Levine to Cash: We want you back

Can Phil Hughes re-emerge in the bullpen?
Pregame Notes: Going through the motions

It might not come as much of a surprise, but the Yankees want to bring back their general manager. Throughout the 2011 season Brian Cashman has fielded questions about his job status, because his contract expires after this season. He has expressed an interest in staying, though some in the media have interpreted his increasing candor as a sign that he’ll leave. But both Cashman and team president Randy Levine have expressed interest in a reunion.

“Clearly, we want him back,” said Levine.

“They know that I would like to come back,” said Cashman.

Previously this season, Hal Steinbrenner has been mum about Cashman’s future with the club, opting to deal with the issue when the season ends. Whether he shares the views of his team president remains unseen.

Can Phil Hughes re-emerge in the bullpen?
Pregame Notes: Going through the motions
  • Rich in NJ

    Cash is a lifer.

  • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

    “Levine to Cash: We want you back”

    Cue the Jackson 5 music

    • http://danielslifka.wordpress.com Jerome S

      Beat me to it.

  • Guns of the Navarone

    The Yankees without Cashman is the only thing that scares me as much as the Yankees without Mo. A lot of uncertainty with both departures even though I’m sure the Yankees will be (should be) fine in both regards.

  • Tiny Tim

    Brian Cashman is the GM of the year. Picked up Colon, Garcia, Jones, Martin, Wade, Chavez. Stayed pat at the trade deadline in the midst of uproar to trade the farm for a #2 starter. Was against the Soriano signing from the get go.

    There isn’t a better GM in baseball and one day there will be a movie made about Brian Cashman that will top Moneyball at the box office.

    • Finster

      LOL,everything you said about Cash is true, except he may have been wrong about Soriano. With the starting pitching situation in the playoffs, Soriano could very well turn out to be worth every penny of the 16m he is getting. How would you feel about the Yankees chances if he werent in the pen, to make it a 7 inning game.

      • Finster

        err 6 inning game.

      • Rich in NJ

        The Soriano signing has to be viewed in the context of the entirety of the contract, not how he pitches in the first year of what may be a three year/$35m deal.

        • Ted Nelson

          I agree, but I do think Finster is getting at something in that on a team that can make the playoffs without pretty much any of them individually… the Yankees’ players can really earn their money in the playoffs.

    • David, Jr.


      And turned down a trade for Liriano (see yesterday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press – by Charley Walters, who knows what he is talking about).

      And assembled a team strong enough to win the AL East by several games, while completely retaining the very strong farm system that he built.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      “There isn’t a better GM in baseball”

      I don’t know. Alex Anthopoulos has done a pretty badass job up in Toronto.

      • Rey22

        Agreed, he and Friedman from Tampa have done impressive jobs.

      • Ted Nelson

        He’s done a lot on paper and maybe that translates into wins in the future… but they’re not any better than when he got there yet. I agree that he’s looking good, but I think he’s getting a bit too much praise before he actually accomplishes anything. He has them well positioned, but has to close the deal.

        He inherited Jose Bautista and Roy Halladay… arguably the best position player and the best pitcher in baseball. He inherited Romero.

        He traded Napoli for Francisco.

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          He acquired the high upside Colby Rasmus for Mark Rzepczynski, Jason Frasor, and Zach Stewart. He turned Alex Gonzalez into Yunel Escobar. He unloaded Vernon Wells and the awful 4 years 86million that was left on his contract. His team team may not be playing better than when he got there but he’s only been there for two years. He’s done an admirable job and has the Blue Jays heading in the right direction.

          • Ted Nelson

            I don’t know if you actually read my comment, because it sure doesn’t seem like it.

            I specifically said “I agree that he’s looking good”… I just said don’t count your eggs before they hatch.

            It’s also not about whether he’s done a good or admirable job… you specifically implied that he’s the best GM in baseball. That’s high praise. Based on two seasons I would not say that yet. He inherited a very admirable situation in the first place, and while his record looks positive so far he’s made a couple of moves that haven’t worked out along with the ones that have. Instead of deciding a team was got worse from last season to this season is heading in the right direction, why don’t we wait and see? See how his moves actually work out and what else he does?

    • Guns of the Navarone

      I think he dropped the ball with Doug Fister. I think the Yankees were a little preoccupied with making a decision about Jimenez or getting someone for cheap off the scrap heap when there was a perfectly good #2, #3 available.

      But I’m biased. I’m a Doug Fister fan. I said it.

  • Jesus Freak

    What a difference.

    On Friday, Theo Epstein was asked a similar question, that is if the Sox would pick up Tito’s options, and he said it’s too early to make that determination.


    Yeah, too early.
    Poor Tito.

  • David, Jr.

    As you say, not much of a surprise. Given Cash’s record, they would be crazy not to want him back.

  • mustang

    Cashman is coming off his best season as a GM so you bet your ass they “want him back”.

  • FachoinaNYY

    Cashman doesn’t (and never will because of the payroll) get enough credit.

    He in a perfect fit for this team/organization and his return would be an immensely positive one for the Yankees.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    Cash should be back. Levine should be fired.

    • Kostas

      The second best thing only to winning the WS. Too bad out odds of winning the WS far exceed the chance of this schmuck being fired.(Levine that is)

      • 28 this year

        To be fair, Levine is probably very good at what he should do. He’s a business man and the Yanks are one of the best run businesses out there. What he isn’t good at is baseball ops and he should have a muzzle in relations to that.

        • Plank

          That is one thing that I feel is under-considered.

          Teams can get better the Moneyball way by finding undervalued players and maximizing the dollars they spend. Every team now does that and every blogger and analyst looks at baseball moves through that prism.

          Another way a team can improve is to increase revenue. I really feel like the Soriano signing was as much of a PR move and an attempt to get the Yankees on the back page of the Post and the Daily News in an attempt to sell season ticket packages.

          Just like with personal finance, you can penny pinch (don’t stop at Starbucks every day) or you can increase income (get a second job.)

          Looking at signing Soriano in terms of only salary and wins is only looking at part of the equation. George Steinbrenner either understood this or his unique brand of idiocy stumbled into the same result. The Yankees went from being just another team to being THE financial powerhouse in the league.

          • Januz

            Sorino is really not a good example of Yankee success. The problem with the Soriano example is Cashman himself did not want him, and the only way it works out is if they win the World Series (Using an exceptional bullpen to overcome a weak rotation top to bottom). Plus the Yankees have a history of spending big money for guys who can change the franchise (Starting with the Ruth deal). What the Yankees are doing, is finding guys who really fit into the system, it could be draft picks (Like a Brett Marshall who turned down the Sox & Mets), or it could be a Teixeira who Cashman begged Steinbrenner to let him sign, or it could be a spare part: A perfect example of this is Eric Chavez. Although replacing an Alex Rodriguez is extremely difficult, they managed to do better then Boston did without Kevin Youkilis. Why? Because they had Chavez ready to step in, and in large part due to his presence (Particularly late in the season)the Yankee machine does not break down without Arod.

            • Plank

              All those examples are showing how money spent wisely leads to more wins (e.g. Moneyball)

              I’m saying the Soriano signing may have had impact outside that scope. His signing may have helped retain season ticket holders. Some fans may have been antsy since the Yankees failed to sign a big FA up to that point. We know better, many season ticket holders (clients) or advertisers (clients) don’t. The impact of a big splash in free agency may have an impact on how much the Yankees bring in through fans and ads.

  • DannyC

    Cashmans best moves the past two years are the ones he didn’t make