Yanks split doubleheader against Red Sox


Two recaps for the  price of  one, eh? Some deal. Let’s start with the afternoon game…

  • The story of game one was clearly A.J. Burnett. The perpetually shaky right-hander struck out six and allowed five hits across 7.2 IP, giving up just two runs on a pair of Jacoby Ellsbury solo homers. His game score of 65 tied his best since June 18th, a span of 18 starts (the other 65 came in Seattle two weeks ago). I still don’t think they should give him a playoff start,  but it was good to see A.J. finish his season on a  high   note. David Robertson relieved him, and recorded the final four outs of the game without incident (three strikeouts).
  • After bunting and running their way to two runs off  Tim Wakefield in the first, the highlight of the  scoring was Jorge Posada clubbing a  no-doubt two-run homer in the third. Joe Girardi did a classy thing by batting Jorge cleanup in his last regular  season start at Yankee Stadium, and he responded with the bomb that made it 4-0. Pretty awesome  stuff.
  • Here’s the box score and  FanGraphs stuff.

That about sums it up for the first game, so let’s dive into  the second game…

  • Once upon a time, many innings before the game ended, Mark Teixeira gave the  Yankees a quick three-zip lead when his double off the top of  the wall turned into a makeshift inside the park homer. A throwing error by the catcher sure helped out as well. That was basically it for the offense though, they scored another run in the seventh on a sac fly, but they had just two hits in eleven innings after the second inning.
  • Ivan Nova started strong, but really gave up some rockets the second and third time through the order. The end result was four runs in 6.1 IP, coming on eight hits. The bullpen behind him was really good (Boone Logan, Rafael Soriano, Mariano Rivera, Raul Valdes, Cory Wade, and Aaron Laffey combined for seven scoreless innings), at least until Scott Proctor came in and promptly put two guys on base and served up a three-run homer to Ellsbury in the 14th inning. You just knew it was over as when Proctor came in.
  • The Yankees had their chances to win, of course. Austin Romine struck out with the bases loaded to end the ninth, and Brett Gardner struck out to end the 13th with men on second and third. Oh well. Alex Rodriguez, Russell Martin, and Derek Jeter remained glued to bench after playing the day game, understandably.
  • Here’s the box score, FanGraphs stuff, and updated standings.

The home portion of the regular season is over, and it’s off  to Tampa for the final three games of the 2011 season. Hector Noesi will start against Jamie Shields on Monday night.

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  1. Tyrion Lannister says:

    We’ve gotta let the Rays sweep us plain and simple. The Sox will be using Beckett, Bedard, and Lester and the Os need to take one of those games.

    • Mister Delaware says:

      Dude, you know the Rays have given up 100 less runs than Boston, right? And that’s factoring in a shitty bullpen that will only be shortened in the playoffs. This is hardly a better/worse case scenario beyond our general disdain for Boston.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      The Yankees do enough for Tampa with their revenue sharing checks. Priority number one is getting everyone rest, and if Tampa can’t win, then that’s their problem. This isn’t a charity, no one gifted the Yankees a playoff spot.

      • John B says:

        This is the best response i have read in a long time. So sick of hearing everyone talk about throwing games and helping other teams win, loose. Nonsense!

    • Jesus Freak says:

      Considering the team probably wont’ arrive in their hotel until 4 in the morning, I expect all the regulars to sit out tomorrow’s game.

      In fact, I think they put Proctor in just to dump the game so they wouldn’t have to arrive in Tampa at 6 in the morning.

  2. MikeD says:


    Taking two-of-three and splitting today’s D-H would have been fine, except for the extra innings and lack of commitment to truly win the game that dragged it out for hours.

    As punihment, the Yankees need to lose all three games in Tampa while the Red Sox lost two-of-three to Baltimore.

  3. Tom Zig says:

    Left Nova in too long, but whatever. Not like the game meant anything to us.

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      Seriously, it was obvious that he was finished. What would have been wrong with a nice 6-inning start heading into the playoffs? Every started outside of CC should be on a short leash. None of them are special, and our pen is nasty.

  4. Gonzo says:

    No matter the result, the Red Sox fail was very amusing. It meant so much to them, and they just couldn’t make it happen. It was quite amusing.

  5. Tom Zig says:

    I’d be mad if this game meant something. But also if this game meant something, I assume Girardi would have managed differently. Would have liked to beaten Boston, but oh well.

  6. Yo! I'm Chris says:

    Scott Proctor should not be paid to play baseball.

  7. Jesus Freak says:

    Most of the Red Sox regulars played 23 innings today and have to play a must win game tomorrow after getting into their hotel at 2 or 3 in the morning.


  8. Jesse says:

    Although I’d love to see Boston flat out miss the playoffs, I also wouldn’t mind see Tampa and Boston being tied and have to play a game 163 on an off day for everyone else.

  9. Thomas Cassidy says:

    I really hope the Rays get swept by us, I don’t wanna face them at all in the playoffs.

    But the second game was probably the most boring/irritating game from the 9 inning on, seriously.

  10. Jesus Freak says:

    From Peter Gammons:

    Watching #Redsox heroically cling to wild care lead w/handful of games left reminds me of another great team, 27 Yankees.

  11. Bill says:

    It would have been really nice to win this game, but it WAS meaningless from a standings perspective. Let’s hope that Girardi is consistent about resting or not resting his players in the remaining three games, and that there are no situations in the playoffs where Girardi manages the roster poorly like tonight.

  12. Cy Pettitte says:

    can’t help but think the Yanks should have won that second one easily if Robbie turns the double play

  13. Kevin says:

    Let’s be blunt..we had our chances and it angering to watch us lose this game…
    But we took the series and more to the point, the Rays and Angels had all the chances in the world to take advantage of Boston’s failures and did not.

  14. mbonzo says:

    I would love to see the Red Sox knocked out of the playoffs, the Yankees did a lot to help the contending Wild Card teams, but I also don’t want to pick who goes in. The difference between the Rays and the Red Sox, at this point, is very little in a 7 game series, the advantage could go either way. This game meant nothing for the Yankees but bragging rights, and as disappointing as it was, this series was still great.

  15. bebop says:

    Why is Proctor on the 40 man over one of the Scranton starters who probably could pitch to a sub 10 era. This is on Cash as well as Girardi.

  16. Grit Storage says:

    I sort of see what Girardi was thinking not pinch hitting for Romine since it means Martin might have to don the gear if the game doesn’t end – or they lose the DH. Not pinch hitting for Golson or Pena, less understandable. But whatevs, maybe that extra 45 minutes of rest for Jeter and Jones will pay off big in the playoffs.

    One good thing about the game is I don’t think we have to worry about Romine making the post season roster. Not even Girardi can justify carrying a AA catcher batting .176 with no demonstrated “clutchiness.” I suspect we were a timely bloop single from a post season roster with 3 backup catchers (or in the case of Posada, a catcher-like substance.)

    Don’t get me wrong I like Romine, but right now he’s just too much a temptation for Girardi and his love for the concept of the light-hitting defensive catcher.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      I don’t think Romine will be on the roster. Most likely, Montero and Posada will be the backup catchers. They’ll only bring Romine if there’s an injury.

    • Andrew 518 says:

      I understand that Girardi is resting the regulars but to not use them in pinch hitting situations is puzzleing to me. At what point does the game draging on for 14 innings negate the benefit of not playing. It’s not like the regulars got to go home and rest. They still have to catch the same plane and play tomorrow.

      Of course nothing says that Martin/Jeter/A-Rod/Jones comes up with a hit but you’d have to think that the chances are more likely than trying to win the game with Romine/Pena/Golson.

      • radnom says:

        So you want to pinch hit Jeter at midnight and have him play the field for the rest of the game? With all the bench players already in the game you can’t just pinch hit a regular and then send in a defensive replacement. In reality there is no real value in this game for the Yankees, I don’t think you can justify pinch hitting a regular in that situation.

  17. Andrew 518 says:

    The ESPN narative that the Bosox win could be what they needed to turn them around is rather amusing given that they are ignoring the fact that a 2/3 AAA line up held them at bay for 14 innings.

  18. forensic says:

    I sure am glad Jim Kaat retired from YES so we don’t have to listen to him anymore. Tonight was brutal.

    • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

      Was he broadcasting on MLBN or something?

      • Jesse says:

        Yea he was. He was the play by play guy because Bob Kostas does the Pre and Post-game shows for NBC Sunday night football. He wasn’t McCarver bad, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t brutal.

      • forensic says:

        Yeah, as the PBP guy with Verducci doing the color analysis. How they came up with that team I have no idea. They could’ve just had Vasgersian do the PBP with Kaat since he did yesterday’s game too.

        But, they were brutal, more so Kaat than Verducci. He constantly got players names wrong. I think Dickerson batted about 7 times in a 3 inning span (masquerading as both Granderson and Cano). Steve Swisher played first base and was ejected on the Pedroia play. Every pitch that was a ball ‘JUST’ missed, no matter where it was. And I think to sum up the rest of it was to say that baseball sucks because it’s not the 50′s and 60′s anymore (pitchers, pitch counts, baserunners, bats, etc…).

        No idea why YES was blacked out for that game since it wasn’t an ESPN night, but it was a terrible broadcast, which of course was worse since it was a frustrating 14 inning game.

        • Jesse says:

          I actually clicked over to TBS during the day portion of the DHer so I didn’t have to listen to Kay the entire game and Vasgersian was calling the game. I’m not sure if he went back to the MLB Studios in New Jersey after the game or what, or maybe he just didn’t want to call the second game.

          If I had a guess on why the YES telecast of the game was blacked out like it is when it’s an ESPN night, I’d probably say that MLB Network must have the same rules as ESPN does, meaning their network is the only one that can be shown except for the viewers who live in the YES area. But if that’s not the case I have no idea what the reason could be.

          • forensic says:

            Ah, didn’t know there was or that he did the TBS game. I actually like Kay much of the time, so…

            It’s weird though, I don’t know if I’ve ever had YES blacked out for MLBN before though. If Friday had gone as planned, I was getting YES. Don’t know why they changed the rules tonight.

        • marty l says:

          YES was blacked out? I must have had a really long dream. What a coincidence too. In my dream, Yanks lost 7-4 in 14!

          And..Michael Kay said the game took an “odiously unmanageable” 5 hours and 11 minutes. Only thing odiously unmanageable is Kay. But he was probably pi–ed that he couldn’t spend some “quality time” :) with Jody.

        • Sarah says:

          Someone else noticed this. God, he was AWFUL.

          I actually had to drive home from my parents’ house in the middle of the extra innings, and had a half hour break in the form of John and Suzyn. Yes, those two are better than Katt.

          Katt never stopped talking about the “hit and run,” or the “speed game.” He did not understand why neither the Red Sox or the Yankees played small ball. When Gardy was up in the 13th, he suggested Gardy drag bunt to get on base and score Golson. (Which, in retrospect, might have been a better idea.)

  19. Pants Lendel-stros. says:

    Happy: All of the bullpen guys that will or should be used in the playoffs got their work in and looked good today (except Ayala who’s backing up Noesi tomorrow.

    Ecstatic: Montero making adjustments during each at bat as well as Cory Wade shutting down some big time lefty”s in that line-up.

    Befuddled: would have rather used Kontos instead of Proctor but hey hindsight is only 20/20

    Content: All of the starters getting their innings in today.

    Worried : Granderson’s/Gardner/Swisher’s streakiness and A-Rod getting his timing down during the next 3 games.

    Other than that I’m confident that this team can match up against anyone in the A.L

  20. forensic says:

    I almost keep wanting to not like Burnett because he has been pretty brutal for almost all of the last two years, but I haven’t been able to since he seems moderately likable in the years he’s been in NY. And I must say, I love this line today:

    “It’s up to (Joe Girardi),” Burnett said. “I just wanted to come out and give him headaches. I’ve been giving him headaches all year, why not give him a good headache, you know?

    As far as him and the postseason go, this was an intriguing thought brought up by Chad Jennings today:

    Burnett hasn’t faced Texas this season, but he made two solid starts against the Tigers, and has pretty good career numbers against the current Detroit roster. Interestingly, Freddy Garcia has much worse career numbers against the current Tigers, and he gave up 10 hits — a season-high — against them earlier this season (Garcia has terrific career numbers against the Rangers and pitched six shutout innings against them this year). Is it possible the Yankees would lean toward Burnett over Garcia if they face Detroit in the first round? Girardi wouldn’t go into specifics.

    I hadn’t looked at team matchups yet (since Girardi hasn’t called me yet), but those are some interesting numbers and ideas. After his last start, I still think it’s tough to imagine Garcia not making the roster and most likely getting a start, but that does sort of make you think though.

    • DB says:

      It might be Burnett over Hughes or Colon for a starting spot, at least that was what Kay was implying in the broadcast last night after AJ pitched well. I disagreed with him at the time, but after hearing Girardi say Hughes is most likely going to the pen it means the 4th starter will be between Colon or Burnett. My hope is that they wont use a 4th starter in the ALDS and move Hughes back to the rotation for the ALCS. If its going to be between Colon and Burnett, I could see Girardi looking at the decreased velocity for Colon and going with Burnett.

  21. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Is Scott Proctor even a real person?

    • Mickey Scheister says:

      The nostalgia is over, please send his ass back to Newark for the independent league, ASAP. It was a cool story a month ago, now it’s plain annoying. I was hoping for Kontos or really anyone else. Steve Swisher apparently played tonight, pretty sure he would’ve given up less than three runs. I know this game didn’t mean much but please no more Proctor.

  22. bonestock94 says:

    I’m ok with splitting the doubleheader with half AAA lineups. Hopefully that jackass Buck can muster something up for the sox.

  23. Bavarian Yankee says:

    Yesterday I realized that Posada isn’t the slowest Yankees baserunner anymore. Montero makes Posada look like Speedy Gonzalez. Montero really has to work on his baserunning.

    • forensic says:

      Being slow and being a bad baserunner aren’t the same thing.

      Obviously Montero is slow. Is he Posada slow? I don’t know yet. But, his baserunning ability had nothing to do with tonight’s game.

      The first one just happened to be hit really hard right to Gonzalez and he took the chance for the out at 3rd. Montero did nothing wrong (every player in baseball history would try to advance on that) and that play has happened a thousand times in baseball, just the first basemen don’t typically bother throwing to 3rd. The second one was just a terrible bunt by Pena right to the pitcher. As an aside, how terrible are you at baseball when you’re a terrible hitter, the team has no faith in you actually reaching base on your own so they consistently tell you to give away outs, and yet you still can’t get a good bunt down???

      • forensic says:

        Though, in all fairness, he did have that little league baserunning play a few games ago on the grounder to SS.

      • Bavarian Yankee says:

        I know that being slow and being a bad baserunner aren’t the same thing but he has to work on both things. He’s slow AND a bad baserunner. But hey, if he’s the hitter that we hope he is than I have no problem if he’s slower than my grandma ;)

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      Montero does need to work on his running. The Yanks need to hire a track coach. Just a few pointers will go a long way. I don’t blame Montero last night. Gonzalez was playing shallow and normally a grounder to 1B is an easy advance to 3rd. What if Montero stayed at 2nd? Then he is a bad baserunner for NOT advancing on a grounder to 1B. Sometimes you have to tip your cap to the other team. it was a heads up play by AGon.

      As for the bunt, Gonzalez has a great move and all runners have to stay close to 1B and head back a bit as the pitch is delivered. Joe could have pinch run Martin though.

  24. Monteroisdinero says:

    I really liked Montero’s patience at the plate. I know what he can do but he will be so much more deadly swinging at 2-0, 2-1 and 3-1 strikes.

    • The Big City of Dreams says:

      I love the fact that he’s laying off sliders in the dirt. A few games ago pitchers were get. ing him to chase. This kid is special

  25. Tyrion Lannister says:

    Hughes to the pen which means Colon is our 4th starter or God forbid AJ Burnett. Shouldn’t need them to start in the ALDS as the rotation should be-




  26. forensic says:

    Talk about rest all you want, but A-Rod should’ve certainly PH at some point in that second game. He’s hitting terribly again (as he always does) after a long absence and needs absolutely as many AB’s as possible in the last couple of days of the season. Everyone buys into the BS of him hitting a homer in his first game back from time off, but ignores the pitifulness of his many games after that. Which is all a part of why I hated how they handled him coming back from injury.

    DH him both games. 3B first game, DH second. 3B, PH second. Whatever it is, get him AB’s. And why Montero didn’t catch the second game is the epitome of Girardi’s issue with bad hitting/(theoretically) good defensive catchers. Montero caught Nova in AAA for a month this year. If he puts them the right way, then we don’t have to see Romine be embarassed with the game on the line over and over (it seems).

    • Monteroisdinero says:

      This. Bad decisions. ARod has been unimpressive for a long time. No 1 week hot streak in-it seems like forever. A definite concern. Grandy/Tex/ARod all have been cold/lukewarm. These guys have to pick it up. Gardner hasn’t driven a ball to the outfield in ages.

      We had our chances but-defense let us down.

      Romine is not Pudge back there-get a grip Joe.

      • Sarah says:

        Gardy had a triple a week ago at the Blue Jays.

        But it does seem like the offense is generally lukewarm. However, if a lukewarm September leads to a hot October, I’m ok with it.

  27. Yo! I'm Chris says:

    I love how now RSx are the ’98 Yankees and everything is fine and turned around because they beat Scranton in 14 innings! Whatever makes them feel better I guess.

  28. LennonJames says:

    The Yankees losing that game last night was less about it’s importance, and more about the next 4,860 years. If the RS make the postseason, and do anything positive in the playoffs, we won’t be able to watch a nationally broadcast game again without hearing how spectacular their run was.

    That game meant nothing, but could have changed the future.

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