Eric Chavez “leaning heavily” towards retirement

NLDS Game Thread: Diamondbacks @ Brewers
Open Thread: Max Ashton

Via Joel Sherman, Eric Chavez is “leaning heavily” towards retirement. Nothing is official though, Sherman is just passing along what he heard, and his sources are usually rock solid.

Chavez, 34 in December, played surprisingly well as the Yankees backup corner infielder/sometimes DH this season (1.3 fWAR), though he did miss more than two months with a foot injury. That’s the story of the guy’s career, he just hasn’t been able to stay healthy. We have no idea if the Yankees had (or have, really) any interest in bringing him back next year, but either way I wish him luck and thank him for his work in 2011.

NLDS Game Thread: Diamondbacks @ Brewers
Open Thread: Max Ashton
  • Jesse

    Interesting. I’d like it if he came back, but would respect his decision if he didn’t.

    • Jeff Leafy

      I wouldn’t mind if he came back, but maybe he feels he can’t stay healthy enough to be as productive as he’d like. Nunez has certainly shown he can do the job and Brandon Laird is supposed to be a really good defensive player if the Yankees want to go on the cheap.

      • Jesse

        If Chavez does retire I bet they go with Laird and Nunez as backups. Laird is a very good defender, and Nunez does has some value as well.

  • Karl Krawfid

    He should. I won’t get nervous about a player breaking a foot running the bases anymore.

  • Red “The Strawman” Herring

    Sad to see how his career got derailed by injuries. When Chavez was healthy, he was an absolute monster. Carried a couple fantasy teams for me. Good luck, Eric.

  • rac

    Many of the media gurus have the team trading Montero for a pitcher. Hope that doesn’t happen. They need his big bat.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Francesa is one media guru that has backed off his stance from yesterday. He was front and center on the Felix for Montero

      • Rob NY

        See I’d be into a Montero + filler package for Felix. But I’m a realist and that wouldn’t do it. Baseball Jesus is in my long term if I’m the Yankees.

      • Brian S.

        He’s an idiot. Felix Hernandez is not being moved no matter how many times someone says it.

        • TomH

          Speaking of King Felix, what happened with that hand injury just as the season handed, when, I think he got hit by a line drive?

      • Darren

        In light of Francesca’s latest atrocity (the Albuquerque phone call hang up), I believe even less of what he has to say now than I did before. And that was already close to nothing.

        The man is a blowhard and a fool.

        • .zip file

          +1. And his callers generally are bigger idiots than he is.

        • Plank

          Players like Al Buquerque or as he knows him Alberto Jose Albuquerque the First have something known as Fungibility, that is they can not be replaced.

  • Timmy Hands

    It’s a shame. Chavez was a player who on Oakland, I had a healthy respect for. A great defender with a decent bat. Didn’t expect much from him this season, but when he did play, he played like a true pro in every sense. It was neat seeing him in a Yankees uniform.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    What if I went to 2007 and told you guys this:


    Would all be on the 2011 Yankees? Isn’t that insane how some things turn out?

  • Anonymous

    Eric Hinske>Eric Chavez. Sign that guy for the bench. Also trade Nick Swisher and Boone Logan to the Marlins for Logan Morrison and Randy Choate. Bring back Andruw Jones. Morrison can play a short right field along with Jones (Morrison vs. R Jones vs. L) and can also DH when Montero catches. None of this will actually happen but whatever.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      Swish’s option next year would be like 50% of the Marlins’ payroll.

      • Anonymous

        They are looking to add payroll.

  • http://yes jim

    I forgot about Chavez. In anyones mind, would they have pinch hit Chavez for A-Rod? Or even though it was right on right, Jones the fastball crusher for A-Rod.(Or Gardner for that matter!) I miss the fire and anger of failure in a Paul O’Neill. I can laugh today remembering the shot of Tex patting A-Rod on the back after his final K. Why not. He got his walk and his rbi.

  • Midland TX

    Eric Chavez should avoid “leaning heavily” in any direction lest he strain a muscle/ligament/tendon/fascia/cuticle…

    • Billion$Bullpen

      That made me laugh. I do not want to see Chavez to retire. I like squinting and pretending he is Don Mattingly when I am bored and he is up to hit.

  • Jon