Sherman: Betances will join Yankees in Anaheim

Game 142: The Game That Shouldn't Be Played
Crasnick on Curtis Granderson

Via Joel Sherman, Dellin Betances will “definitely” join the Yankees in Anaheim as they begin their six-game west coast trip on Friday. It’s unclear if they’ll actually let him pitch at all during the remainder of the season, but they just want him to get a taste of the big league life. Betances is on the 40-man roster, so no other moves will be required. Manny Banuelos, Adam Warren, and David Phelps will join the team a little later in the month, but they won’t be added to the roster.

Game 142: The Game That Shouldn't Be Played
Crasnick on Curtis Granderson
  • The Big City of Dreams

    Replace Aj with Dellin…can’t hurt.

    • Monteroisdinero

      yes-it could. Dellin can be wild and AJ and his 16M salary isn’t being replaced until 2013 at the earliest. Sucks but that’s the way it will be.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        It was a joke.

        • Xstar7

          You just can’t tell these days.

          • The Big City of Dreams

            You’re right about that

  • The Big City of Dreams

    To the 8th

  • Naved

    They should put Betances and Brackman in the bullpen for this season. Their makeup just screams dominant reliever

  • vin

    2006, the Yankee draft that keeps on giving.

  • Gonzo

    Who do you think gives these guys more of a hazing? Swish? Anyone?

    I mean hazing in a good natured way not the drink five 40’s and try to run track way.

  • Dela G

    holy shit, proctor still throws 95???


    • Dela G

      wrong thread

  • CountryClub

    I should be happy to read this, but after seeing Girardi ignore Kontos and Brackman these past 2 days, it seems pretty certain that Betances wont see any playing time unless it’s in an extreme blowout. You can’t make me understand why Proctor would pitch meaningful innings in a tie game. What do the Yanks gain by this? He’s not going to be on the post season roster and he wont be on the team next yr. Pitch a kid and let them get experience (win or lose).

    • JAG

      Well, to be fair, if he shows good stuff and is willing, he might be on the team next year. Bullpen depth and all that, no harm in it if he’ll take a minor league deal, and he might even earn a spot out of ST. I don’t see that pitching the kids is any better or worse than pitching Proctor in that kind of spot.

      • Countryclub

        It’s better to pitch the kids because the franchise has real hope for their future. There is something to gain in player development by letting them pitch in a situation that would be stressful for them, even though in the grand scheme of things the game is relatively meaningless to the team. You gain non of that with Proctor.

    • Fernando

      +100. I made the same point when Proctor was called up

      • Fernando

        My +100 is for Country Club. I want to see the kids get in some innings rather than see the retreads like Proctor, Valdes, and Laffey. Unless the Yankees already plan to protect him, Kontos has to be evaluated to determine if they want to protect him. he surely will be picked in the Rule 5 draft. And they will soon have to add Brackman to the 25 man roster (one more year I think), so let him build on his AAA finish and let him get some innings.

    • Ted Nelson

      “why Proctor would pitch meaningful innings in a tie game. What do the Yanks gain by this? He’s not going to be on the post season roster and he wont be on the team next yr.”

      They still haven’t even clinched the post-season yet, and publicly express a desire to win the division… they’re not playing for next season right now. What they gain is what they feel is a better chance to win the game, win the division, and make the post-season.

      If a couple of key relievers get injured Proctor could make the post-season roster. Hopefully not, but if they feel he’s the better pitcher right now than Kontos and Brackman I’d rather they take a look at Proctor in case they do need him.

      Brackman and Kontos’ AAA performance is hard to translate to MLB, sure. However, it’s not like the Yankees don’t have eyes down there. They might feel like they are not good enough to put into a high leverage spot.

      • Countryclub

        But proctor has been awful this yr in MLB. I believe his era is 6. He shouldn’t be getting the benefit of the doubt.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Proctor has had one good season. That was all the way back in 2006. I have no idea how he’s in the majors in 2011, pitching for a World Series contender.

          • Jerome S.

            It’s a September thing.

            • CS Yankee

              …or a picture of Levine & a goat?

        • Jon G

          Agreed completely.

          Hopefully we get a couple of blow-outs in the next few days so Joe can test some of the new young arms.

          I still remember the first Joba game back in 2007 – it was like a 9-2 game, no pressure, and Joba came in and was siiick.

          I’d love to see some of these kids get an inning in that kind of situation

          • Carl Spackler, assistant greenskeeper

            Wouldn’t be surprised if they are waiting for the right moment to work the kids in.
            Not like they expected to lose 2 to the O’s…
            Were probably hoping to blow them out early, but we see how that worked

          • Ted Nelson

            I believe some of them will get innings, but that Joba’s first appearance was a low leverage spot did not necessarily cause his strong performance.

        • Ted Nelson

          Clearly the Yankees didn’t sign Proctor because they thought his Atlanta performance was his true talent level… they thought he was/is better than that.

  • BK2ATL

    Listen. Proctor got chased out of Atlanta by….get this…. a bunch of kids. They got rid of him simply because, given the chance, the kids were simply much better and effective. They are also in a pennant race chasing Philly and the wild card.

    There’s no real excuse for Proctor getting time in a tie game, other than garbage time in a blow out. Girardi is way off on this. I’d take my chances with Noesi, Brackman, Kontos and whoever else has had success this year, MLB or AAA, has real gas in their arm, control, and a real shot at a future.

    These last 2 games vs. Baltimore should have been games that we put some distance between us and Boston. Girardi is more content with running out retreads (Proctor, Laffey and Valdes) to see what they got, rather than our young, hungry, talented arms. We’re only missing Mitre and Gaudin.

    We very realistically could’ve been up 4.5 games right now, not just 2.5.

    • Ted Nelson

      A. The Atlanta Braves are not necessarily the ultimate authority on who can and cannot be a successful MLB pitcher. That he did poorly for them and they decided to cut him does not mean he cannot help the Yankees.

      B. What young talented kids is Proctor blocking???????????? Brackman is almost 26 and even after he improved he was still walking a TON of AAA hitters. Kontos is already 26 and not a high ceiling guy. Maybe when Betances joins the team you have a case, but right now Brackman and Kontos are not ridiculous studs Proctor is blocking.

  • JoeMoes

    To be fair soriano gave up the tying run which mo in 9th so no proctor. He isn’t terrible.