    Man, that is awesome.