Cashman, Hal met in New York; still no deal

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Open Thread: Goal Posts

Via Joel Sherman and David Waldstein, Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner met in New York yesterday, though they talked mostly about baseball and the team’s baseball operations. That’s a pretty good indication that the two sides expect a new contract for the GM to be reached with ease. Cashman’s contract expires next Monday, so we should hear something very soon. I figure it’ll be another three-year deal, Cashman’s fourth in a row.

What Went Wrong: Pedro Feliciano
Open Thread: Goal Posts
  • vinny-b

    it should be 5 years. His past performance deserves security.

  • Rich in NJ

    I don’t care about money or years; that’s to be decided on between the parties.

    I do care about Cash getting more autonomy because when non-baseball people make baseball decisions, it usually turns out bad.

  • JoeMoes

    Just give him unlimited 2million year deals with incentives for playoffs world series, but stipulation cash has to hire and groom a replacement let’s face it he’s not going to do it forever I don’t think baseball is in his blood like other GM and managers who played before I’m sure cash would like to maybe just concentrate on being vice president or eventually president and have a few less responsibilities and let someone else do the work of GM.