Montero leaves game after taking ball to bare hand; x-rays negative

Here come the Tigers; Yanks get Detroit in ALDS
Garcia to start Game Three of ALDS

Update (12:27am): The team announced that x-rays were negative, so exhale.

Original Post  (10:14pm): Jesus Montero was removed from tonight’s game after getting hit by a ball in his bare hand. The Boone Logan pitch hit Casey Kotchman, then ricocheted into Montero’s right hand. Austin Romine took over behind the plate. I’ll update this post with more as it comes.

Here come the Tigers; Yanks get Detroit in ALDS
Garcia to start Game Three of ALDS
  • Plank

    Did it look serious? I can’t watch the game.

    • mbonzo

      It hit him square in the fist, and Montero was in a lot of pain. Gene looked at it and they immediately left the game, though it could have been precautionary in a game like this, it looked bad.

      • Plank

        Rats. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  • mbonzo

    Excuse my language but fuck Boone Logan.

    • nedro

      Can’t blame that on him. It was a fluke. Besides, Jesus should be keeping his throwing hand out of harm’s way.

      • skunky

        you absolutely can blame that and everything else wrong with the world on Boone Logan. He’s not supposed to hit the opposing players, unless their name is Youkilis or Varitek. Then it’s OK.

        • mbonzo

          Exactly, he’s the scapegoat. Don’t question it.

          • nedro

            Fine. You need a scapegoat, I guess he’s your best option. Maybe someone upstairs is pissed about all the Jesus jokes…

            • radnom

              Ah, the old Westboro Baptist defense. Interesting move :P

        • ND Mike

          It is obviously AJ’s fault.

  • CBean

    Dear God,

    please fix Jesus.

  • http://RAB Nuke LaDoosh

    aw shit

  • FachoinaNYY

    please just be precautionary! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

  • IB6 UB9

    Broken hand – no playoffs. Crap

    • Monteroisdinero

      Did they announce this?

      • Zanath

        No, think he’s trolling.

  • Frigidevil

    Psh, Jesus can’t get hurt. He just has to keep up the charade that he’s human. After all it would be unfair to have 2 gods on one team.

  • Andrew 518

    Long term we’ve got to find this kid another position, too good of a hitter to have these kind of things happen.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Only 1B is possible other than DH

    • Jorge

      Put him in the booth. You never see Michael Kay come up limp like that.

      • Dale Mohorcic

        You may never see it, but I bet michael Kay comes up limp all the time.

  • Joe

    Girardi should have benched all of the starters, including Montero, tonight. Why risk injuries and help Boston?

    • Ted Nelson

      Might have been getting Jesus some work behind the plate to back-up in playoffs or as a bit of a last look to see if the want to carry Romine as well

    • BK2ATL

      Girardi gave them reps for the first half of the game and they put up a 7-0 spot. He pulled them with a comfortable lead and everyone warmed up for Friday.

      Jesus needed the catching reps, as he might be needed behind the plate if/when we advance to the World Series.

      It was a fluke injury for the 21 yo. X-rays came back negative. Hopefully just something that RICE could cure in a couple of days.

    • CBean

      this is hilarious given that everyone complains every time Jesus is out of the lineup.

  • Chen Meng Wang

    1. Thank God
    2. Did the Website crash for everybody else or was that just me.

    • Tyrion Lannister

      Crashed for me too. There was so much excitement about the Sox losing and that probably crashed it.

  • Xstar7


  • JoeMoes

    ‘Our father’ we need a miracle of healing on Jesus hand.