MLB announces start times for remainder of ALDS


MLB has announced the start times for all remaining LDS games, including those that may not be necessary. Tonight’s Game Three between the Yankees and Tigers will start at 8:37pm ET, as will Games Four and Five. The Yankees and prime time television go together, as you know. The rest of the playoff schedule can be found at The Biz of Baseball.

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  • Carl LaFong

    I prefer day games in October. Autumn post-season baseball should be played in the daylight as it gives your work/school day a sort of festive, distracted quality to it. Most people are burned out by the time an 8:37 pm game starts so the majority of folks watch it home alone. When played during the day, the game has even people not normally interested in baseball asking for updates & participating in the drama of it w/the rest of us who are. Just another reason to hate the late 20th & early 21st centuries.