Yankees place Frankie Cervelli on DL

Open Thread: Bernie
SI Yanks take home NYPL Championship

Via Dan Barbarisi, the Yankees have placed Frankie Cervelli on the 15-day DL with concussion-like symptoms. The DL is irrelevant in September because of the expanded rosters, but this move does give the Yankees another exemption for the playoff roster should they choose to carry someone like Austin Romine or Jesus Montero. Colin Curtis and Reegie Corona serve the same purpose.

More importantly, let’s hope Cervelli gets well soon. The poor guy is working on at least his fourth concussion in the last seven seasons.

Open Thread: Bernie
SI Yanks take home NYPL Championship
  • J.R.

    I feel bad for him, he must hate spring training, and plays at the plate and getting in the head with bats…

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Seriously, he should call it a career and walk away. Life>baseball

    • nedro

      And do what? He’s a professional athlete. For them, life IS baseball. He’s not going to walk away and just land a job as a paralegal.

      • Jorge

        There are a zillion kids out there whose lives would be changed by working with a guy who’s been in the big leagues.

        I normally don’t agree with big statements like this, but you have think retirement’s a real possibility here. I wouldn’t blame him out bit.

        • JonS

          So he could make 65% of what he does now mentoring kids? bwahahahaha

          Seriously. This is why players DON’T retire.

          • radnom

            At some point, being able to live the rest of your life healthy and alert is worth more than potential earnings you would get by continuing to risk it.

            Whether or not Cervelli has reached that point I don’t know – I’m sure his doctor’s will have some thoughts on that matter. The point is, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him on the diamond again, and Tyrone and Jorge are not ridiculous to suggest it as a possibility.

        • Thomas Cassidy

          This is the dumbest post I’ve ever read on here. Retire because he went to the DL?

          Also, what the hell happened to Curtis and Corona, did they even play a single game in the minors this year?

          • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

            It’s not because he simply went on the DL. That’s stupid of you to think that. It’s because he’s had four concussions in seven years. But I’m on the fence as to if he should/will retire or not.

            And both Collin Curtis and Reegie Corona had serious injuries during Spring Training or before, don’t exactly remember, but they’ve been out all season.

  • Cito Wordekemper

    Why we even keep Corona around on the 60 day DL is beyond me… better options in the system

    • Tom Zig

      He doesn’t take up a roster spot. So who cares

    • JonS

      Because as Zig said, he takes up no roster spot and he allows a postseason roster exemption. Mainly for the exemption.

  • nathan

    Not sure if concussions sustained playing baseball are on par with those sustained playing football, if they are then he has to seriously consider retirement. These things add up real fast and get pretty worse with every new instance. Hopefully he has stashed away his MLB salary well and makes some smart decisions going forward.

    • OldYanksFan

      There should be a fund, or insurance policy, that MLB has on players who MUST retire early for health reasons, for injuries sustained while playing baseball.

      This is especially important for guys like Cervelli, who haven’t even reached Arb yet, and have never gotten a chance to make the bigger bucks.

      Making $400k is a nice annual salary, but doesn’t allow a 25 year old to retire.

      This doesn’t happen to that many players, especially players who have made under $10m in their career. With all the $$$ in baseball, a fund like this would be a drop in the bucket to MLB.

      And this should especially, ESPECIALLY be there for head injuries. It’s very hard for a kid like Cervelli, who is probably still working to pay the bills, to imagine he could be a vegetable by 40, if he continues to play and gets unlucky.

      This is not 1940’s Boxing.
      This is Baseball.
      Players have a right to expect to survive the game.

      • radnom

        Yeah, slight problem though.

        99% of guys like Cervelli who are forced out due to health usually are pitchers with bum arms/shoulders. And there are a lot of them. Good luck finding the funds to support such a program.

        How many young baseball players are forced out due to life-threatening injuries? Even if Cervelli can never play again, he would be the latest on a really short list.

  • OldYanksFan

    One wonders if a player has to die before MLB changes the rules and no longer allows fullbacks to come charging down the 3rd base line, ready to cream a guy who is trying to both catch a baseball and tag the runner.

    It’s simple. No hitting with the body, chest or arms. Only sliding contact is allowed.

    • radnom

      I’m going to respectfully disagree. I don’t think removing what is possibly the most exciting play in baseball is a good idea.

      Would it cut down on health risks for the players? Yes.

      Thing is, you can’t just cut out everything dangerous from modern sports, or it gets boring. If homeplate collisions were ending careers left and right my opinion could be swayed, but its not. A concussion is so far removed from dying, I think its slightly disingenuous for you to assert that anyone is in real danger from dying from a homeplate collision. It would have to be a major freak accident.

  • Champagne_whores

    Furbush??? Really?

  • JoeMoes

    Morneaus career maybe over from a concussion. David wright had a concussion I believe and hasn’t been the same. Mike Cameron after his collision with Beltran. Jason larue getting kicked in head ended his career. And it’s to dangerous to posada to catch. Go stand 60 feet away and we can get chapman to throw at your helmet 3 or 4 times at 100mph and see what happens.

    • Brian in NH

      Concussions can really mess with you. I had 3 of them between 7th and 10th grade. before that i had nearly perfect vision. after that, glasses full time. Concussions messed up my vision and now i can barely see anything without glasses (a 27 year old shouldn’t normally have vision this bad). imagine if your whole career depended on you being able to see well.

  • JoeMoes

    He could also find a job as a bull pen catcher or as a minor league manager.