Open Thread: The Divisions of Yankees’ Earth


Dustin Parkes of Getting Blanked posted that illustration at Baseball Prospectus earlier this week, and I thought it was pretty neat and figured it would be good open thread fodder. I never got into Lord of the Rings or even Harry Potter for that matter. Haven’t read the books, haven’t seen the movies, nothing. I dunno, just not my cup of tea. But I know how immensely popular that stuff is, and I sure there are plenty of you that will enjoy the graphic. Posada’s Path made me literally laugh out loud (lol, to the youths out there).

Anyway, here is your open thread for the night. The Mets are playing the Nationals, and MLB Network is showing a game as well (teams depend on where you live). College football just started up too, didn’t it? I’m sure you can find some of that somewhere. Use the thread however you see fit, anything goes.

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  • Craig

    Assuming the Yankees win the East- what do the ALDS pitching matchups look like? I’m trying to plan ahead and look for tix.

    • Carlosologist

      If everything holds up, then CC will be taking on Verlander in Game 1 here in New York.

      • Jeety

        Maybe we could pitch AJ v. Verlander so as not to waste one of our starters that might actually win… lol… I kid… AJ is coming back here

    • Jesse

      As of now, in my eye, you may disagree:

      CC vs Verlander
      Nova vs Fister
      Garcia vs Scherzer
      CC vs Verlander
      Nova vs Fister

      I believe the way the ALDS schedule is you can have your game 1 and game 2 starters comeback for game 4 and game 5, respectively, with regular rest.

      • AndrewYF

        No, the Game 1 & 4 starter would be going on 3-days rest. Obviously not a problem for CC, though. The game 2 & 5 starter has the benefit of those two off days and gets to start on regular rest.

        Game 1 @ home
        Game 2 @ home
        –off day–
        Game 3 @ away
        Game 4 @ away
        –off day–
        Game 5 @ home

        • Jesse

          Ah my bad, I must have misread the schedule or something. But like you said, no problem for CC if he pitches on short rest, and I don’t think the Tigers would be reluctant to pitch Verlander on 3 days rest if they needed/wanted him to.

          •!/czm93 Craig

            Would it be wise to purchase tickets now or wait until I know said matchups? the benefit of now is obviously having the ticket and saving money, and i’d feel more confident against DET than TEX-both of which I think we can beat- but does anyone here have any advice when it comes to postseason games in general? I’m a first year college student and I figure I have the time to go to a game this year, I want it to be a memorable experience, nontheless.

            • Jesse

              Well if you really value in what pitching match-up’s you see I’d wait because nothing is set in stone, obviously. The Yankees only lead the Sox by a 1/2 game in the East. So if they play Detroit I’m assuming you’ll see either game one or two. That means you’d see CC/Verlander in game one and either Nova, Garcia, or Colon (First two more likely than Colon) vs probably Doug Fister in game two.

              If they were to play Texas you obviously wouldn’t see them until game 3 and that match-up would probably be Garcia vs Ogando or Harrison. But it’s a ways a way, things could change.

  • JohnnyC

    Banuelos brutal tonight. GS to Middlebrooks. 5 runs in less than 2 innings so far. Same team he CGSHO last start.

    • your dad

      he was bored?

    • Jesse

      Yep, didn’t get out of the second, five walks in 1.2. Like Sterling always says, “You just can’t predict baseball, Suzyn.”

      But isn’t Will Middlebrooks the equivalent of Brandon Laird? I believe Axisa may have said that during a chat one time.

      • Dino Velvet

        Middlebrooks is a red sox prospect, so that makes him the next Mike Schmidt.

        • Jesse

          Haha I know, but in all seriousness, he is the equivalent of Laird, right?

          • MikeD

            I don’t know enough about him. I did see that Keith Law added him to his top 50 list of prospects (for all of baseball, not just the Sox) mid-year, where I doubt Laird would crack Law’s top 100 prospects.

            That leads me to believe he must have something on Laird, but it’s not evident from the numbers. (He is one year younger than Laird, which does count for something.) Laird’s AA season last year was more impressive than Middlebrook’s this year considering Trenton is tougher hitting wise than Portland.

            Buy, yeah, by the numbers Laird and Middlebrooks like quite similar.

  • JoeMoes

    Always have your 1 starter first because in the alcs and world series you want them available for 3 starts if need be. Alds doesn’t matter as so much as your only getting two starts max but you want them to have the right rest for the next series

  • Xstar7

    The Yankees are now 3-0 since the messiah was brought to the team.

    /not expecting them to lose again until Jesus retires (or gets crucified)

    • Dino Velvet

      or until he’s betrayed by Jorge Iscariot

  • Jesse

    Just for shits and giggles I’ll compare the career minor league numbers of The Great Will Middlebrooks to the mediocre Brandon Laird:

    Will Middlebrooks: 4 seasons, 389 games, .273/.331/.437/.768 41 homers, 235 RBI, 99 doubles

    Brandon Laird: 5 seasons, 552 games, .276/.326/.465/.791 85 homers, 361 RBI, 120 doubles

    Every Red Sox fan I’ve talked to goes apeshit over Middlebrooks, while we know Brandon Laird doesn’t have great potential long term on the Yankees and both teams don’t need a third baseman.

    • CP

      It seems to me that the Red Sox traded away a lot of their upper level talent in the last few years (for Martinez, Gonzalez) and they’re now rushing their prospects to fill the gaps (Middle rooks, Lavarnaway).

      • Mike R.

        To be fair, this is the argument that Sox fans were making concerning Lavarnway/Montero. There’s obviously something beyind the numbers here.

        • Jesse

          Sox fans love their prospects just as much as we love ours, thus fans overvalue their prospects. You say there’s obviously something beyond the numbers, but I don’t know what that is.

          • Mike R.

            Well, Lavarnway was putting up better numbers than Montero this year but Montero is the better prospect, right?

            • Jesse

              That is true, but I guess the scouts may think that Montero will be better long term. That may be the same with Laird and Middlebrooks.

      • Jesse

        They did, but my main point was is everyone in Red Sox Nation is crowning Will Middlebrooks as the next Michael Jack Schmidt while him and Laird are virtually the same player offensively.

        • Bartholdi

          I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they’re not.

          It’s like when Zach McAllister had great statistics. Every Yankee fan was up in arms because so many pitchers were regarded better than him despite the stats saying he was the better pitcher.

          Minor league statistics are very misleading.

          • Jesse

            Then how can scouts justify that though? What puts them over the top?

            But I suppose you’re correct in that minor league numbers are misleading, I mean, everyone says that Manny Banuelos has great control and pounds the zone, yet he walked 71 batters in 129.2 innings this year.

    • MannyGeee

      wellllllll… A-Gon/Youk could be DHing after Ortiz hangs them up… so there is a possibility Middlebrooks finds a position.

  • a.hinds

    robinson cano’s post game comments on LoHud are interesting as shit. i remember the rab guys complaining about how hacky earlier in the season. i remember thinking why doesn’t he just swing at strikes. so simple right… but it wasn’t until 2 months ago after a conversation with his dad where his dad told him to be more patient that he showed more patients… thats so weird… because kevin long had to be saying the same thing right. it was obvious to everyone. everyone. but its not until his dad. wow.

    “I talk to my dad all the time and he always says, ‘You’re chasing pitches, swinging at bad pitches, and you’ve got to be more patient, because when you’re swinging at strikes you’ll be able to make some damage.” (That talk took place two months ago, he said).

    “make some damage” might become my new user name

    • in all honesty…

      “Make some damage” is how I geek myself up before intercourse :)

    • MikeD

      It’s always been an “issue” with Cano. He was better last year and he did listen to Long, so I’m not sure what to make of his comments now, or why he didn’t listen to Long this year (even after they had great success last year) and it took words from his father this year. I suspect it will be an issue again next year and the year after. Cano is aggressive and it makes him great at times, but also prone to bad streaks other times. He’ll probably fall back into those same habits again, but the overall result at the end of the season is more than good enough.

    • Kevin D.

      Shit is not interesting but those post game comments sure were.

  • MikeD

    BTW Did anyone notice that Montero seems to be a little thinner and in better shape than he did in Spring Training? His face did not seem nearly as full as it did several months back.

    I remember the Yankees were upset that he didn’t show up to camp in top shape in 2010, but I didn’t hear anything similar to that in 2011, but it’s clear he is more solid now than he was last March.

    If so, it’s a bit concerning for a player who was only 20 and 21 to show up in camp not in top shape, especially when he had a chance to win a job this year.

    I hope I’m wrong and I’m visually not remembering what he looked like earlier, but he seems to have lost weight and for the better. Hoping he works out with A-Rod as mentioned in the offseason. One thing we know about players like A-Rod and Jeter is they are always in top shape.

    • Esteban

      I agree, he looks a lot thinner than I remember seeing him.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Yes he is thinner and a bit faster on the basepaths too. I have seen him over the last 2 years at AAA games and ST and this is the thinnest he’s been. I have also never seen him with his pants worn in the Jeterian style. They were always DRob in the past. He has tremendous wrist and waist torque in his swing and a super fast bat. Any chance he would catch CC tomorrow?

      • MikeD

        I expect they will eventually let him catch a game or a few, but overall they’ll want him to focus on hitting and doing well enough so they make adding him to the postseason roster easy.

        Let’s hope he stays in top shape in the offseason. The Yankees made references to “maturity” issues during the season, not because he has a bad attitude (seems to be just the opposite), but in the sense of understanding what it takes to be a success as a MLB player. Conditioning may very well be one of those things that wanted him to focus on.

        He is still only 21, so hopefully this is all just positive learning.

      • Stratman9652

        Something tells me Yankee minor leaguers are mandated to wear high socks. I have never seen a Yankee farm hand wear long pant legs until they hit the majors. Pena, Laird, and now Montero are all guys who wear their pant legs down in the majors and up in the minors to name a few I’ve seen in both AAA and MLB this year.

        Maybe someone can confirm that but I’m pretty sure that must be the case.

    • Stratman9652

      He looks way thinner and weaker on TV than in person and I just saw him a few weeks ago in Syracuse. Make no mistake the guy is built to destroy baseballs. He’s not overweight he’s just seriously built.

      • MikeD

        I didn’t mean he looked weak. Just thinner. The issue was he may have been carrying a little extra weight that he shouldn’t have been carrying, especially since he is big and he is a catcher.

        • Stratman9652

          Yeah I got you, I just chipped in my own two cents with the weaker thing. Somebody else also mentioned that he didn’t look like a big power guy too and on TV I kind of agree.

          I still can’t believe how big he actually is though. These ballplayers are not built like normal humans, even the guys you think are smaller.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Multiple times during the Red Sox/Rangers game today, Dick Stockton referred to their offenses as the two best in baseball.

    Why do people, let alone ones who are paid to talk baseball, think batting average is more important than runs? It’s bizarre.

    • Yanks27rings

      It’s the same reason why, even after the Yankees took over the Major’s lead in runs scored, are still an inferior offense to the Red Sox. It’s because, obviously, those two teams, but mostly the Red Sox, have grit.


      • Yanks27rings

        “those two teams” meaning the Sox and the Rangers, not the Sox and the Yankees…

  • Monteroisdinero

    Montero enjoying his first Saturday night in NYC after a day game win. Wonder who he’s hanging out with. Lots of nice high rise apts to choose from.

    • Esteban

      Cano, Nunez, maybe if he’s lucky Jeter

      • Urban

        I’m pretty sure that Derek Jeter is not available to hang out with the boys on free Saturday night in NYC. The city’s once-again most-eligible bachelor will probably have other things on his mind. : -)

    • Jesse

      He’s partying.

  • Esteban

    Jose Bautista gets it re: RBIs and RS.

    “One thing I would look at is the amount of opportunities a player’s had to contribute for their own team,” Bautista said.

    “You can’t really control how many runs you score. You can get on base, but your teammates have got to drive you in.

    “With R.B.I., you’ve got to have teammates get on base in front of you. When they’re there, then you’ve got to drive them in — if they pitch to you. It’s been frustrating. I’m trying to work on being patient. I want to contribute, but at the same time I’m not seeing many pitches in the strike zone. It’s a tough balance.”

    • Xstar7

      Jose Bautista is smarter than half the members of the BBWAA.

    • a.hinds

      thats pretty funny because bary bonds was walked about 230 times in 03′. two hundred and thirty times.

      man, he was really amazing at cheating. long live the king!

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    the really weird thing about this post is that I just watch my LOTR dvd…

  • CBean

    I wish I could get that picture as a poster.

  • ArchStanton

    Awesome picture. I have the urge to watch Neverending Story now- the Oracles used to creep me out. Great 80s fantasy flick that was marketed to kids that used to give us all nightmares, along with Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Return to Oz.

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      dude talk about memory lane…i thought of that too

  • Xstar7

    Soooooooooo, Barry Bond’s perjury charges were dropped the other day. Thought? Opinions?

    • Oscar Gamble’s Fro

      But a new trial is coming for Roger Clemens.


      • Xstar7

        I wonder what that grizzled veteran and white knight Jarrod Saltalamacchia has to say about this?

    • Jesse

      I watched some of the Giants/D’Backs game in SanFran, and they showed Barry Bonds and his head is remarkably small.

      We all know it’s obvious why it’s smaller, I just thought it was funny and it was worth pointing out.

  • ArchStanton

    It’s all a dog-and-pony show, and a tremendous waste of time.