• Delaware – Ralph

    He’s lying he won’t I’ll be hearing enter sandman to start the ninth for the next 10 years. (At-least that’s what I keep telling myself)

    Entertaining interview, I’m 21 years old, my first vivid memories of baseball are the 1996 WS (when I sat in the bleacher creatures) and I have loved watching that cutter ever since.

    Mo is and will always be my favorite Yankee.

  • SodaPopinski

    Mariano is good.

  • Pat D

    Did he ever tell you the story of Bob Gibson and Pete Lacock?

  • Mr. Wallace

    I have a feeling that Mo could keep going and going. Id like to see him play CF once

  • Ro

    I’ve decided; MLB needs to make an award in Mariano Rivera’s name when he retires. There is the Cy Young for starters, MVP for position (most times) and none for relievers. There would be nothing more fitting than to have this new award designated to Mo. All these years never once did he get an award and that’s a shame. This guy is the best.

    • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

      There are actually a couple different awards for relief pitchers. The DHL Delivery Man of the Year and The Rolaids Relief Man Award, which he’s won 3 and 5 times respectively. I do agree however that one of those awards should be renamed in Mariano’s honor.

      • Ro

        You’re right. I neglected to consider those. There’s the point. Its hard to consider those against a Cy Young in my eyes. Yes, rename or create a new one. Something more significant. Kind of hard to go into the season and say I’m shooting for the Rolaids reward.

        • http://johnsterling.blogspot.com/ Xstar7

          Yeah, those awards don’t get too much recognition. I’m all in favor of a “Mariano Rivera Award” for best relief pitcher of the year.

  • CapitalT

    What a great man!