Yankees add Romine to roster, cut Garrison

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Game 145: I remember what winning felt like

Via Mark Feinsand, the Yankees have added Austin Romine to the active roster. Steve Garrison has been designated for assignment to make room on the 40-man roster. Frankie Cervelli is back in New York because of concussion symptoms and Russell Martin is out with a bruised right thumb, which is why Jorge Posada ended up behind the plate last night. Jesus Montero is starting at catcher this afternoon, but we should see Romine before long given all the injury troubles.

Football Open Thread
Game 145: I remember what winning felt like
  • Cy Pettitte

    Romine/Montero manning the catching duties is a preview of 2013.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      What about Martin?

      • Cy Pettitte

        I think they offer him arb for 2012 and he’ll walk and get a longer term contract somewhere else when he’s a FA. But it’s possible they use Romine as trade bait and keep Russell.

      • Jorge

        I can’t foresee Martin being on the team past next year if everyone develops as we all think they will.

    • Nick

      More like 2012

  • Plank

    I guess not the ideal situation, but the minor leagues are there for development of prospects, and also to have a chain of players ready to fill in for injuries. This one clearly falls into the latter category.

    I wouldn’t have called him up to be the backup unless Cervelli and Martin are out for a while. I can’t really fault them for it either.

    • 28 this year

      To be fair, the minor leagues are over and I think his season was done. So they aren’t really keeping him from developing so its easy to argue that this could really benefit him.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ngoral Jake LaMotta’s Left Hook

    I don’t want him up at all right now, it just seems way to premature for him to be up in the majors. Why the hell can’t they just give Montero catching duties?

    (Unrelated, but in other inept management news, make either Hughes or AJ a long reliever for the rest of the damn season already, the six man rotation is clearly screwing around with CC.)

    • Plank

      I think it’s not ideal, but the NY Yankees winning is the focus and Romine probably makes that more likely than Gus Molina or whoever they would bring up.

      I highly doubt Romine plays well enough to force the Yankees hand and MUST be on the team next year.

    • Jorge

      I don’t mind it. He’s another September call-up who will now protect against having to overly use Posada back there, Montero’s potentially being less than advertised behind the plate at the MLB level, or both Martin and Cervelli’s issues being worse than feared. It doesn’t change his trajectory, and that’s getting some serious AAA time before coming up for good, if that ever happens.

      Like I said yesterday, I also would have completely understood putting a Gus Molina back on the roster but, as much as Steve Garrison isn’t a worldbeater onto himself, I’d rather take someone off the roster for someone who isn’t going to wind up off the roster himself soon enough.

    • Jorge

      I also don’t think its clear that the extra day off is affecting CC. Pitchers go through off periods for a variety of reasons. CC will be just fine when he absolutely needs to be, I think.

    • CBean

      Montero’s catching today. I’m sure this is just insurance for a 3rd catcher since Cisco could be out for a bit.

    • http://twitter.com/urbainshockcor Urban

      Romine is “more developed” right now as a catcher than Montero is. He’s caught more games, is viewed as having stronger defensive skills. The only reason he couldn’t make it into AAA this year is because Montero was there.

      Romine will be in AAA next year. It’s fine he’s on the MLB roster now.

  • Stephen

    Too bad, I wish they would have given Pillitere one major league game so he could retire. That would have been nice.

    • Plinko Chips


  • Dale Mohorcic

    On my way to AngelA Stadium to see Jesus in person for the first time and he’s gonna be behind the dish.

  • Rainbow Connection

    “Jesus Montero is starting at catcher this afternoon”

    Honeymoon over.

  • LiterallyFigurative

    Not a big deal.

    Romine catches a few times (maybe) as Cisco and Russ get well. No biggie.

    Does every Yankee move require a heart attack?

    • sfly6844


    • Ted Nelson

      Who is having a heart attack? It’s a bit of Yankee news presented on a Yankee blog…

  • M-Three

    I like this. Its great that we will get to see Romine. This will be very benifical for him next year.
    Also. any fans of Cervelli better enjoy the next few weeks because after this year his time as the back-up catcher will thankfully be over. Romine will be Martin’s back-up catcher next year. That will be a great because there will be no more of the dumb antics from Cervelli. We won’t have to see that clown show up the Umps anymore and costs our pitchers close pitches in the zone. Best of all we won’t have to see a guy that thinks way to much of himself anymore.

    • Plank

      Um, wow.

    • Carl LaFong

      Actually, I think Cisco’s been pretty terrific, all things considered, though admittedly, too outwardly enthusiastic. Should he curb that tendency, channel it more productively, & avoid ALS symptoms from all the concussions, the guy could carve out for himself a very decent major league career. He handles pitchers very well, calls a good game, frames pitches well, & has a solid arm. He’ll never hit for power, but he is a pesky kind of hitter who looks at a lot of pitches. If he stays injury free & there’s no brain damage from all the hits to the skull, I’m very comfortable w/him as the back-up catcher.

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s great that someone had a concussion? It would be great if we never had to see assholes comment on here.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    Instead of releasing Martin in 2013 may as well package him in a trade by next yrs July trade deadline