Swisher & A-Rod both day-to-day with various injuries

The Return of Big Bad Bartolo?
Saturday Night Open Thread

Via Dan Barbarisi and Marc Carig, Nick Swisher is day-to-day with left elbow tendinitis. He had an MRI yesterday after feeling a sharp pain in the joint while making a throw during Thursday’s game, but there is no structural damage. All things considered, this is basically the best case scenario for the Yankees; hearing the words “sharp pain” is scary.

Meanwhile, David Waldstein reports that Alex Rodriguez will miss three or four days because of the sprained left thumb that has been giving him trouble on-and-off for the last few weeks. Let both of these guys rest a few days and hopefully that will be the end of that.

The Return of Big Bad Bartolo?
Saturday Night Open Thread
  • Plank

    This is based on absolutely nothing, but I have a terrible feeling this is the beginning of the end.

    Swisher seems super jock-y to me, so if he has to get an injury checked out that isn’t something like a broken bone or something that he has no choice but to stop for, it seems like it’s gonna be pretty bad.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      The MRI showed no structural damage though, or at least that’s what the team said.

      • Plank

        It seems like at this point in the season, many players have tendinitis to some degree. If Swisher is complaining enough to get it checked out and be taken out of the lineup, it’s probably pretty bad.

        No structural damage can mean his tendons and ligaments aren’t torn and he doesn’t require surgery. Tendinitis can still be extremely painful and linger enough to affect a player for a long time.

        Again, all of what I’m writing is rampant speculation, but I just get a funny feeling about this injury in particular. When someone like Arod is taken out of the lineup I feel like he’s kind of self regulating because he knows he has to be useful not just for this game/month/year, but for the next 6 years. Swisher seems like he would run headfirst into a brick wall if it would help his team win a single game.

        I’m not saying one is better than the other, but Swisher having a lingering injury throws up a red flag for me.

    • Plank

      That was a comment for Swisher by the way. The Arod part was added to the story after I commented. Also, sorry for the poor wording of the second sentence/paragraph.

    • Monteroisdinero

      Beginning of the end? The Yanks will do fine without ARod for a few days. He has not been much of a contributor since June. Swish can take his time too-he can always be one of our many DH options while Dickerson and Golson get some playing time to show what they can do.

    • IRF

      Yankees should decline the option and let him sign with the Red Sox for 500k

    • Urban

      There’s a Pacific Ocean-sized gap between tendinitis and “beginning of the end.” The Yankees need Swisher more than many fans realize. His OBP skills will not be easy to replace for any length of time.

      Let’s get both of them healthy. A positive is A-Rod out for a few game probably means more ABs for Jesus in the DH slot as Chavez moves to the corner. If the Yankees can get a healthy A-Rod coupled with Montero in the line-up, the Yankees strong lineup can become downright scary.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Although ARod made some nice plays in the field last night-he looks old and lots of plays seem like a struggle for him. His range is poor and his throws have become a bit Eduardoesque. Ramiro-see what steroids did for me-Pena also looks slower now that he has bulked up. Maybe Laird gets a start while Arod recovers.

  • Cuso

    This thumb is really starting to annoy. Better to take the days now, though. Nunez was in danger of gettting stale on the bench again & Chavez has been swinging decent too.

    My only concern is that even after the 3-4 days it’s still going to be a problem.

    Either way, there’s probably not much A-Rod to do but eventually grin and bear it. Cortisone shot, I guess.