Mo makes history as Yanks come back for win


Toronto's win expectancy peaked at 96.4% after Jose Bautista walked to lead off the fifth.

This one looked pretty bad early on. Like, really bad. Will the score be so out of hand that Dellin Betances and/or Andrew Brackman actually get to pitch bad. And yet, a few innings later, there was Mariano Rivera on the mound, nailing down the 601st save of his career. Hooray for come from behind wins…

  • You typically can’t have a comeback win without awful pitching, so Bartolo Colon jumped on the grenade Saturday afternoon. The big fella lasted just four innings, exiting the game after allowing six runs on seven hits and a walk. He threw only 67 pitches, and his Game Score of 25 was the 11th worst by a Yankees pitcher this season. Colon now has a 7.98 ERA in 23.2 IP against Toronto this season, but a 3.06 ERA in 132.1 IP against everyone else. Good thing the Jays aren’t going to the postseason, eh?
  • The Yankees were down four-zip heading into the fourth, and that’s when they started to chip away. Curtis Granderson scored the team’s first run when Adam Loewen dropped a fly ball in lefty, and the inning would have been bigger if it wasn’t for Robinson Cano‘s stupid baserunning. With men on second and third with one out, Nick Swisher clubbed a deep fly ball that Colby Rasmus managed to run down for the second out. Either Cano wasn’t paying attention or he forgot how many outs there were or something else, but he kept running and passed Mark Teixeira (the lead baserunner) on the bases to end the inning. It’s the second time on the road trip that Robbie make a huge baserunning blunder, and Tex called him out on it after the game.
  • After Colon gave two runs back in the bottom of the inning, the Yankees went to work. Teixeira (who had a pair of hits back up the middle, not his usually pull happy stuff) drove in Grandy, then two batters later Alex Rodriguez ripped a line drive three-run homer over the left field wall to make it 6-5. Alex singled in his first at-bat, and both hits came on inside fastballs. Pretty good sign following the thumb injury. Granderson completed the comeback in the seventh, when he whacked a two-run homer to center on the 12th pitch of a monster at-bat. Curtis was a triple shy of the cycle, and it all started with a first inning bunt single. As they say, sometimes a little bunt hit can help end a slump.
  • All the runs were great, but they wouldn’t have meant anything if it wasn’t for five stellar innings from the bullpen. Scott Proctor took over in the fifth and immediately walked leadoff man Jose Bautista, but that was it. Adam Lind grounded into a double play as the next batter, and the bullpen retired the final 14 batters they faced. Aaron Laffey threw the sixth, Hector Noesi the seventh, Rafael Soriano the eighth (struck out the side for the second straight day), and of course Mo handled the ninth. As you already know, he tied Trevor Hoffman for the most career saves in baseball history. It doesn’t get any better than that, just a stellar job by the relief corps. All five of ‘em.
  • The Rays beat the Red  Sox, so the lead in the division increased to 4.5 games while wildcard lead remained at 7.5. The magic number to clinch a playoff spot is just five. Here’s the box score, here’s the advanced stats, and here’s the standings.

The rubber game of this series will be played Sunday afternoon, when Freddy Garcia starts against Brandon Morrow at 1:07pm ET. It was supposed to be Dustin McGowan for Toronto, but he had to start Friday after Brett Cecil cut his finger cleaning a blender.

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  1. Bill says:

    This was a great team win. There were so many positive things to take out of this game: The offense coming back from a 5-run deficit, A-Rod coming back with a big day at the plate, Granderson coming out of his slump hitting his 40th, even Teixeira hitting some balls to left center batting lefty. And of course, Rivera getting 601. Great win.

  2. Craig says:

    I’m not worried about Colon as it’s clear Toronto has his number, but the question remains- what game does he start?

    As for the team- what a win and how needed it was. Hopefully this gets them going and we see a 100 win season, as well as a Boston collapse. Wakefield vs Price has 3/4 for TB written all over it.

    • Jesse says:

      He doesn’t start any. He’s going to the bullpen come postseason time.

      /Bold prediction’d

      • Bill says:

        So who’s starting if Colon isn’t? You can’t really advocate for Burnett/Hughes to start over Colon.

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          Colon will start. If he doesn’t, the Yankees are bat shit insane.

        • Jesse says:

          Why not Hughes?

          Phil Hughes vs Bartolo Colon since July 4th (That’s a good enough sample size for me).

          Hughes: 12 games, 11 starts, 61.2 innings, 4.67 ERA, 6.2 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, 1.36 WHIP, avg game score- 49.3

          Colon: 13 starts, 67 innings, 5.23 ERA, 7.11 K/9, 2.4 BB/9, 1.58 WHIP, avg game score- 45.6

          Now, I’m not saying Hughes blows Colon out of the water, but let’s be honest, Colon really isn’t a lock to be in the rotation anymore. The innings are continuing to pile up on Colon, and I’m sure Hughes has plenty in the tank. If it comes down to these two I would’t be surprised one bit if he chooses Hughes over Colon.

          • Bill says:

            Hughes is being skipped because of back spasms, and he hasn’t shown the ability to maintain his velocity in any of his starts. He’s a likely candidate to go to the bullpen, because of the reasons above and also because he’s had success there in the past.

            • Jesse says:

              He’s not being skipped, he’s being pushed back one, yes, one day-!/Ledger_Y.....6172020737.

              Speaking of velocity:

              Phil Hughes fb velocity for the entire season, including that dead arm period: 91.3

              Bartolo Colon fb velocity for the entire season: 91.9

              Not that big of a deal.

              Colon has also had success in the bullpen too at the beginning of the year. Also it’d be nice if Hughes builds up more innings anyways. And don’t forget to disregard the numbers I showed earlier, but I wouldn’t be shocked if you did.

              • Bill says:

                You didn’t have to add that last shot lol. It’s close but I think Colon should get the nod over Hughes. I think most people would agree with me on that,too.

              • pat says:

                The only difference is that Colon is throwing a 91.9 mph badass 2 seamer with about a foot of horizontal movement. Hughes is throwing a 91 mph 4 seam.

                • Jesse says:

                  So that’s it? That’s the one thing that outweighs everything else? Sure that’s great, but it seems that lately Colon’s two seamer just hasn’t been as effective. He hasn’t thrown it as much which certainly raises an eyebrow. And Hughes’ fastball has some movement. I mean it’s not as “straight as a string” or anything.

                  And I saw this on Fangraphs, speaking of that horizontal movement:
                  Phil Hughes’ fastball horizontal movement: -4.1
                  Bartolo Colon’s fastball horizontal movement: -4.9

                  • pat says:

                    Except Colon’s 2 seam is -9.5 @ 90.8 MPH. Hughes’ 4 seam is .4 mph faster with 5 inches less movemnt.

                    • Jesse says:

                      Oh if that’s the case then he should start in the playoffs. You got me, just throw the numbers out the window. Colon has that killer 2 seamer that he’s used less and less as the season has gone along. Not to mention his innings are through the roof.

          • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

            I think that since either Colon or Hughes will end up in the pen, it’ll be Hughes because Girardi will say that he’s pitched well out of the pen before, and Colon wouldn’t be used to just throwing one inning. Not saying that’s the right thing, just that’s probably what Girardi will do.

    • FIPster Doofus says:

      Among Garcia, Colon and Nova, it’s Colon who has the best home numbers. The other two are far better on the road than they are at YS3. Ergo, it should be Colon in Game 2.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        I think they’ll end up doing this assuming they have HFA:

        CC if they’re down 1-2, otherwise the other one of Garcia/Nova
        Colon if CC pitches game 4

        Colon would be on regular rest because of the travel day.

    • Jerome S says:

      12 games left, would have to go 9-3 to win 100.

      Not impossible, but unlikely.

      That said, 97 or 98 is nothing to be laughed at, and definitely exceeds pre-season expectations.

      • MannyB ace2be says:

        Stupid xm radio MLB announcers had the yanks at 85-88 and wildcard maybe because of “all the question marks in our pitching staff” oh how the mighty have fallen

        • FIPster Doofus says:

          Funny story from MLB Network during the offseason…

          After Pettitte retired, the panel was debating whether he’d come back midseason. Mitch Williams said he might not want to because there’s a possibility the Yankees would be so far out of it.


          • forensic says:

            The main thing I remember that genius saying is that the Red Sox would run away with the division so much that they would finish with the largest lead of any division winner.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              I still can’t get over Harold Reynolds saying numerous times that the Yankees would miss the playoffs if they didn’t get a “true #2 starter” at the trade deadline.

        • ItWillNeverHappen says:

          85-88??? Wow.. They dislike the yanks so much that they’re making them play a 173 game season

  3. OldYanksFan says:

    This one’s so good, ya might want to read it twice.

    h/t to thelarmis at Bronx Banter.

  4. forensic says:

    I partially (only partially) blame Romine for Colon’s appearance. He was calling a ton of 4 seamers for some reason today and it was obvious from the very beginning. Someone needs to tell him the 2 seamer is Colon’s only real way to survive at this point. He also looked pretty damn blah behind the plate. Not sure what the obsession with him is. And I don’t know who Flaherty supposedly talked to who said Romine could hit .280 consistently in the majors, but I wonder if it was Romine’s dad.

    Anyway, more ugly play from the Bad News Bombers for the first couple of innings. Three baserunning errors in that 4th inning is completely inexcusable.

    It sure was nice to see A-Rod back though, and nice to see Granderson is actually still alive, and Tex to a lesser extent.

    Could Cano have had a more ugly game? Bunting in the 2nd??? Baserunning error. Jogging (as usual) on a routine groundout. 9 pitches in 4 AB’s (though at least he beat Swisher’s 8 pitches).

    It’d sure be nice to see Montero start to make some adjustments now. 1 for his last 9 with 5 K’s, 3 for his last 16 with 8 K’s. That 3-12 BB-K ratio is emblematic of the main concern I’ve always had with him. I do put part of the blame on Girardi’s absurb platooning of him which makes it impossible for either part of it to really do any consistent contributing.

    But, beyond all those complaints, it sure was a huge and much needed win! :-)

  5. Craig says:

    Also- how long is A-Rod gonna bat fifth for? Personally, I think he’s more effective there for now as the HRs have softened but he can still drive in runs, today aside obviously.

    • Thomas Cassidy says:

      It should be:

      Tex (sorry, he doesn’t get on base enough)

      • Craig says:

        No Andruw Jones love?

        • Thomas Cassidy says:

          Ahh man, forgot about him. I hope he’s back next year.

          • Jesse says:

            I say both Chavez and Jones are gone next year.

            • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

              I think they’ll resign Jones, but I think Chavez will want to go somewhere where he can be a starter.

              • Jesse says:

                I’m not so sure about that with Chavez. He had a chance to start this year in LA with the Dodgers and he chose not to and wanted to become a bench player with the Yankees. The Yankees over the last few years have let these bench guys go. See Jerry Hairston Jr., Eric Hinske, Marcus Thames, etc

                • forensic says:

                  I agree, I don’t really think either will be back, but if one will I’d bet on Chavez more than Jones. With A-Rod’s ever increasing injuries and games missed numbers, an extra IF, in addition to the normal utility guy, is almost getting to be a necessity, unfortunately.

              • Kiersten says:

                Chavez was quoted as saying that he loves being a reserve for the Yankees and that his body absolutely cannot handle starting at this point. If someone offered him a lot more money to start, would he take it? Probably. But I believe that he’d be willing to come back to the Yanks in the same role.

  6. Kevin D. says:

    Cano should let the media know that he should be the one batting 3rd =)

  7. Jesus Freak says:

    Perhaps Colon’s problems are related to Toronto stealing signs.

  8. bexarama says:

    Don’t comment that much lately but as long as I’m here, not like he’s gonna read it, but seriously, I can’t say congrats to Mariano enough. We’ve all been so lucky and spoiled with him.

  9. Rainbow Connection says:

    Mo ‘made history’ by being the second person to do something? I don’t get it.

    • pat says:

      Wow, you’re terrible.

    • Jerome S says:

      Please, try harder. We understand it’s your job to troll, but somehow you’re doing that wrong.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Your comments defy your handle.

    • Thomas Cassidy says:

      Yep, he made history. Breaking the record for the most saves in AL history. The other guy who had the record was Mariano Rivera, whoever the hell that guy is.

    • Jesse says:

      You’ve gotta be a Red Sox fan.

      • Brian S. says:

        I am going to guess that it is an Orioles fan.

      • pop up teixeira says:

        Has to be a red sox fan. I see his comments and they’re nothing but weak insults

        • Jesse says:

          Why wouldn’t Axisa just block him? I know there’s a big leash with commenting on here. You can’t do the obvious like spam, or use all upper case words as an entire post that consists a large number of words. But basically trolling is allowed and to be honest Axisa needs to step up and take control. None of us enjoy it and it just ruins the fun for everyone else.

          Let’s be honest, we RABers love coming on here and talking about our favorite team. We like to debate different topics and go back and forth on things and talk about baseball. But it’s guys like him who come on here and just destroy it. No one likes it and it shouldn’t be tolerated with.

          • forensic says:

            Which of the commentting guidelines is he breaking? Just because he doesn’t always agree with the mass readers here doesn’t mean he should be banned. If you don’t like the comments, then just ignore them.

            If you just start banning people because they disagree with your opinions, however they express them, then where do you draw the line? Whose opinion do you base it all on? How do you ever have a debate if everyone was part of the groupthink, which is already accused of being around here pretty bad?

            • Jesse says:

              He’s trolling, a shit ton of other blogs don’t allow it. I wouldn’t allow it on my blog.

              • forensic says:

                He probably is (though in this case an argument could be made that he’s right), and if you don’t like it don’t respond and don’t let him on your blog.

                Part of the appeal of coming here is that they typically allow disagreements and debates about topics, without banning people for not agreeing with them leading to everyone being the same person. If you ban everyone with a different opinion, how do you ever advance your knowledge and maybe be convinced of another viewpoint.

                Isn’t blocking all that out the same thing that so many people here accuse ‘MSMer’s’ of doing to ‘sabermetricians’? Why is it alright for you guys and not for them? Just last weekend one author wrote the post on Martin/Salty, having actually learned something about a player from another team because he hadn’t banned his non-yankee fan friends.

                • Jesse says:

                  I see your point. But this guy does it all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of the 6 or 7 people who pick 1 on the confidence poll every week.

                  But seriously, how is this not trolling? Rivera made history, tying something that is such a tough feat is worth being called history.

                  Also I’ve had an argument on who should start in the postseason, Colon or Hughes which is on the top of this tread, I’ve disagreed with the people I’m arguing with and I’m not accusing them of trolling. All I’m saying is is this guy comes on here an throws weak insults left and right about the Yankees.

                  But all in all you’re right. If I don’t like it, then don’t comment. But it pisses me off that this person does it all the time it seems, I do have a right to be upset about it though.

                  • forensic says:

                    That’s fine. Be pissed off, curse him out everytime you see a post from him appear. Put of picture of what you imagine he looks like on your wall and practice your darts. But, by posting it here all you’re doing is letting him sit at home laughing and thinking of what to say next to try to rile people up.

                    As for your Colon/Hughes debate, I think a little bias of your ‘hughes fanboy’ish-ness (I think it was you?) is showing in your arguments… :-)

                    • Jesse says:

                      Hey, call me a Hughes fanboy, I’m fine with that. I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m the one with the handle “Phil Phuckin’ Hughes” the day he starts, haha.

                      But seriously, look at the numbers between the two from the last two months, Hughes is slightly better than Colon and has better upside than Colon the rest of the way.

                    • forensic says:

                      Yeah, the overall numbers are somewhat close, but acquired in different ways. Hughes is pretty much mediocre each time out while Colon is mostly great or mostly terrible.

                      Upside, I’m not really sure how to determine that either way, they both have pretty big issues to be concerned about.

                      I’m just not sure what would be more valuable in a playoff game. A somewhat highly likely mediocre start, or the potential of a great one with the potential of a terrible one mixed in?

                      If the offense was running on all cylinders, an argument could be made for Hughes because you would expect the offense to be able to keep up with his results against another teams 3/4 starter. If the offense continues like it has, then you might prefer to go with Colon because you won’t keep up with Hughes’ pitching or a Colon disaster, but if Colon does throw one of his great ones, then you have a shot.

  10. Mike says:

    As bad as Cano’s baserunning was yesterday, Teixeira also had no excuse for running like a princess, returning to touch the base allowing Canó to over-run him; Teix was on third base, less than 2 outs, its a deep fly, he has to remain touching the base to run as soon as the ball is catched, if the ball is dropped he still can score (and it would be a valid run if he scores before Toronto touches second base to ‘burn’ Canó).

  11. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Where does Mo fit in best Yankees of all time? The radio guys were putting him second to Ruth…

    • Jerome S says:

      I think he’s top ten. But logically, you can’t say he was better than Gehrig, or Mantle, or Ford, or Yogi, or Dimaggio, or even Jeter for that matter. I’d rank him just ahead of A-Rod on my list.

    • bexarama says:

      That shit is ridiculous but he may legitimately be the best pitcher in NYY history. May.

      • Jerome S says:

        He’s the most dominant pitcher in NYY history, if that slight change in semantics helps.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        It’s not a pitching strong organization so I could see it. Overall I’m with Jerome with Mo. He’s dominant yes, the best relief pitcher of all time yes but someone who pitches 80-90 innings (including postseason) per year can only do so much.

    • Xstar7 says:

      ESPN New York ranked Mo as the fifth greatest Yankee. Behind only Mantle, DiMaggio, Gehrig, and Ruth.

      • Ivan says:

        I love Mo but that is quite ridiculous….really ridiculous. I mean at best I would rank Mo around that 9-10 spot, but top 5, no way.

        And speaking of which, no way is DiMaggio should be ahead of Mantle. Heck you can make a legit case for Mantle being the 2nd best yankee ever.

        • Kibbitty says:

          Which is ridiculous because Mick never reached his potential, was always hungover and injured, and didn’t train his body.

          Dude was a freak.

  12. CBean says:

    Mo makes history could be the title of every Mo saved game from now on.

  13. Brian S. says:

    What’s up with all these kitchen accidents that pitchers are having?

  14. Kibbitty says:

    That Granderson at-bat, ending with driving in the game tying and leading runs, embodies why he deserves to be AL MVP.

  15. Brian S. says:

    Maybe Teixeira should worry about being better than the eleventh best offensive first baseman in baseball (acording to wRC+) and not “call out” our second best player (and best hitting second basemen in the game). I hope Robbie slapped him.

    • Kibbitty says:

      Agreed. I was shocked to hear about Tex calling Robbie out. Granted, Robbie can be a spacecase, but that Jeter’s job, and in private.

    • forensic says:

      Terrible recent hitting aside, what’s wrong with a veteran player saying another player made a bad baserunning mistake (his second little league job in under a week) and saying he has to learn from it?

  16. Rob Has No Innings Limit says:

    Anybody have a site or reference where I can find reliable Blown Saves statistics? I realize it’s not an official stat but I’m having a “best reliever ever” debate and it has been mistakenly claimed that Dennis Eckersley never recorded a BS (which incidentally is BS).

  17. Karl Krawfid says:

    Man A-Rod looked a millions times better.

  18. Karl Krawfid says:

    The names of NYY who have had seasons of at least 20 doubles,10 triples,40 homers: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Curtis Granderson.

    From Buster

  19. Monteroisdinero says:

    ARod turning on 93 mph fbs is a great sign. Most important part of the game for sure. As for Colon in the post season, he is not going to give you 6-7 great innings. We were all concerned he wouldn’t even make it to July. Have him pitch 3-4 innings and then bring Freddy in. It’s a different approach when you don’t have to worry about the 5th, 6th or 7th inning as a starter.

    The best way to get the most out of Bart.

  20. JohnC says:

    All the Soriano haters; bow down to Rafael. I say BOW DOWN!!

  21. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Remember at the beginning of the season when ARod showed up to camp looking great, lost a few pounds, and we all said he’s a possible MVP candidate just because. That was fun let’s keep doing that.

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      That’s what we’ll do the next 7 years. Have him play one month and then rest one month. We’ll get 3 great months out of him and spare ourselves the other 3 months of injuries and suckiness.

  22. Tyrion Lannister says:

    People keep saying, well the Sox have 7 games left with the Os so they’re a shoe in. The Os cost the Rays two games, may have cost the Angels a playoff spot, and beat us twice a couple weeks ago. They can keep it interesting.

  23. mt says:

    The O’s beating the Red Sox at least 2 of 4 at Fenway starting tomorrow would really cap this spoiler role they have taken on – going 4-4 against us; winning 2 of 3 from Tampa and now blowing out Angels 2 games with possibility of a sweep; that is actually pretty impressive. Blue Jays have also been somewhat of a pain – winning 3/4 against Red Sox – may take 2 out of 3 versus Yanks.

    Contrast that with pathetic Central Division and how they have rolled over to Tigers.

    I still want Red Sox to miss playoffs because you know when they still make playoffs, we will endlessly hear how “gritty and gutty” they were to bounce back from their losses and still win.

    One thing I had never heard before until Ken Rosenthal on Fox said it yesterday was that AGon’s surgically repaired shoulder is barking. Not good for Red Sox. Do you still get an MVP if your club survives a collapse to still make playoffs?

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